The people of Thamud began to live a life of luxury and splendour with the blessings of God, and they indulged in what they would thank and became horny and turned away from the truth. They did not accept Salih, whom God sent as a mercy to them, as a warner.

The government of Saudi Arabia, in common with the French, invited many archaeologists, epigraphers (who read the inscription), money scientists (numismatists), topographers, ceramists, botanists, anthropologists and geophysicists to the region. A new study and excavation programme was undertaken between 2008 and 2012. In the region where many inscriptions are found, it is stated that the researches will change the thoughts about the pre-milestone date. The area is not a small settlement. It is possible to see a different temple, settlement and statues at the beginning of each kilometre. It is a crowded settlement with many centres and shooting centres spread over an area exceeding 20 km in diameter.

***Al-Ula (The People of Thamud)  Salih

The coordinates of Al-Ula, the city of the people of Thamud;

26;41 latitude

26/ŞUARÂ141 Kezzebet semûdul murselîn(murselîne).

Thamud denied the messengers

26/ŞUARÂ-142 İz kâle lehum ahûhum sâlihun e lâ tettekûn(tettekûne).

When their brother Salih said to them, “Will you not fear Allah?

Al Khuraymat. It is four km north-east of Al Ula. 20 of the best-preserved graves are here. Human-headed, lion-bodied, winged shapes, rose-like shapes in the dish were used as funeral rituals.

The elephant rock (Sakharat al-Fil – Elephant Rock): 11 km north of Al-Ula, it is composed of monolithic, soft red sandstone carved by the wind.

Al-Ula Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography

The graves were carved with iron chisels. There are separate cavities in a grave where more than one family member can lie.

If you want to visit the National Museum in Riyadh, at least one week before the date of the visit to the National Museum must be applied for permission. It is 380 km from Medina by road. The mystery states that the distance from Mocan Jeddah was 800 km. Photography is forbidden in Arabia, but Madain Salih is free. In addition to this, video, filming, eating, drinking and staying at night are not allowed, but camping is said to be possible nearby. The nearest settlement is Al Ula (Al Oula), 22 km away. There are 4-star hotels in Al Ula.

This area is called Al-Hijr (meaning rocky land). The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has included the region “Al – Hijr” as a World Heritage Site. What is the name of the Prophet Salih mentioned in the Qur’an and sent to the people of Thamud? The people of Thamud, the people of the Prophet Salih, lived in a land like a paradise in the greenery given by God in geography like the Arabian Peninsula, which is covered with deserts.

For detailed information about the region;




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