Bağder-Karahisar Centres Angle

161,80 degrees


Bagder Mother House – KaraHisar Father House (Door to Door)

Distance 3236 metres (2 AO)

Angle 160,8 degrees


Bağder-Al-UlA (Salih Prophet)

1618 kilometres


Bağder House- Salamis (Barnabas) – Gazimagosa

Gazimagosa Settlement 606 North – 618 km south of the official border distance.

(Salamis is located in Gazimagosa, but the exact location of the house where Barnabas was born is unknown)


Bağder Mother House – Kaaba Gate

2234,5 kilometres (1 big 1618+ 1 small 618 the Golden Ratio Distance (1,5 km in difference)


Bağder Mother House – (Arafat Mina – Cemre Abrabam Bridgehead)

2236 kilometres (1 big 1618+ 1 small 618 the Golden Ratio) Its Distance: 1618+618=2236 kilometres (Exact)


Bağder House- Jerusalem Masjid Al-Aqsa

1000 kilometres 360 metres (if it is exactly 1000 kilometres, Temple Area – 360 meters Distance to the Wailing Wall)

Bağder- Pole Point

To determine the boundaries of the village, roughly 1 km from north and 1 km from south

  • Bağder Village North Border to North Pole
  • 5555 km.
  • Bağder Village From South Border To Ecuador
  • 4444 km
  • South Polar Point from Kara Hisar Father House
  • 14444 km

Karahisar Longitude: 31:07

Giza Pyramids Longitude: 31:07


Bagder House- Buddha House (Lumbini Temple)

90 (89,9) degrees (right angle with a difference of 1 per thousand)


Distance between Kaaba – Nasiriye (A temple in Ur near Abraham.)

1244,946 kilometres (2 small the Golden Ratio 1236 and 8 km difference)

60,54 degrees (61,8 the golden ratio anglewith only 1 degree difference)(Abraham’s home is not known exactly where the difference may have occurred.)


Say, “Everyone is waiting, wait, you’ll soon know: who are the owners of the straight path?”


Ankara and its environment are the geographical centre of the world


In Turkish

In 1973, the physicist Andrew J. Woods and Gulf Energy and Environmental Systems in San Diego used a digital global map and 39 ° 00’N 34 ° 00 calculates the coordinates of the centre of the world in Turkey. This point was 1000 km north of Giza.

A similar result was obtained from Holger Isenberg:

40 ° 52’0 “N, 34 ° 34’0” E. 2016’da Google Haritalar , dünyanın coğrafi merkezi olarak 40 ° 52′N 34 ° 34′E olarak işaretlendi. (Ankara’nın bölünmeden önceki, tarihi en geniş sınırlarını kapsıyor.) [1]

İngilizce Orjinali

History of geo-centroid calculation

In 1973, Andrew J. Woods, a physicist with Gulf Energy & Environmental Systems in San Diego, used a digital global map and calculated the coordinates on a mainframe system as 39°00′N 34°00′E, in modern Turkey, 1,000 km north of Giza.[6][unreliable source?] In 2003, a similar result was yielded by Holger Isenberg: 40°52’0″N, 34°34’0″E.[7] In 2016, Google Maps marked 40°52′N 34°34′E as the geographic centre of the world. [8]



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