Gratitude is very important in all religions. We need to worship Allah and thank our parents for the  work they have put into us to gain their consent. Likewise, we should thank the people who do good and do their  job well. In order to recognize this, we need to develop a new system where we can get help from technology.

Would you like to live in a world where you and your family are treated more gently and where you are met with respect and care everywhere you go?

Occasionally  we go to the doctor, even though he seems interested and sincere, he/she can often be unprofessional or clumsy, yet he gets the same salary regardless. Similarly, a teacher receives the same salary whether they are  interested in their students or not. This is the case almost everywhere. We cannot have a bright present and future with this distorted, intimidating system within the service industry. Healthcare, counseling, education, the private sector and almost every system is poorly designed. So how could we make it  better?

With every service we receive, we will be able to rate it, whether they are government officers, places of work, self-employed people, institutions or companies .. Through mobile applications; and we will also be able to measure their success with objective criteria. For example, teachers whose students get high scores in the central examination system are one of the things that should be rewarded with high premiums based on the score calculated by considering the school and local factors. Police and prosecutors should receive premiums based on their success in combating crime, and those who run the country, based on an overall satisfaction and objective statistics rates. Successful high earnings will be an important aid in combating bribery and corruption. There are many examples to mention. Abuse will be largely prevented since the votes cast, will depend on the condition of receiving invoices or official services and will be audited.

We will receive respect everywhere we go, as we will be able to post comments after each service or purchase from each person, company, and institution, and this in turn will gain us reward points. We will be able to reward or punish those who have served us . Since votes and comments will contribute to the development of the country; voters will earn some money for each vote and comment that receives general support.

The goal is not to punish, but to quickly recognize the shortcomings in the system is to provide justice for people so they are able to do their favorite job with pleasure. For example, a hairdresser, a doctor or a painter who constantly scores poorly will be able to re-evaluate one of the options such as retraining or support and perhaps decided to choose a different profession. With this system, we will have the opportunity to live in a world where we receive higher quality service and more respect.


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