O, American people and rulers! I call you with the Bible and Holy Scripture to warn you with certain information. The Lord told you as follows:

Tesniye 16: 22 Your God, You shall not plant a pillar that the LORD hates.

But you’ve filled almost every part of the world with obelisks. Even the heart of the Vatican…


Whereas these were the symbols of the pharaoh who fought Moses, the apostle of God. You were not contented with that, and your leaders, who led you after the curtain, put a picture of the largest obelisk, the Pyramids, on your money. The definition of Prophet Muhammad Deggial, who was one of the greatest defenders of the Prophet Jesus  and the idolatry caused the destruction of one-third of the world;

“He ( Enemy to God opponent to Jesus) emerges from a rocky place, is one-eyed, and is called Christ Deggial, there is no one in the earth who has lost himself to it except those who are protected, so he will bring famine and drought to the places that will prevail over the whole world and will not bow down to himself,” he said.

Look! ; every king prints his own picture on the money he prints. This is the custom. See the Deggial; he chose the symbol of the Prophet Moses and the pharaoh, the enemy of God, and the one eye of the so-called god Horus. And under this one-eye picture, it is written M.Deggial. This is the miracle of the Prophet Muhammad. This is the expression of the Roman numbers in 1776, the year of America and the evil organization that governs it. The prophet has warned all humanity that when he sees this symbol, both here and on the statue of liberty, we should recognize it and stay away from its culture.

“NOVIS ORDO SECLORUM” is written under M.Deccal. This means “Atheist – secular – non-religious world order”. The Prophet Muhammad also announced that he would write the secular, that is, an infidel on the middle of his forehead. That is, with every corner, it is a flag that is a symbol of revolt and blasphemy against Moses and our Creator, his Deity. It is the portrait of the Deggial.


The precious American people seeking the truth; unfortunately, you are in the land of the evil secret leaders that the Deggial has established and who make you look like a freedom fighter but that impoverish and enslave societies by exploiting the world. If you like the possibilities it offers; almost all of the world has turned into poor slaves who work to fullness to get this paper that he printed and whose name and name of this false deity was engraved on. Worse than that; it has become the pioneer of dirty actions such as engaging communities in God, applauding people to Satan through media and clips, and spreading pornography and prostitution to the world.

And those who lead you after the curtain in line with their paganist ambitions; they have shown you the 25th December, the feast of the sun in Rome, as the birthday of Jesus. But the Bible says that he was born while sheep were grazing in the mountains. And they wanted you to believe in what Jesus never said. He never said I was God. He never said to us to leave God and beg him. God created him and his mother, and supported him with the holy spirit and made him speak with that spirit. The one and only Creator, who is infinite if he wills, will also destroy them and us. So go back to the Torah and only ask God for help, and make religion unique to him. There is no harm in respecting Jesus, but do not let them impose on you anything that is not explicitly stated in the Bible as the rule of religion.

Jesus never declared Sunday as sacred. Could he have been put on the grave in the evening on Friday and stayed for 3 days under the soil coming out of the grave on Sunday morning? But they nevertheless offered Sunday, the sun day, as if it was holy. Because they worship Egypt’s Ra religion, that is the sun and the stars, and the demons and jinns they believe represent them.

Even today, Nasa and many organizations call their deeds the names of so-called deities. Months and days are always full of profanity, dedicated to fake gods.

O, American people, I address the righteousness and justice in your heart. I don’t judge you, maybe you didn’t know, but now you know and you are responsible for it. Provide this knowledge spread and lead people to the belief in the unity of religions and the unity of the Lord, true Christians. If we can shout strong enough, even if our numbers are small, from the hills of the cities, then all humanity will hear us and their hearts will change trends, the right people will find power. Spread the knowledge of the truth by showing material and moral sacrifice in social media and all means. God had given great miracles to people who think and contrive among you, and I explain them in my books and channels.

I warn you with the Bible. It says as follows; 

Vahiy 17 

One of the seven angels who took seven bowls came and spoke to me: “Come!” Let me show you the punishment for the Great Whore sitting on the edge of the vast waters. 2 The kings of the world act as a prostitute with him. The inhabitants of the earth got drunk with the wine of his prostitution.” 

Who else has beaten all the Kings of the world to their knees and engaged in all kinds of dirty relations with them, covering up their crimes? Here is the Egyptian woman with a 7-headed statue of liberty on the vast seas, representing the United States, which looks like gold and precious stones. What she lifts to the sky is fire!

According to the revelation reported later; this 7-headed woman symbolizes her city with a sin. However, her outlet is desert. Because it was built for the entry into the desert of the Suez Canal in Egypt. The Ottoman leaders of the 1800s, who entered the European complex, ordered her and paid the money, but prudent statesmen thought that this statue would not suit a country dedicated to the Lord. The statue remained in France and was later decorated and replaced with a gift to the United States.

3 After this, the angel took me into the desert under the Spirit. There I saw a woman sitting on a red monster with seven heads, ten horns, and cursed names. 4  The woman was dressed in purple and red and adorned with gold, precious stones, and pearls. She had a golden bowl full of disgusting things, the ugliness of prostitution.

That woman is a symbol that is drawn with purple/blue and red paints. It is decorated with a gold-plated torch.

7  The angel asked me, “Why are you surprised?. Let me tell you the secret of the woman and the seven-headed, ten-horned beast that bears her. 8 The monster you saw existed once, but now it is gone.

Some commentators claim that the city described here is the city of Rome. However, it is understood that it is a city that was not in the period when the Bibles were written. At that time, America was covered with vast meadows and forests inhabited by desolate and indigenous inhabitants.

15 Then the angel said to me, “This water you see – the water where the prostitute sits – are peoples, societies, nations, and languages.” (So ​​almost every language and nation is gathered here)

18 The woman you see is the great city that reigns over the kings of the world. ”(The kings submit to her, she is the ruler of the world) 

Vahiy 18

After that, I saw another angel of great authority coming down from heaven. The earth was brightened by its glory. 2 The angel shouted in a bushy voice: It is destroyed! Great Babylon has fallen! It was the shelter of the demons, the occupation of every evil soul, the shelter of every filthy and obnoxious bird. 3 For all the nations drank from the wine of raging prostitution. And the kings of the world made prostitution with her. The merchants of the world were enriched by her extreme debauchery. ”4 I heard another voice from heaven:“ O my people!  Get out of there in order not to be part of her sins, not to suffer the plagues she has endured! 5 For her sins that have been piled on top of her have reached the sky, and God has remembered her crimes.

I ask you, what other cities have been in history, and have they become super-rich by means of the “merchants of the world”, which brings the Kings of the world to the knees and establishes dirty relations? In the ongoing revelation, the spirit of this city is told as follows;

7 Give him suffering and grief in the proportion that he exalts himself, and that he gives himself to the earth. Because he says, ‘I am a queen sitting on his throne, not a widow. I will never mourn! ‘ 8 Therefore the plagues that come to her – death, mourning and famine – will come in one day. The fire will devour her. Because the Lord who judges her is strong. 9 The kings of the world who prophesy with her and live in debauchery, when they see the smoke of the fire that burns her, will weep and beaten for her. 10 She will be terrified of her suffering, standing away and saying, they will say, ‘Woe to the great city, Woe to the powerful city of Babylon! you have found your punishment in an hour’. 11 “The merchants of the world weep and mourn for her. Because there’s no one to buy their stuff anymore.

A city that dominated the world but disappeared with fire and destruction from the sky within an hour has not been seen in history yet. So this revelation of the Bible is an unfulfilled promise of the future.

15 The merchants who prosper by selling these goods in Babylon will be horrified by the agony of the city. They will stand away and cry, mourn. 16 They will say, “Wow, wow!”  ” The big city covered with a thin linen, purple and red fabric, adorned with Gold, precious stones and pearls! 17-18  All that great wealth was destroyed in an hour. ‘ “When the captains of the ship, the passengers, the crew, all the workers at sea saw the smoke of the fire that burned him, he stood away and said, ‘Is there anything like a big city?’ they cried. 19 They poured land on their heads, and mourned and wept, and cried: ‘Wow, big city, wow! All those who had ships in the sea became rich with him, with his precious possessions. The city returned to the ruin within an hour. ‘  20  O heaven, saints, apostles, prophets! Rejoice in what happened to him! Because God judged him and took away your right. 21 Then a powerful angel lifted a large stone like a millstone and threw it into the sea, saying, the great city of Babylon will be thrown as severely as it and will never be seen again. 22 Now the voice of those who play the lyre, the tune of the tune, the tune of the end-blown flute and the trumpet will never be heard. You will have no longer be a master of crafts. You will no longer hear the sound of the mill 23 No more light will shine on you. You will no longer hear the bride’s and groom’s voice. Your traders were the greatest in the world. All the nations had strayed with your witchcraft. 24 The blood of the prophets, the saints, and all those strangled on the earth was found in you. ” 


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