Adulterers Are Not Stoned! (11th book 3rd Section)

4 Sunni sects have allied themselves in the stoning of the adulterer.
Their evidence is Hadith; Lapidation does not appear in the Qur’an. Lapidation is a consideration in the Torah.
A hadith says: “the blood of a Muslim is lawful in the following three cases. A married person who commits adultery, to kill the person who leaves his religion by leaving his own and Islamic Society in exchange for his own soul”
(Buhârî, Diyât, 6; Müslim, Kasâme, 25, 26; Ebu Dâvud Hudûd, 1; Tirmizî, Hudûd, 15, Diyât, 10; Nesâî, Tahrîm, 5, Kasâme, 6; İbn Mâce, Hudûd, Dârimî, Hudûd 2, Siyer, II).
Even if we accept that the punishment of lapidation exists in Hadith narrations, because there is no punishment of lapidation in the Qur’an, because the punishment of stick to prostitution is clearly stated, and because of the possibility that these hadiths were uttered before the punishment of the adulterer is revealed in the verses, the punishment of lapidation cannot be applied with these narrations.
What kind of punishment is prescribed for adulterers in the Qur’an?
Prostitution and adultery are expressed in separate words in the same verse. It seems their punishment should also be different. Prostitution is, as everyone knows, a commercial form of non-marital sex for money. Adultery is a non-trading relationship due to love or love without money.
Qur’an Turkish Pronunciation :
4.15 – Vellâtî yeé’tînel ****fâhışete**** min nisâikum festeşhidû aleyhinne erbaatem minkum, fein şehidû feemsikûhunne fil buyûti hattâ yeteveffâhunnel mevtu ev yec’alallâhu lehunne sebîlâ (yol). 
4.15 –

As for those of your women who are guilty of lewdness, call to witness four of you against them. And if they testify (to the truth of the allegation) then confine them to the houses until death takes them or (until) Allah appoint for them a way (through new legislation).

And those who commit adultery without prostitution shall be subjected to a little persecution.
Qur’an Turkish Pronunciation:
4.16 – ****Vellezâni**** yeé’tiyânihâ minkum feâzûhumâ, fein tâbâ ve aslehâ feağridû anhumâ, innallâhe kâne tevvâber rahîmâ. 
4.16 – And as for the two of you who are guilty thereof, punish them both. And if they repent and improve, then let them be. Lo! Allah is Relenting, Merciful.

It is clear from this verse that;

It is said that your women, it should be “someone’s woman that is she must be married.”

Men cannot be punished for prostitution because it does not mention men. That’s because prostitution is widely done all over the world only by women. Except for the exception.
For punishment, prostitution must be carried out in the presence of Muslim men with a prayer and reliable background, and each of them must testify. If one later renounces testimony, the others are punished. It is understood prostitution must have been done in a public place and all the details of it were seen by the crowd. (although some of the witnesses may give up, they should not worry that a replacement will come.)
Then, in the verses of Surat Nur, Allah set out a way to punish those who commit adultery and prostitution, and this provision became clear. Even according to this verse;
What is punishment?
An indefinite house arrest by her husband.
Until when;

Until God makes a way for married women to commit prostitution among everyone. What’s the way? If she can escape, she’ll run away from that community. Because the way means “escape, tunnel” for those held in prison.


In Medina, Surah Nisa began to descend after the Battle of Uhud. It is in Surah Nur that Allah has given a way to judge the adulterers. Because Surat Nur was revealed after Surat Nisa. All these are in the near term of the Prophet’s death, which is numbered years. It is likely that the Jewish woman was stoned by her own will and other events occurred before these verses, even if they were correctly conveyed.
Qur’an Turkish Pronunciation
24.2 – Ezzâniyetu vez zânî feclidû kulle vâhıdim minhumâ miete celdeh, ve lâ teé’huzkum bihimâ raé’fetun fî dînillâhi in kuntum tué’minûne billâhi vel yevmil âhır, velyeşhed azâbehumâ tâifetum minel mué’minîn. 
24.2 – The adulterer and the adulteress, scourge ye each one of them (with) a hundred stripes. And let not pity for the twain withhold you from obedience to Allah, if ye believe in Allah and the Last Day. And let a party of believers witness their punishment.

If the meaning of prostitution and adultery were exactly the same, Allah would not use it separately. But even if they are considered synonymous, there is still no way in the Qur’an for the murder of a married woman.
In the verses above and below, the meanings are clearly pronounced separately from each other and the difference between the concepts is defined.
Turkish Pronunciation
4.25 – Ve mel lem yestetığ minkum tavlen ey yenkihal muhsanâtil mué’minâti femim mâ meleket eymânukum min feteyâtikumul mué’minât, vallâhu ağlemu biîmânikum, bağdukum mim bağd, fenkihûhunne biizni ehlihinne ve âtûhunne ucûrahunne bil mağrûfi muhsanâtin ğayra musâfihâtiv ve lâ muttehızâti ahdân, feizâ uhsınne fein eteyne bifâhışetin fealeyhinne nısfu mâ alel muhsanâti minel azâb, zâlike limen haşiyel anete minkum, ve en tasbirû hayrul lekum, vallâhu ğafûrur rahîm. 
4.25 – And whoso is not able to afford to marry free, believing women, let them marry from the believing maids whom your right hands possess. Allah knoweth best (concerning) your faith. Ye (proceed) one from another; so wed them by permission of their folk, and give unto them their portions in kindness, they being honest, not debauched nor of loose conduct. And if when they are honourably married they commit lewdness they shall incur the half of the punishment (prescribed) for free women (in that case). This is for him among you who feareth to commit sin. But to have patience would be better for you. Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.

If the woman who marries as a concubine commits adultery, there will be a penalty of 50 staffs. Those who are married to free women, if they commit adultery, there will be a penalty of 100 staffs.
“The decree of error and forgetting and that which they were forced to do has been removed from my people.” (Buhârî, Hudûd, 22; Talâk, II; Ebû Dâvud, Hudûd, 17; Tirmizî, Hudûd, 1; İbn Mâce, Talâk, 15)
… “And make mention (O Muhammad) of Our bondman Job, when he cried unto his Lord (saying): Lo! the devil doth afflict me with distress and torment. And (it was said unto him): Take in thine hand a branch and smite therewith, and break not twine oath. Lo! We found him steadfast, how excellent a slave! Lo! he was ever turning in repentance (to his Lord).” (Sad, 38/41-44)
Job found his wife wrong and took an oath. He’ll hit his wife with 100 sticks. But he regrets it, and asks God for a way out. Allah commands him to embrace a stalk of grass and to put it together, and when there are about 100 herbs and shrubs, to shoot them all together. So that his wife would not be hurt and his vow would be fulfilled.
Is the path of Job a punishment for those who commit adultery? Or is Omar’s path to be applied, this decision should be left to the judge depending on the nature of the situation.
Can a pregnant woman be punished?
In some so-called Shari’a countries, women thought to be pregnant but unmarried are stoned to death, judging by the rulings of four sects. Other than that, there are no witnesses to the case because it is not easy to find four witnesses.
But even in this case, the woman is asked;
She said,” I previously married two witnesses in a so-and-so place, ” but she immediately left me and cheated on me. Therefore, I did not have a situation to declare my marriage to anyone,” he would be spared punishment. Because 4 witnesses could not be found, the woman’s adultery would not be certain. However, if the woman herself knowingly admits the punishment after a certain period of time after birth, a 100 stick penalty should be applied.


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