We will see how God is everything, how he sees everything using it, and how he shapes everything through frequencies. We will even be able to hear his voice to some extent. He addresses every creature in his own language at his own frequency.

So what are religions? Because the teaching of religion can reach very few people in a healthy way. What will happen to the rest of you? Or else God doesn’t care about them? No, he gave each one of them a book where he could experience creativity and servitude in person. It is such a book that he can find the necessary answers to every kind of question he is looking for.

And he has embroidered it into one’s brain so that it can be easy to reach this book. A blind person has created a system in which he can understand and feel his Lord so that he may know his Lord. It’s simply a creative imagination. Let’s learn how to read our universal book. Let us experience the concepts of servitude and divinity. The creator can’t give a man what is not himself. Whatever we have is in our creator.

Let’s create a space like the big bang in the infinite darkness. Let’s see the stars flaming to infinity with all his strength as he wanders. Then we create a planet in which there is a great nature. Let us decorate it with pearls and diamond palaces, magnificent flying vehicles and white ships floating in the sea. Did you notice? We have infinite power, don’t we?

There’s no difference between creating something small and big. We can move the time forward or backward. This is how easy it is to create within the creator. Our dreams and imagination are wonderful experiences that show how easy it is for God to create them.

Now let’s come to the most important point. An entity, maybe a human. Just like you might like. You want him to be loyal, friendly and full of love. What good is it that you have created without someone who sees them, who needs you to create them, and who can have fun with them? Let’s give them to him and make him happy. All he wants in the world will be his. Also, create other people.

What happened? Did he forget you while he was dealing with them? He doesn’t even remember your name? I think it’s time we cut down on what we gave him. Until he can remember us and love us again. His lover should leave him for someone else. I think he understands us better. Because man has forsaken his God for the world. That’s who we look at in our dreams.

Why has the Creator created infinite hell? Why do we get eternal punishment or eternal reward for our fleeting lives? You might think it’s unfair. If one’s suffering will last forever, the punishment will be eternal. There is no remembrance in God. The good deeds you do for him, or the bad deeds you do for him by ignoring him, your unjust rebellions are immortal for him. He’il remember them forever before he forgets them. Therefore, the punishment is infinite.


Another reason for eternal punishment is that the anger you give your Creator affects the whole universe. For example, imagine that you are an enemy because you did not give away all of the things that you created in your dream and the will of the individual.  In this case, your spirits will deteriorate. You can stop creating new people and friends or even new worlds. Even if a loved one betrays you, then you can choose to destroy the entire universe. Remember, whatever you have is in your Creator. Your influence on the creator means your influence on the infinite. Therefore, your punishment and reward must be eternal.

Imagine what the man I dreamed would do, I’d give him what he wanted. Remember that the creator has no other world but what he has created. You guys can say that the person I created is doing something in my dream and I’m going to clean up my house and do whatever it takes. But you are the only house of the creator. There is no world but your hearts and your surfaces for the creator. There are no shops where the creator can go and visit other people. You are the creator’s neighbors and friends, his family.

Do you know why creative creates so many living things? Why so many people?  He’s looking for his favorite. A wonderful thing to own. He’s looking for his friend, whom he can say I’ve created everything, and that all these insults, all this cruelty I’ve suffered. When he finds a friend, he will stop.

Whatever the man who will be your friend wants, the whole world even another soul universe. He will devote his power to his Lord. The Lord will give him the power to change his destiny. He will not repair his own poverty, wounds, and life with these. He will devote his breath to him. He will not speak on the Lord’s word.

Do not be desperate. And do not say, ” I have lived in selfishness.” Say I can change. Use your only chance not to pursue a toy or a little more food and clothing, but to discover what’s great and earn your friendship. Embrace your Lord in your dreams with repentance. Let me tell you a secret; if you imagine with strong, intense feelings, and if you want to, you can open a door to the truth. It is considered as real not imagination.

If you can’t do it, find conversations and friends who will make you love God. The Lord will show himself. It is contagious in hatred, love, and joy. You find happy people who love God and burn with his love. Earn their love and respect. Make sure they are pleasant and happy with you with beautiful words and small gifts. Let them pour the treasures in their hearts to you.

Run to whoever invites you to win the ultimate. And the one who invites you to the world and to the empty and to the obnoxious, and to what you will lose after a while, he deceives you. Sickness, sadness or death will bring down your chest in your hands without pain and you will eventually be poor in all directions. Then call the other one. Life is worth sacrificing for this beautiful purpose. Because this trip gets better when you find answers.

A man said, “Prove to me that eternity really exists, even if it’s a small possibility or a sign… I’m ready to devote my whole life.” Here are the thousands of signs and evidence you seek in this book. Some are very strong, and others are valuable only for those who know and understand the moneylenders that distinguish the diamond from the glass. But like you said, one exciting sign is enough. Even if everything and all is undecided. A single sign is enough to pursue eternity.




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