The new Tender and Expenditure System, which was created in accordance with the scriptures, could double the human welfare. Bribery and corruption are an important problem all over the world. This problem is experienced from the richest countries to the poorest countries. However, this problem could be solved with a smarter and transparent tender system. But why are these ways not implemented when there are easy solutions? And why are similar tender systems still valid all over the world? The reason is very simple; because they don’t want to change this system.


What are the mistakes in the current system? (Commonly common problems in all countries)

The institution invites companies to participate in the tender specially for the tender and chooses some of its richness.

Even if the institution tries to participate in the tender even if it is not invited, even the lowest bid can give the tender as it wishes. Even if it is a more competent and experienced company with the lowest bid, it may not receive the tender.

Every institution was granted freedom to purchase products and services of approximately 100,000 TL without question. In other words, by dividing hundreds of products or services into 100,000 TL pieces, the company can make millions of lira directly from the companies of its choice without even holding a tender.

A company that receives the tender by pushing the right and the conditions and even filing a lawsuit can be bankrupt by finding excuses in the work it does when the day of progress comes, or by driving the business uphill. Or it can be forced to pay bribes.

Of course, there are also companies that have never experienced the above examples. These problems necessarily occur at rates varying from country to country and even from period to period. Those who know me know; I do my work not only for one country but for all humanity and I try to address the common problems of humanity. I hope those who do not have a wound are not taken over. So how should the ideal bidding system be?


Auctions should be made open to the public.

The Ministry of Finance should notify the tender by sending mass mail to all companies operating in the tender, and advertise it through the press. Thus, an adequate competitive environment should be created.

Sufficient experience, number of employees, business volume, etc. to participate in the tender. The company that meets the qualification criteria should automatically receive the tender with the lowest bid.

Supervision of tender conditions and completion of work must be done with the help of a mixed independent board of private sector, NGOs and government officials.

Very low limits should be placed on the direct purchasing system both on an annual basis and on an amount basis. For example 5000 TL.

In this way, all the corruption at lower levels which is not under the supervision and knowledge of respected state leaders can be prevented.

In the election of the leader of the state, it is necessary to choose those who support Allah with miracles and who have a reasonable level of life. Almost all people are selfish and imperfect. However, it is hoped that the person who is devoted to God and supported by Allah with knowledge, wisdom and miracle will be successful in honesty. However, because of his ignorance, most people vote on TV and if they see it strong. States with high economic power, using this weakness of the people, affect societies and elections in all countries they care about as they wish. So they secretly rule the world behind the scenes, and therefore the tender system does not change until God comes.


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