If the spirit of the world took shape, in what way would it appear? I think people who think human beings grow a lot in their eyes.

Considering the 4.5 billion-year life of the world; it hasn’t been a few thousand years since a man had a say in the world. Before that, we were a very small part of nature and we had difficulty dealing with it. When we went back a few thousand years, our number was so small and ineffective; the guests visiting the world were returning before they noticed us or thought they were one of the animals.

If plants in the world took shape with millions of animals and geographical structure, they would be a mixture of all of them. In other words, we could see the pattern of plants, one piece from each of the animals, and their colours on its skin. Of course, there could be aspects like human beings.

The definition of this entity, which has names such as Dabbet-ül Arz, namely “the soul of the world”, is similar to this in the hadiths. Let’s look at the features of Dabbe from the tongue of the messenger of God.


The Messenger of God said that in the hadith as follows;

When some administrators will shed blood and Dabbe will appear and will be hidden again, then when the earthquakes increase, it will appear between rukün (the toughest, most powerful element or aspect of something old)
and the authority in Kaaba, when the believers are in fear, only God can save us, prayers will reach someone and “I swear you are not capable of prayer,” he will say.
He will brighten the face of the believer and break the nose of the infidel.

Did you visualize the scene? Now that the earthquakes are increasing rapidly and Muslims are in fear and their blood is shed.

Dabbe, who appears next to the Kaaba, says: Fear of prayer has caught the person stopped. He sat on top of the devil that he is stoned in truth, lame and blind in one eye. That head demon has seized his mind-soul by inserting his tail into the mind of this unaware person.

Dabbe says to the people under the control of Satan, “I swear you are not a person of prayer. He has also darkened his face and the face of demons from humans and demons who have passed on his tail.  In one hand, there is Hz. Moses’s staff and the staff’s tip is broken. In one hand there is the ring of Prophet Solomon. According to hadiths, Dabbe will be elephant-eared, horned, ram tailed, feathered, beaked, bearded, male, 4-legged, winged and will appear from any colour, even the distance between the two horns and will be like the distance between cities. Now I want to show you the scene with this divine message and warning that is processed on the world map.

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Evidence from verses and hadiths

1-2-5 “Dabbe comes out with Prophet Moses’ staff and Prophet Solomon’s seal. He will polish the believer’s face with a scepter, and seal the disbeliever’s nose with a seal. When people who live at that time come together, the believer will be certain.” (Ahmed b. Hanbel, “Müsned”, II, 491)


3-4-7 ““He will come to the prayer who really does,“ he said, “this is not your prayer, because you are a liar and the disciple (the hypocrite),” he will be marked with a false mark.  / 13… he will take a three-day distance in one step shot…(Portents of the Hour, Allame Muhammed B. Resul Al-Huseyni El Berzenci from Medina p. 278) (He says this was not happening when he finished praying and counted his beads.)

14 – “He has three exits in time: He will once come out of the farthest desert, and his memory will not enter Mecca” (The other exits will be through a hole in Mecca) (Ebu Dâvûd Tayâlisî…) (This is the first departure of Dabbe since the distant desert will appear at sunrise and will call from the East.)

Note: According to the Qur’an, everything is alive. Every article chant. God speaks to heaven and earth. The mountains are offered to entrust. According to the Qur’an, it is possible for living beings to be engraved on the world and to be formed from mountains and lakes. Since he will speak in a language that everyone will understand, he will use colours and show the light and the Muslims with dark and unbelievable. It is against the test that Dabbi is expected to be a living creature from the dragon nave that roams among people and that 7 billion people are sealed in a short time without demolishing buildings. It is stated in the hadiths that when Dabbe comes out, people will continue to trade and the message will mock.


1- It is said that Dabbe will come out with the staff of Moses. And the ring of Solomon. There is indeed a wand in the right hand of this being, and this wand has been raised and pointed at the demon, a genie. Interestingly, this scepter probably passed from the prophets to the prophets was broken. (Remember from the verses of the Qur’an that Solomon’s wand ate a wolf and broke it from its bottom) Dabbe’s wand was also broken in Crimea. It is wise that the name of this region is Crimea.

2-  Dabba has put his left hand on Turkey via Iran. This hand is the hand with the ring. The ring stone is manifested as Urmiye Lake. There are some shapes in the lake that have secrets.

3-  As described in the hadiths, it has beaks, beards, horns, rams tails, masculine, wand, rings and wings. In addition, it has great speed (the speed of rotation of the world) with a step of hundreds of kilometres, and as it is described in the hadiths, it is a long distance even for a soldier between two horns. It is great wisdom that all these features and complete descriptions are collected in an entity and its picture is drawn on the world.

4- On top of all this, the most remarkable scene about Dabbe described in the hadiths is surprising to speak with the believer standing in prayer and to engrave the scene that tells him to accuse him. (Dabbe, fear that the moment would come up to the people standing in prayer and you’re not prayer competent and it seals saying that his küffar) Unfortunately, Turkey represents the head of the clan this prayer and less hair and prayers, as well as wanting to accept the laws of God’s law one too less. People eat interest and they don’t fight it. They express admiration and glorify people who swear openly. Such a society has no share in the hereafter. Even if the minorities in them are good, if they do not struggle, they will get a share of the doom in the world. For those who remain silent against the injustice and the unbelievers committed against God are common to them.

5- The fact that Dabbe carries all living things on the earth and even the human beings by taking a share from the colour and limbs of all living things makes it perfect in terms of being called World Living, Dabbet-ül Arz.


(27:82 (=109)) When that promise is fulfilled, we draw a living creature out of the world, and he tells people that they do not believe in it. And on that day, we will gather from every nation a group that denies our proofs, and they will stand in line. When they came: Did you not know enough to understand it, but denied my evidence? Or what have you done? Because of their evil, that promise is realized and they cannot speak anymore.

If Dabbe was a great creature that reads the Koran and resembles the animal that surrounds the world, the infidels would not deny it. In verse, it is stated that a group of each nation will deny it. Even in the hadith people will mock each other with every infidel, by saying O, believer.

So why the Dabbe verse was expressed in the Qur’an by the number 109. Was that a coincidence? Or was it one of the greatest miracles of God and one of the greatest weapons of the believers in the war with the Deggial?

What about the number 911? 9 and 11, where the devil chose a symbol for himself? What did it mean when the events of 9/11 and the 9th Assembly, 9 exceeded 10? What did God mean when he said he had nineteen on Sekar?

Read the book of miracles to see the Great 109 Miracles of Allah and the Symbol of Deggial, 911.


In the Qur’an, the name DABBE, which stimulates humanity, is used for all kinds of living things.

Man is a Dabbe, and so is an animal. I want to ask; Does God do random work? Of course; no. There is wisdom and deep meanings to be admired in all his works. Could the shapes of the land and seas drawn by the world be drawn randomly by God? Housing. On the contrary, the story of the whole earth, the degree of societies is written on it. What do the shapes and colours of the earth tell us when they talk?

Talk Now O Earth! Tell us what’s in you!

When that promise comes true, we bring out a living creature from the face of the earth. (27-82)

(See why 109 is the key symbol of all war on earth under 109 Total Numerical Verses.)

3- And when the man says: What is happening to him?. 4- On that day the earth tells all its news. 5- For your Lord has revealed to him. 6- On that day, people shall come out in parts, to be shown to them in return for their deeds.

99.Zilzal Suresi

We understand from all these verses; Dabbe is the earth’s language to speak. Everyone will understand your language. When the announcement is made, people will be presented in fragmented groups (such as countries).

Prophet ace. He was talking about the Earth’s Dabbe to bleach and darken faces. In parallel with this verse.

That day some faces turn white, some faces turn dark. They said to the darkened people after your faith, you disbelieved? So taste the punishment for your denial. ”

(3-106 verse) (109 Total Numerical Value Verse)

          Alert now! Because you’re the one who warns.

88.21 -(109 Total Numerical Value Verse)

So that it is the one who warns people – “Really one of the biggest”.

74.35 – (109 Total Numerical Value Verse)

One of the greatest portents of the Resurrection and miracle that makes this event mentioned in the Qur’an so important; This is because Dabbe has said this word only once and is understood by all humanity in his own language. Otherwise, as many commentators claim, it is not a gigantic creature that wanders door to door and chats with people.

He is not on the Internet, because the verse says that he will warn humanity by talking to people about unbelief and described him as a formable being in the hadith. However, most of the internet is full of materials that are not Islamic.

The information that warns people is not even one-millionth of the Internet.

It is written that Dabbe’s message was not understood in the rest of Dabbe verse.

27-83; When that promise comes true, we bring out a living creature from the face of the earth. And on that day, we will gather from every nation a group that denies our proofs, and they will stand in line. When they came: You were insufficient to understand it, but you denied my evidence? Or what have you done? Because of their evil, that promise is realized and they cannot speak anymore.

It is understood that; The infidels could not understand Dabbe. Because Allah says; You couldn’t understand it, you denied my evidence. You have done evil to him… Maybe Dabbe will never come out in the expected form. He appeared above the world, and his message reached humanity. If there was a creature of great magnitude and extraordinary powers that clearly seals everyone, as some would have expected, God would not be angry with the infidels that you did not understand him, and denied our proofs. Because everyone would believe.

And the Prophet ascended that the creature coming out of the world would paint with light and dark colors to separate the believers and the believers from one another;

“Dâbbe appears, although there is a wand of Moses and Solomon’s seal. It will shine the believer’s face with staff and stamp the unbelievers’ nose with a seal. When the people who lived at that time came together, the unbelievers will be known. (Ahmed b. Hanbel, “Müsned”, II, 491)

That day some faces turn white, some faces turn dark. (Qur’an)

Now I will show you how Dabbe painted the whole world with light and darkness by analyzing the infidels and believers, and even his wand and the seal of the infidel. You won’t leave any room for coincidence and you will witness this miracle in a way that everyone can test.

This map shows the light and dark regions of the world map. I obtained this map by giving contrast to the monochrome of the photoshop world map. Absolutely no brush strokes. You can try it yourself at home.


And on the Day of Resurrection, you shall see the faces of those who lie against God darkened. Those who are arrogance is in hell, isn’t it?

The places where Muslim communities live in the world and the bright areas on the map coincide exactly. Some may ask Turkey and so on. Why do some Muslim countries appear dark on this map?

The Qur’an says:

Whoever does not rule with the Qur’an, they are the infidels themselves (5-44)”

As you know, societies that do not have a constitution regulated in accordance with the Qur’an and who do not vote for parties that promise to carry these laws to power or do not support such leaders are not counted among those who believe in God’s right. Of course, this does not include all people in society, but that the majority have left the Book.

Some may also say that deserts are subject to light-coloured wooded areas being dark-coloured. This is a mistake. Because of the desert, despite America, South Africa, Australia and Siberia, such as the soil is dark in all seasons.

Vegetation is a texture formed by water and rain. When the dajjal comes out, it will rain to the muffled countries that it has made a deal with, bring an abundance of vegetation and abundance there, and send dry winds to the countries that do not accept sovereignty and change the direction of the clouds. Climate control is now possible and implemented.

In addition, if it is possible for Hacer-ul Esved to turn from white to black due to sins; the blackening of the earth due to the sins of people is a religiously expected condition. 

So why was Dabbe, that is the World Living, talking using colours, as stated in the hadith? Because he had to use a universal language to understand the excitation and rebuke of humanity in the verse. Just as the whole world knew that red light is a language of colour, which means stop, green is a symbol of separating evil and good.

It is understood that; The books we can read Dabbe’s narratives are the colours and traces on the world map. Soon you will witness far greater miracles and you will see exactly what the Prophet said.


If we read the Qur’an as in the verse “which shows mekkenahum,  the miracle by hiding the word Mecca and its coordinate in it, it will be seen that the word virtuous which shows the miracles about Dabbe by Allah’s permission is mentioned with the mother’s name in the verses of Dabbe. Not to brag about it, but to be a part of the miracle, I felt obliged to write, even though I refrained from mentioning myself. Allah knows the truth.

16.49 – Ve lillahi yescudu ma fis semavati ve ma fil erdimin dabbetiv vel melaiketu ve hum la yestekbirûn.

(49.ayet prostrate verse.) Manası;
The Dabbes (living creatures) in virtue (fil erdimin) and the Angels say Allahuekber to God.

27.82 When he comes to them, we bring them to a place from the earth, which tells them that people have not brought firm faith to our revelations.

27.82 – Ve iza vekaal kavlu aleyhim ahracna lehum dabbetem minel erdi tukellimuhum ennen nase kanu bi ayatina la yukinûn.

Dabbeteminelerdi (living being) who extrude to them. 

Emine (my mother)
El Erdi (el erdem?)

The word el-Erdimin is actually used in the meaning of earth-world. However, as in the verse in which the word Mekkenahum is mentioned, we read it by combining the words because we think it contains the secret of mana. Remember by reading the relevant chapters that there is no movement in the original Qur’an and that there are different views on the reading of some words, and that the prophet permits it as long as it complies with the spirit of the Qur’an.

Allah knows best. Of course, I’m not saying that I’m the Dabbe. Already with the hadiths, he has been described as an interesting entity in extraordinary ways.

However, as a brother who warns you for the real Dabbe that will come up with the Resurrection, and showing you the image of it for the first time and calling you to go to the Lord, I want you to see that everything is found in the.



  • (EC)
    • Why is there a hell and are there always hellhounds? Why can’t we see heaven?

    Even though Allah Teala drew these shapes, he is, in fact, human beings with his ugly actions. As I have shown on earth, there are not only demons but forms of different beings. If a message is to be given to the human being whose perception is narrowed, he should probably be given a message that will warn, scare and correct most of them.

If there is a bus going to the abyss and very few of them will survive the accident, it is expected that there will be dry head plates in the plates that should come across the bus, the signs of the people burning in the fire, the bottom of the abyss, which means hell. It is useless to see the happy people on the bus who went out of the hospital with flowers hanging around their neck to save a few people.

If the human condition is very bad, urgent and needs to be intervened, it is necessary to send warnings that intimidate and intimidate her. Just as you try to wake up a sleeping friend in the midst of fires, all the reminders you give him will be on the disaster.

  • (AA. Theology-Teacher) There is wisdom in every work of my Lord’s power infinitely. Isn’t the world the grown-up Qur’an? In the Qur’an does not inform the future in the world silhouettes in the future with the news of my Lord never thought that my Lord is not the endless power of every job is not empty How many words in a word that describes the different expressions of the Qur’an in the world of the great Quran is different in every aspect of God ‘ They clearly prove and prove their work. Today thanks to you the great Quran was destined to look at the world from different sides. Interestingly, Istanbul has become the head of both the kneeling big human figure and the human figure on the small foot. Does this mean that Istanbul is an Islamic country?

Allah is your witness. Even though Istanbul is a sinner, it is an Islamic city where Muslims constitute an important place, especially in its history before its deterioration. It had previously been the chief city of Christians. There has always been the dominance of societies that always think about leaders, religious and ummah. These silhouettes tell you very well the situation you draw attention to. But even if the city’s name was an Islamic city, the contents would not enter heaven unless they lived or abandoned Islam. Half of the silhouette is light and half is dark in colour.


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