You will see everything from the 9.11 events to the structure of 109 and the number 19 in the solar system in its purest and true form.

Let’s start from 9.

The number of gods in Egypt was 9 in history. Each one had different powers. And the Egyptian kings said they were the sons of these so-called gods. An incest marriage was pursued so that the family did not break.

In the Torah these sons of God are described as follows;

“And over the world people multiplied, they had sons and daughters; and one day the sons of God saw the daughters of man, and liked them, and chose them as wives. A strong and invincible generation was born out of them. ” 

Surprisingly, the Torah mentions the giant Nephilim, the devil, the exorcised Angels, as the “Sons of God.” Satan seems to be glorified as if he were the son of God. Jewish and Christian clergy are quiet about this subject. But the truth is that. He was the king of the demons whom they called God. Though it is a fake God; he was known as the god of the people and it had different names in each culture. And those who believed in God were few. Because he had married and had children with people of ancestry from him and was the ruler of the people; Torah had used the expression of the people without changing it.

Even the oldest written texts in the Sumerian tablets, the Nephilim, the Anunnaki, were the devil race that had to descend from space to earth, enslave mankind and marry the beautiful ones of women. He was collecting gold. There was a small generation of demons and humans. The generation of the devil ruled the normal human lineage as representatives of the evil empires.

In Sumerian tablets, it was written that this line had coloured eyes. Indeed, according to scientists, the coloured eye does not exist in the normal human gene. This condition is defined as a genetic disorder that emerged in Anatolia some 10 thousand years ago.

The system of human deities in Egypt was defined as being of this lineage. And the number of these so-called devil deities was counted as 9.

Traditionally, muses, the sister goddesses of the Greco-Roman religion and mythology, are traditionally nine.

In mathematics, the universal language of the whole universe and the creator; 10 had been considered excellent and integer. It was designed with 10 fingers so that human beings could use this system. 10 symbolized the Creator, being complete and perfect. 9 symbolized the leaders who have the authority to manage the planets he has given the caliphate. In the solar system, which was the 9th assembly, Satan was the oldest caliph of the world.

Adam, who was more developed, was created when the Creator wanted to save the demon of the primitive human race that was made slave and oppressed. In the assembly of angels, the Devil’s provocation came to the point of rebellion against the Creator, because the empire of the devil was placed in the hands of Adam, that is the human being. When the demon refused, he was expelled from the assembly to be punished, but he managed to get respite to prove his claim. But it was a well he fell.

In the Torah, the prophet describes the demon as follows;

O, bright star, son of the dawn (Lucifer), how did you fall from the heavens! You said I shall go up to the heavens”. I will set my throne higher than the stars of God: I will rise above the clouds, making myself equal with the Supreme.” But you have been sent down to the land of the dead, to the bottom of the death pit. (İşaya 14 / 12-15)

This ideal of the demon, who came after 10 and dominated the 9 itself, 11, exceeding the creator was expressed. The Demon was challenging his Creator.

This cult brought the symbolism of ascension to Satanism from 9 to 11. 9-11, or its unified form 911 is the most powerful numerical symbol of Satanism and a summary of the relentless war of Satan.

In the Qur’an, the number of these organizations that can confuse even the whole world is explained by underlining. In the past, God has destroyed them, but the demon is building the same organization over and over again under the name of the Council of 9s.


Satan, in his Bible;

For Satanists

9 great sins

9 great principles

Like 9 notices

There are main parts that are encoded with 9.

The examples are numerous.

I think now we understand how important 9 is for the devil and that the ideal of ascending to 11 by skipping 10 is the only option to get rid of hell.

Holywood especially emphasized this number. They made a movie called the 9’s. The 9’s film tells the life story of someone with divine powers.

Even in the Matrix and Terminator movies, you will often see cult 9 and 11. In the movies, the hands of the clocks are often set to show 9 and 11.

Today, this organization, which is arrogant enough to say we have the power and will not hesitate to put it in our eyes, is in a desperate ambition to drag the human being into hell, to worship the Demon, which is symbolized by the appearance of a goat by enslaving it.

Horus is one of the most important so-called gods in Egypt, where religion constitutes the basis of 9 pseudo-gods. Its symbol is one eye. Emphasizing in the pyramid, the so-called Egyptian god Horus found himself in the world’s most printed and transported money.

In the American dollar, God Horus picture was drawn and it is written near it as follows: We believe in God. Which god it is is really clear. To Horus or Egyptian Gods. Under it, the new world order is written. You will listen to the 9-11 link of this order from former President Bush himself.

The Prophet Muhammad called the devil emperor, who will soon rule the world, in the apocalypse, the name of the DEGGIAL. This is a great miracle. This is because the money that Demon drew his own picture and claims to be his divinity clearly states on the DCCL. This is a roman dating, they wrote it without knowing, but the prophet’s miracle emerged. Hail Lord.

Now let’s come to the global rites of 9-11 and how even the heads of state are under their control.


BUSH used the word new world order for the first time and talked about a new world order in parliament.

          years after the break strike was hit in the world.

9.11.2001 began the evil ritual. Every aspect of this ritual was built on the evil cult of 9 and 11.

Flight 11 hit the twin tower at 9 o’clock in the morning.

The state and the 11-letter NEWYORK was chosen as the centre of the ritual.

The planes hit the 90th floor.

It was a fake terrorist attack organized by the evil organization. Usame bin Laden never took the attack. After the planes hit, the building needed to be destroyed in a healthy way. With the domino effect, the whole city could be destroyed. Explosives previously detonated by the organization were detonated inside the building. Many policemen and firemen gave interviews expressing clearly that they heard these explosions and these explosions were caught on cameras. The government finally accepted the explosives but claimed that the terrorists might have done so. However, it was impossible to fill all building columns with tons of explosives because of the high level of security.

So what was Bush doing at 9 am on 9.11 when his father declared the new world demonic order on 9.11.91. He was symbolically reading Master Babhomet’s life to the children. Scapegoat storybook in his hands with students. He was told 2 times that America was under attack but he persistently wanted to read this story to the students. And he knows it as a duty when he’s under the heaviest attack in history. Comment it yourself.

Christianity had evolved to paganism by the demonic system and Rome, the pagan empire, as discussed later. The day of worship of the sun began to extend the day was declared Christmas. The holy day had been moved from Saturday to Sunday, which means the sun day. The prophet Jesus was turned into a pagan god with superpowers and was encouraged to worship Jesus instead of the Creator.

Islam was the only religion in the world that worshipped the only creator, and Muslims had to be kept in shredded and chaos at all times, and the poor and ignorant had to be taken and removed from their mines. Afghanistan and Iraq and then Syria were invaded through fake organizations. So all the promised lands. Prepared for the arrival of the Deggial, who claimed to dominate the world. They were going to introduce him as the Messiah.

The 9.11 ritual was sometimes chosen by the organization as a symbol day or number for different actions in different countries. Let’s look at a few examples;

In all countries under the control of the Deggial, the identification numbers are 9 or 11 digits.

All phone numbers are 11 digits.

The world’s most popular sport, American and European Football, is played with 11 people and the pitch is 110 meters.

The emergency call consists of 911 numbers in the United States and 11 almost everywhere around the world. This is a very important situation. Because help in real religion is solely requested from the Creator, it is symbolized in their system to summon the devil and his servants to help. 

Paganists who were enemies of Prophet Moses and worshipped Menat, the Bull Sculpture. These traditions continued to worship magic and jinn.

Today the symbol of the stock market is the bull sculpture and this sculpture is located in front of the stock exchange buildings. Menat is a currency.

In summary on the day 9.11 – let’s see what happened.

9.11.1991 New world order declared in American council

9.11.2001 The twin towers were destroyed and the war was started against Muslims

9.11.2015 (Crane fell to the Kaaba, hundreds of pilgrims died, circumambulation stopped and the Kaaba attempted to collapse

9.11.1853  (The world’s telegraph network, which is regarded as the basis of the internet, the control tool of the world, was opened for the first time today)

9.11.1923 (According to the American history system) (Mustafa Kemal was elected president of the only existing party, then abolished the Islamic caliphate.

(According to the American Historical system) (Mustafa Kemal was elected as the president of the only party present and then abolished the Islamic caliphate.)

It’s 9 o’clock– 10 11 1938 Atatürk’s announced death date and time. There is a lot of speculation and information pollution about Atatürk. He was accused of being a mason, but having closed all the mason lodges overnight in 1935, he is a rare figure in history. It is understood from his action that he saw the Masons as a threat, nurtured hostility and ceded their assets to people’s homes. However, the Masons reopened in 1948 during the period of Ismet Inönü and were strengthened again. That is to say, only the Lodges were closed, but their dominance within the state remained alive, as did the Ottomans. Atatürk’s doctors or the people around him who have the authority to decide the details of his death made a plan as follows:

The date and time of death should have been set so; the myth of Satan’s ascension from 9 to 11 e should have been highlighted. He was therefore declared dead at 9 a.m. on November 10, according to the American calendar system. The entire Muslim Turkish nation was forced to pay homage at this satanic hour at 9 pm on November 10. Because the devil was 9 and he had to go up to 11. Are those who set the time of Atatürk’s death / who proclaim as if they were believers in the myth of the rise of Satan? Did Atatürk fall victim to a murder? This information will remain in the dark pages of history. The reason why Aleister Crowley, known for being the world’s most famous Demon worshipper and Satanist and also a mason, named Atatürk after his son, who was born in 1937, is still unknown. According to some views, Atatürk used the Masons and their connections to stop the wars during the national struggle and when he thought he was strong enough, he declared them harmful and closed them. Maybe his actions caused him to be killed in 3 years. All the mysteries about him are hidden in the ancient pages of history.

9.11.1980 (on the night of this day America was on the front foot of a coup in Turkey, and the next day American newspapers wrote that they were able to.)

9.11.1986 (Muhammad Cinnah was martyred, enabling Pakistan to break away from India and establish Islamic State)


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