Where is God manifested beside the object? What appears is the mirror of the unseen. Like every meaning wants to find a shape, every soul wants to dazzle a body. There are no secrets that don’t want to come out, and there are no dreams that don’t want to come alive.

Does God manifest in an object? What else is there in the flower that opens, in the shining star, and in every creature that manifests?

Some say it is not him who manifests, it is his attribute. What it means is similar to this. A designer makes a robot and sends it to people and speaks from a distance. The designer is not entirely on that robot but has appeared with certain features. Of course, the robot is not a designer, but the designer has manifested it as much as he likes. The manifestation of God in the prophets is like this or more.

Then there are degrees of manifestation, but what is happening in the whole universe is nothing but the manifestation of AGod, showing himself.

How does God manifest in a human being? In the same way, the secret and the measure of it are reserved in the Qur’an.

Quran A’râf Surah 143rd Verse

He said, ‘Oh my lord when we appointed Musa, when his Lord spoke to him,’ and behold, I see you. His Lord said, ‘ You cannot see me for certain, but look at this mountain, if it stands still, you can see me.’ So when his Lord revealed to the mountain, the mountain fell down, and Moses passed away and fell down. And when he came to him, he said: I praise you for your shortcomings, and I repent to you, and I am the first of the believers.*

In this verse, the phrase “tecellâ rabbuhu lilcebeli” is mentioned. That means he was manifested to the mountain. Manifestation means ” to be revealed, to be seen.” So when “Lord” began to manifest the infinite, to show it to the mountain, to show it to the eternal, he could not bear the limitless one. The place was shattered and Moses, who saw the intensity of that axis, fainted.

It is stated in the verse that God can not be seen for certain. Even if he showed up on a mountain, that mountain would surely disappear. In another verse that proves this;

Quran Shura 51;

God does not speak in a way other than through inspiration[1], behind the scenes[2], or by sending a messenger, so that you may whisper to him his own will[3]. He is the exalted, the wise.*

In other words, God will never reveal and speak to a human being in the form of a lion. None of the situations described does have a face-to-face expression. No human being can speak to God or see him. For he is infinite, and he is everywhere. Since infinite energy is the eternal light of the heavens and the Earth, the human eye cannot comprehend it.

However, the phrase “God speaks behind a curtain” is very secret. Because that curtain is a human language. The best examples of this are the prophets. In fact, Jesus has taken directly the spirit and word of God through the Qur’an. God called out to people by using the body of Jesus as a curtain. In fact, in all the prophets, this situation has been realized at certain levels. However, once this revelation and manifestation have passed, they become hungry again, thirsty again, and they humanely need. Because these qualities are a gift from God, not from themselves. He manifests in their bodies when he wills, appears, talks and returns them to their former state when he wills. The best explanation of this situation is in Sura Nur.

Nûr Sura 35th Verse

God is the light of the heavens and the Earth. An example of his light is like a place where a lamp is placed, there is a lamp, there is a candle in a glass, there is a star shining brightly in it, as if it were a blessed olive tree not in the East or in the West, and it was burned without touching the fire, and it will light the oil, and light on the God guides whom he pleases with his light, and God brings examples to mankind, and God knows all things.

In this verse, God states that his person, who is infinite light, can appear as a curtain in a candle. When our Prophet read this verse, he said, “This is my candle.” That divine light will flow from the prophet to the prophet whenever he pleases. But there will come a time when the real secret of this verse will be revealed and people will see God as if they saw a burning lamp. He is the creation and servant of God and he constantly performs prayers. In this case, God will manifest in his heart and body, and even the people of the world and the sky will appear from his veil. The evidence for this is in the Sura “Kıyameta”;


Vucûhun yevme-iżin nâdira. İlâ rabbihâ nâzira(tun)

The faces shine on that day. They touch by an evil eye to their Lord

Ebu Hureyre (r.a.) says that:

“Oh Messenger of God! will we see our Lord on the day of Resurrection?” some people said. The messenger of God ordered, “Do you dispute about the moon to be seen at a time when there are no clouds on the Fourteenth and sixteenth of the month?” They said, “No, O Messenger of God!” The messenger God ordered, “Would you discuss the possibility of seeing the sun at a time when there are no clouds under it?” “No!”, they said. The messenger God ordered, “Thus will you see your Lord.”. (3)

How can people overlook him while the mountain that saw God was shattered? In the verse and in the hadiths, it is revealed in detail that what appears to be a body that Rab (one of the names of God in Arabic) assigns to the human being, instead of the word of God, is disguised as a body that God assigns to the human being. Let not those who are lacking knowledge go mad when they say, Lord. Because in Arabic, Rab means sir, master, and in everyday life, people and employers are often used even for slave owners. He is the Chosen King, the caliph, who is beyond the prophet of God. He speaks in the name of God, like the prophet with the revelation of God. Even the faces of his light will shine. Because he, who is exalted, and has no God other than him, will be shining in him like a glass of gold.

“I do not fit in the heavens and the Earth, but I fit in the heart of my believing servant.”

The secret of the Hadith will be revealed. His secret is hidden in Surah Mumin.

It is because of envy and jealousy that those who say that God will manifest in a lamp are more superior than a lamp and do not believe that God will manifest in the heart of a faithful servant.

KAF 16

We have created man, and we know the delusion what his soul whispers to him. Because we are closer to him than the jugular vein.

He has already covered man in full, and as stated in another verse, “he holds the hearts between two fingers”. But he shows it to whoever he wishes.

In fact, it also does not mention the glass in Nur Sura. He concealed the name of the person to whom he would manifest, his origin in the verse of Sura Nur. Or what does God do in a glass? This is a fairy that hides the expected person. Let him not interpret it as improbable and unthinkable. If he does not understand until the day comes for him to explain, then he shall keep silent. If he does, he’ll be a lot quieter.

Even those who dream of God, or the prophet who saw him in ascension, saw not only the eternal truth of God but also the manifestation and shape of the light in which he aspires to appear. Even with that glass, he will reveal at the highest level, he cannot see God as his original. He will only witness that God is the one shining from his heart and that all things are created by him. He is a witness to his Lord, and he is in a state of astonishment, praise, and glorification without words.

Sufism has become a tool of polytheism in the hands of those who are not very polluted… When a person says, “I am an elder, and I am in the authority of fenafillah (Fenafillah means destruction in the presence of God).” He’s definitely asked for proof; if he can’t prove it, he won’t be respected.

Even Hallac-ı Mansur, who said that I am God, prayed continuously and his last wish was to perform the prayer. It is forbidden to denigrate those who are in this state, even though they are not sworn. Because the coming of the eternal is shocking.

Muaz b. Cebel (ra) is explaining: One morning The Messenger of God (sav) did not come to perform the morning prayer (delayed), almost all of us were looking at the sunrise (that is, the sunrise was very close to the sun). Then the messenger of God (sav) showed up quickly and glorified salaat. ( That is he said Salaat, salaat). He had them performed the prayer and when saluting he ordered, “Stay as you are in your line.” , then he turned against us and said: ‘I’ll tell you what keeps me from praying in the morning: I woke in the night and prayed until I fell asleep and the next thing I know I wake up in the best shape I’m with my Lord Azze and Celle. My Lord ordered as follows:

  • “Oh, Muhammad! Do you know what Mele-i a‘lâ (leaders in the Heaven) is arguing about?”.

And I said:

  • “I don’t know, Oh my Lord”.

My lord:

  • “Oh, Muhammad! Do you know what Mele-i a‘lâ (leaders in the Heaven) is arguing about?”.

And I said:

“I don’t know, Oh my Lord”.

So I saw that he placed his hand between my shoulders, and I felt the coolness of his fingers on my chest. (In the Heaven) everything has manifested itself to me, and I knew them all.

Upon this, my Lord ordered again:

  • “Oh, Muhammad! Do you know what Mele-i a‘lâ (leaders in the Heaven) is arguing about?”.
  • “About religious debts,” I said.
  • “What are religious debts?” he ordered.
  • “To go to the mosque to pray with the congregation and to sit in the mosque to pray again after the congregation, and to wash the limbs of wadu thoroughly even in difficult times,” I said.

My Lord ordered:

  • What are the degrees?

“To eat, to say soft words, and to perform Salaat (night salaat) while people sleep at night,” I said.

Upon this:

“Wish” he ordered.

And I said:

-“My God! I ask you to do good deeds, to abandon evil deeds, to love mischiefs, to forgive me and to be merciful to me, and to make me die before I fall into disbelief, and to love your love, and to love your deeds, which will lead me to your love.”

After this, the messenger of God (sav) ordered: “This is right. Learn and teach them.”.

(Ahmed b. Hanbel, 5/343)


God promised the Prophet Moses that he would come to eat. Even if the Prophet Moses was surprised by saying how it would happen, and he prepared a great feast. The next evening, God came to a feast in the heart of an old man, but they mistreated the old man. When the Prophet Moses was unable to see God, everyone blamed him and he went to ask Mount Tur. God had said as follows;

– I came, but you didn’t give me dinner.

When he said, “But my Lord, only an old man came, and he was a servant, and he was not God. How could this happen?”; God ordered:

– “I was with that servant. If you’d fed him, you’d have fed me. Because I do not fit into the heavens and the Earth, nor do I fit into the heart of a weak servant. I came with my servant. You have sent me back by sending him back hungry.”

God is closer to his servants; he is closer than the carotid; how close can he be to the man? Apart from your heart. The heart is a very definition of human. If God is in the heart, will he not be closer than the carotid?

But close to whom, only to your servants… Did God not say: Don’t be at somebody else’s, instead of me, back and call?… Otherwise, you’ll lose me… I won’t take care of you… Don’t give your heart to someone else, he or she cannot take care of you as beautiful as I do…

Bearing love, worship, and remembrance to God… He builds a throne in the heart. Surrendering to him opens the door of the heart. When he turns away from anything other than God and sacrifices himself, God comes and sits on the throne of the heart as a light.

Have you ever thought about what a human being is? Insan (Human in English) is an Arabic word. But its synonym is the pupil of the eye. The universe is manifested by the pupil of the eye. The purpose of the existence of the universe is to appear in the pupils. What is it supposed to be without the eye? The Lord’s pupil is human. He spends his universe like a filter from him, passes it and falls back to himself, meaning the universe.

Surely your lord’ knowing his strength and his beauty is enough. But wouldn’t it make you feel better to see yourself, your strength, your unique face… In someone else’s dazzling and growing eyeballs? Doesn’t it make you feel any better than taking care of yourself? That’s what it means to be the most beautiful looking and meaning of the servitude.

The Lord will not look you in your eyes. This gives you limited information. The Lord looks at his heart in your mind, in your own face, from your eye. He will tell himself with your lips… “How great you are…”

He is so humble that you think that I have fallen on his feet, but he became the earth, prostrated and wrapped you…

Many people want to be with God so that they can be a saint and be like the Lord by getting whatever they want with prophecy. The purpose of not giving himself to the Lord in the truth is like taking the Lord to himself and taking his throne…

Saying that my every wish will come true is the biggest of the self and very blasphemy.

God, your wish come true, I am not there, all I want is your wish, and I am the slave of your wish; that is what servitude is. Those who try to use God for themselves, remember their Lord only when they need someone’s help. Sacrificing yourself isn’t taking out the knife in your throat. It is to stab your selfish desires. It is to want what your Lord wants. It is to shout his name and is to serve the world slavishly and to give him everything.

Removing yourself from the throne and put him in the heart is to be in love. Does any lover worry about what his or her lover said happened, not theirs? The head of a lover is only peaceful when he is on the feet of a lover.

When you have him in your heart, you know you’re with him. You even doubt your own existence. Nothing was left to want. Because you know, you’re everything… You look at the cosmos in love, your name is compassion and love. Glorify the light inside you. You can’t see heaven without that light; the fact that Heaven is hiding in the sense, not shape…

If God is radiant, shining from his heart, from his eye, from his forehead. Don’t look for a prophecy anymore. It shows when necessary; if necessary… Don’t hurt him, because prophecy is a toy, it’s a picture of you not having the gift of surrender, not having the consent of all circumstances. Maybe he’ll give you what you want, but you’ll eat your apple in heaven. Don’t ask him, let him give it to you. It’s like a gift. What is desired comes with a test, and what is unwillingly blessed is a gift.

Servitude is to fulfill God’s wishes. Those wishes are written in the heart of the first and then in the scriptures. To be kind, generous, smiling and fair to people. It is obligatory to prostrate to your Lord five times a day and to spend his way from his loved ones. Before you do this, saying “let the Lord look at my heart, and he knows that” is only deceiving yourself. Because which lover does not come when he/she is invited to prostrate? Who can say a lot to a remembrance that is ten minutes a day? Whose life can be destroyed by giving up 10% of his or her winnings? Who would starve with nine instead of ten olives? Who does nine-silver horse leave on the road instead of a ten-silver horse? How can one say to his Lord, if he has difficulty in doing this, that he is worthy of the Goods, one-tenth of them? It just opens the door to forgiveness. You’ll be tolerated when you give it to him for his stinginess. Maybe you’ll find an excuse for the lack of faith, the work of faith in heaven.

But if you want to be filled with him, the mirror of the Lord, lover… Then you must move your hand beyond survival… to serve humanity, but for your Lord… to raise power to glorify him and to be useful to mankind. Prayer is this. But do it in moderation and don’t let it make you forget your Lord. Here is a perfect measure of prayer. If the affair is more important than the invitation of the Lord, then the affair is your lord. Regular prayer is the Berat document. It is a document of saying “I abandoned my beloved ones and came to you, my love for you was more respect, I did not put anything ahead of you, I knew you like the greatest and deity.”

If your heart is solid, soften your heart by suffering. When it breaks, the oil is poured through the heart, it gets warm and starts to burn. The burning also softens. It is in the way of God to grant your favourite goods, in fact, to break yourself. Suddenly, the heart softens. As the light goes on, the light comes out.  I have sacrificed my soul, my wishes, my repentance. Being is the greatest sin, for it is in the presence of the infinite. Come and be me. Return to me. Watch out, you don’t want to turn into him, you don’t want his throne. That throne is the sultanate of the people. It’s being a boss, it’s beauty, it’s richness… They belong to God. Well, maybe you ask me what’s left of me… what’s left of you is servitude. I wish you knew the secret of servitude. The king is the king’s enemy, but he is in love with his servant. Kings on the battlefield are in the gardens adorned with concubines.


My heart is a kindle, Nimbus in a kindle, like a morning, I came to extinguish the stars, there is a sun in me! I came to cry out God to humanity!

He is a God that; light on light, I have come to show God, not to mention God.

My Name Is Erdem. My surname is ÇetinKıyameta, I’m here to warn.

Right in the middle of the supply; Yunus’s, Mevlana’s love, Hacı Bayram’s, Taptuk Emre’s burning… Born of the staff of Moses, the breath of Jesus, the spirit of Buddha;

I brought a sun that didn’t go down

Measured with a golden measure, the secret of the Earth was revealed, on the miracle, I was given a miracle.



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