The Prophet Mahdi has the power to understand the words of wisdom (the secrets of divine words)

ENOCH: Chapter 14

1. This book is about the words of righteousness and the scolding of the watchers, described in that vision in accordance with the commandment of the Great God. What I saw in that vision, I will now speak with the breath of my mouth and the flesh of my tongue. The Almighty has given language to speak, heart to understand. Just as the Almighty gave mankind the power to understand the words of wisdom, he also created me and gave me the power to scold the Watchers, the children of heaven. I told them: “I wrote down your wish and it was shown to me in my vision that your wish will never be accepted.



Chapter 46

1. And there I saw the Ancient One. His head was white as wool. There was another man with his face that looked like a human face. His face was beautiful; it was like the face of one of the Holy Angels.I asked one of the Angels who came with me and showed me all the secrets, who that man was, where he came from, and why he was with the Ancient One.

2. He answered: “This is the Son of Man who is just; in him there is justice. He brings out all the treasures because the God of Souls chose him to do it. His community is forever superior before the God of Souls.

(Remember the Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad, “The Prophet Mahdi reveals hidden treasures on Earth”. These treasures are not gold and money. These are the miracles of Allah and his prophets hidden in the Earth, and the proofs that they are worth more than all the treasures in the world, that they have proven eternity, heaven and hell, and that they have given people faith, knowledge, and Justice.)



Chapter B

1- That man whom you have seen will shake the places of the Kings and the mighty, and the throne of the powerful. It will weaken the power of the mighty and break the teeth of the sinners.

2- He will remove Kings from their thrones and kingdoms because they do not praise him or bless him, nor do they humbly accept where the kingdom was given to them. And he will bring down the faces of those powerful. He’ll leave them in shame. Their place will be dark, their beds will be worms. They won’t have any hope of getting out of bed because they won’t praise the name of the God of Souls.

3- They raise their hands against the highest, and crush the world they live in under their feet. All they do is injustice, and their power comes from their wealth. They believe in Gods they do with their hands and deny the name of the God of Souls. They will surely be expelled from the places of his community and from the temples of the faithful who are bound in the name of the God of Souls.”

Chapter 47

1- In those days, the prayers of the righteous and their blood will rise before the God of Souls.

2- In those days, the great people living in the sky will be the only voice. In the name of their blood and prayers, they will pray to the God of Souls, and praise and bless his name, so that the prayer of the righteous shall not be wasted, that they may be judged, and that they may not suffer forever.

3- In those days I saw the Ancient One sitting on the throne of the divine. The book of the living opened in front of him and his entire community standing around and in front of him in heaven.

4- The hearts of the Great were filled with joy because the number of the righteous was presented, their prayers were heard, and the God of Souls praised the blood of the righteous.



Chapter 48

1- And I saw in it the everlasting fountain of Justice. There were also numerous fountains of wisdom around it.
All the thirsty drank from them, filled with wisdom. They stayed with the righteous, the great, and the chosen.

2- At that hour, the Son of Man was called in front of the God of Souls, and his name was said before the Ancient One.

3- Yes, before the sun and the horoscopes were created, before the stars of Heaven were created, his name was said before the God of Souls. It will be a staff on which the righteous will recline, so that they may not fall. The light of nations will be the hope of those whose hearts are sick.

4- All who live on Earth will kneel before him, bless him, praise him, and sing to him in the name of the God of Souls.

5- The Chosen and The Hidden were chosen for this purpose before the Earth was created, and will be before it forever.

6- The wisdom of the Lord of Souls explained to the holy and the true, for he protected most of the righteous. Because they hated and despised this world of injustice. And they hated all their work and ways in the name of the Lord of Souls: in the name, they are saved. And to his delight, it has been about their lives.

7- They will be saved in his name, and he will be their lives. In those days, the Kings of the world and the powerful who owned the world will bow their faces because of what their hands have done.

8- Their souls will not be saved in the days of fear and disaster. I’ll put them in the hands of my Chosen One.

9- Their faces shall burn before the righteous, as the straw shall burn in the fire, and they shall sink before the righteous, as the lead shall sink in the water, and there shall be no trace of them.

10- There will be peace in the world on the day of their calamity.

11- They will fall before him, and they will not rise again. There will be no one to hold them with their hands and lift them up because they have denied the God of Souls and his Messiah!



It is known that prophets performed miracles at birth and were protected. However, the Chosen One has decided to be the Chosen One and has persevered and walked the path of the Chosen One. Almighty God, who foresaw this, knew his destiny and made it easy for him. He has not seen the angels, nor have signs come down from the sky for him. However, through the inspiration and effort he received by supplicating from God, he brought out treasures and brought to millions of people the beauty of faith.

48th Chapter B

1- Wisdom is scattered like water before him, glory never ends. He is strong in all the secrets of justice, injustice will run out like a shadow, it will not continue because the Chosen One stands before the God of Souls. Its glory is eternal, and its power continues for all generations.

2- In him, there is the spirit of wisdom, the spirit of understanding and power, and the spirit of those who follow Justice.

3- He will judge those hidden things and no one will be able to lie a word in front of him. Because he is the Chosen One of his own will before the God of Souls.



Chapter 49

1- In those days, the great and the chosen will change. The light of day will come upon them. Glory and honor will return to them.

2- On the day of the disaster, Satan will be gathered with the sinners, but in the name of the God of Souls, justice will be victorious.

3- This will be shown to the others so that they may repent and give up what they have done. They will have no honor before the God of Souls, but they will be saved in his name, and the God of Souls will show them mercy because his mercy is great. And he is also true in his judgment. Injustice cannot sustain itself in front of its glory.

Those who do not repent will perish before him. 4. “I will no longer have mercy on them, ” says the God of Souls.



Chapter 50

1- And in those days, the world will deliver from its womb what is entrusted to it, and hell will return what is owed, and destruction will restore what is possessed.

2- On those days he will choose from among them those who are just and exalted, for the day has come when they will be saved.

3- The Chosen One will sit on his throne in those days, all the secrets of wisdom will be poured out of his mouth, for those secrets were given to him by the God of Souls and honored him.

4- In those days the mountains will bounce like rams, the hills will tumble like lambs saturated with milk

5- And the face of the Angels in heaven will shine with joy. Because the Chosen One will appear in those days. The world will rejoice, righteousness will prevail over it, and the chosen will walk there.



Chapter 51

1- After those days, where I saw all the hidden footage, I got caught in a hose and moved west.

2- There my eyes saw all the secrets of the heavens and all that is present in the world: a mountain of iron, a mountain of copper, a mountain of silver, a mountain of gold, a mountain of nickel, and a mountain of lead.

3- I asked the angel who came with me: “what are these things I see in secrecy?

4- He said, “ what you see is for his Messiah to be powerful and powerful in the world.”

5- Then this angel of peace said to me, “wait a moment, you’ll see. All the secrets of the Lord Of Souls will be revealed to you. These mountains you see, Iron Mountain, Copper Mountain, Silver Mountain, Gold Mountain, Nickel Mountain, and lead mountain, will be like a candle in front of the fire in front of the Chosen One, like water pouring over these mountains from above. They’ll be powerless at his feet.”

6- And in those days, no one will save themselves with gold or silver.

7- No one can escape.

8- There will be no iron for battle, no dress for armor. Metal won’t help, tin won’t help, and leaders won’t be wanted.

9- When the Chosen One appears before the God of Souls, all of these things will be wiped off the face of the Earth.



Chapter 52

1- I saw therein a valley with its mouth open.

2- Everyone who lives in the world, in the sea, and on the islands will bring him gifts and souvenirs, but that deep valley will not be filled. They commit crimes with their hands, and consume everything they do with crime; but they, the sinners, will be destroyed before the God of Souls, and will be removed from the world forever.

3- I went and there I saw the Angels of punishment preparing all kinds of weapons for The Devil.

4- I asked the angel of peace who came with me: “who are they preparing these weapons for?”

5-He said to me, They are preparing them for the Kings and the powerful of this world, so that they may be destroyed.”

6- When the chosen and just community emerges, in the name of the God of souls, they will no longer be hindered.

7- And these mountains shall be like Earth before him, and the hills shall be like fountains, and the righteous shall be free from the oppression of the sinners.”



The judgment of the chosen and measurement of Heaven

The Golden Ratio and golden path miracles miraculously reveal the magnificent equations and golden ratio correlations revealed by the measurement of the distances between the prophets and them between the ends of the world. In fact, the miraculous measurements of the Golden Ratio, as well as the stops between the prophets, are a unique highlight of the Golden Ratio seal.

The fact that the person who discovered it and the highest point in his hometown is located in the north of Jerusalem, which is supposed to be the place where the Angels will descend to the Prophet Enoch or in the holy books, is another wise case.

Chapter 61

1- In those days, those angels were given long measuring strips (tapelines-meters). The Angels took wings and flew away and went north (from Jerusalem to the north, to Anatolia or to the poles).
I asked the first Angel “ ” Why did they take measuring strips and go?” He said: “they went to measure.”

2- And the angel who came with me said, ” These will bring the measure of what is right / Erdem (virtue), and bring the measure of from what is right from  to another,

3- And these measures will be faithful (see the books of the Golden Ratio and Golden Road miracles) and will strengthen “righteousness/Erdem (virtue)”.

4- Those measurements will reveal all the secrets of the depths of the Earth.

5- Those who were destroyed by the desert, those who were eaten by wild animals, those who were eaten by fish in the sea, so that they might return to it on the day of the Chosen One. For none shall be destroyed before the God of Souls, and none shall be destroyed.

6- And everyone who sat on the heavens received a command, and they were given a single power, a single voice, and a single light like fire.

7- And the owner of the spirits placed his chosen one on the throne of his glory. He will judge the deeds of those who belong to Allah in the high heavens, and weigh their deeds on the scale (the number of Golden measures in verse 618).

8- The God of Souls has placed the Chosen One on his throne of Honor.

9- So that he may judge the deeds of the great ones in the heavens. And he returns their lines according to the ways of righteousness by the judgment of the God of Souls. And he will weigh and measure their deeds. He will judge their secret deeds.

10-Then they will all be one voice, blessing, honoring, glorifying the name of the God of Souls.

11- Then the community of the heavens and all the great ones above, even the community of God, Kerubim, Serafim and Ofanim, All Angels of power, all angels of superiority, The Chosen One, and the other powers above the earth, above the water will be called.

12- On that day they will all be one voice, and will bless, praise, and honor God in the spirit of faith, in the spirit of wisdom and patience, in the spirit of Mercy, in the spirit of judgment and peace, in the spirit of goodness. Yes, they will all say in one voice: ‘he is blessed and blessed forever the name of the God of Souls. All those who do not sleep in the sky will bless him.

13- All the great ones in the heavens will bless him. All the chosen ones who remain in the garden of life, all the light spirits who can bless, honor, and glorify your holy name will honor and bless you forever.

14- Because the God of souls had much compassion and patience, he reported everything he had done and created to the elders and the chosen ones.”



Chapter 62

1- God commanded the Kings, the powerful, the nobility, and the rest of the world: “open your eyes and raise your horns if you can recognize the Chosen One.”

2- The Lord Of Souls sits on his glorious throne,

3- The spirit of Justice poured over the Chosen One;

4- The words that come out of his mouth kill all sinners, all unbelievers perish before him.

5- On that day all the Kings, The Mighty, the nobles, and those who hold the world will rise up, and how he sat on his glorious throne, and how the Great shall be judged before him with Justice.

6- They will see that nothing is said before them and that it is futile.

7- And in the throes of childbirth, the pain will come to them like a woman whose son has come into her womb and is barely giving birth to her.

8. When this woman sees her son sitting on her glorious throne, they will look at each other.



1-They will tremble and bow their necks, and they will be covered in pain.

2- The mighty kings and those who hold the world will bless, honor, praise those who rule this all, and have so far been hidden. Yes, that son of man was hidden from the beginning. The highest kept him in the presence of his own might and made him known to the chosen ones.

3-And on that day will stand before him the great people and the Chosen Ones.

4- All-mighty kings, nobles, and those who rule the world will bow their heads before this son of Man and worship him.)

5- And they will put their hopes on him and beg for mercy.

6- But the God of Souls will press them so hard that they will be removed from the presence of the Chosen One. Their faces will be filled with shame, their faces will be blackened. The Angels of punishment will take them for revenge because they have tormented his children and his chosen ones. The elders and the chosen will follow. They will rejoice at what they see, for the wrath of the God of Souls will be upon them.

7- And the sword of the God of Souls will be drunk with their blood. The great and the chosen will be saved on that day. They will never again see the faces of sinners and those who break the law.

8- The God of souls will stay on them.

9- They will stay with this human son forever, they will eat, they will sleep and they will rise.

10- The great and the chosen will rise up, no longer with their necks bowed. They will wear the dress of life of the God of Souls. These robes of life will come from the God of Souls and never wear out. You will not run out of light before the God of Souls.



Chapter 39

1- In those days, the chosen and the Holy race will descend from heaven, and their seed will be equal to that of the Sons of man.

2- In those days, Enoch received the books of anger, wrath, mayhem, and expulsion, and the God of Souls said, “there will be no mercy for them.”

3- And a cloud took me from the Earth and the wind took me to the tip of the sky.

4- I saw another vision there. I saw the places of glory and [the resting place of the righteous]. Here my eyes have seen the places of faithful Angels and the resting places of the great. They were asking, begging, praying for the Sons of Man, and truth flowed before them like water to the world and mercy like raw. They will continue to do so forever.

1- There my eyes saw the Chosen One of Justice, of faith. I saw his place under the wings of the God of Souls. In his days, righteousness/ Erdem (virtue) will prevail.

2- Before the God of Souls, The Righteous And The Chosen will forever be in countless numbers.

3- Before him, all the righteous and the chosen will be strong as fiery lights, their mouths will be full of prayer, their lips will praise the name of the God of Souls. The truth will never cease before him.

4- I wish I was staying there. My soul longed for that place. My ancestors have been here before, because that was the case with me before the God of Souls.



Chapter 49

3- When they write my words correctly in their own language,

4- They will write it all down honestly, without changing or diminishing any of what I have told them about everything I have witnessed from start to finish.

5- I know that books will be given to the just and the wise and that books will be a source of joy and Virtue and great wisdom for them.

6- Yes, the just ones will be given books, and they will believe in them, and they will rejoice in them. The righteous who learn all the ways of righteousness from those books will be rewarded for it.




1- In those days, God will command the call of mankind to repeat these words of wisdom: “show them this!

2- Be their guide and be a prize in the world! My (spiritual) son and I will be united with them, all their lives on the path of righteousness. And you will find peace. Rejoice, children of righteousness!”

9- Blessed are those who accepted and understood the words of wisdom in those days, who followed the ways of the Most Exalted, who walked in the way of his Justice, and who did not go in the way of injustice with the unjust.

10- They will be saved.



5- In those days, the princes would gather, turning their heads to the east, to the Parthians and Medes. They will bring the Kings into a state of unrest, disturb them, and remove them from their thrones.

So that Kings may come out of their place like a lion’s den, and hurl forth like hungry wolves in the midst of a pack.

6- They will go up and step into the land of their chosen, and the land of their choosing will be a threshing place and road ahead of them. But my chosen one’s city will stop their horses. They will fight a war among themselves, and their right arm will be strong against them.

7- Until enough people are slaughtered, No Man will know his neighbor or brother, nor will a son know his father or mother. Their punishment will not be in vain.

8- In those days, the mouth of Mount hell will open, they will enter it, and their end will come. Hell will consume sinners in the presence of the chosen.

Comment: Who are the Kings/leaders who are like the princes and predators who are attacked here may be open to debate. However, it is clear that the country in the north of today’s Kurdish and Persian territories will be attacked from the south. This country will be the place of many of the chosen ones in that era, and the city of the expected savior, the “Chosen One of the Lord”, will also be included in this country. And this city, the power and the government in this city will stop this attack.

It is the most expected that Turkey, the city of the Chosen One, will be Ankara. Because Turkey is the only major country in the north of today’s Kurdish and Iranian territories. Since Russia is located far north and is a superpower, it is not expected to make a clear declaration of war and return to the threshing ground of their countries. However, the southern cities of Turkey have already returned to the threshing place and the fighting continues.




1- On those days he will choose from among them those who are just and exalted, for the day has come when they will be saved.

2- The Chosen One will sit on his throne in those days, all the secrets of wisdom will be poured out of his mouth, for those secrets were given to him by the God of Souls and honored him.



93.3- Hânokh began to convey the inscriptions and said: I was born seventh in the first week (after Adam). At that time, Justice and truth were still going on.

93.4- And in the second week after me, (a) great evil will rise and destruction will arise, in it will be the first end/endpoint/death. A person in it (the Prophet Noah) will be saved, and after it is finished, the unjust will increase, and he will make a law for the sinners.

93.5- In the third week after that, towards the end of it, a person (the Prophet Abraham) will be chosen, and after that man, the truth will be established forever.

93.6- In the fourth week after that, towards the end of it, images of those who belong to Allah, and those who belong to him will be visible. It will be made a law/law for all generations and a reign/wall/reign for them.

93.7- In the fifth week after that, towards the end of it, a house of glory and glory and sovereignty will be built forever.

93.8- In the sixth week after that, all those who are in it will be blinded, and their hearts will forget all wisdom. In it, a man will rise/go up. Towards its end, the Assembly/House/community of the kingdom will burn in flames, and the entire generation of the chosen Root will be severed. (The exile of the Israelites and the burning of the Temple)

93.9- Then, in the seventh week, there will be a generation of disobedient people, many of whom will become their subjects, and all their deeds will be the deeds of those who disobeyed.

(Beginning of doomsday week/age)

91.12- After that, there will be another week, the eighth week of Justice. The sword shall be given to him so that the judgment and the judgment shall be executed upon those who wronged. And the sinners will be handed into the hands of the guilty.

91.13- In the end, they will acquire houses for their own sake. They will form an assembly/congregation forever for the Sovereign/ Ruler of greatness (Glory) belonging to the radiating light/glow.

91.14- In the ninth week after that, all the decisions of those who are in disrespect to Allah will be informed and all the deeds of those who are in disrespect will disappear. And they will be arranged to be destroyed, and people will all be hoping/looking for the path of righteousness/ honesty.

91.15-After that, in the tenth week, in the seventh part, a decision/provision/resurrection will be upon the watchers, and the eternal heavens (dimensions) of Eternity will emerge from the middle of all angels by the Almighty.

91.16-First, the skies will disappear and end and New skies will appear. All the energies/powers of the heavens will shine forever with seven layers of light.

91.17- After that, there will be countless weeks of good and justice, many weeks toward eternity, and sin will never be mentioned again from that moment on.

91.18- My children, I now tell you the ways of justice/righteousness and the ways of cruelty/evil. Also, I’ll explain it to you again. So you’ll know what you’re going to face.

91.19- Now, my children, hear and walk the path of justice, do not walk the path of oppression, all who walk the path of injustice will be burnt to ashes forever.

93.10- And in the end, the Chosen One will be perfected because of the continuous establishment of the right, and the seven-fold teaching of all creation (of the heavens) will be given to them.


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