We understood the universe system, the universal divine book within us, and the Lord we will see soon, right? Now we need to take a look at history to understand our time, religions and path. For this, we need to know how it all started.

You think human history started with Adam and Eve, right? However, the truth is not so. The scriptures and the whole history of mythology almost cry that there are other human beings before us, and the jinn kings, fairies and powerful armies in the sky watching over them.

We will embark on a journey to human history that you have never heard of, in accordance with both science, history, and science and genetic data. And on this journey; You will witness the ongoing wars of human and genial lineages until today, that the daughter of Lilith, Lilith, is the first wife of Adam and that blue eyes are associated with this lineage. You will see in person today how this generation lives and how it is trying to turn humanity into slaves. I know it’s going to get very messy. But we will not hesitate to tell the truth that is hidden at all costs.

I will try to present the source of every extraordinary information I have told. And you will find that the history of mythology and the scriptures are based on real foundations, and all the stories that have entered all world cultures and epics, engraved on murals and hieroglyphs and tablets have real connections.

Let’s start all over again. There were people before Adam and I said they were under the control of jinn. These people did not know what was writing, what was civilization, what was agriculture. Spirit worship was common, and jinn was sacrificing victims for some powerful beings that could turn into animals. Every day tens of thousands of people around the world were presented to these spirits as votive offerings and their blood was presented as drinks. The first roots of blood-drinking and vampirism began with jinn and people under the control of jinn.

Many history books will tell you about those days when this brutal blood flowed. For this reason, I will not extend these ages that some of you are familiar with.

Actually, if you look at it, jinn used not only human beings but also animals as they wish, and they were building a kingdom full of blood on earth. Sorcerers, psychics and kings were able to talk to the jinn and mediate their orders. The public, on the other hand, could see them when they entered animals or some people, except in exceptional cases. They had ancestors, called Can, in their heads. When he later rebelled against the Creator, his name changed to Iblis.

On the creative earth, he saw the slavery and crushing of man, and how the demons were deemed to be angry. He said;


one. and trace kâla: and he said 2nd.Jehovah-ka: your el melâiketi: to the angels4.innî: sure I am5.câilun: what makes, makes, will do6.fîel ardı: on earth7.FormIFET: caliph8.kâlû: they said9.e tec’alu: will you do it, will you10.fî-hâ: nobody, a person (someone)12. I yufsi: mischief, defeat13.fî-hâ: there14.and yesfiku: and (blood) drains, (blood) pours15.ed dimâe: blood16.and nahnu: and we17.the nusebbih: glorifying, glorifying, hamdi-ke: praise you, praise19. and nukaddisu: and we sanctify, holy20.stain: you21.kâle: said22.innîa’lemu: surely I know23.mâlâtâ‘lemûne: things you don’t know

Once the Lord said to the angels: “I will appoint a caliph on earth.” they said: “Are you going to throw someone who is defeating there, shedding blood? We are praising you with praise; we bless you and glorify you.” God said: “It is a fact that I know what you do not know.”

Although the writers of Meal translate as creating, even though the word “halekna” is not interesting; The word “cealna” literally means Do-Do. Creating creatures; It is expressed as “halekna”. Caliph; The word “Caliph” cannot be used unless it is the successor of the “replacing the old one”. In other words, the human who will control the earth by replacing the jinn and the others. He decided to improve the already existing humanoid. He would make a new and improved one of them.

Interestingly; The instant violent rebellion of the angels is very surprising. Because the demon constantly provokes the angels and could not tolerate the appointment of this primitive being that he saw down in his place. The demon had good relations with the angels and had been admired. Human beings for angels and demons were one of the thousands of animals that should be used on earth, and this was not strange to them. If a man was a brand new entity; they could not claim that this outcome was bloodshed and horny. Already in scientific discoveries, it shows that human history has primitive and ancient times.

God has approached their concern with understanding. It says “okay I know, I understand you, but I know things that you do not know.” Otherwise, this is an open riot and humiliation. In other words, angels who have advanced to the point of saying you are talking nonsense. They rebelled against the incarnation of the human beings named in their eyes, taking the burning with incitement in his demon.

God; Just as Pharaoh enslaved the Jewish people that he enslaved, he wanted to support and save the human race that had fallen into the hands of the demons. As he sent Moses to them, he brought Adam into a superior and special form; He would become the leader of human beings and save him from slavery. For this, he gave her a special spirit, taught the words and gave her a testament.

There are verses in the Qur’an and the Torah and the Bible that clearly show that other people lived before Adam. But almost everyone was surprised to say that I created it from the earth. However, they did not think that. He said that I created all living things out of water. But when we look at nature, it is not the creation of living things like removing mould from water; There was a process of creation, step by step, or the emergence of broken breeds by uniting breeds. So; This narration stated that the first appearance of the creatures or the first creature that was the basis for human beings began to form in muddy soil.

Let’s start with the Torah;

Kayin, also known as Kabul, is fired from the gardens of Eden when he unjustly kills his brother. But he has a fear. When he comes out of Aden, whoever confronts him will try to kill him. He begs for it and hides him with an engagement that prevents Cain from being found. Adam and Eve are not a threat that expelled him. When Kayin leaves Aden, he is afraid of the wild people he will encounter. The event is described as follows;

14 “You have expelled me from this land today. Now I will stay away from your peace, I will walk around on the earth. Whoever finds it will kill me. ” 15 Then the LORD said, “Whoever kills you will be avenged seven times.” He put engagement on Cain so no one could find and kill him. 16 Cain left the LORD’s presence. He settled in the lands of Nod, east of the garden of Eden. 17 Kain snow i s i was yla. Snow i s i was pregnant again, and I do Enoch was ur ğ. Kai os i i kurmaktayd rain in a city. Urban Network l o i n i gave Enoch’s name. While Kayin’s son was about to be born, Kayin had already created a big city Kent and named it. If there were no people in the world except for Adam and a few sons, he would never have thought of establishing a city. I will explain in the future how he founded this city with the help of his real mother Lilith and his magical powers, music, drugs, etc., and he managed to gather people around him.

Until Adam, people were almost like animals and nobody cares. Nowhere in the assembly of the angels would their names be mentioned next to the celestial observers and the creator. This situation is described in the Qur’an as follows;

Surah An-Verse 1

one.hel: mi2nd.meatâ: came, passed3.takeâvia4.el insâni: human5.hînun: unlimited – too long6.min: from, from7.ed dehri: a long time, a long time8.lem yekun: not yet, not9.thing: something10.mezkûrenmentioned, mentioned

Isn’t it too long after you? when the mentioned-name is not something that is often mentioned? Surah An-Verse 1

In fact, evolution had entered the Islamic world with the Qur’an, but Europe, which carries everything to itself, has claimed it. He took it from the Muslims and developed it. After the 16th century, the Islamic world, which stopped working due to wrong policy and administration and remained in science, left the task of understanding the Qur’an to the imams of the captain and sect.

In his book The Conflict Between Religion and Science, John William Draper rejects the assumption that the theory of evolution is of western origin, and discusses that the theory of evolution was taught in Muslim schools centuries ago and that even Muslims considered evolution much more extensively, and even included minerals and inorganic substances in the event of evolution. The American historian named Will Durant also recalls the fact that the books and opinions of the famous philosopher Ali İbni Sina (980-1037) and Abu Bakr Muhammed El-Razi (844-926) were used as a textbook for centuries in universities in medieval Europe. In 2006, he declared that the book titled Kitab el-Havi by el-Razi was one of the nine books used.

Two other important evolutionist Muslim scientists influenced medical science in Europe: Abu Bakr ibn Tufeyl (1107-1185), known as Abubacer in the West, and the famous philosopher Abu el-Velid Muhammed ibn Rushd (1126-1298)

Shanavas contains many more documents in the book I named above. For example, the famous Makaddime of sociologist historian Ibni Haldun (1332-1406) advocates an evolution starting from minerals.

There are many other Islamic scholars who advocate evolution, and in some Quran commentaries, traces of evolution are noticeable.

Even Imam Cafer-i Sadık, who was a descendant of the prophet and one of the greatest scholars of the Eastern Islamic geography in the 7th century, says:

“You think that Allah has not created five other than you. No! By Allah, Allah has created a thousand Adams a thousand times that you are the last of those Adams.”

Darwin stole the evolution thesis from the famous Muslim philosopher Ibn Miskeveyh. The theory of evolution belongs to Muslims, not the West. But it is necessary to admit that; They developed the theory of evolution and consolidated it with experiments. Ibn Miskeveyh, who lived in Iran between 940 and 1030, introduced an evolution in his immortal work called El-Fevzül-Asgar, exactly 850 years before Darwin.

Whether Adam was suddenly or created in a different place; there is a fact that there are other underdeveloped creatures before that. The million-year-old human fossils that have been constantly emerging all over the world reveal this.

It is stated in the Qur’an that the creation of Adam is like that of Jesus. However, he was born from a mother without a father. But he says that he created humans and living things from the earth. So the origin of the species is basically soil and water. But since Adam is an updated species; an already existing mother may have created it with new genes without a father. Even today, exceptional cases, which are called the case of Mary and have been transferred to the medical literature, have proven that they can have children without a father. Because there is already genetic information in female chromosomes that can make a child without the need for a man. Called hermaphrodite women, these women can fertilize themselves like a plant. But only boys can.

One of the verses that clearly explain the evolution in the Qur’an is this;

one. and woman: and had been2nd.still-sand: created you3.etvâran: stages

Paste this word in a verse to google translate who doesn’t believe;


The result will be staged.

It is also interestingly written in the Qur’an that there may be a transformation from monkey to human as well as from human to monkey.

one.ash Say, say2nd.hel unebbiu-sand: shall I let you sir minâlike: worse than that4.mesûbeten: a finalized punishment5.inde allâhi: On the floor of Allah (cc.) leane-hu allâhu: God’s (cc.) Cursed him7.and against the gadi: and wrath at him felt anger8. and ceale min-hum (u): and made of them, did9.hand in hand: monkeys10. and el hanâzîre: and pigs11th.and mean: slave-servant became servant12.meat tâgûte: Non-religious lawmaking leaders13.ulâike: they are14. What’s evilâmek: the worst, worst place, place15.and edallu: and the most slingshots16.momentfrom:17.sevâi es sebîli: the road (designed to deliver to Allah)

Say: “In the Sight of Allah, shall I report worse than this as a ‘finalized punishment?’ Those who serve” lawmakers other than God “by Allah cursing him, turning him against him, and making monkeys and pigs out of them; they have deviated more from the worse and straight path. ” (Surat al-Maide, 60)

Evolutionary theorists do not say today that human beings come from apes. We had a common ancestor, similar to human beings, and in time it split into two branches. Some became apes while others became humane. Adam came from the human arm. As seen from the verse; Some of our early ancestors, the root of our existence, have been turned into monkeys for their crimes, and perhaps much, much older ones. The development and change processes in the animal kingdom; My creator states that animal communities depend on their trends and can progress without being directly related to the selection.

So the truth is; evolution, change, and inter-species transition are frequently expressed in the Qur’an. However, unlike evolutionists with atheism views, the Qur’an is expressed as one of the tools that this evolution controls and uses in creation. God does not create animals or change shape by descending from heaven. He controls them through nature with his invisible hands and invisible forces.

Now let’s look at another side of the conflict between scientists and religious people; It is written in the hadiths and the Torah that Adam was born 7,000 years ago. However, some scientists have said that the holy books were made up, the bones of the first humans dating back 2 million years.

With all of this, the problem is solved perfectly. It even supports us in historical figures. Because according to the Qur’an and hadiths, a testament consisting of 10 pages was given. Farming and ploughing were taught. When we look at history, we see that the first writing examples and advanced farming developed in Sumerians 6000 years ago. Of course, it was exactly as anticipated between the disappearance of the first written examples and the development of the examples in Sumer. Thus, both history, scriptures, and the claims of biological science fully confirm each other.

Now we will get into the relationship between Adam and the jinn, the red-blond hair that started with Lilith that the wars between the people and the jinn are continuing, even today; We will go back to the second world war when the blue-eyed race started to see itself superior and destroy the brown and black worlds.


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