There is someone in the brain of a big human silhouette. A person to be chosen to be the ruler of humanity? Or who?

Many years ago, in 2011, our esteemed brother Ferdi Yılmaz called me. I never knew him before. He said he had a great discovery that he saw a human silhouette on the shape of Istanbul from space. I came from Istanbul and came to Ankara, and I was one of the first to see this discovery. ”You have to tell this to the world, make a documentary of it,” he said during our meeting. He also said that an island should be built in the bay cavity called the big drawer in the crown and that it should be monumentalized. In his opinion, this was probably Fatih Sultan Mehmet (the Conqueror), and something that emphasized this situation and added value to the region had to be done to what he saw as the diamond point of his quilted turban. We worked with him for a while. But he wasn’t interested in the authorities that were supposed to.

Years passed and now the shapes on the world, Sirat-ı Müstakim road and symbols in Istanbul began to be expressed. There is also a connection with the figure here.

Unlike the other surrogates, I wanted to remember him because the discovery of the surrogate engraved in Istanbul does not belong to my self and has an interesting story. I want to commemorate this brother by expressing my love and gratitude to this brother who has chosen me among all these people to convey his precious discovery about Istanbul to humanity.

However, I may have seen and added this figure to the shape of the Fatih silhouette in Istanbul that you may have heard before.

Each of these shapes is very meaningful and there is a wise creation above the analogies. I will present their evidence.

I knew that the silhouette in Istanbul did not belong to Fatih. Because the shape of Fatih’s nose was very different and did not fit the person here. Even though it was said that sand was drawn from the nose from time to time, the nose did not change its shape or be visible from space.

We realized that the earth is giving news, and surprisingly, it always comes from the future. Let us continue to examine the earth as the most immense journal of the world with the admiration and respect of that unique painting drawn by God.

Since the symbol on his forehead was visible from the side, only half was visible. I looked at the symmetry of the shape to see what it would look like when the whole one appeared and I saw it was a heart shape. Was it a heart-shaped diamond, a simple stone? Or is it a descriptive feature or a special sign? Time will show that.

But it reminds us that both the Bible and the Qur’an have signs that identify which sides of the faces and foreheads are on which side.

This is such a wise and interesting human silhouette that;

  • On his nose, Allah appreciated the construction of the airport. (Ataturk Airport)
  • It is so; The region drawn as the strait is indeed the strait of a city.
  • Every person’s body is tied to his head from his throat. In order to make the silhouette look completely, the connection at the back was missing and the head was connected to the head body by two bridges gathered to the left, which made it feel unable to bear. God erected the head of the silhouette with the third bridge from where it should be and completed the silhouette. (2016)
  • This is such a silhouette; although it is not pleasant, the religious beard of Istanbul is gathered in the beard of this silhouette, Fatih.
  • God has developed one side of the city as a silhouette so that he will take the colour of this person’s face in pink and white.
  • The silhouette’s eyes look in the direction of the Kaaba and stand in prayer. He even seems to be raising his forefinger as a martyr.
  • The Sirat bridge symbol, which extends from Mecca to the Bolu border, stands before the feet of this person.

After all, those who say that this is a fictitious and meaningless form, mockers are brainless. God’s fates, place and content with great power to change the language of wisdom drawn to those who curse. Let them continue to denounce and ridicule. He who submits to the earth will bend their necks to the pit they deserve.




You must have noticed the bearded person who resembled the sultan or the commander in the sea.

There are no flaws in the drawing of this marvellous character features I see as follows;

  • The dress on him looks like a uniform, I even see a square badge on his shoulder.
  • It’s like two little wings above the head and a head ornament. Those wings adorn his head like an ornament.
  • The person in this sea is looking with amazement, attention to the person whose silhouette is drawn to Istanbul and Anatolia. He’s pointing towards the mark on his forehead, and it’s like he’s going to kiss him from the mark on his forehead.
  • The other symbols we saw were winged, but their colours were fire, crimson and terrifying. But this land is drawn to the sea instead of the symbol of soul and life. I understand from the sweetness and warmth on your face that this is a sacred and precious angel.
  • Indeed, both demons and angels are very similar to the characters we see in fantasy films or animated films. Perhaps in our subconscious, Kalu Bela remembers these beings that we are familiar with in our lives, and they are already drawing them so they are artists.

 “One can only know what he remembers”. Maybe we already remember everything from the coast and we see and draw them in movies, books …



  • Sura Tahrim, 12th verse: Imran’s daughter, Mary, too. She had protected her own chastity. So We breathed into her from our souls. And she confirmed the words and books of her Lord. She was one of the devoted ones (to her Lord).
  • 3:42 -Hani Angels: “O Mary! God has chosen you, created you immaculately, and made you superior to the women of the world.”
  • Bakara Surat, 87. verse: We gave the book to Moses and then sent the messengers one after another. We gave clear documents to Jesus the son of Mary and confirmed him with Ruhu’l-Kudüs. So every time a messenger comes to you with something that your human soul doesn’t like, will some of you deny him by dignifying, and will some of you kill him?
  • Al-i İmran Sura, 33.verse: The truth is that God chose Adam, Noah, the family of Abraham, and the family of Imran over the realms;
  • Al-i İmran Sura, 44. verse: These are news from the unseen; We reveal these to you. You weren’t with them when you threw them into the lottery with their pencils, which of them would take Mary in charge; You weren’t there when they were fighting.
  • Al-i İmran Sura, 45. verse: Hani Angels, said: “Mary, indeed God gives the glad tidings of a word from you. His name is Jesus Christ, the son of Mary. He is the distinguished, honourable, respected in the world and in the hereafter, and one of those who are made close to God. ”
  • Nisa Sura, 171. verse:O People of the Book, do not exuberate about your religion but say nothing other than the truth to God. The Messiah, the son of Mary, is only the messenger and the word of God. He has directed him to Mary (the word “Be”) and is a soul from him. So believe in God and his Messenger; Do not say “It is Three ”. Avoid this, it is good for you. God is the only deity. He is exalted in having children. He belongs whatever is in the heavens and the earth. Allah suffices as a surrogate.
  • Maide Sura, 17. verse: Without doubt, those who say “God is the Messiah, son of Mary.” were rebellious to God. Say, “who can possess anything from Allah (who can prevent) if he intends to destroy the Messiah, son of Mary and his mother and all that is on Earth? The sovereignty of the heavens and the Earth and all that is between them is God’s; he creates whomsoever he wills. Allah has power over all things.
  • Maide Sura, 72. verse: I swear, Without doubt, those who say “God is the Messiah, son of Mary.” were rebellious to God. Whereas what the Messiah said is: “O Israelites, worship God, who is both my Lord and your Lord. Because he has forbidden paradise for those who associate with him, and his shelter is fire. There is no help for the oppressed. ”

Here are some signs that the face of this loving and compassionate, lovingly caring mother is the silhouette of Mary and the holy spirit hidden in her;

  • She has an olive leaf-like clasp in her hair, which represents the olive tree, the holy oil and Jesus. Because she is identified with the olive mountain.
  • Her eyes are looking towards what we call the Golden Path. In fact, the holy spirit descended to all the prophets and manifested herself in different degrees.
  • There are folds of the cover under her neck. This is a symbol of her commitment and dedication to the rules.
  • As stated in the verses, the top woman in the world is Mary. Since the picture is drawn right next to the most superior of the men; it is expected that the silhouette of the sea belongs to Mary.

Nevertheless, God knows everything best.

No doubt; God, who has created everything and has no other deity, created our mother Mary, who is filled with the Holy Spirit, also created, Jesus, the son of God, who is full of the holy spirit and words. Both Mary and Jesus, and everything in the universe is in need of God. There is no other power to seek refuge from him. His knowledge encompasses all things, and everything else is destroyed because of him.


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