Inadequate food production or high food prices are a problem in almost every country. However, there are agricultural lands that are large enough to feed more than 100 billion people in the world. Settlement areas around the world are not larger than the average 1% of the country’s territory. Only a small part of the remainder is used for agriculture by non-expert farmers and some freelance entrepreneurs. Most of the remaining lands are kept idle. Here is the easy way to end hunger and misery in the world and to pull food prices to the bottom.

Our agricultural land assets are approximately 23 million 811 thousand hectares and its share in the surface area of our country is around 30.3 per cent. But even a significant part of these 23 million hectares of land is either idle or inefficient and wrong farming methods are applied.

There are a few easy steps to take for making poverty and hunger go down in history. These are extremely low cost and feasible steps.

  1. Nobody will be able to keep their land idle, or they will make production by renting it to the state if either they can either produce it or not. Low fertility and mostly unconscious farming are carried out in one in four of the lands in our country. If farmers leave their production coordination to the state in this way, the state can choose the most suitable products by analyzing the needs, the soil and the market. Then it can cost all production costs at half price compared to a farmer through wholesale purchases.
  2. All lands, even mountains, other than residential areas should be evaluated by individuals and companies willing to make a state or production. The government should show all idle lands and all lands belonging to individuals but not in use (no activity petition) on the internet and call those who aspire to production by renting these lands for a very low price. Production should be carried out under the control and guidance of experts provided free of charge. The idle land it desires should be immediately allocated to all producers who are willing to produce and show partial collateral and opportunities should be provided. Thus, production can increase at least 5 times.
  3. Numerous lands, which are divided by inheritance and therefore cannot be used, will go into production with this method. Because all the heirs of the land will not be able to gather and submit a production activity petition and will be deemed to have rented their idle land directly to the state or private sector for a few years. Those who purchase these lands will also be deemed to have accepted the rental period.
  4. The machines used in production must be provided by the state at a very cheap price by a rental method and this price must be paid at the end of the harvest period. Thus, every house in the village does not need to have a tractor and dozens of attachments. A group of tractor kits and drivers will be enough for a town. In this way, all producers will be able to choose and produce land at almost ZERO cost. This will bring both new job opportunities and increased production.

It is possible to transform even forests into trees that yield pistachio or fruit by grafting according to the tree type and to cultivate plants suitable for tree breaks.

In this way, the state determines the bottom and top prices of the foods that are produced in many times more than before and allows the public to access all products very cheaply. Excess food can be exported, canned, given free to the poor or sent to poor countries. While the earth is ready to give all its blessings, the reason for this poverty and hunger in most of the world is only the rulers who are insensitive to their people and have a different purpose.


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