I am Erdem Çetinkayameta. I have come with new divine miracles to warn you of the coming of ‘Çetin’ apocalypse. These miracles are greater than all the miracles of the prophets in history. For a short time, few people saw them. However, these miracles will be seen by all mankind forever. I have come to you with miracles that confirm and unite all the religions of the world.

Those of you who believe in the signs with a pure heart will be chosen.

I am embarrassed to explain as if I am the owner of these miracles. Listen to the words of our Lord. The signs of the Lord and his inspiration through reason and heart are as follows;

(Note: This is a summary of the Book of Miracles. Click this link to read all )



The number is 66, my name is in Elifba. 33 ‘are on my prayer beads and my name is counted 99  names.

This is me The age of the future, I subjected the world to 66 degrees 33 minutes.

I am Rahman. I created the Sun, Earth and Moon.


I have lowered my heavenly kingdom and said Eridu in his name. I placed my angels and Aden in Eridu . I designated it as the first city.

Books with deity secrets written; I wrote and shaped the “Me“s

I ordered a 7-storey temple to be built, a ziggurat. I called it Engura .

I will give the secrets, I named Eruru -me the name of my chosen club and named the city Engura , Ankara.

I made Ankara the centre of gravity of the world’s continents. So that you could call on  all 7 continents from the middle.

Arabs of Eridu called it ERD, earth. Westerners said Earth. I placed Adam on Eridu and Eden.

Then, when we left the world, I buried Eridu in the waters and identified Noah as the father of the new generation.


I created everything on a 7  tier system.

I gave the atom 7 trajectories. I created 7 types of creatures. I put my throne in the heart of man; The holes in my head are connected to me in 7 ways.

I gave people 7 close relatives with their own breath. I divided the world into 7 continents . I gave the sky 7 layers .

have 7 paths visible to your eyes in the solar system. I decorated it with the sun and the moon that I placed them inside. I placed the 8th on the door of the bench and the 9th on my throne.

I’m the 10th on the 9th planet . I set 10.9 as the symbol of my kingdom. I built the skies with the number 109 .

I named the 9th planet Arş (Throne). As it revolves around the sun in 3600 years; I said to Sumerian master, Adam,  to divide the circle by 360.

1000 years on the planet Arş is close to the sun ; I called it “the day”. 2600 years away from the sun . I called this the night. Every time I approached the sun,  and chose my representative among you.

Because I will stay 1000 years in the world, I gave Adam 1000 years of life. I created and chose Adam for myself. I enslaved him in Eden from the human bloodshed and the primitives who worshiped the demons.

I personally taught Adam to set up factories, water engineering, build brick-floor structures, weave clothes, write with a pencil, and I personally taught the stars and quantities to Adam. I developed you.

2600 years after Adam, I checked you with my messengers and my angels in the world, to whom I sent my holy spirit. I chose Abraham.

I watched you when I returned, I wrestled with Jacob, I met Moses and 70 people on the mountain, hundreds of thousands of people called out from the cloud. I am infinite; I took the shape I wished and appeared to my servants.

I liked the smell of the sacrifices, musk and camphor that the Israelites offered me in Jerusalem. I went down in a cloud and lived among you.

I walked away from you a thousand years after Jacob and you turned to foreign gods. I demolished my temple and punished the people I chose.

I scattered them around the world for 2600 years . Although they wanted to meet up, I did not allow them, for a short time.

Now the transformation is close, all societies of the world will see me illuminate the day and night. And I gathered all the Israelis 2500 years later. I am testing them.

In order to know that I sealed my kingdom with 109; I designed the sky and solar system with 109. I made a 10.9-day difference between the lunar cycle and the solar cycle. Thus, I ensured that the lunar and solar calendars were synchronized every 33 years . I synchronized the moon and the sun 109,09 times in every 3600 year cycle. I have chanted my name 33 times so that my 33-year cycle should not be forgotten, I gave Jesus 33 years of life, I will revive humanity at the age of 33 with a superior creation. I made the world bow its head at 66.33 degrees as it rotates.

I allowed the devil to form his own religion. So I would see who would be ungrateful and cruel to the creator, who would make a bad decision. He lied, and said I’ll be better than 9 and become 11 .He chose 911 as a sacred number. He always performed his ugly work on 9.11. He has always made the number 11 on phone numbers, identities, and number of players in games in submissive societies.

On the 30th day on the Arsh planet, that is, in a month, 109,000 years pass in your world.

I created the earth and the sky in 6 days and on the 7th day I observed the creation on my throne. In order to bless the 7 days I have synchronized the Zodiac cycle to be 7 times 3600 bigger .

1000 year day; The 3600-year cycle; gives a fraction of 0.277. In order not to forget this, the Moon travels around the world in 27 days and 7 hours.

have 88 constellations in the sky and placed a dominant angel in each. I placed the word angel in the Qur’an 88 times and the word devil 88 times . I repeated the word ‘sema’ 109 times in the Qur’an .

I have set a 40-day period, as in the example of the command to Moses for evolution on the planet Arsh. 144,000 years pass in the world in the 40 days of Arsh . And I have 144,000 people on earth every year for evolution .

In order to bless 109, I determined the foundation, which was done between noon on the 9th day of the month of Zilhicce (Holy Islamic month) and the 10th day of  the rising sun (Fecri sadik ), as being obligatory at Hajj . I declared 4 months for the holy pilgrimage. I wanted the sacred knowledge on earth to be the time ratio of my day to the entire cycle.

ordered the visiting of Hajj as I will return to the earth again in the future, and so do not forget the day you will gather in my presence, and determined its rules according to the celestial cycles.


I made 109 degrees holy.

All this to my holy numbers; I did it according to 19 .

And I stated in the Qur’an as follows; “He offers Signposts to People, Ten & Nine are there to guide … Stimulating for people. One of the biggest.

So you should know that I, who created everything equally; I am Allah (God).

I took the Sun in my right hand. I have created enough width to fit 109 Earths .

When the Earth was the farthest from the Sun, I placed  the Sun at a distance of 109 Suns. 

The moon breaks away from Earth. I left a distance of 109 Moons between the Earth and the Moon, while the Moon was in the golden ratio.

 I created the circumference of the Moon 10 times 10, 109 .

I have appointed 365 days of the world.

I have created the circumference of the Earth 365 times the surface of the Sun, and the circumference of the Sun 109 multiplied by 109 and multiplied by 365km .

I gave the world a speed of 109 thousand kilometers per hour.

I divided the Moon into 2 pieces with a volume of 109 each  for my envoy the Prophet Mohammed.

I did all this according to 109 ; I created the 109-degree Golden Road from the Kaaba , I sent my ambassadors to that road.

In the Eastern religions, I have 109 pieces of prayer beads with a separating stone .

The stars that bow their heads and the voice you hear is mine.

I did nothing randomly and designed it according to wisdom.


I continued to show my strength with 109; I listed my sanctuary and religions on a road with 109 in the world. I designed a miracle road with the golden ratio length of 1618 + 618 km from the Golden Ratio of  Kaaba to the equator at 109 degrees and also at the north pole at 19 degrees. I set this road to 19 degrees altitude.

I completed this road at a 19 degree height with my servant Erdem to appear in 20 19. Let 40 be the latitude of the Golden Road and the last longitude of 40; Let it come out  in its 40s in 1440, He is the attorney of my 7. Let it be said when 1000 exceeds 400, His name from the heavens, on the 23rd Ramadan Qadr night. The son of Amine and Mustafa Erdem ÇetinkayaMeta. His hometown is Nallahan, his mother’s village Bağder-i, and father’s village Kara Hisar. Imam Ali and his grandchildren said: “The Nurcet Kaiym was mentioned in the Nur 35 verses”

My word is irrefutable; my envoys will be drawn to the golden road. They will  be resurrected from there. I drew Sırat-ı Müstakim like the symbol ELİF in Arabic. The ways in which the Hebrew messengers walked to reach him, I gave the form of the letter Elif in the Hebrew alphabet. They walked on the symbol of my name, but they weren’t aware of it


1) El-Erdem (his name) 2)E.cetin (his name and surname) 3) cetin Ka(ya) ( his name and surname, xxx and “ya” were without a dot and the same in the first Qur’an) 4) Badereyi Yuka(d)r-emine Şecereten Mubareketi ( Mother’s village Upper Ba’dere Village and Mother’s name) 5) (Torah Isar) Kaya’tun ( His surname from the father) 6) (ğ) Erbay (his uncle) 7) Meta (His surname from the mother)  8) Mussta(fa), (his father) 9) (Mehmet) Ali ( the mother’s father) 10) Nuri ( the mother’s grandfather) 11) Y(M)ehdi, ( the one who is searching for the right way)  12) Yeşua ( Jesus in Bible)/ Aişe ( From right to left- his father’s grandmother) 13) Fii Beyti ( The Golden Ratio/His House) 14) Nallahan ( the town which is his hometown) 15) Kara (Hisar) ( His Father’s village) 16) İsmi-hi ( His name- the verse of the names) 17) Lütfiye ( he with a dot – The mother’s grandmother) 18) Jesus


I sent all of them on that road, no matter how many messengers I had. I set the golden ratio number between each stop.

As a miracle again; The total distance between the Masjid-i Haram and the Kaaba and Bağder-i Bala border, the large golden ratio is 1618 km and the small golden ratio is 618

I returned to the place where the Sun started to rise in Bağder; exactly 90 degrees east , on an equal day of day and night. I said; “Zoroastrian Spitama and Gautama Buddha are born in this path. Let them explain morality and prepare them for religion.

My eyes saw the future, saw the religions worshipping the sun with the rise of the sun. I looked with disgust at the ground where the sun rose to the top.

I was enraged with the Giza pyramids and others just 90 degrees south . At the summit of the sun. Right in the south. I saw the so-called gods of the religion of the sun in the direction I was looking.

I dropped Yusuf, which I took out of Kayam’s path, into a well. I sent Jacob afterwards. I increased the lineage and made the name “Israelites”. I took Moses out of there. I took revenge on my enemy with his hand.

I called on the golden road from Egypt to Medyen to talk to him. Because I was disgusted, there was no place in Egypt. However, I created them all.

“O Moses, Come back with my people on the path of Truthfulness, carry them to the land of Jerusalem”

Then I looked 90 degrees west. The sun was disappearing on the horizon. 40.07 latitude and under it, angels and jinn were scared and lined up. Some of them were hidden in a mountain named Olimpos, just to my 90-degree on the right. They called them “god”. However, I am the only god. I saw the Vatican and Rome where the sun went down. The Pope and priests; Let them look in the direction of the sun from the windows of the Vatican; Let them see the sun rise to 90.90 degrees, which will destroy the obnoxious obelisk with the divine light of obelisk. Because they said, “Jesus is the only son of God.” However, I did not have a child. I supported Jesus with my holy spirit. But all believers are spiritually like my children. In Bağder, I saw the centres of idols where the sun rises, and sets. I sent envoys. I will destroy all false gods.

I spread the silhouette of Kayam from the summit of Anatolia to Istanbul. In the image of the king, I painted them while kissing the heart sign on my forehead and the female angel looking after her. Kayam, his feet are on the golden road, Kayam is in a fold. Kaiym’s body and eyes are in Kaaba.

I walked 618 km from Bağder. I came to Salamis. I gave her name with Selam.

I created 1000 km from Bağder to the wall of the Temple. I added 365 meters up to the door. So I am the owner of the day and the owner of religion, you know.

The measure from the Süleyman temple to Salamis and from there to Bağder is the golden ratio; I wanted it to be 1000 and 618.

Then I headed to another house for Qibla Kaaba. I wanted 1618 km from Salamis, the city of the Apostle Barnabas, to Kaaba. I am the one who sent Jesus, his apostles, and Muhammad.

I gave a special measure from the door of the Temple of Solomon to the door of the Kaaba, so that I know everything I did with mathematics and the number system of 10. I made it 1234567.89 meters.

My soul walked with my messengers in many places in Jerusalem. I knocked down immoral societies that sacrificed human beings to false gods and jinns.

I built a sacred underground city under the temple. I wanted another temple and gathering place for those who were underground. I gave him a door from the north. I wanted 618 and 618 km more from this gate to the south gate of the Kaaba mosque.

O Israel! I took you out of Goshen in Egypt and brought you to Jerusalem. I made an angle of 19,168 degrees between Goshen and the Jerusalem temple wall. For the distance between 7 mimes, I determined 7 times 7 times 7 km.

Know that it is me who created the Earth and the Sky in 7 layers, in 7 days, and who determined the week 7 days and I took you out of Egypt.

Harun became an ambassador with the prayer of Moses. I did not give him a place on the golden road, but I blessed him and his grave. I gave him a place in Petra. I gathered the Israelites in Petra and called Moses to myself. I baptized Jesus there. I gave 161.803 meters distance between Petra and the wailing wall. So understand that I am the Lord who regulates the universe, the sun and your works. I anticipate the future and make the order.

2 small golden ratios away from Bağder and 1000 km away from the Kaaba; Another stop depending on the golden ratio; I put Medyen. When my messengers Şuayb and Moses fled, I gave Moses a home and a family here. It was the first time I called him  from a burning tree on this earth.

I continued walking straight on the golden path; I proceeded to the Kaaba.

The city where my messenger Salih will come out is Al-Ula. I wished there to be 618 km distance to Kaaba and 1618 km to Bağder.

I determined the shape of Mecca, the Kaaba, the Quran, the temple of Solomon, the ark of Noah, the covenant of the Testament and everything sacred according to the golden ratio. So you should know that in all religions, the Lord is mine, religion is mine …


We have even named the chosen one as evidence.

“Huccetun Kaiym Munta-zar” said to him, with the news of the prophet, Arabs, “Truthfulness-Virtue” and “Kayam,” said the Bible and the Torah, and Christians and Jews, “To Metta , those in the religion of the east.

We have informed Israel that it will come from the north, isn’t it exactly in the north?

Didn’t Zoroaster say its name will be “Eratemo”? Isn’t his name “Erdem”?

Didn’t our apostle say “Virtue without children” in King Solomon’s book? Is he childless and his name is “Erdem”?

Here I gather the Israelites from 72 countries in Palestine. I made them wait for 70 years so they would know that the apocalypse is near and with my name I sent them from the north.

Unite Çetinkaya and Meta and come to the future for “Çetinkıyamet”. You are born with his mother from Bağder-i Bala, and his father in Kara Hisar and this should be your home

I determined 161,80 degrees between Bağder and Kara villages. Let two consecutive villages be known on the golden road. Between two houses in two villages; it will be 1618 + 1618 meters from mother’s to father’s;. Let a temple be built thousands of years before he arrives at the giant rock in his garden. From that Rock to my healer Kibele, my name is given 99.000 meters and let the spirit of Cybele wait for him on the golden road.


Let the continents be shaped as 5555 km from the northern border of this village to the north pole point and 4444 km from the southern border to the equator.

Let 14444 km from his father’s house to the south pole. Be it at 40.07, the house will be 40 years old. With calendars showing 1440 and sitting at his home at 40.00  degrees latitude.

I looked at the world from Bağder and designed everything. The centre of gravity of the continents. The junction of civilizations and continents. I send my messengers to the centre of the cities. When the world becomes a city, Kayameta’s bench will stop here.

This is the beginning of my paradise. Adam’s creation place.

I designed all this without creating the world. I explained to Idris, one of the first of the apostles, that I would do these things.

I discovered the book that I had revealed to him but disappeared among the Dead sea manuscripts.

So I prepared a ground for my miracles shortly before Erdem was born.

Readers remember; İdris Enok wrote in his book until the number of verses that I sealed with 618 ;

Up to 61.8

  1. On those days, those angels were given long measuring strips (tape measures)The angels took wings and flew and went north (from Jerusalem to North, to Anatolia or to the poles).

I asked the first Angel: “Why did they take measurement strips?” He said: “They went to               measure.”

  1. And the angel who came with me said: “These will bring the measure of the righteous and bring the measure from the righteous to the other righteous,  And these measures will be convincing (see the books of the Golden Ratio and the Miracles of the Golden Road) and strengthen the righteousness.
  2. Those measures will reveal all the secrets of the depths of the world.
  3. So that those who have been destroyed by the desert, eaten by wild animals, eaten by fish in the sea, will return to the Day of the Chosen One to stop there.(See the Miracles in the Spiritual World book). Because in front of the God of the Souls, none will be destroyed and none can be destroyed.
  4. And everyone who sat on the heavens was ordered; they were given a single power, a single voice, and a single light similar to fire.
  5.  They blessed, glorified and honored the chosen One with his words and honored it with wisdom. They gave wisdom with words, the breath of life.     (61:8)
  6.  He placed the Chosen God, the God of Spirits, on his honorable throne.

Empower him to build my temple, unite nations and open up Jerusalem as a city of worship for all nations. If the Israelites believe in my evidence; the servant I chose to clean his sins in exchange for ransom. Otherwise I will demolish your cities when the time comes. My punishment will come with fire and smoke.

We told Muslims through Muhammad. He heralded, and you had read in this age. We said that; “Trace on his forehead, the mole on his  cheek, at the nose; the indentation on his forehead, his eyes are slanted and black and large, thighs are open, black mark on his leg, a mole on his back, a leaf-shaped mole beneath tail bone. he will appears at the age of 40 and be born in 1400 when the world is 7000-year s old. On the 23rd night of Ramadan, the name of a night of qadr is said. ” And wasn’t He born this night of qadir and was told to him?


Come on, do you have the same features? We have reported everything for you to know him as if he knew your children. But you didn’t listen, and most of you did not believe by being arrogant. Many of you have already accepted the miracles we gave him. But when we explained these to you that we chose him, you turned with arrogance. Those who say “I believed” to Allah; They did not make any sacrifices even for Allah. We saw that you would not make sacrifices for him and prepared you the punishment.

Some of you thought, “Let’s see if it gets stronger? Then, I will be next to the one who will get stronger and benefit from the world.” Some of you said, “But he is so lonely, will the chosen one be alone?” We test you with obvious miracles and we observe, “Which of you sacrifice yourself to God. How hard your hearts are. We also do not listen and see you when the day of suffering comes to Çetinkıyamet. Those who fight with their goods and lives in the way of Allah are eternal .” they will be happy in sovereignty.


We reported his name and nature, relatives and hometown in the verse Nur 35. You should know that the light of Allah will be born in him. May he bring you from darkness to light. If you know how to see it.

Brothers and sisters, spread these miracles and support the religion of Allah. Leaving a link to 40 places every day is a necessity for every person who will be saved by accepting my evidence. If enough people support me, I will build small cities that are self-sufficient for you. You can live happily there only by being busy with your favorite works and art. We can create a new system so that no one is left alone and helpless. We can build a better-designed system, where hard work is done by machines. Thus, you will be freed from the servitude of Deccal and worthless papers.

If you believe, register on the site of the people of the Lord.  www.nationsofgod.com

Whoever does not lie or support the evidence of Allah will be written in the notebook of those who will suffer. He was the soldier of the temporary domination of Deccal, who prepares the disaster of humanity and ruled the countries. Know that the deaf will be deaf. I warned you, showed some of my evidence and fulfilled my duty. All my books are free. You can read all of the  articles on my site. Or you can download it from www.kutsalgizemler.com to support it by spreading, translation and promoting the news, to the world.


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