When we combine the areas from Mecca to Jerusalem and from Jerusalem to Istanbul, a silhouette of a kneeling person emerges. I have already studied this form and its features in my documentary Sacred Mysteries.

Incidentally, I find it useful to examine here in more detail.


Abdullah İbn-i Abbâs (r.a.) ordered:

On the Day of Resurrection, the world will be shown to people

It is brought in the form of an old woman, who is confused with the flux of the world’s hair, whose eyes are buried in fear, whose molar teeth are visible, and who is ugly-looking. He watches people. To people:

It is asked: “Do you know that?”. And people say:

“We take refuge in God for knowing him.”

“It is the world in which you fight each other, you cut each other, you crush each other, you envy each other, you become an enemy to each other, and you are arrogant and proud of each other. ” is said.

Then the world is thrown into hell. When the World says:

“O, Lord! Where are those who subject me, my assistants.” God orders: 

“Throw those who are subject to the world into hell, and also his helpers.” (Şuabü’l-Îman)

It has many signs that show that the symbol is feminine and prove that it is not just an analogy. Briefly;

  • The shoes are pointed and long and thin heels. Noble women have been wearing fine heels since the earliest times when the shoe was invented.
  • Where the two legs meet, the uterus is clearly visible.
  • This person’s abdomen, the baby is formed and grown; the place of motherhood is Mecca. The Qur’an is introduced as the mother of the cities of Mecca under the name “Ummul Kura”.
  • Jerusalem coincides with the heart of this person; The heart is the place of revelation. Among all the cities in the world, Jerusalem is the place where the prophets come from, which means the most revealing.
  • In the hadith, it is written that his eyes turn to sky colour, that is blue. The eyes of this shape are a lake and have blue eyes as described.
  • At the mouth level of this image, a speech bubble appeared as if it were Cyprus. When we look at Cyprus, we see that it was the place where the apostles were born and where Christianity spread. Holy books Hz. He describes Jesus as the word of the Lord. That was the promise. The word became human in Mary. And we see that His words, the Bible, spread to the world in books in Cyprus under the leadership of Barnabas. Cyprus is the place where the words of the Prophet Jesus are undisputed, even if they contradict with his companion Pavlus in many respects.
  • The brain region of this human form falls to Istanbul and the Aegean. These regions, like a real brain, have been the headquarters of the world’s dominant forces throughout history.

The Nile, which looks like a flower held by one’s hand, looks like a plant full of water and feed green. That is, the symbol itself and its vital function overlap in such a wonderful way. This flower shape could be given in different geographical shapes such as soil colour, mountain ranges or desert borders. Instead, the Nile, the most meaningful and chosen flower of Africa, looks like a rose in the hands of man. It can also be considered as a rosary; Just as the rosary ropes and stones pull like stones, the Nile flows through the ages. 


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