Universe and Gold ratio, according to the most recent scientific data, the age of the universe is about 13.8 billion years, and the Earth’s age is about 4.576 billion years. Our world is almost exactly one-third of the universe. It is truly astonishing to say clearly in the scriptures.


However, in accordance with the understanding of the world in the centre of the world was created first, then the sky could be said that the stars were glittering in a day. For the people of that period, the sky, which consisted of only a deep void and lights, seemed much simpler than the world. These and similar statements of perfect accuracy are important proofs of the religions of heaven and hell.

Indeed, your Lord is God, who created the heavens and the earth in six days, and then invaded the land…” (A’raf, 7/54)

Say: Are you making up some partners to deny that God is the only deity, who created the world in two days?…” (Fussilet,  41/9)

The planned works on earth, that is, fate, had been appreciated by spreading over time in the last 4 days. Although not detailed in the Torah, which is fed from the same source as the Qur’an, there is a concept of creation in 6 days with a similar narration to the Qur’an.

Creation 1:31
God looked at what he had created and saw that everything was very good. It was evening, it was morning, and on the sixth day (everything) occurred.

When calculated from the open statements in the Qur’an; The ratio of the age of the universe and the age of the world to each other are expressed with perfect accuracy. As stated in the verses, the age of the world is one-third (1/3) of the age of the universe.

13,8 (6 days) /3 =4,6 billion, the age of the world. (Corresponds to 2 days. 2 days; one of 3 of 6 days.)

If there was a word of the man thousands of years ago, instead of saying that he had begun to create the world at the beginning of the last and last third tranche, he would have said the following;

“I first created the world, then the stars.”

Or because the Earth was based he would say the earth in 30 days and the stars in 3 days. Examples can be reproduced. The existence of great knowledge that cannot be seen as a coincidence is obvious. The Lord had hidden all this magnificent order on the basis of creation, geometry and mathematics, to the number of golden ratios. When the first 6 numbers of the Golden Ratio are examined, we witness the creation of the universe in 3 stages in 6 days and the emergence of 18 thousand universes, which the Prophet Muhammad reported as the total number of worlds in the universe.

When you say the day, the periods and the accounts of a relative time are mentioned, is understood from the verse “a day in the sight of God is like a thousand years from what you count” in the Qur’an. A thousand meant in Arabic for a very long time.


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