MOSES AND HIZIR COMMENTARY, THE SECRET OF MAQAMS (1nd Book 19st Section) ( Hızır is an immortal person believed to come in time of need)

In the previous presentation, we have testified that asking for help was illicit and unpleasant. Now let us understand this situation through the story of Moses and hızır. Likes Moses, even though the harrowing hızır appears to be superior. let us see the true secret of the rule of office and understand how our person behaves.

In the verses, it is not mentioned the name of the teacher who is expected to teach Moses some information about God, that is, some information that is hidden. One of our believing servants, saying discusses. In the eyes of the people, this person is hızır. But there is no evidence of that. It is obvious that the identity of that person is even wrong.

First, let’s read the verses about the story of Hızır.

Kehf Sura

    1. At one time, Moses said to his young friend: “I will walk unceasingly to the point where the two seas meet, or I will spend years and years.”
    2. When these two reached the junction of the two seas, they forgot their fish. Then the fish set out to a hole in the sea.
    3. When they passed it, Moses said to his young friend, “Come on, bring our food this morning. I swear we have suffered a lot because of this journey.”
    4. The young man said, “Look, you know, we took refuge in the rock, that’s when I forgot the fish. It made me forget to remember him, the devil was none other. Fish, the sea in a strange way.”
    5. He said: “This is what we have been searching for.” said. Then they followed their tracks and turned back.
    6. There they found such a servant among our servants, that We gave him mercy from our presence, and taught him a piece of knowledge from our grace.
    7. Moses said to him, “Shall I be subject to you on condition that I teach a maturity/knowledge of what is taught to you?”
    8. He said: “Indeed, you cannot bear with me.”
    9. “How can you stand something that intelligence doesn’t take?”
    10. Moses said: “If God wills, you will find me patient; I will not disobey you in any business.”
    11. He said: “Look, if you follow me, don’t ask me anything about it until I bet you!”
    12. The two set out together. When they boarded the ship after a while, the ship delivered. Moses said: “Have you pierced it to smother the contents? I swear you have done a terrible job!”
    13. He said: “Didn’t I tell you that you would never stand the union with me!”
    14. Moses said: “Don’t scold me for forgetting; don’t give me any trouble for doing so.”
    15. They’re on their way again. For a while they came across a son; he killed him. Moses said: “You killed an immaculate person without a soul! Oh, you did a terrible job!”
    16. He said: “Didn’t I tell you that you would never be able to with me?”
    17. Moses said: “If I ask you anything from now on, don’t be friends with me. I swear, in such a case, you will be excused to leave me.”
    18. They’re on their way again. A little later they came to a city. They asked the people of the city to eat, but they were reluctant to host them. There they came across a wall waiting to be destroyed; The young man kept repairing him. Moses said, “If you wanted, of course you would get a fee.” said.
    19. He said: “This is the separation between you and me. Now I will tell you the things that you cannot tolerate.”
    20. Let me start with the ship: that ship was a group of poor laborers at sea. I wanted to make it imperfect. Because there was a king a little beyond.
    21. “As for the boy: his parents were believers. We were afraid that the child would lead them to rage and denial.”
    22. “We wished that their Lord would give them superior to the child, and mercifully more advanced.”
    23. “And the wall. The wall belonged to two orphan boys living in that city. Underneath was a treasure belonging to the boys. The father of the boys lived as a person who loved charity and peace. Your Lord wanted that the children reach their puberty, and they would bury their treasures as mercy. I did not do this as a result of my own commandment. That is the insight of what you cannot afford to be patient with.”

In brief:

Moses went a long way to reach a secret servant guided by God to learn knowledge and eventually found it. They agree with his teacher to obey his orders and to receive knowledge in return for patience without question.

But his teacher would dig a ship on the journey and hurt people. Then he kills a child. Then they’re hungry, but they do a hard job for free. As Moses was. even though he has made a promise every time, he interrogates the situation, opposes it and ends his journey before he can learn the knowledge.

Although there are many different aspects of these verses, from time travel to knowing and changing the destiny, we are going to consider this in terms of Teacher-Student Relations for the time being.

Since hızır (Hızır is an immortal person believed to come in time of need) sees the future, he says you can’t take Moses from the beginning. I mean, he says the contract, he says the end. As Moses was. the person who goes to learn the science ofunseenb will not want to understand the subtlety of this saying, that I am willing to do anything with the love of science, but still accepts the saying that I will try.

But if God had been a reference to a human being, he would have been patient with a few strange things to learn the knowledge of the nature of God. Everyone is amazed at how Moses cannot be patient.

Was he condemned by God because he disobeyed Hızır, who had not learned the knowledge? Unfortunately, most of the readers are impatient, and they are always condemned by the readers.  When he looks at it, Hızır has knowledge that is superior to Moses and Moses enters his command. However, when the name of hızır is not mentioned in the Holy Books, and when one or two words are mentioned with reasonable praise, Moses is repeatedly praised by the prophets by talking directly to the prophets, saying that God has given him honour and superiority. What is the secret of this?


“Moses must be expelled from the prophethood on the occasion that he does not obey Khidr and cannot learn in science.” Because he looked so impatient on the path of knowledge. Why is Moses superior to Hızır in the truth? Why is Moses told instead of hızır as one of the prophetst and one of the most praised High people?

Even the prophet said, “I wish he had been patient and learned more.”

In Buhari there is a hadith in relation to this tale in this meaning:

May God have mercy on Moses the son of Imran! If he could be patient, Hızır would teach him many more strange and strange events. (Buhârî, Enbiyâ, 27; Ahmed bin Hanbel, V, 118)

What did the Prophet Moses give up from a great knowledge such as seeing the future and ruling it to some extent?

He felt sorry for the ship that was being drilled. To defend the little boy who was killed, and to pay for the hand labour.

So Moses had such a heart that if you gave the world there could not be a little injustice. Unfair he couldn’t get there. It was the only test that anyone could pass, but no one could pass. With the bribery of a science that was not necessary, he was asked to condone injustices.

Some people will say, “I wouldn’t be able to be patient either. I used to raise Hızır like Moses. Especially when you see the boy who died.”

No, you were patient too. If you ask me what your evidence is…

Many of the believers continue to see and be patient with much larger ones. Because, when they looked at many children on the earth, they were innocent and innocent, they saw them being killed and crippled by God, and they were patient by saying, ” there is a wisdom in all of them.” They did not cry until morning in prostration for the answer or solution and did not seek wisdom until they were like me… For the answers, they did not take God almost to Nazarene and close to his feet…

I did the likeness of what Moses did to Hızır, but I did the greater measure to God at the expense of hell and with respect.  Every man of religion, even if he does not know the answer, will remain patiently silent.

I need a heart like Moses. He will be almost from religion; he will stand his foot on the line of hell and fall prostrate, and he will come to a heart. People were losing this test every day before me.

Every day, many people see a  child’s or baby’s death or their pain on television. They witness the worst scenes in the war that the eye and conscience cannot tolerate, leaving them without sleep….

Most of these suffering people are poor, and according to most of society, they are ordinary people with good hearts. Even though the Qur’an and other scriptures cannot find a full answer, humanity is still hesitating for bribes in order not to lose paradise.

They are desperate to remain insensitive or to send help or to be helpless. If they help them or fight for them, the situation will not change.


Because when the animals are subjected to severe torture, while the animals are subjected to severe torture… without the answers, worshipping God is nothing more than being a supplicant of power than being a supplicant of corruption and cruelty.

I say it by praising God. The fact that people worship even though they know God wrongly and do not understand it is because they worship power, selfish and cruel. People are being severely tortured for testing, or they are trying to test the fathers of children. However, God says that he is merciful of his mother, and that I will never be persecuted. Even for testing. Who tests his child and cripples him to give him candy. The kid doesn’t even know he’s being tested, he just cries. It is worthy of all kinds of pain that dos not suffer from the pain of humanity dos not seek drugs for pain.

Well, top those who say; What did you do?

For 35 years, I sought answers without being tired because of the greatness of my love and faith in God. I firmly believed that the creation of stars, flower,  and hearts could not be flawed. He predicted what we were going to think, and he finally knew. He certainly had an answer. But I had to learn and teach this answer to tell people whose hearts are upset with God and to make us all suffer less.

I know I pushed the boundaries. But he is not angry with the questions that are asked with respect and decency. Because I have always ruled out his wisdom and praised him. My approach was different from Moses’s. He was asking how you would do it when he asked. But I am sure there is wisdom, but tell me that my heart is calm and I warn people that they are not fortified with gas.

Moses did not find out for a long time what it was like for the children who died, whether they were sick or not. He gave up knowledge for a child. I am from the sciences and the heavens for the salvation of mankind. I wrote the answer I found in the book of Fate and Life, and I saw the signs of the Lord in the scriptures.

Those who try to understand the justice system and are atheists carry more honesty and compassion than the so-called Muslims in their hearts. But they are infidels because of their ignorant courage, arrogance,  and impatience. But knowledge, service,  and loyalty keep people constant in peace by God’s will, and overpower the mountains.

Children and deep pain in the world is something beyond science. There is a false accusation against God. And those who expressed it are almost all the clerics and the believers. How do you say that, how do you answer that I rebel against the?. That can’t be the answer. My fight was actually with them. One wants to clear the name of God on Earth. You’re saying there’s a misunderstanding. Even many prophets have been desperate to find an answer.

For those who wondered the answer, “we had a life called Kalu Bela before, and then the sinful ones were sent to the world. Spirits who cannot evolve will be born again and suffer until the day of resurrection and will continue to suffer for the crimes they committed. Or, if they have any characteristics that prevent evolution and cause them to commit crimes, appropriate drugs will be given to them.”

In short, God does not persecute anyone and forgives most of our sins. I definitely recommend that you should read the book of Destiny (I also present the article for free on my website.)


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