The creator said to the world as follows with the digital seal that he dug to the sun and the moon. There is no 9-11. There’s only 10 and 9. 9 represents the person who came after the caliph of God on earth. 10 is the number that symbolizes the creator and completeness.

Just as 9 and 11 turned into symbols as 911, 10 and 9 come together side by side to form the 109 system or the 19 system in the Qur’an.

Let us first examine the divine symbol 109 in terms of the solar system;

Write the number 109 on the blackboard; you will see that ten (10) and nine (9) are symbolized by writing next to each other.


It offers plates to humanity.

There is ten – nine on it. 

I swear to the Moon( Moon)

When it comes back into the night, (Becoming night by the EARTH’s turning)

In the morning when it comes to light. (SUNRISE)

Certainly, he is one of the greatest!

He is a stimulus for humanity. (Who? Nineteen itself? Or revealing the true meaning of nineteen uncovering the miracle and confirming the Qur’an in full?)

For those of you who want to get ahead of you or to be left behind. (Stimulating or instrumental to the change of degrees of nineteen people. Nineteen alone is an enigma and needs an explainer and a Warner against punishment.)


Up to 109 worlds fit side by side into the sun. 

Solar equatorial diameter: 1.391,000 km / Earth’s equatorial diameter 12756.2 km = 109.04…

109 suns fit up to between the Sun and the Earth side by side.

Maximum distance of the earth to The Sun: 152.098.232 km / diameter of The Sun equator: 1.391,000 km = 109.34…

Even if the moon has an orbit of growing orbit, it is now at the midpoint of its orbit, with a maximum of 109 months between the Moon and Earth.

Average of the Moon relative to the earth: 379.372.695 km / Equatorial Diameter of the Moon: 3.476,28 km = 109.11318

The circumference of the Moon is 109 thousand km.

The moon’s circumference is 10,917. 0 km( 109, 1 x 100 km), according to NASA)

The world’s circumference is 365 times of 109 the sun’s circumference is 365 times of 109 times 109.

According to NASA, the Earth’s Equatorial circumference is 40,070. 2 km. 40070,2/ 109,6= 365,604

The livable volume of the world is 109 X 10¹⁰ km

Earth’s Volume (7 per thousand levels of habitable atmosphere membrane and elevations not calculated) according to NASA; 1,083,206,916, 846 km

The world’s maximum speed is 109 thousand km per hour.

The maximum speed of the earth around the sun (perihelion) is 30.29 km/h. 30,29 x 60 (sec.) X 60 (min.)=109.044. 0 km (World’s maximum speed per hour)

The volume of the month is two 109 x 10⁸ km cubes.

According to NASA; volume of the Moon is 21,971,669,064 km

219.71 / 2=109.86… (The moon was divided in two by Allah in the seventh century BC, and this event is among the best known miracles of the Prophet Muhammad.)

Circumference of the Sun = Circumference of the Moon x Circumference of the Earth / 100

…Examples go on

Sources used in measurements:

As you can see, 109 is the smallest building block of the ten and nine systems. What is the sum total of the mathematical value of the time in the Qur’an? Of course, 109; 54. Sura and 55 verses.54 + 55 = 109

In the Qur’an: 10: 9-10: 5 verses say as follows:

He made the sun light, and the moon light, so that you may know the number and the number of years. And the moon has stretches. God created this as a truth. He explains his revelations in detail for a people who will know. There is, of course, a lot of evidence for a nation that avoids the changing of day and night and God’s creation in the heavens and the earth. There are also those who do not expect to meet us, who are satisfied with the world’s life and find satisfaction with it and those who are unaware of our revelations. This is where they will come from their own hands, which is hell. Certainly, those who believe and do righteous deeds will guide the Lord for their faith. Rivers flow under them in Naîm’s paradise.

105 and 109 is the expression of the minimum and the maximum number of suns that can intervene as the world approaches the sun. How wonderful it is to see that the sun is mentioned in the verses about the moon, hell and heaven and that they talk about the dimensions in which they were created and the miracles hidden in them for societies.


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