Richness for Everyone with a New Bible-Based Banking System

The total amount of profit announced by all banks in the world appears to be 1.4 trillion dollars even in 2019 alone. This figure is actually much higher. This means the fact that 2000 USD per person and 8000 USD per family flow to the banks every year. In other words, the banks exploit and enslave all humanity economically without producing any tangible product and while the state can perform the same service very easily.

But how could humanity be much richer than the banks that collected all the revenues and profits in the world almost alone and did not actually produce anything? How a significant part of all the wealth in the world could be divided among a few hundred people, not among humanity. Others may say that banks are beneficial to the economy, as they meet the need for companies and individuals to find debt money. But the state already provides this simple service. People prefer private banks rather than the state because of the very small maturity date and interest differences left by the state.


  1. The only authorized bank must belong to the state. Its purpose should not be to make a profit. So states would have $ 1.5 trillion all over the world and could spend it for their people.
  2. If all banks were expropriated and seized by the state; states would have enormous economic power and would be beneficial to their people, since all cash would be collected in the state. The state would give credit to those who would make production and those who were in a difficult situation. The money in the bank would never decrease since those who took these loans would pay to another buyer account at the state bank when they spend. The state would not become impoverished by giving loans, on the contrary, the circulation of money and the taxes it collected would increase.
  3. States could give huge amounts of loans to institutions that reduce imports, increase exports and promote products, and thus would be free from foreign dependency. People would get out of poverty and there would be an explosion of production.

In short, banks have stolen $ 30 trillion in the last 20 years without making an objective production from the pockets of humanity. The biggest problem of humanity should be getting rid of banks that are increasingly rich, control the states, buy the press and choose the leaders they want. If humanity wants to get rid of slavery, to live in much more luxury and prosperity by working less, to have leaders who are truly fair and value people, it must first ensure that banks are nationalized and work without profit.

Institutions that ate interest 1400 years ago were not that strong. But the Lord sees the future. He used the following expressions in these scriptures for those institutions that clearly damaged all of humanity and those who earned from them.

“Those who eat interest get up like a devil-struck … Whoever returns to interest again, they are hell, they stay there all the time. O, believers! Fear Allah. If you really believe, leave your current interest receivables. If you do not (what is said about interest), be aware of the war fought by Allah and His Messenger (against the interesters). If you repent and give up, your capital is yours; you will neither be unfair nor unfair. “… If you do not (what is said about interest), be aware of the war opened by Allah and His Messenger (against the interesters). (Baccarat 275-279)

Don’t think, “I don’t take interest from the bank and I don’t give it, I’m comfortable.” Because the government is making you go in debt without your knowledge and making you pay interest through taxes. Even if it is beyond your power, it is our responsibility to stop it, to make your voice heard and to oppose it through legal means, and it is our responsibility to humanity and to God.

You think it is risky to save your money at home. You think that if there is no interest, it will lose its value. If you can not completely escape from the bank, if your strength and resistance are not enough, at least put your money in the state bank in gold and do not get interested. If he wins, the state and the people will win. Do this as a charity and do not seize interest. Standing under a gold or a valuable material will significantly protect the value of your money. If you do this, you will strengthen your state. You will do good. But if you can, avoid it and keep your money on investment vehicles such as land or home. This is better for you. If everyone obeyed my words, all banks would collapse and humanity would be enriched.
So why is this not done? Do leaders not read scriptures? Why doesn’t anyone talk about interest from banks? Why is this banned in mosques or churches and the terrible threat not addressed? Do banks constantly advertise on state TVs? Banks’ profit is shown as a success? I leave the interpretation of this to you, and I say to distinguish between the believer and those who do not. What pain can be worse than infinite hell and losing God forever? If you believe, listen to me. I warn you with both scriptures and mental evidence. Don’t waste your eternity for a little and troublesome gain. Don’t be a part and partner of the worst thing that happened to humanity.


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