In the Qur’an, there are no discourses such as, “you are reborn again, you may become a bug in your next life.” But it tells that he’s done others like this before. For some reason, people don’t think the same can happen to us or maybe it does.

Nevertheless, the system of rebirth is not explained as a rule that will involve everyone in the Qur’an. This is because; that reshaping will take place not for everyone, but for some special people. Another reason is to close the path to the humiliation of people who have been tested in the world or committed to a great cause by suffering their own will. Because everyone can approach them with contempt, saying, “Who knows what you have done in your previous life?. This includes prophets.

Yet for those who think deeply, multiple lives are as open as the sun in the Qur’an. However, this system, which is hidden in the Qur’an, differs in many respects from the reincarnation in Indian culture. We will understand their differences as the verses of the Qur’an progress.


An-Nahl / 70 And Allah created you; then He will take you in death. And among you is he who is reversed to the most decrepit [old] age so that he will not know, after [having had] knowledge, a thing. Indeed, Allah is Knowing and Competent.

Although some translators have translated the lowest point of a life like ageing, this verse is absolutely incompatible in its entirety. The Qur’an tells us that being old and not a little demented is not knowing anything.;

Nahl 78

And Allah has extracted you from the wombs of your mothers not knowing a thing, and He made for you hearing and vision and intellect that perhaps you would be grateful.

The most infamous state in the verse is infancy; for the following reasons;

  1. Almost no elder ever becomes” the one who knows nothing.” Even the worst of all, he remembers some things or knows some things from his life. Science has not completely disappeared. In the verse, he explicitly mentions that he will be” made to know nothing at all”.
  2. In a very important detail,” he will have passed away and some of them will turn away, ” he said, explaining a topic that will happen after the death. Everyone is already dead. So since some of you won’t die, you won’t try to age instead… Because everyone’s dying. To some, nothing else happens… He doesn’t say in verse that I kill some young and some old and demented. Some of them die and some of them return, he says, even though he knows nothing.
  3. The most infamous form of life is infancy, not old age. Almost all of the old people talk or point out their problems. It moves with more or fewer chairs. There is a certain accumulation. But the baby cannot speak, he is born infamous for the sounds of screaming and crying through dirty water. For a long time, he would lie on his mess until the bottom was cleared. He can only cry to tell you about his problem. He can’t walk. He knows nothing. This is a sham. The Lord makes him lovable, so that his mother may not leave him and take care of him, so that he may grow up and have his exam completed.

This is an answer given to a person who does not know the value of science and cannot evolve with it after the science has come to him. Well, if it is, it’s a way of saying we got the information from you. This disgrace is in fact not only infantile, but it is also the door of being a disgrace that covers the whole of life. Until one man succeeds to be a good person and to be ungrateful to his Lord. Because goodness begins with God. He who creates and blesses does not call good and unfaithful people well. Anyone who says I believe and then pretends to be absent doesn’t call it honest.

وَاللَّهُ vallahu  and God

خَلَقَكُمْ   ḣaleḳakum created you خ ل ق

ثُمَّ  ṧumme  then 

يَتَوَفَّاكُمْ yeteveffākum takes you in deathو ف ي

وَمِنْكُمْ   and among you

مَنْ men  who

يُرَدُّ yuraddu is reversedر د د

إِلَىٰ ilā     

أَرْذَلِ    erƶeli the most decrepit ر ذ ل

الْعُمُرِ   l-ǔmuri  of lifeع م ر

لِكَيْ likey so that

لَا   lā      

يَعْلَمَ yeǎ’leme    he will not know a thing   ع ل م

بَعْدَ beǎ’de   then ب ع د

عِلْمٍ ǐlmin from knowledge ع ل م

شَيْئًا    şey’ en something’s ش ي ا

إِنَّ  inne  right

اللَّهَ  llahe God

عَلِيمٌ    ǎlīmun  is the one who knows ع ل م

قَدِيرٌ    ḳadīrun competent ق د ر

This verse describes in more detail the infancy of the period defined as the state that knows nothing;

Nahl 78 And Allah has extracted you from the wombs of your mothers not knowing a thing, and He made for you hearing and vision and intellect that perhaps you would be grateful.


Muhammed / 31

And We will surely test you until We make evident those who strive among you [for the cause of Allah ] and the patient, and We will test your affairs.

Al-Baqarah/ 214

Or do you think that you will enter Paradise while such [trial] has not yet come to you as came to those who passed on before you? They were touched by poverty and hardship and were shaken until [even their] messenger and those who believed with him said, “When is the help of Allah ?” Unquestionably, the help of Allah is near.

Âli ‘Imrân / 142

Or do you think that you will enter Paradise while Allah has not yet made evident those of you who fight in His cause and made evident those who are steadfast?

At-Tawbah / 16

Do you think that you will be left [as you are] while Allah has not yet made evident those among you who strive [for His cause] and do not take other than Allah, His Messenger and the believers as intimates? And Allah is Acquainted with what you do.

Do you believe that after all these verses, a child whose heart stopped and died at age 5-6 will go to heaven or a student who died at age 20 will go to heaven without being tested?

Of course, sin is not the cause of every affliction in this world. But our own hands- efforts are born its cause. Making a claim can be tested by substituting it for “If I were, I wouldn’t do it”. Or document that it will be tested with this assertion that I have surrendered to a Muslim. Everything in the hereafter needs documentation. The reason for this I’ll explain later.


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