My happiness; not knowing how to thank; I thank you. Even though I can’t find the words to describe how great it is, I address you with endless compliments.

My God; I want to be one of your favourites, in unknown and known, all past and future beings. And let me be one of those beings who love you the most. Let me love you the most powerful way to be loved. And grace; All the beautiful things and love that you give me.

You were my prayer when I first saw the Kaaba. Spouse, child, work and friends instead of my preferred supreme FRIEND; you are the only one who is holy. I thank you in every way I can.

I thank you as you have commanded my precious, loving mother and father. They raised me, took care of me all my life. Approach them with compassion and generosity in two worlds, expand our possibilities.

While I was writing this book, I would like to thank my dear sister Emine Ersoy, whom I first shared with the inspirations you have graced and who always supported our divine cause with her views. Increase her Grace and mercy to her and her family, my God.

Those who read this book and believe in your miracles, those who spread it in order that the name is exalted on earth, those who unite and make sacrifice efforts so that divine laws can be understood and loved; Make it heralded. Make them the envy of the prophets. My prayer is your desire, my Lord. Let our desire be true, not ours. We’re inside you and we’ll get back to you. We appreciate every discretion. Who created us knows what is good for us better than us and prepares it for us. You admired our destiny and wrote the most beautiful. Everything you create is perfect.

Give us strength, be our words, hands and eyes, until you announce your great miracles to the world and make your love dominate the world. Praise your holy name in all languages, on earth and in heaven. The truth of the news brought by the ambassadors, greatness and vision of the future should be known to everyone. Prepare us for the wonderful day when the light of the world and loved ones will be covered. Allow us, make us a pioneer and make us righteous. Give us the strength to spread peace, wealth and justice on earth.

Let us know the pleasure of knowing and commemorating you, the greatest taste of the world, to live forever and teach humanity.





He was born on 5 August 1980 (23 Ramadan 1400 Hijri) in Ankara. His surname from his father is Cetinkaya and his surname from his mother is Meta. Bağal-i Bala and Karahisar villages of Nallahan district are his hometowns.

At the age of 17, he entered the Ministry of Finance for 9 years as a tax officer and resigned. He established his own company and started to work on design, software, documentary and promotional films. He received awards from major international agencies.

His 2-hour documentary called The Holy Mysteries, which includes the miracles of the golden ratio God has given him, has been translated into many languages ​​and screened all over the world. The documentary, which has reached more than 40 million views worldwide with all its chapters, has caused thousands of people to turn to religion.

Due prepared by this documentary about the Golden Ratio with scientists and their discoveries in Turkey, and was invited to the national many TV channels gave the main news and information.

His documentaries were published through various publishing houses. However, his first book, which he himself wrote, is the book of  The Voice of Miracles an, which consists of a combination of the 9 hidden books he is waiting on. He publishes all his books as free articles on his website.

He always preferred to say what was new and unspoken in his books, to show the miracles that were never seen before. Its purpose is not to write books; Calling the world to change so that God wills.

His books (combined in the book “The Voice of Miracles ”);

  1. Erdem Road; The Miracles I Live
  2. The Number of Allah 109, The Number of the Deggial 911
  3. Golden Ratio 1,618; The Book of Miracles
  4. Golden Road; The Miracle of Sirat
  5. Secrets of God 
  6. Divine Messages in Continent Shapes
  7. Coming from the Sun; Yecüc Mecüc
  8. The Secret of Destiny and Sins Book



I am a designer. My name is Erdem Çetinkayamet. Yes, that’s my real name and the last name I got from my parents. Is it a coincidence that he has a combination of the arduous apocalypse or a note of a wise pen of fate? Time will show that.

I want to get to know everyone who will walk with me on this road. But I want to tell you a little bit for those who are curious about my life that leads me to this road and share it as a trail for those who walk on the same road.

I was born in Ankara in the year 23 Ramadan 1400 hijri. My father is from Kara Hisar village of Nallahan and my mother is from Bagdere village. our town carries the traces of Yunus Emre and Taptuk Emre.

I’m going to tell you about the extraordinary and amazing things that I’ve been through, my birth and before. These are my personal experiences and I’m telling you for those who want to learn and wonder. Those who do not believe will, but your clean hearts will recognize the truth from my voice and the spirit of words.


My mother lived in a small house in the neighbourhood that was in a tenement district in Ankara. She went to our village Bagder-i Bala, early or just before her pregnancy. But she spent her pregnancy in K.ören.

Oralarda komşuluk ve misafirlik çoktu. Annem bu misafirliklerin birine hamile iken gitmiş ve orada bir hikâyeye kulak misafiri olmuş.

There was a lot of neighbourhood and hospitality. My mother went to one of these visits when she was pregnant and overheard a story there.

When a mother was pregnant, she heard her baby cry in her belly. But she could not make sense of this impossible situation and was afraid. She wondered if he was crying for his destiny. When the baby was born and was a child, it was reported that he was kidnapped and never heard from again. They thought he was one of those kids who got kidnapped for begging, but they couldn’t find him.

When my mother came home in sadness and fear under the influence of this story and standing; she heard my smile quite clearly. So a laughing baby’s laugh voice. This voice excited her and she sat and listened for a while. The thought that my fate would be beautifully written at that moment crossed her mind. She got both surprised and rejoiced. Even today she tells in amazement.


Shortly before my birth, my uncle Ahmet and my aunt Halime came to visit us. My aunt was also pregnant with my cousin. At 12 o’clock, my mother’s pains started and she told my father to find a taxi. But in 1980, how was it possible to find a taxi in the area where was a tenement district? It is a dangerous period in which right-left conflicts were the most intense. A month after my birth, there was a coup in the country.

In the middle of the night, while he was thinking about where to find the taxi, my father opened the garden door and saw that the taxi arrived. He was amazed. They told me to stop in the taxi and put my mother in, my aunt accompanied them.

I was taken to Tahir Burak Children’s Maternity Hospital. There’s no way my aunt Halime could get in. Because no one except the midwives who will give birth will not be admitted to the delivery room. But they took her in without asking any questions, thinking she was a painful mother who was going to give birth.

Mom says it was not a pain, it was a comfortable birth. First, my aunt, Halime took me in her hand and washed me. I was born in 1400 Hijri around 4-5 on the night of Ramadan, which connects 23 to 24. Mom says the sun came up right after you. In August 1980.


What I remember most clearly about my childhood; it was the longing and the desire I felt. The world was so beautiful and so mysterious and full of pain and grief. I thought I was deprived of almost everything I wanted, I was trying to grasp the system. I thought, “What a wonderful thing to be God. Everyone loves you and everything you want is real ”.

When I didn’t get out of bed in the mornings on cold winter days, I would imagine that there were people who loved me very much, and I would spend time with my loved ones as if they were my people. At first, he liked me very much, but sooner or later they would cheat.

The burden of being an ordinary and helpless servant in the world was so great and painful. But this pain did not lead me to resentment, but necessarily and for the love of understanding and solving the path to heaven. If I cannot find God if I cannot reach him, what is the meaning of a world full of pain like a simple game? After all, there was already death. What if I had it? Like a drop of water that had fallen on an angry stove, my heart wanted to run away from the world and ascend to him.

There was a mosque opposite our house. But I’ve never been in it, and nobody’s taking me. It had a minaret that looked very imposing. One day I decided to go inside. Can Allah be reached from there? I thought it was a secret passageway. I had little hope. Because I thought I’d hear from someone if there was such a thing. Nevertheless, I thought, a childish thought,  “I am perhaps special,” “I was chosen because I wanted him very much.”

I went in, it was all open and there was no one. Then I saw a covered door, this pulpit was a door under the staircase tower. I thought I’d gather my courage and go through the secret gate. When I pulled the curtain, I saw that the mosque’s vacuum cleaner was put there. Yes, I laugh every time I read it.

It was just a warehouse. This time I climbed the stairs to try the smaller door on the pulpit. My heart was beating like a bird. When I got there, I saw that it was still a very dusty, empty tiny compartment.

I was not going to give up. Later, I saw a thin passage between the minaret and the mosque wall where only a child could enter by rubbing himself. Everything around me cried out the greatness and beauty of God so much that I had no doubt that I could reach him. Then I entered the side by side gate. Nobody was around me. However, I got stuck before I reached the corner. When I wanted to turn my head back, I rubbed my head against the wall. I was in such a cramped place I couldn’t even turn my head back. I said I thought I might have something like this when I walked in. It was as if I had even sacrificed myself and forced Allah in my mind. I thought if I put myself into difficulties even for him, he’d notice me.

I tried to relax and calm down. A serenity collapsed into me, and my breath filled my chest cage. I managed to crawl back for a few minutes without turning my head.



I sat on the mosque wall when I was 5 years old. I was checking my own soul that there might be a way to reach God spiritually and to make everything you wish come true. I thought maybe if I thought strong enough. He had to have a secret. If nobody could find it, I had to find it.

Thinking, I focused on the rotation of the bucket running across the street. I thought I’d watch him hit me somewhere while I turned around. Seconds did not pass that a scoop hit the roof of a house and a big noise broke. I was amazed and ran and went to the ladle like the other children. When I arrived I saw that; The roof he hit was the roof of the back street of our house. Since I was only 4-5 years old and away, I didn’t understand that the bucket was so close to our house.


Then I regretted that it was dangerous to have this thought, that is, to make every wish come true, and went away. I should have asked God, if he is good for me and for people then he should give.

Then the roof of the house did not keep order and we had to move to another house. But with the help of God, we were able to move to a much better apartment with the help of a relative.


I had a dream before I started school when I was 5 or 6 years old. When I had this dream, I was still in the slums and I didn’t start school.

In my dream, I was playing with my friends on a green mountain slope. Then I found the game unwarranted and wanted to go up to the higher parts of the mountain and look for God at the peaks of the mountains as I heard from the prophetic stories.

I found a cave there. It had a wide door and a window was opening on the other side, beyond the gap up to 4-5 meters. There was an old man sitting next to the rocks in a green area similar to the garden, and I saw a child across the street. I approached that windowless cave window and looked closely at them.

The little boy was talking to the man. He was old, with a white beard, a turban and a green robe. The child had a little turban dressed as peasant children, but without a tail. In front of them, there was an open bookrest and a book standing open.

At that moment I envied that boy. I said how lucky he is sitting with a wise teacher who answers his questions. Suddenly I saw myself in the place of the boy sitting across from him. I was looking at that person through the boy’s eye. The Arabic letters on his face as if the word bismillah took the shape of an eyebrow, even reminding him with his face. His eyebrows look like an upside-down letter, (I still remember him being like an inverted bow as if it was today.) He said;

“I am God, there is no deity but me”. I was surprised to hear that I thought I am wrong, then he continued. “I am the Prophet, Muhammad. This was the time when I was convinced. I was sent to tell people about Islam. Then all of a sudden he was replaced by my soul and I began to watch myself through his eyes. I was that person. I was looking at myself as a child.



Ever since I was a kid, I have often seen things that I don’t know very well. There were transparent clouds that looked like green plasma from the sky. They come in and get into my eyes and walk around in my head. I tried to talk to them, but they didn’t answer. Even if I opened or closed my eyes, I don’t know what they are. When I’m peaceful and I lie on the bed, I see it in the dark. I still see it from time to time.

And when I closed my eyes, I saw an eye. A single right eye rotating all over. I didn’t know what happened. I see it less now.


I started school. But I never liked school. I wanted to find a magazine and be a saint, moreover a  prophet. My friends wanted to be a doctor engineer. But I wanted to be a prophet. One day when the teacher was speaking about Muhammad, he said that he was the last prophet and that the prophet would not come after him. I was in shock. But why? I thought.” What was my fault? How could I be deprived of it because I was late to be born?

I ran home and threw myself on the bed, put my head on the pillow and cried to death. I had a huge disappointment. All the doors were closing in my face. I could hear the devil saying rebel. What if I rebelled? Is there any God to go to? I tried desperately to intimidate him. It was like I had a door inside that had to be broken. Something was wrong.

Then I sat in the bed and thought, “I’ll be a saint or something,” or, if any, I’ll be very close to another God, showing miracles or a foundation for secrets, something extraordinary … I would be something.. As long as I don’t stay in the dark in the hell of the world, like an abandoned man.”


In my dream, I was in the hall of our house when we moved to the apartment, about 10 years old. The Turkish translation of the Qur’an was open in front of me. My mother was sitting in front of me and she was looking at me. While I was reading, she said, “Nimbus is rising on your forehead.” And I smile and say to my mother, “Mom, Nimbus can only rise on prophets’ forehead”, saying as if she might see it wrong. She told me the same thing again. Then I saw myself through her eyes. I really had a light shining like the Sun on my forehead. Then I started looking back at myself. At that moment, I felt an extraordinary, indescribable beauty rising from my throat to my head. it was a tremendous feeling which was more superior than other enjoyments and happiness in the world. It lasted too short. Nothing I’ve ever felt in my life was as beautiful as it.


Being imprisoned in the material world was such an unbearable weight. I was always looking for a door to the other universe.

I prayed to God a lot. I said I’d have an angel friend who would answer my questions and tell me where and what I am supposed to do. There was no one coming and going.

Then I started calling the Jinns. When I was alone at home, I closed my eyes and said, “Come here Jinns”. I was trying to see them. Even though I did so much, nothing came up. It was as if I had lost my temper…

I couldn’t go beyond dreams in time, but I could see dreams that I didn’t know if they were really from the sky or was it because of thinking so much but nothing was happening beyond this.

One day I dreamed about my mother. She came out of a cave. She said: “She had a daughter, she was meeting with angels”. I asked my mother, “How are they, what are they like?” At that moment she opened her hands sidewards and she said, ” they were like this”. Not herself, but the outer wall, the image had taken the form of an angel. Pinky finger and the ring finger of her hands became adjacent, and also the sign and the middle finger became adjacent. Then energy was loaded and her nature changed and at that moment a knife stuck in my brain. What I saw was not something that could be explained by geometry in this world. My brain was about to crack and not be able to look at it. It was as if I had come before me with all the glory of the word fear and majesty. I felt extraordinary energy above shapes, whose soul struck like lightning. In the morning, I suddenly woke up with the call to prayer.

I was screaming in my dream. Maybe I could not get out of effect for 3 months, this dream made me speechless. I tried to define what I felt. When I looked at the most glorious mountains, I felt like the same things even if they were one in forty. After that day, my desire to see angels and become friends disappeared.


I was reading the Turkish Qur’an at the age of 11 in the evening at home. I was really awake. At that moment a window opened up in a cloud of tingling plasma. There was heaven inside. Although there was one of the things in the world; everything I looked at gave the soul such a flavour, and this time my soul could not resist the taste. If it was possible to die from pleasure, I would die. I could only look at it for a few seconds and cried and begged God to close the curtain. The opened window did not close. I got up and started wandering around hastily. I watched TV and distracted my mind. That’s when he left.



I found a prayer book that I didn’t know where it came from. It was written what would happen if you read which sura a lot. There were many things like; if you read this, you will see Angels a thousand times, read this, and the prophets come to your dream.

I tried reading a lot of things and nothing was happening. I guess I wasn’t a person who does with less. I was impatience when the divine door opened. I guess I was in contradiction with myself, or I wanted things to be without tearing my soul apart, and easy access to information. I tried to get back to what I was afraid of before, I would not be afraid, but it was not happening. I couldn’t control.

I started thinking when the things in the prayer books didn’t happen, and I said to God;

“Yes, I am a Muslim, but this came to me from my parents. Maybe your true religion is a religion far away, maybe very few people know it. I’m just a little kid and I have very limited access to information. I can’t answer my questions with the prayers I have prayed and I can’t reach the heavens and your knowledge of the unseen. I’m still a normal person. I’m in pain. If the Qur’an is your book of truth, give me a sign now. Otherwise, if necessary, to find a way to reach you again for you, I will go to the Far East religions, and I will search for it in the far countries. I’m about to leave this book.

Then I thought, I should have chosen what was going to happen as a sign. I could have fooled myself if the wind opened the door. It wasn’t easy, we would devote a lifetime. I had to move forward and make the right way to get results through solid evidence.

I said I love watching the bolts of lightning, now I’m going to look through the window and let a big thunderbolt fall in front of me, that will be the sign.

My father was with me and I sat in front of the window and looked. 5 sec. 10 sec. passed and nothing happened. I wasn’t so hopeful anyway. Who was I? But I looked back at my father smiling and I said: “Yet I will not give up the Qur’an. In spite of all things, my heart says that Muhammad is a prophet and has much beauty.

When I said that, giant lightning struck the top of the apartment. So much so that my father and I fell because of its violence. Our eardrums were severed from its impact. It was like a giant bomb exploded. We checked the windows thinking the windows were broken down. But I was happy. My lord, who heard everything, heard my voice. He once again showed that he had heard the passing of the hearts, that he valued his little servant’s voice. Oh, Me. I wish I could have been more worthy of him.


I was slapped because I was coming down from the place that teachers used, and the other because I was hanging on the door to open the classroom door that my friends held.

The first teacher’s son died in a traffic accident a few days later. The other teacher was the director of the school, and he went to prison for corruption and spent years in prison.


One night my dad came in and told me his back was sore and asked me to give him a massage. He fell asleep after a massage for about an hour. My dad was a little rough back then and he was actually worried about me. Then he would become a much softer and more helpful person who tried to perform his prayers.

I went and slept. And there came a voice from the sky among the clouds. It was a divine voice and I was sure it was the voice of God. He said;

“O Erdem, you are righteous, but never watch TV, or you will be among the people whom God punishes.”

I was very happy, even in a dream, for the first time I had been sure to contact God’s supreme address.

For the first few months, I didn’t watch TV at all, but then my eyes, like everyone else’s, saw a lot of clean dirty images… because TV was constantly being watched in our house and I had no power to shut it down. And the punishment began when I was sent to Izmir. When I was 13, I left my home and stood many problems in Izmir for two years. I was tortured.

But before that, I have something else to tell you about my 10-13 years.


When I looked at the people who were religious, I saw them in a turban and a gown. I looked at my friend and told him I saw him like this. He was a friend of mine at his prayer. He said how I could see it. And I said to him to stare at me. When he started to see, he went to his brothers crying and running.



Two Scholar Angels That I Don’t Know;

In my dream, two turbaned and gowned people and I were standing on the knee in a wooden house. They touched by evil eye and opened a door inside me. At that moment I saw the meaning on their faces as if they had been a face full of Arabic letters. The effect was so intense and indescribable that I collapsed.


On the Day of Consultation Meeting with the Scientists before the Documentary of the Sacred Mysteries in Istanbul;

I invited scientists and people whom I could reach as a scholar to dinner in a beautiful restaurant, and I made a presentation to them and got their opinions. I had a dream the night before that day.

I was in a place similar to space in my dream. There was a gap. I was kneeling and was constantly and violently crying and calling out to God and said: “I wish I could kiss his feet and touch my face to him”. A great longing that I didn’t know where it came from was burning me.

At that moment the feet of God appeared and I cuddled and cried, and I was very happy. Then suddenly I saw myself in space. The world was like a point, my feet were in the world and my head was out of space. I saw a man in front of me that I know that he is God. From light; beardless and balding; old and serious,  in the appearance of an impressive human encored. He hugged me. So I hugged him. At that moment a strong wind came through my heart from his heart. There were particles in the wind. My heart filled with beauty; I felt love. When I embraced my Lord, both his and my foot was on the earth; but the whole universe looked like a tiny mote.


I had a dream again at the same age. In my dream, I was in the room where I slept and my face was turned to the wall. An energy field was opened on the back wall covering almost the entire wall. The light was gushing from inside and it was very bright. This energy field, unlike the other, absorbs everything in a hose, attracts everything as if it had been paramagnetic. At that moment I felt that this gravitational energy is a kind of the gravitational energy that brings people together in a single square in the hereafter. People will be dragged into a gravitational field as if falling from a sky. Some of them will be drawn to the gravitational field; some will turn a somersault, others will run or fly at full speed. In this case, I thought I would die, and I told God that I was not ready and there were services I wanted to do. I was so scared. I was holding onto the iron of bedspring with my last strength. I almost couldn’t hold onto it, and I was about to be pulled to the energy field disk. Then the door closed and I opened my eyes.


I was on the last floor of the sky in my dream. I saw the stones of heaven. I heard it is written Muhammad on the stones in heaven, but I couldn’t believe it. I thought he was one of many prophets. But in front of them, it was written Muhammad, and God was written behind them. They were green and the inside of the stones shone like phosphorous and translucent precious stones.

However, I realized that seeing in heaven, unlike the worldview, was involved in the work of physical vision, spiritual vision. The thing that was seen was like the shapes in the world. However, the spirit-filled meaning was extraordinarily beautiful and impressive at a level that was difficult to withstand. There you could see not only shapes but also their meanings and energies. His identity was also visible. And the soul energy that’s linked to his identity. I was shocked as I looked at our soul as if it had been given a thousand volts of electricity.

I saw the name of Muhammad written on a spinning wheel-like mechanism that was under the arch and turned the universe. The hand of the Lord came from the energy by opening layers, and that spirit hand grasped and turned like a nimbus flowing in the air.


My eyes were open, I was in the hospital and in bed; It was just an ordinary disease of which cause is unknown. A curtain opened in front of me; I saw rivers, waterfalls and paradise pavilions placed on big boulders, flowing among the green flat rising rocks.


In my dream, I rarely saw women, and like any normal person, I became a desire to be together and reached out to them. And every time I tried to do that, my mother or relatives came into that room, and it never happened. Like other people, I never had to make love and have a bath in my dream like other people.

Not being able to live even in a dream, of course, sometimes makes me sigh. I thought if they were just dreams, they wouldn’t have protected that much. Maybe dreams were not dreams … It was a kitchen where the truth was cooked.


It was one of the times when I repeated the dhikr of God for hours in the dark at night. I was 23 those days. One night, sitting on the carpet chanting rhythmic sounds began to come from the chairs of the dining table where I leaned my head. I wonder if it’s the heat exchange. I stopped dhikr. They stopped, as well. I went on and they went on. I called my mom when it happened a few times. She came and she heard it, too. After 3 minutes of panic, she woke my father, he came to the room and listened. After that, both began a tendency towards religion.

I have learned a few rules that must be observed by those who want to travel fast in dhikr. I’d like to tell my brothers who do dhikr so that we can go fast.

   1-  Do not chant fast. Strive until every single word of God is said in one language. Just gather what your tongue says and concentrate on what you say with the whole body and heart.

   2- Continue constantly. So don’t stop doing dhikr on the other day. I hope there will be radical changes in your life after 15-20 days.

   3- If your nose doesn’t hurt and if you don’t have your eyes full with tears while you are chanting if you are not crying when your heart is full of God’s love and while calling him like a lover… It means that dhikr is hollow. You must not give up and must ask for love from God. Heart softness must be achieved by doing good, by giving from your beloved ones, by making sacrifices and by suffering. As you suffer for God, God approaches you, and he loves you and makes you love.

The light within you will kiss your lips from inside to outside; You will feel the wetness coming to your lips and you will hopefully shudder when they stroke your back with their wings.


I used to work in the tax office near to my resignation as a civil servant, but I would work on an empty floor away from everyone on the top floor. Even before the evening prayer (we were working at night) I wished love and a reunion desire of prophet. I had a very real dream with my eyes open. I saw his black tent among the sand in the desert, and he had companions with him. I feel they’re sitting inside. I can even see the tent gate go up and down because of the wind. When the tent door opens, I crawl in, crying, trying not to look at his face.

Then I’m approaching him, the people inside are quiet. I hug his hands and cry so that my tears soak his gown. I’m actually crying. I’m burning in craving. I say; “I came from the future, I am a Muslim from your people. Please pray to me O Messenger of God, I want to spread your religion, I want to serve, to work a lifetime for this cause and to make you happy my Lord…

I can feel him crying and holding my hand too tightly. I remember his tears falling down to his knees. After staying in that state for a long time, I step back again without looking at his face the same way

Because it was the time of evening prayer. I was running to the mosque, and I saw a man with a white bag in a turbaned gown. He spread his arms 20 meters away, as the street was quite empty. I’ve never seen anyone like that in there before. In front of the tax office. He was laughing, looking at me, spreading his arms to sidewards. I laughed. “Abraham of the time laughing at my face, laughing at us,” he said…

Then he grabbed my hand and started to speak, he read Arabic prayers, and I said, may God be pleased but I am late for prayer.” And he said, “wait”…

So I started listening. He asked where I was from. Then something very interesting happened.

“I’ll tell you something, ”he said,… and then he started to shake as if he had galvanized. He remembered God and became unconscious with the love of God. He was about to fall and I tried to hold him. Almost like screaming, excitedly. “God’s Messenger has a greeting to you,” he said. I was surprised. He tried to regain consciousness. Then he said he had to go. He said goodbye. Prayed, gave advice. I said that I would give him money if he accepted a gift, I had nothing else with me. He said, “Not for myself, but for the poor I’ve helped, I accept.”

By the way, I’ve never seen anyone with so sharp and lush eyes.

And then he said you didn’t have the bus money and he gave some of it to me back.

Friends from the neighbourhood had seen and condemned me. What did you talk to that man, was he insane? They held a grudge because he was turbaned and gowned.



While in a state like a dream; I’ve seen jinns that look like animals, they were various. Then in human figure; someone who looked like my father came. I told him to catch two and sacrifice. He took what he caught and handed it to two angels. They were winged and feathered. They easily killed him as if they were doing it a lot every day. I even told them to do it by calling them Bismillah (in the name of God! (said prayerfully by a Muslim as he/she embarks on some activity) but they were in a hurry. At that moment, when those two jinns were killed by strangling, and my body relaxed a lot; because that night I fell asleep without bathing. And they thought I was weak and that my energy was available for them to attack me. I woke up later; a black dimension gate in the form of triangles opened in the air. This door, as if it were triangles entwined in a mirror in a row, was moving into darkness as if it were a triangle tunnel. From there I saw the entrance of these beings and used as a dimensional gate. Eventually, the doors closed and work was done.


When I resigned from the civil service, I had almost no money. But I worked a little and saved enough money for a while. I wanted to make a film about God. But I didn’t know what to say. I raised my hands and prayed to God. I told him to grant me a miracle that can attract people to Islam.

I felt like to open the world map. While thinking of doing something over a place like Lost series, I thought about measuring the location of the Kaaba on Earth, and I found number 0.61. It wasn’t the number I’d ever seen and known,

As I researched, I saw that this number was a king of numbers and that many scientists wrote books for this issue and researched it with passion. At that moment I knew that I was facing a great discovery that God was leading me.

I opened a website about this miracle, but people didn’t show much interest. I said to explain it with a documentary and I made a documentary in three languages. At that time, hundreds of thousands of people watched every day and many TV channels and publishing houses began to offer.

Someone who said he was the king of Arabia’s deputy called me at a foreign number. They said they liked it and said that the embassy of Arabia in Ankara would contact me. They called me and we met. They detained me for a long time, but they did not give the support that they promised, and they caused a lot of waste of time and effort.

Since then the golden ratio has not been limited to Mecca and the Kaaba. It went very deep and I think it’s time to share its final mature state with the whole world.


I was very sad because of the problem. Until the morning, I insistently prostrate God to speak to me, I asked him to explain the cause of such trouble.

Many people see the pain in the world and even the problems of babies and children and they reject religion. But I believed that the creator of the stars and the hearts is a system of justice, and if all that happened, there is a logical explanation. Therefore, I was asking my question with respect, saying that I am just wondering why.

Towards morning a voice came from the Kaaba. But this sound was not a normal sound, it came in the form of meaning and filled in my heart. It was so strong and that voice was telling with such love. As if the owner of the voice was telling with the greatest love in the world. Almost strong enough to boil my heart and the seas it passes through, intense and indescribable flavour.

While I was waiting for him to speak Turkish with me, he called on in Arabic. And I didn’t know what he said. He said to me “Lebbeyk or M… i…

So I went prostrate and started to pray and talk. But the sound didn’t go on. When my prayer was over, the first thing was to investigate what the word Lebbeyk means on the internet.

Lebbeyk means “command”. The pilgrims who circumambulate in the Kaaba called Lebbeyk and God replied to them as Lebbeyk.

I was very surprised, I wonder why he spoke to me in a language I did not know.



It was a time when I was very sad again. I used to be crumbling because of my trouble day by day. I was being wronged. I was going to suffer a lot and I wasn’t going to get my due. While I was begging to God and staring at the ceiling in my bed,

I heard a voice coming right by me. It said in Tırkish, “I will help you,”. I was surprised but relieved.

Indeed, after that, the problems flowed and solved like water.


When I was sad again, I went up to the street and walked a little and told myself what to do, send me a message. I wish it with all my heart. I was so sorry. I looked at the full moon, tears floated through my eyes. The difficulties I made in making money and the people and savages who didn’t obey the contract. I was stuck between them.

Then while waiting for a sign; I recognized that I came at the bus stop. At that very moment, a car came and stopped beside me. Two men landed quickly. That’s what I was worried about. Then they quickly turned around and took out an advertising poster. At that moment I said, yes, that’s my sign…

This was exactly written on the board; “In this country, bread has a name. (Brand name U’no) Live it, keep it alive…

In other words, when I was crying why the bread was so difficult, God said that I did not live and make live, that I was afflicted with troubles because I was unaware and had taken a break from the edict.

Hopefully, I tidied up myself and my Lord solved the problem in my situation.

I believe that the texts, sounds and pictures around me, the universe, speak to me. And I tried to solve this language. I want you to learn this language, too. God said in the Qur’an that you will see the face of God wherever you look. Yes, that’s the Arabic verse. So the universe is a shape taken by God’s face. The pain and happiness are the face of the Lord to us. Therefore, the information, the people who we come across and nothing are empty. All because we need it or to be directed to where we will be directed.

To whom hell, to whom heaven is facilitated. If you go there, the universe will call you.

Once I was at the gas station, I had to go to pay at the market. Suddenly a bucket of water poured from above up to 2 meters forward and it seemed to say to me not to go. I went because I couldn’t comprehend, and when I returned, the gas station attendant told me that “the electricity went off”, I have to keep you waiting. I had to wait there for a while, even though I had an emergency.

Once on the road, the singer on the radio began to say such things as don’t speed up, then they recompense you. Normally I do not pay attention to the words, but inside me, a voice said this was a message, warned my attention. However, I’d heard the same song before, but I didn’t notice it.

Indeed, in just 1 minute I entered the traffic pullover and paid traffic fines for going 10 km faster. I understood that; if you ask questions clearly and clearly in search of a real need and inner state, the answer may come to you in environmental ways. Evidence of this; It is the verse of God in the Qur’an speaks to the servant after the curtain ”. Everything is a curtain. When you ask a question to God, listen to your surroundings and be ready for answers. Maybe a child’s words, maybe a billboard … Maybe spilling plates and a bucket of water.



I was in my bed, I woke up, but when I opened my eyes, the energy came and surrounded me. It was nice and not a nightmare. It was as if it was just listening and it took my will from me and made me listen. I was just an ear any more.

This time the speakers were speaking English. Almost all but one of God spoke English words I know. The sound was coming from a competition scene. A young presenter lady said. Six; Abraham (then she skipped 5) four; Moses. Three (Jesus) .. (then skipped two), then somebody else took the microphone as they explained the first as if they had given the original envelope to someone else. The voice of a more mature and wise woman began to speak. She said “And ONE, my favour, Erdem Çetinkaya” and repeated my name 3 times.

I opened my eyes, I was released. I’d heard so clearly that the whole world was declared, I thought the whole world heard with me. I thought it was supposed to be the sound from the sky. I ran to my mother’s room. I told her, “Did you hear the sound?” And she said, “What sound?” My father had never heard of it. I was surprised.

Then I searched the net for my favour.  It means the thing or person that I support. I still don’t know why they communicate with me in different, unfamiliar languages, and who they are. When this happened, the miracle of the golden path and the line of the prophets had not yet been occurred.

“Adding”. About a year after this incident, while searching for the meaning of the word ni’emeta in the verse of Fatiha, I saw that it was written as “my favour” in its English translation. I understood better why it was expressed in this way.

I know you can’t work with dreams. But this was not a dream. I listened when I was awake but with my eyes closed. And how can one of my own subconscious minds produce a program fluently with English words I don’t know? I hope I find out its secret soon.


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