Even being tested doesn’t happen spontaneously for no reason. There is a reason, and it comes from our choices, our promises, our desires and our jobs. “I’d rather be in jail than be with you,” Joseph said. He wanted to stay in prison to show his loyalty to his Lord. It was not his sin, but his desire to prove his loyalty. Then when the prison was heavy and he wanted to leave, instead of asking God, he wished for salvation from a servant. Allah knows everything, he did not say by Allah’s permission, or hoped for help from him without passing through it, and found strength in it. But he did 3 more years in prison because he forgot.

Abraham asked his wife to tell him that they were only siblings, hiding that they were married. So he thought he would be protected from death. He did not seek refuge in Allah. So his wife stayed in the palace for days, and his ambiguous and unknown state was ravaged, Abraham. Even though the King was ill, Abraham learned of this late.

Muhammad forced his cousin, our mother Zeynep to marry one of his adoptions in good faith in the name of Allah. He said, “Do it for Allah”. He tested his faith in a difficult way. Although our mother was in love with the prophet, she passed the exam. Then when their trial was over, the Lord tried Muhammad in the same way. He said, ” Let’s marry the woman who married the man she did not love for your and my sake, even though everyone condemns you for taking your adopted wife, do it for me, even though hundreds of years later it will be talked about, and take her when there are thousands of beautiful women besides her.” The messenger of Allah almost hid the verses and prayed for the order to be lifted for days. But verses were coming in succession. Allah knows best. The Muslims knew that even if you were a prophet, you would be tested as you were tested.

Then Muhammad said, before the Battle of Uhud, the companions changed their minds and said, “if the order of battle did not come from Allah, we will give up our insistence, and we have made a mistake by insisting.” But Muhammad said, ” A Prophet, once he wears his armour, does not take it off without a fight.” he commanded. Allah knows best, but there is no such statement in any holy book. So what happens after that statement? Muslims suffer a great defeat, and Allah’s Messenger who speaks like this breaks his teeth and injures them. Peace be upon him and his companions, and mercy be upon him. But every word and its consequences are so profound; sometimes it’s best not to talk.

Moses was very comfortable and luxurious until he killed a man. Then he fell into the deserts and became a shepherd. The lion dismembered the sinful man who wanted to be a neighbour to Moses. Because he had a lot of sins that prevented him from being a neighbour, and he had to be cleaned up.

You see, God does not wrong anyone. Everything turns into trouble with one’s own hand, tongue and sin. the innocent man, who purifies his heart from desires and turns his face to Allah alone, will not suffer any trouble.

God is the guarantor of every human being’s sustenance. But he can test the wealth he gives over basic needs because of one’s claim to faith. This test is not tormented in the truth, but rather to document the claim that “I believe” by taking the excess away for a while. Will he disobey God because he has taken away some of what he has given him? Or will he be grateful and patient?

No provision shall be lost until death comes. The provision of all who seek like birds falls before them. Even those who do not seek are often sent their sustenance. Starvation in Africa is a disgrace and a scourge to the people of that region. Many cities in the world are scorched by the wrath of Allah. Some are hit by earthquakes, some by the tsunami, some by fire, some by floods and typhoons, and some by famine. Sometimes it rains on them as a warning and sometimes as a punishment. If those who live among them do not warn them and do not work with their power to change their society, then trouble will befall them. And those among them who drive out their messengers and their helpers from it, or protect them from it, before it comes.


The suffering may also be due to the desire to be forgiven or to be nurtured to be brought to the higher positions upon his prayer. Therefore, it is not true to say that every affliction is sinful. But surely it was the result of something he did himself.

The lion dismembered the sinful man who wanted to be a neighbour to Moses. There was no way to it except that he would be absolved of his sins and persevered in it for Allah. His sin was many. But by looking at the end of it, it is not true to say,” he was very bad, and now he has gone to hell, or he is going on to torment in another life.” The bottom line is that we do not have enough knowledge to know the inner face of every event and the plan of Allah on it. That is why we must look at every human being with good intentions and compassion. For someone who is suffering, it is good to hope that Allah forgives him and raises his ranks.

And it is not right to think that people who live well are good and to think that they come without sin.


It’s harder for a rich man to get into heaven than a camel to get in without a needle. (It is impossible)

The Qur’an says;

    • Woe to the one who collects wealth.
    • He counts and piles up gold and silver.
    • They ask you how much of their wealth they will give in the way of Allah. Tell them, “more than they need.”
    • 63-4 And when thou seest them their figures please thee; and if they speak thou givest ear unto their speech. (They are) as though they were blocks of wood in striped cloaks. They deem every shout to be against them. They are the enemy, so beware of them. Allah confound them! How they are perverted!

In other words, neither being rich nor looking beautiful is a sign of superiority in the sight of Allah. On the contrary, it is closer to being one’s disaster. The person is stingy with this possession, flaunts it, breaks hearts and turns into keys that open the doors to every sin.

In this case, if a person is rich, he shall not be saved from the punishment unless he has committed more than he needs, and if he is beautiful, he shall not be saved from Haram and pretence, from breaking hearts and from making him an instrument of wealth.

It is clear what is more than needed. What is not used is a surplus of need. Everything that is idle, such as money and gold, houses that are idle, land and belongings, is surplus to requirements. However, spending beyond need, that is, extravagance, is a disease that arises from accumulating more than need. If one does not give him in the way of Allah, “he will make his heart sick.” We see him wavering in self-destructive vile habits, pleasures and unwarranted glory. The men who bought dozens of cars, the women who bought hundreds of jewellery, the ones who spent because of their brand when they didn’t need it… Those who are niggardly with Allah and send down upon themselves. Woe to them.


Briefly, the troubles that happen to a person occur for 10 reasons;

  1. For his sins in kalubela ( Kalubela means “they said yes” in Arabic).. (Even in the first Life, Our Lord was not worshipped as he was here; it was the object of scolding “Am I not your Lord?” ). The cause of most troubles with the death of babies and children is based on the sins before they were born.
  2. Because of his sins and wrong choices.

(The crime committed with the foot comes out of the foot, the crime committed with the eye comes out of the eye, the crime committed with the stomach comes out of the abdomen is wisdom and warning. Search wherever hurts.)

  1. When one persecutes oneself.

(Although not obliged to remain silent to persecution, a difficult job, humiliation, to approach himself with care and care, to not collect knowledge, to neglect contemplation, etc. are self-cruelty.)

  1. When he makes a claim, the person is invited to prove it. It is reduced to the like of the situation.

(Like censure or big talk. Like saying, “If I were you, I wouldn’t do that”

  1. Taunting, insulting (in this case it is often not collected without being reduced to what it is mocking. The one who insulted and despised him falls into the test)
  2. Since future actions are known, their future also affects their past. (You can look at the story of the child in the story of Khidr and Moses in the Qur’an.)
  3. To ask for something that doesn’t need or that hasn’t been given. (The sinful man, who wanted to be a neighbour to Moses, consented to the attack of the lion and was cleansed with it. And whoever wants to earn more than the one who gives birth, and the one who wants a job that makes you earn more, says, ‘ come to adversity.’)
  4. To hurt the orphan, the sick, the guest and the old. God, hurting your friend is a disaster. I didn’t put it in the sin clause. Because maybe it’s not a sin if you touch a normal person with a little joke. But it would be a sin to touch them. Remember that the Prophet was reprimanded by verse for making the blind wait. If you touch an elephant, it won’t hurt. But a little touch will kill the one whose heart is turned into a lame ant. Don’t forget.
  5. Every soul will be tested by his admonition. If he says spend a lot, if he does not spend a lot, if he says to pray in the night, then he will be punished in this world.
  6. Not sharing. Give some of it, just as God has given to you. Give knowledge from science, gold from gold, space from space, opportunity from Opportunity. Then it oppresses you.

If you have done one of these and you do not have the great repentance and the life of the Qur’an that is required to purify you, weep, brother. Incessantly cry. Because if a person does one of these things and does not see it as a nuisance and a warning and a cleansing, his punishment will be for hell, for fear of that day. Because the humiliation of all life is 1 day in hell.

Do not let the deeds of the wrongdoers and the unbelievers and the deceivers be deceived by their living in abundance and prosperity. He never forgets the stars, the countless creatures, the water that the ant drinks in the desert in the morning; he never forgets the infidels’ blasphemy. And on the day when the believer’s prostration and piety will come, he will give his gift.


“Troubles do not fall from the hands of a believing servant until he travels through the land without sin.”(Tirmizi/Zühd 57)


“This is a nation that has mercy.He will not be punished in the hereafter.They will be punished in the world in the form of severe trials,cruelties,slayings and calamities.” (Ebu Davud)

If you can guarantee me that you are absolutely certain about each of the 10 items. And I’ll guarantee you a nice, heavenly life. God does not wrong anyone. In fact, our Lord says in the Qur’an that he has not wronged anyone, nor has he covered up and forgave many of the sins.
So maybe we’re paying for one out of ten flaws. Does the Qur’an not say that sin is God’s punishment wherever you look?… You are defiling the face of God. What would be a fair punishment? You’ve made everyone’s eyes dirty, and what if God made your face dirty? If you get a wart on your face. Make a cut here. See how much God forgives his imperfections, how much he hurts. I hope it is not difficult to abide by these 9 rules. Just a little attention, a little mercy. If he is not constantly busy with knowledge, he will slip. What does Allah say in the tongue of Joseph: “The Soul enjoins evil with violence.” Don’t be alone with yourself. Engage your soul in prayer, in the Qur’an, in the assembly of the sutable, in the conversation of Allah, by fasting, and in the provision of some of the lawful. If he is independent and free on his own, if he is armed with the means, he will surely go mad. Never forget that. Let the Sutable people who cannot find the assembly listen to the conversation on his computer. I hope there won’t be one who can’t find the Qur’an anyway.

Age has been 80. May I repent, God forgive me. Let me be healthy again. What does God say: “when death comes to your door, do you repent?” “The door of forgiveness closes as age progresses, covering his face at the moment of death. Is repentance easy to enter through the shrinking door? The sins are huge, the door is narrowed, do those sins pass through that door? With 3 drops of tear water, will all the dirt come out? But Allah is so forgiving that man should not give up. My Lord says Welcome to all those who come with sincerity and a burning heart, who bow down with their souls, body and heart, and say Allah. He wants to turn around empty-handed. Allah says that I am the owner of vast seas and rivers, and will not spare a glass of water. Get that intimacy.

“Whoever does good deeds, whether male or female, and is a believer, we shall give him a good life.” (Nehl: 97).


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