So what is the secret of the chosen embodiment of the symbol in divine languages to this Hu name? It’s beyond being an infinity sign. Why did he choose the circle in the first languages he taught a creative modern man as a symbol of the name Hu?  


Just as the sound of the Hu was the chant of all living and non-living beings, it became the chant of all beings with the visual ceremony of the symbol that expresses it. All atoms draw circles and all stars shining at night, even all the worlds like ours… They walk on the trail of trajectory, which only looks like his circle. They draw a picture of his name. Because;

“O; Huu has surrounded everything.” Qur’an 2.115

As in the previous example, when we look at a product, the small particles that make up it have the same charm and fascination as the shape that the owner drew when moving. All atoms, or all galaxies and star systems, draw the name of the Creator with their logo. Just as every living creature cannot remain alive without calling its name, no object can exist until it draws its name into the cosmos.

Like all emotions, the universe was born of love. The butterfly falls in love and begins to revolve around the fire that he takes to die.  Everything in love turns. Water flows through flat hole drawing circles when the Earth is captured. The air is circling through obstacles. And the planets are orbiting, falling in love with the magnificent stars.

And love whispered a number to the soul of human DNA. The Golden Ratio number 1.618 resulting from the interaction of infinite circles and geometric shapes. The code placed inside us has allowed us to take a strongly shot at everything resembling him. There is a golden ratio in the average of all human faces. In the most beautiful faces and bodies, this divine proportion is measured as the sign of the Lord. All plants in accordance with the shape of a leaf arrangement called phyllotaxy open the leaf with the Golden Ratio. Let’s start exploring deeper treasures gradually. Because we’re just starting.

You are about to see more than 100 miracles of the golden ratio in the Golden Ratio book.


The circle surrounded every object and a golden ratio emerged from this yellow. In the figures above, you can see how the golden ratio is born when all kinds of basic geometric shapes are surrounded all around. It has been postponed because it is not the subject of this book. However, it is noted that circle shape, that is, is an important issue for the connection between O and creation. For detailed information, see my book “Miracles of the Golden Ratio”.



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