The Qur’an teaches us through the Dhul-Qarnayn story, a device that will save humanity in the future. There is not the slightest information about the Dhul-Qarnayn machine in the old books nor in the Sumerian tablets. The Qur’an, on the other hand, has bestowed one of its miracles with its unique and different aspects.

What disaster will the Dhul-Qarnayn machine save the Earth from? The world reverses its poles every 300 thousand years on average. For 720 thousand years, however, the polar giant has not materialized. As the polar movement takes place, the poles break apart and the area intensity decreases rapidly. For those currently in the world, exactly like that. For this reason, many scientists express that we are in a magnetic pole exchange.

The feared disaster is the danger of the disappearance of the magnetosphere and Van Allan generations during the displacement of magnetic poles. If this system weakens and loses its function, plasmas from the sun can destroy life in the cities where it is hit.

Scientists explain the biggest reason behind the extinction of the atmosphere and life possibilities on Mars with the disappearance of the Martian magnetosphere. The magnetosphere is vital to the world. 720 thousand years ago temporarily disappeared with the sun plasma in areas hit by massive deaths on creatures; may have led to large fires. But it’s very difficult to analyze these local effects with today’s techniques. The Prophet Muhammad says that 1400 years ago, when the Great Wall of protection fell apart and the sun rose from the West, it would rain fire from the sky and that even if some of the human race managed to continue living, they would suffer greatly.

So what is the magnetosphere?

You know the magnet tip of the compass points north. This is because the Earth shows a giant magnet feature. So the only task of this magnetic field is to help find directions? No, the most vital feature is that it protects us from extremely powerful explosions of plasma from the sun. Plasmas are trapped between the van Allan magnetic generations and cannot exceed the Great Wall formed.

These explosions are so powerful that the energy released by a flare detected in the past years has been calculated to be equivalent to 100 billion atomic bombs like the one dropped on Hiroshima. After 58 hours after the flare, extreme movements were observed in the Compass wheels, 250 km above the Earth’s atmosphere, and the temperature rose to 2,500°C. So even the smallest explosion in the sun could turn the Earth into a fireball in 1 second if it hits the Earth. Without the Great Wall of the atmosphere and magnetosphere, of course.

A solar storm in 1989 causes a 9-hour power outage across nearly all of Canada; its distribution system collapses and affects 6 million people. During that event, Power Transformers melt in parts of the United States.

In another solar storm event in December 2005, GPS systems around the world are disabled for 10 minutes. It has been turned from the brink of a global catastrophe as planes and missiles use GPS. Despite all the protection in the sky, the storms that affect our lives deeply will catch us without our protective magnetosphere layer in the polar exchange we will face very soon. We will feel the effects of storms hundreds of times stronger.

Daniel Baker from the University of Colorado explained that some places on the planet may become uninhabitable if the findings are true during the displacement of the poles. Because the Earth’s magnetic field disappears and becomes complicated during the expected polar change in 80 years.

According to a team of international scientists, including from the Australian National University (ANU), such an event in the future could increase our planet’s exposure to the sun’s radiation and damage trillions of dollars by destroying all power and communication systems.

It is also feared that mass deaths of all animal communities migrating to temperate regions with the help of magnetic fields such as birds and fish could occur by going to the wrong regions.

Prof Roberts said there was no need for panic yet and he hoped ways would be developed over time to mitigate the effects of a future Arctic comeback.

A large portion of the plasma rain from the sun is captured and stored in the van Allan generations, that is, the Earth’s magnetic field generations, even if a small portion enters from the poles. Plasmas interacting with gases in the atmosphere cause a chemical reaction to glow. This is called Polar radiation. In the sacred texts, they represent the veins where the Kaf mountain, created from green emeralds and light, merges with the world.

When there are solar flares, polar radiations increase and in some cases become visible even from the interior of Europe. The dangerous van Allan radiation generation approaches 200km from Earth. Electrical systems, devices, lines and satellites can be disrupted due to overloading after a solar flare. Yet even though we have a 3-layer magnetosphere layer. Van Allan generations are so dangerous that even if a human can get there on a private plane, he dies in it in a short time. If a satellite entering the van Allan generation does not have special armour, its circuits light up.  Lunar missions have been able to become non-hazardous through the passage of astronauts from this generation through the thinnest part of generations with vehicles with thick armour at high speed. Of course, this brings additional cost. According to some theorists, it is still very difficult to pass through this generation, and these dangerous generations prevent going to the moon.

 “And We made the sky a protected ceiling, but they, from its signs, are turning away.” (21/Al-Anbya/32)

So why is polar motion so dangerous? Because as the poles tumble, the magnetic field of the earth, that is, the protective field, becomes weaker and becomes more complicated by entering into each other. The last time such a situation happened was 700 thousand years ago. However, the transition time can change every time. A recovery period, which can range from a few years to a few thousand years, is envisaged. If it takes too long, the fate of the world will be like mars. If we don’t use the Dhul-Qarnayn machine.  According to the latest study, scientists think the magnetic field weakens 10 times more than it was first estimated and loses 5 per cent of its power every decade. But, they don’t know exactly what caused this and what it means for us

Even if the poles are not displaced, as some scientists claim, this attenuation will turn Earth to Mars when it continues in this way.


(2015 map of Earth magnetism)

(In the so-called South Atlantic Anomaly, the compass points south instead of North, and the magnetic field has weakened by as much as a third of the world average. Satellites and communications systems began to be damaged in the area.)

The magnetic field average, which was 120 nanoteslas in the time of Jesus Christ, decreased to 80 nanoteslas 35 years ago and to an average of 40 nanoteslas today. A decrease in exponentially increasing speed is observed. In 40 years we could face many unusual situations. You can measure the magnetism intensity in your area with the help of free programs with your mobile phone. Take his average by turning it to four sides. In my region, Ankara showed average values of 30 nanoteslas. This value increases as you approach the poles.

During periods when the magnetic field disappears or weakens, electrically charged plasma from the sun will flow towards the Earth’s divided Poles. And we have a surprise. The Earth has been divided into 4 magnetic poles, not 2, in recent years, and continues to weaken and divide. Many scientists say the polar giant will be completed in the next 80 years. Yes, it would be completed because gliding and slimming became clear in 1980. The number of magnetic poles will increase over time to dozens of different weak fields and Compasses will become inoperable. When that happens, the plasma from the sun every day will rapidly melt and erode the atmosphere, heating it. It will be visible from the lights we call the polar glow all over the world. Every week when a big bang reaches Earth, some cities will fry like oil. The sky will turn red. In some countries, it will only show itself as warming of the climate. If we get caught without a magnetosphere in one of the mega-blasts that happens every century, life on earth could end. The holy books tell this subject in great detail. Are your houses sheltered? No, because these radiation-carrying plasmas are 90 meters thick that they can pass through concrete.



Let’s see how we can survive this disaster from the sun. Let us look at the Dhul-Qarnayn machine described in the Qur’an. Dhul-Qarnayn is a king who is uncertain when he lived in 3 million years of human history. But he’s talking about a device that can be made even in the circumstances of that day. The verses that describe him begin as follows:


And they ask you, [O Muhammad], about Dhul-Qarnayn. Say, “I will recite to you about him a report.”


Indeed We established him upon the earth, and We gave him to everything a way.


So he followed a way


Until, when he reached the setting of the sun, he found it [as if] setting in a spring of dark mud, and he found near it a people. Allah said, “O Dhul-Qarnayn, either you punish [them] or else adopt among them [a way of] goodness.”

I mean, since Dhul-Qarnayn is a powerful king, he is probably going out with his army and going west first, that is, towards the place where the sun sets. When the armies embark on an expedition, they proceed on a route close to water sources and rivers for easy water and food supply. When the river that leads west reaches the ocean boundary, it slows down and turns into a Delta and encounters swamps.  They have no ships to cross the ocean and come to the very end of the direction in which the sun sets. The King sees the sunset in the swamp. It is not written in the verse that the sun enters the swamp; it is written that the sun appears as it sets in the swamp. It is said that he saw the sunset in the sea, as he saw it set in the desert; he saw it in the swamp.

He said, “As for one who wrongs, we will punish him. Then he will be returned to his Lord, and He will punish him with a terrible punishment.


But as for one who believes and does righteousness, he will have a reward of Paradise, and we will speak to him from our command with ease.”


Then he followed a way


Until, when he came to the rising of the sun, he found it rising on a people for whom We had not made against it any shield.

He probably reached the easternmost shores of Eurasia; at the last frontier, he saw the sun rise upon a people. Those locals didn’t even know what a dress was, protecting themselves from the sun. They didn’t even have tents or stone houses protecting themselves from the sun. It was a semi-nomadic people who lived in the wild with primitive hunting and took refuge in hollows in the rain. There was not even a large tree giving shade in the arid land where they lived. He started his way back without contacting them.

Thus. And We had encompassed [all] that he had in knowledge.


Then he followed a way


Until, when he reached [a pass] between two mountains, he found beside them a people who could hardly understand [his] speech.

The highest mountains in the world are located on the Eurasian return Road between East and West. Everest is also here. There they are detached with the outside world and try to come to terms with a people who only know their own language.

They said, “O Dhul-Qarnayn, indeed Yecuc and Mecuc are [great] corrupters in the land. So may we assign for you an expenditure that you might make between us and them a barrier?”


He said, “That in which my Lord has established me is better [than what you offer], but assist me with strength; I will make between you and them a dam.

According to them, they want a set of rays from the fire they call Yecuc and Mecuc, which actually distort the Earth in their own geography. I will explain why I interpreted this statement as such as Yecuc and Mecuc’s fame is not human, but unconscious insanity, that is, beings from fire.

Bring me sheets of iron” – until, when he had levelled [them] between the two mountain walls, he said, “Blow [with bellows],” until when he had made it [like] fire, he said, “Bring me, that I may pour over it, molten copper.”


So Yecuc and Mecuc were unable to pass over it, nor were they able [to effect] in it any penetration.


[Dhul-Qarnayn] said, “This is a mercy from my Lord; but when the promise of my Lord comes, He will make it level, and ever is the promise of my Lord true.”


And We will leave them that day surging over each other, and [then] the Horn will be blown, and We will assemble them in [one] assembly.

100, 101.

And We will present Hell that Day to the Disbelievers, on display – Those whose eyes had been within a cover [removed] from My remembrance, and they were not able to hear.

In this last 5 verses, it is stated that before the Apocalypse, The Great Wall will be torn apart by The Creator; that Yecuc and Mecuc will be left; that they will be abandoned by passing through a structure that is mixed with wave after wave.  This does not affect the working principle of the Dhul-Qarnayn machine, although some think that Dhul-Qarnayn actually travels to places where the sun is destroyed and created.

Let’s figure out what Yecuc and Mecuc are first.  The famous Islamic scholar Sheikh Imran Nazar describes the meaning of the words Yecuc and Mecuc as follows.

The words Yecuc and Mecuc in Arabic also come from ac and acic origin.

Acic ; the flame of fire

Acca: means fast going

Macuc is associated with the words” maca and yamuuc”. It means wave and spread.

According to the Ahmediye sect found in India, the origin of the word Yecuc also means fast-fired

The words Yecuc and Mecuc have entered Arabic from another language. The Franks called it “Yagug and Magug ” and believed it to be the offspring of Satan.

    1. Kisai said that Yecuc was taken from the phrase تَاَجَّجَ انَّارُ which means the fire igniting and burning of the fire and that they took the name “Yecuc” “because they moved so fast;” Mecuc came from the term  “موج البحر ” which means the wave of the sea.

  In Arabic “


means spraying liquid things out of the mouth.  All these etymological explanations mean that the masses of fire that are liquid in the sun reach the Earth by spraying from the mouths called blemishes in the sun. The Qur’an has indeed described the plasmas that come from the sun to the world in perfect words.

The Gog and Magog in the Torah are different from the Yecuc and Mecuc in the Qur’an. Because in Arabic, two different adjuncts were added to the word cuc, but in the Torah, one was used as a simple one with adjunct. So Yecuc and Mecuc will dry the waters from the sun and as described in the hadiths, if they are of fire, devilishly built semi-unconscious beings. He used to say that they should not do any significant harm to the matter and that they should destroy the living things and subvert their devices; indeed, it is in full compliance with the complaint that they are corrupting the Earth, which is expressed in the verse.

In the verse and in the etymological origins of Yecuc and Mecuc, descriptions made in the form of fluctuating, interwoven standing in mixed form describe the waves of radiation, such as Alpha and beta, which fluctuate within the Van Allan generations.

According to hadiths the Yecuc and Mecuc are behind the Kaf mountain. One end of the descriptions about Kaf Mountain is the emerald-coloured light that goes down to the poles, and from that light, we will understand how the transparent mountains look bigger and grander than all the mountains in the world.

In the Qur’an, Jinn describe the state of the heavens as follows;


8. And we have sought [to reach] the heaven but found it filled with powerful guards and burning flames.

9. And we used to sit therein in positions for hearing, but whoever listens now will find a burning flame lying in wait for him.
10. And we do not know [therefore] whether evil is intended for those on earth or whether their Lord intends for them a right course.

The Jinn was also created from a fire with a radioactive characteristic that is very strong and can settle on the skin;

 (AL-HIJR SURA / 119)

And the jinn We created before from scorching fire.

Indeed, there are searing waves and Rays in areas such as the Van Allen generations in the sky. The jinn says that they have ascended into the sky and that they have punished them. This is a miracle. There have been and still, are frequent changes in the Van Allen generations or the magnetic fields of the Earth in history. It is understood that these changes have caused some of the teleportation doors to open and close. With the Great Wall of Dhul-Qarnayn, the changes that the Creator made in the magnetic fields of the earth with the arrival of the Prophet Muhammad reduced the power of the celestial Jinn in the history of the world.

In 1970 the Earth’s magnetic poles appear very steady and strong.

Earth’s magnetic poles are not as steady and strong as they used to be in 2008.

As the poles shift, our magnetic field will become very complex and very weak.



Called Mount Kaf in sacred texts but referred to by science as the Van Allen generations, the radial set is the mountain of energy that surrounds the Earth. There is much in-depth information in Islamic sources regarding his characteristics. It is even possible to find up to the number of generations. The energy-charged electrons and protons travel through the generations trapped and spinning, and this goes on for many years to come.

There is also a rumour from Qatada and Abdullah that Allah said: “Do you know what this is? A wave that is drilled (compressed and collected) is a preserved ceiling……” (11) Imam Ahmed b. Hanbel… Ebu Hureyre narrated that the Prophet said: “Gog and Magog dig the Great Wall every day. When they see the sun’s rays, their supervisor says, “come back and dig tomorrow.” When they get there the next day, they see that the Great Wall is more robust than before.

The intensity of our magnetic field increases in that area during the hours when the sun is fully facing the Earth. Now in the videos, you see how the waves of Gog and Magog created from The Sun, that is, fire hit the wall; sometimes they yawn enough to migrate into it. If they hit it even stronger, the set would be broken and they could get down to Earth. Usually, the innings doesn’t last longer than half a day; the set starts to jam again if there’s a new bang the next day.

The scientists thought that the Van Allen generations had 2 pairs, namely 4. But they found the third couple, which occasionally appeared in explosions. So they found a total of 6 natural Kaf mountains; magnetic sets. When Zulkarneyn does and is added in the world, the number of sets will increase to 8.

Mawlana’s teacher Beyazid-i Bistami was asked: “Have you reached the mountain of Kaf?” He said, what is Mount Kaf, it is closer than the mountains of Kef, Ayn and Sad.”. Hearing this, “What are they?” he asked; he replied:” These mountains are the mountains that surround the places in the substrate. Around each layer, there is a mountain in the mesabe of Mount Kaf, which surrounds this world. Kaf Mountain is the smallest of these mountains. This world we are in is the smallest of the layers.” saying that the smallest of the Kaf Mountains is located just above the earth; that the Earth is smaller than the Kaf mountain; he explained the names of the others. Their numbers were again 8 out of 4 pairs.

The Hadith also explains that the time of the arrival of Gog and Magog is related to the rising of the sun from the West, that is, the displacement of the poles.

“Before long after Gog and Magog, the sun rises from where it sets An argument calls out to the people: “O you who believe! What you have done (charity and repentance) has been accepted. O disbelievers, the gate of repentance has been closed to you, the Pens have dried up, the notebooks have been removed.” When Gog and Magog disappear, the poles will be displaced and the sun will now rise from the West according to the Compass. Because what opens the Great Wall of Gog and Magog is the process of transition and fragmentation that makes the East the West.

Maulana spoke with Mount Kaf, that is van Allan generations. Don’t weird out, according to the scriptures, Everything is Alive. Only man’s capacity for perception and ignorance does not allow him to see it. I will tell you in a different presentation about how this life is formed. Maulana is getting important information. The first place we received this information was the Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad. Now let us listen to the speech that is further detailed in these hadiths;


Zulkarneyn went to Kaf Mountain… He saw that the mountain was of pure Emerald. The whole world ( expressed in the Qur’an in the sense of Realms and societies) was surrounded like a ring… Zulkarneyn was surprised to see that mountain. He said: What are the other mountains if you are a mountain? They’re like a toy with you!

Mount Kaf said: those mountains are my veins… they are no match for me in beauty and purchase. I have a secret vein in every city… the circumference of the realm depends on my veins. God tells me if he wants to make an earthquake in a city, I will move the vessel that reaches there. When I moved the vessel that reached that city with the grief, the place would be destroyed. When God says enough, my vein will settle… stops I’ll look, but I am always at work! I look like an ointment, but I do a lot of work… like the mind, he stops, but the word comes from him, and he moves. But according to the understanding of this sanity, the Earth earthquake happens from the vapours on the ground.

Mount Kaf said: “Here is the plain, which is the way for you three hundred years. The Sultan filled it with mountains of snow. The mountain is piled numerous on top of the mountain… even more always snowing there! Another Snow Mountain piles up on top of a snow mountain… the coldness of the snow makes it all the way to the ground! Vast moment by moment, the great of snow out of the barn stacked on top of a mountain than a mountain of snow! If my Sultan had not such a lowland, the heat of hell would have destroyed me!”

In fact, since 1980, an extraordinary increase in earthquakes in the world began to be observed. Polar shift, however, gained movement in the same year and the polar attenuation rate began to grow. For this reason, scientists think there is a direct relationship between magnetic belts and earthquakes.

We learn from Mevlana’s narratives that Zulkarneyn made the magnetic set maker machine by talking to Kaf mountain.

Ibn Abbas described this mountain as follows: “God created a sea that surrounded him after the supply, and a mountain behind him, which is called Kaf. The sky hangs over him….”(210) these heavens have pillars on the Mount Kaf. (3 )

According to Taberi, Mount Kaf surrounds the supply like the ring that surrounds the finger and keeps it constant. Since all mountains depend on it, it prevents the Earth from swinging continuously. (210)

The Prophet Muhammad likened the beings of light to the devil, the enemy of the world and life, and said that these generations, filled with soldiers, looked like the horns and heads of Satan.

“Do not pray at sunrise or sunset. Because the sun rises between the two horns of the devil and sinks between the two horns.”Indeed this being, which resembles the head and horns of the Ox; whose horns are lodged in the poles, fits exactly the description. Just as 97% of human beings are a pile of bacteria, this mega-demonic entity, called The Devil, contains billions of serpent beings that move around and destroy humanity. Each of them seeks out the weak spot of the set to get out every day and wrap the world around it.

According to a rumour from Abu Hurairah, “when the messenger of God was sitting with his companions, a cloud came over them. Prophet, do you know what this is? He asked. .. Then; this is the cloud! … and then you know what’s on you? he asked. It is the sky of our world, a preserved ceiling and a wave that has been averted… ” (11.53)

The prophet saw that with a magnificent foresight, there was a stack of waves set in front of the sky. As well as current scientific understanding, these waves have been called the magnetosphere layer, which is considered to be part of the atmosphere rather than outside the atmosphere. The prophet of Islam knew the structure of the world in a magnificent way;

The Messenger of Allah ordered: “Do not go on board except for Hajj or Umrah or for the purposes of jihad in the way of God. There is fire under the sea, and there is a sea under the fire.” Ravi: Abdullah İbnu Amr İbni’l-As Kaynak: Ebu Davud, Cihad 9, (2489)

He saw the hard layer of the cave that turned into the fire under the seas with great accuracy with the description of the sea that merged with the fire under him the layer of lava that was completely liquid.

We said that Gog and Magog will descend in the middle of the polar movement and will disappear when the movement is complete. So are there holy signs of the start of the polar giant?

A great fire will appear from the East for three or seven days in a row, darkness will be seen in the sky, and a whole new redness will spread in contrast to the usual redness in the sky. It will be given in a language that the earth can hear and understand. (Portents of the apocalypse, Berzenci, P. 166)

This ejaculation will be the announcement on the exit of anyone expected and heralded in all world religions. Subject to that announcement, he will be saved; he will face an endless torment that ignores him.

When 3 days of great red light appear in the sky, we need a structure to protect and organize people from disaster. DWS, which is a civil formation, is the only movement that focuses on the protection of the good, not the elites, rulers and the rich, DWS will provide the necessary Organization for the protection of all its citizens.

So how will Gog and Magog harm the world? It is stated in the Hadith;

In the hadith narrated İbn Mes’ud by Müdebber b. Ubade,

Gog and Magog will come from every hill as if they were divorced, they will set foot in their homeland, they will consume everything they have come to, they will drink every water they have come to. Then the people will turn and complain to them, and God will destroy and kill all of Gog and Magog, and all sides of the Earth will be filled with their stench, and God will rain down, and he will drag their bodies into the sea.

I swear a fire will engulf you. That fire is dim in the valley today called Berehut. It covers the people even though there is a great torment in the fire. That fire will burn people, goods, and end them. It flies like a cloud with the wind in eight days and spreads all over the world. The heat of the night is more intense than the heat of the day. He said that the fire would be as terrible as thunder between the Earth and the sky, approaching from the head of the people to the bottom of the throne. (Death-Doomsday-afterlife and portents of the end times, P. 461) (Portents of the Apocalypse, Berzenci, P. 289)

Again, wonderful expressions. Since these waves are electrically charged, they follow the magnetic flux and these currents reach their maximum values at the vertices. When the Arctic falls apart, they will lose their power in the Arctic and flow from the peaks of the countries to the world as if divorcing from the rain. Therefore, he stated in the Qur’an;

 Al-Anbya Sura

96- Until when [the dam of] Gog and Magog has been opened and they, from every elevation, descend

97- And [when] the true promise has approached; then suddenly the eyes of those who disbelieved will be staring [in horror, while they say], “O woe to us; we had been unmindful of this; rather, we were wrongdoers.”

This fire, which will dry the waters and penetrate the skin of living things and kill them, will be effective in many cities around the world. According to the magnetic field movements, the most popular Gog and Magog countries will be Brazil, Canada, America, Central Asia, China and Russia.  Hadith; “…They will drink and consume every water they come across as they go, and they will disrupt and overwhelm everything they come across. Then the people will wail and ask God for help…” (11 )

When the magnetic currents of the Earth begin to re-form like the magnetic threads of a magnet resembling maggots, the head of those Serpents will be cut off from the root. Animal and human Dead will be fertilized in the soil, and with some positive mutations caused by radiation, a great revival will beautify and give abundance to the Earth.

 Sahihi Muslim;
Nebiyullah Jesus and his associates will be stranded on the Mount of tours. So much so that a head of ox from the violence of the siege will be worth more than a hundred dinars with today’s money. Therefore, Jesus and his companions will plead with the Almighty to rid themselves of their scourge. Almighty Allah will accept their prayer and haunt the little maggots whose name is “Nugaf” to the noses of the Gog and Magog tribe.

One morning, with the might of Almighty God, all of them will perish at once, like a single breath. Later, Jesus and his friends will descend from the mountain of Tur.


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