The first 6 numbers of the Golden Ratio 1, 6-18-03

The Lord who is the only created the world and 18 thousand (0) universes in 6 days and in 3 stages.

This sequence kept the answer inside to the questions “Who? when? what? how? Examined as a whole, we see the number of golden ratios underlying geometry and all creation.

The last stage was the world. He used this sacred number in all this creation. The Lord set the sixth day as the number of times of creation and made the sum of the first six of the golden ratio figures, which made everything and struck the 19 seals upon the golden ratio.

In the 1,61803 number, the sum of the first 6 digits is 19.

Müddesir Sura;

Do you know what Sekar (sun burning) is?

It presents plates-documents to mankind. There is 19 on it.


It increases the belief. 

Pay attention to the Moon that: 

And when you cover the night

At dawn (when the sun rises)

Surely, he is one of the greatest, a stimulus for human beings. (Numerical value of the verse: 109 (74th Sura + 35th. verse)

Sura Müddessir draws attention to the moon and the sun, the turning of the earth. It tells us where to look for the 19 and 109 seals.

  • In the solar system 19-109 and the Golden Ratio emerge as two interconnected seals.
  • Up to 109 worlds fit side by side into the sun.
  • Between the Sun and the Earth 109 suns fit up side by side.
  • Even if the moon has an orbit of growing orbit, when it is now at the midpoint of its orbit, a maximum of 109 months fit up between the Moon and Earth.
  • The circumference of the Moon is 109 thousand km.
  • The world’s circumference is 109 times 365 times, the sun’s circumference is 365 times of 109×109 
  • The livable volume of the world is 109 X 10¹⁰ km3.
  • The world’s maximum speed of 109 thousand km per hour.
  • The volume of the month is two 109 x 10⁸ km cubes.
  • (The moon is divided into two parts according to the Qur’an and hadith)
  • We see the golden ratio in the solar system, in creation, in the design of the moon and the sun with the sun, and the design of 10-9, intertwined.
  • I have been presenting you the golden ratio, 19, 109 and hundreds of miracles in plates/tables.


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