The Golden Ratio is the number which is on the basis of the geometry of number. It has been used in the design of the Solar System, Earth and Moon. In addition to Kepler and Fibonacci, Da Vinci has considered the Golden Ratio sacred in his book divine proportion. A new mystery is emerging every day about this holy number, which has become the admiration and passion of thousands of scientists and researchers, and about which countless series, films and documentaries have been shot. The symbol of perfection in nature is the divine seal of beauty and love on the human face. The Holy Treaty chest, the temple of Solomon, the ark of Noah had been always made according to the Golden Ratio according to what is written in the holy books. The Qur’an has been reduced to a system with a golden ratio and its miracle has been added into the holy books.

Now you will witness a special way that this number draws on the world. You will see all the religions in the world, Jesus, his apostles, Muhammad, all the old prophets, and even the prophet of Buddha and Zoroastrianism alone. You will clearly understand that they all come from one source and that their essence is one that concerns all religions. You will witness that the prophets and the scriptures are sent by the omniscient power, the creator who knows the future.

1st Miracle


According to the verses and hadiths, pilgrimage in Islam is vakfe (stop). Vakfe means that millions of people gather around the tower every year in Arafat, which can be reached by walking from the Kaaba during the Hajj.

In 2009, I shared with you that the Golden Ratio point of the world is in Mecca. Also the Golden Ratio point of Mecca is the Kaaba. The distance between the poles on a global basis; that is, the distance of the Earth from the North Pole to the south pole of the exact golden ratio point; the Kaaba and the hajj is Arafat described as standing near the tower of the principal place of. Arafat is the meeting place of the pilgrims and from there they walk to the Kaaba to make tawaf and say on the trail of the name of Allah.

Let’s test this right away with Google Earth.

(Arafat Tower-Arctic Point) 7.639.605 metre

(Arafat Tower-South Polar Point) 12.364.312 metre


(Perfect Golden Ratio)

This is only the first miracle and you will witness more than 300 great miracles throughout this documentary series.

2nd Miracle


Now, from the tower of Arafat, at an angle of 114 degrees, which is the number of Surahs in the Qur’an, let us proceed as far as 18000 meters, which is the number of Realms in which the Qur’an is sent in Islam. This is one of the two main places of the Earth’s golden ratio region, along with Arafat. The prostrate aspect of the Kaaba billions of people.

3rd Miracle


The Qur’an says in Surat Al-Muddaththir that ” he presents the signs to the people and Over it are nineteen [angels]. Signs sealed with that number increase the faith of both Christians and Jews and Muslims. For those who want to get ahead … he’s one of the greats. It’s a stimulant for people.”

Altın yol;  boylamların 40. değerinde, hac alanı sınırı olan Arafat Dağından başlar, şaşırtıcı şekilde yine enlemlerin 40. değerinde sona erer.

The Golden Road begins at the Arafat Mountain, which is the boundary of the pilgrimage area and surprisingly ends at the fortieth value of the latitudes.
Now let’s draw a straight line from this point at an angle of 19 degrees. Let be 19 latitudes in the length of the line. So let’s go from the 21st latitude to the 40th latitude, the symbol of maturity. This latitude is the main latitude of abundance, with all the major financial and power centres in the world. You will also witness the countless secrets of this miracle, which is sealed with 40 and 19, and which rises from the 40th longitude, and which was discovered in Hijri 1440 when the Hijri is 40 years old and sits at a latitude of 40.00.

This path drawn at an angle of 19.66 degrees is the path of God. 66 is the mathematical gematria equivalent of the word God. And 19 is the numeral seal he mentions in the Qur’an. This seal also appears in the solar system and in miracles of the Golden Ratio.

There is no other planet in the solar system with a rotation axis angle from planets and satellites, an angle to the orbital plane of 66 degrees and 33 minutes. God has tilted the neck of the world as much as the numerical value of his name. (God corresponds to the number 66 in the Arabic gematria system)

Note: The statement of 23 degrees 27 minutes was informed public by measuring the angle in question backwards to conceal this fact. Science organizations like Nasa are famous for giving not the names of every important thing and operation in the sky but the names of the pagans and the so-called gods who are their enemies.

When we go on over nineteen latitudes at an angle of nineteen degrees, we come to a region west of Ankara called Bagder-i Bala in the N-allah-han district. This distance, which is the centre of the Golden Ratio of the world Kaaba-Arafat region will be a full length of a large to a small golden ratio. Up to 1618 km + 618 km. The miracles started at 1,618, the Golden Ratio, and so far you have seen more than 100 golden ratio miracles. Note also that the scriptures and the solar system and geometry are sealed with miracles of the Golden Ratio.

4th Miracle


This line is not an ordinary line, it is the Straight Path which is the most important line in the world, the order that affirms all religions. This line is the path of righteousness that all prophets walk on. Before I tell you its relation with Sirat; see the golden ratio in the internal dimensions of the line metrics.

We come to Al-Ula as we proceed to Jerusalem, 618 km and 19 degrees on this line from the Kaaba. This is the birthplace of the family of Salih.


Let’s go 1234 km and 567 meters 89 inches. That is, as much as the ordered sequence of the mathematical system, which has been bestowed upon the 10-fingered man. This distance is very sharply the precise distance from the gate of the Kaaba to the gate of the Masjid Al-Aqsa or, in other words, the Temple of Solomon.   If we go within two small golden ratio distances, i.e. 618X2=1.236 km, we will reach the outer border of the Temple of Solomon to the cave of Zedekiah, another sacred place.

The old southern border (750 meters) of Masjid-i Haram, where the Kaaba is located, and the Zedekiah cave – Masjid-i Aqsa southern border distance is 750 meters.

And at the last point, the village where the person who discovered these miracles, The Divine golden ratio and the road miracles, was born, is again on this line and 1618 + 618 Km away from the Kaaba, 618 km away from the Apostle Barnabas, and 1000 km away from the gate of Masjid Aksa.


5th Miracle


Matthew 22
9  (Jesus says that) Therefore, go to the roads on the edge of town and invite everyone you find to the wedding party.’

Luke 3

4 This is just as it was written in the scroll of the words of Isaiah the prophet, A voice crying out in the wilderness: Prepare the way for the Lord; make his paths straight.


When you travel 1618 miles along this 19-degree line from the Kaaba, we reach the birthplace of Barnabas, one of the most distinguished apostles, and his family. Even Pavlus, the founder of modern-day Christianity, was able to join the apostles with Barnabas’ vouch for him. The world would now be experiencing the Christian faith better suited to the Torah based on Barnabas ‘ principle of indivisible unity and commonality of the creator.

When you go exactly 1000 km and 365 meters from Jerusalem or, in other words, 618 km 19 degrees from the city of Barnabas, the village of Bagder-i Bala and Karahisar village emerge. I know you wonder. What is the last point where all these golden ratio points are drawn with 19? Why is there Nallah-an Bagder-e at the end of this flat path, which is drawn according to the golden ratio measurements with 19 degrees, 19 latitude height?

6th Miracle


Ever since I was a child, I have been searching for ways and miracles to reach God. Almost every day of my life, I resigned my civil service and dedicated myself to announcing to the world in all languages the divine miracles that God has bestowed upon the prophets.

I was very surprised when I saw all those points combined and the point where they went with the Golden Ratio and 19. I saw that the 7th and last point of my hometown, Ankara Nallıhan Bagder-i Bala, was right there when the line of the great golden ratio became the way of life of all the prophets, and a small golden ratio, that is, 618 km further along the same path.  I saw that the servant of the prophets and the holy books of God had not forgotten this servant. Ten years ago, the discovery of the Golden Ratio point of the world and the world of miracles I’m on a journey that began with the proclamation; I finally found myself as a part of this miracle. Witness; He makes no effort for nothing. Thank him endlessly. You can see more details about this region in the following sections and in my other books.


7th Miracle


You have seen the birthplace of the prophets and their families, formed from the golden ratio of Bagder and the Kaaba to the inner points. In fact, all the great prophets of the Earth were created to walk along this line. Noah, Moses and Abraham, who appeared to have been born outside the line, were ordered to gather the people who believed even in the prophets and take them over the line. Even Jesus’s; his Mother Mary; was taken to the road while he was in Egypt, and birth was achieved on the line. So the reason for the birth of three exceptional prophets outside the line;  to collect the Holy lineage on the sacred line. All peoples face the religion and messenger of God on this line sooner or later. In the encounter on this row, the people who believe heartily in heaven pass through this row and fall back to hell.

When they are drawn to the line from the birthplaces of Moses and Abraham, their birthplaces are also miraculous and complementary. The longitude of the pyramids and pharaohs region where Moses was born is 31.07, and the longitude of Karahisar-Bagder is 31.07. In other words, they are two points on the same line of longitude with a precision of fifteen.


8th Miracle


If we move from Bagder to the South and not East at a 90-degree angle in the Google Earth system, we will reach first the city of Zoroastrian Prophet and then the palace where Buddha was born, the Temple of Limbuni, with a thousand unity angular precision. (Right under Nepal). 90 degrees south from Bagder, we reach the site of the pyramids of Giza, where the Prophet Moses was born.

In other words, 90 degree right angles from Nallahan Bagder to both South and East combine the birthplace of all the remaining prophets.

This district, which is colloquially called Nallahan, has been specially chosen to name it as if by this miracle it resembles Allah. I will soon show many proofs that these prophets were chosen with a divine mission directly through the holy books.

9th Miracle


Bagder-i Bala village and Karahisar, which is the last point, were determined among themselves according to the golden ratio angles.

Bağder-Karahisar Centers Angle

161,80 degree

Bağder Mother’s House – KaraHisar Father’s House (From door to door)

Distance 3236 metres (2 Golden Ratio 1618+1618=3236 )

Angle 160,81 degrees (Reverse 19,19 degree)

Bağder Village North Border to the North Pole

5555 km.

Bağder Village From South Border To Ecuador

4444 km

South Polar Point from the Temple in Kara Hisar Father’s House and Garden

14444 km


10th Miracle


The angle between the Goşen area, which is thought to be the birthplace of the Prophet Moses’ family and the settlement centre of the Jews, that is the Jewish settlement, and the Jerusalem Wall of Wailing, is exactly 19,618 degrees and the distance is the number of heavens in the heavens, and the number of witness witnesses symbolized as the eyes of the Lord in the Torah. 7X7X7 = 343 km.

Distance and Angle from Gosen to Masjid al-Aqsa Wailing Wall

343,000 km (7X7X7=343 )

70,382 degrees (19,618 degrees with the equator angle)

There are 1000 miracles that are both a gospel and a warning, inspired to show you, hidden for the prophets and holy books to emerge today. The next section will see other miracles that cannot be explained by coincidence in coordinate systems. Continue to be my companion on the journey to the unity and essence of religions.


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Jesus; - It's harder for a rich man to get into heaven than a camel into a needle. (Impossible)


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"... every possessed property increases the sin of selfishness"

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Mankind seems to think that the universe's deity is a servant. When his work falls, he calls for help but does not sacrifice for him. Then why should God respond to the ungrateful and selfish voice of mankind? If he believes, let people do what is necessary. If he didn't believe it, he'd bring separate evidence against every evidence. Or he will not complain about the increasing disasters!

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