I will share with you a number of secrets about the secrets of the sky that have been revealed to me alone. There are so many numbers in religion, what is the origin of the concept? Why are there 7 days  in a week and 12 months in a year? What are the importance the Lord has given to these numbers? Why pilgrimage is 4 months. Why the obligatory prayers are 19 Rak’at. (the morning Sunna is known but obligatory). Why do we circumambulate? What is the secret of the Kaaba? I will give you a piece of wisdom by the grace of Allah.

In the scriptures, both the Qur’an and the Torah and all other pre-books, he mentions in historical texts that there were times when God and the angels clearly appeared to people. In fact, it is known that the prophet Solomon used the jinn as workers and had them doing construction work. The Qur’an writes that Rahman, at certain times, created man with both hands, sitting on a throne .

We understand that it is a different form of narrow-mindedness that man pushes Allah to a point where he is not completely invisible, cannot come to the world and is far from concrete. God is infinite and unlimited, yes! However, this does not prevent him from showing himself in the universe and communicating with his creatures. Imagine that everything is regular as if there is a king in a country, and soldiers and ambassadors work. If the king never appears, everyone begins to think that he is dead or that he was never a king and even those who claim that his vizier tried to rule the country on behalf of the king by telling the king is there.

In addition, it is reasonable to want to know where God is, in the Qur’an it says, “I created Adam with two hands” and in the Torah, “I likened him to my own image,” went to the universe after he created man and finished the process of creation on Earth. There are many unanswered questions in religion. Why does the Earth rotate at 66.33 degrees? Why does the moon cycle in 29 days. Why are 12 constellations determined? Are the figures used in the creation process coincidental? Or are they special symbols of the religion with the beneficent God? All the things you will see are made according to a certain logic that glorifies God. If you want to understand the order in the universe  and see the secrets and reality of religion, read this article to the end.


  1. The first founded city of the Lord on earth was Eridu. The words ERD (earth) in Arabic and Earth in English are of Sumerian origin. While the whole world is said to be under water; It is said that the Eridu waters, which was blown from the soul of Rahman and where the developed humanity came from the line of Adam lived, remained under water.
  2. It is said in the Qur’an “Rahman taught Adam the pen to write”. Adam was created 7000 years ago and the article was written by the Sumerians and passed on from in 4000 BC. All inventions such as fabrication of pottery production, hydraulic engineering, wheeled car, the plow, weaving workshops (modern garment), brick factories, and metal work emerged suddenly in Sumerian. It took 1000-2000 years for other less developed people in the world to learn and use the inventions from the Sumerians.
  3. According to historical records, the name of the temple in Eridu is Engura and the name of his holy book is ME. For this reason, the Lord named Eridu-me and named the city I was born in as Angura (Ankara). This city was calculated as the center of gravity of the continents and is the highest point of the 109 degree sacred righteousness path (Musta-Kaiym) from the Kaaba. In the Eastern religions, the chosen surname, Metta, was determined as the main surname, and in the Torah he called me Kaya and Doğruluk (Erdem). In the hadiths, the step is expressed as Hü-ccetun-Kayam-Meta-membrane. When my surnames are combined, he gave his voice to Çetinkıyamet. Because the coming  of Rahman became closer.
  4. Sumerians divided the circle into 360 parts instead of 100. Because the cycle of the stars / planets of power that he saw as God was 3600 years. The Sumerians were a community that had directly talked to angels and the jinn, and over time they recorded this in written records.
  5. The Sumerians believed that they were the angels who ruled the earth in the sky, and they would calculate the positions of the stars in which these angels sit. Therefore, the word “angle” means both “angle” and “angel”.
  6. Their kings from the jinn were chosen through 3600-year-old cycles called Shar. Adam and the kingdom and the trail of the holy spirit passed to new types of people.
  7. According to the Qur’an, “One day is equal to 1000 years of the world” on the ground of our Lord (planet 9). In this case, one night will be 2600 years on the planet ARSH, where the Lord placed his throne.
  8. The death of the Buddha and the first destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem coincided with about the same periods (the evening time on planet 9, the time to move away from the earth). He said I’ll return back to Buddha 2600 years later. Because when the night of 2600 years is over, in the new period, all the old holiness will be resurrected primarily.
  9. The LORD, who will remain in the world for 1000 years after creating Adam, also set the life of Adam to 1000 years. He gave him the management of the heavenly garden he had lowered in Eridu.
  10. In the Qur’an, the concepts such as “Religion Day” and “Day of Judgment” are expressed with the word “DAY” instead of the period, age or moment, because the Lord pronounces in his own time. The mentioned period is a 1000-year day. And it has been confirmed by many holy books that the Golden Age will last 1000 years.
  11. According to the holy books, the Lord, who left the world after the death of Adam, did not appear on earth until the periods of Abraham and Jacob. When he came back, according to the Tanakh / Torah, which the Qur’an affirmed, He clearly appeared to 70 select people on the mountain, calling out from the cloud burning to hundreds of thousands of people. He chose a nation to conquer the world. However, those people did not act as He desired. When the Lord was 1000 years old, he destroyed his temple and left. When he moved away,  his angels and holy spirit ruled the world.
  12. In the last case, he gathered his chosen nation to Israel to test them again after 2600 years. He started to show great things on earth. The signs in the Torah took place (Euphrates dried up, Israel gathered the loot of the neighboring countries) Very soon, it will see all the world angels and armies as before. Since the Muslims were almost absent, those in other religions were given supremacy.
  13. The American film industry, worshiping Satan / Jinn, is preparing humanity for a war against Rahman Allah, who will come from outer space. It is making preparations with a scribbling media campaign that depicts the Lord and religions badly.
  14. There are 9 large planets and 3 scattered planets / meteors in the sky. The Lord (10 full, two-handed) established his throne on the 9th planet . The cycle of this planet is estimated to be about 3600 years according to the Sumerians and 3-10 thousand years according to scientists. The existence of the planet has been confirmed by NASA.
  15. Having the Lord on the 10 and 9 made the number 109 sacred. The entire Solar System was built according to 109. In the Qur’an, the word Sema is repeated 109 times. *
  16. A difference of 10.9 days was created between the lunar and the solar cycle. This celestial order gives birth to the synchronization of the moon and the sun every 33 years. In the 3600-year cycle of the Arsh planet, 3600/33 = 109.09 times the Moon and the Sun are synchronized, this is called the Celestial Conception. 109,09 conjunctions are counted and blessed on the planet of Arsh every year. Everything chants the Lord’s kingdom symbol. Because of the blessing of 33, the chants are drawn 33 times, resurrected in heaven at the age of 33, and Jesus is taken into the sky at the age of 33. The world is subjugated in orbit as 66.33 degrees, the numerical value of God’s name. (90-23.27 degrees)
  17. Satan developed a slogan saying that he would take 9 and exceed 10 and be 11. He also takes care of the order of the Lord and emulates numerical-visual symbols by imitation. He also chose 911 symbols. He promised his fans that he would prevail. Executives who believed in him made the emergency number to ask for help to bless 911. On 9.11, the twin towers, the excuse of war, were destroyed. The new world order was announced at 9.11. At 9.11, the crane was overturned on the Kaaba. All phone numbers, ID numbers and sports games praised the cursed the devil with the number 11. Iblis, is the obvious enemy of man.
  18. The Lord blessed the solar system by searching for 109. I verified the Lord’s inspiration with information from space agencies. A maximum of 109 Earths fit side by side in the Sun. A maximum of 109 Suns fit side by side between the Sun and Earth. While the Moon’s orbit is at the golden ratio point of the tidal range, up to 109 Moons fit between the Moon and Earth. The circumference of the Moon is 10.9 thousand km. The circumference of the Earth is 365 times 109, the circumference of the Sun is 109 X 109 X 365 . The livable volume of the Earth is 109 X 10¹⁰ km3. Earth’s max. Its speed is 109 thousand km per hour and the volume of the Moon is 2 units of 109 X 10⁸ cubic kilometers. The Circumference of the Sun = Circumference of the Moon x Circumference of the Earth / 100.
  19. The Lord drew a line from the Golden ratio point of the Earth Kaaba and Arafat square to the equator at an angle of 109 degrees to the north. This line was built according to the golden ratio and the envoys of all major religions were sent on that line. Your brother’s hometown, where miracles of earth and sky are given, is on the other end of this sacred line.
  20. 3600 years (One day in Arsh) X 30,4366 (net days in a month in the world) = 109,571 years. (Note the number 571 years. When the planet of Arsh passes  one month  109 thousand years in the world passes and with an increase of 571 years. 571 is the year the Prophet Muhammad was born.  Muhammad’s birth has a significant relationship here) in the Qur’an In the Surah Kadir says: “That night is better than 1000 months.” This means; If we calculate according to the Arsh planet; He was superior to “109 million years” that night.
  21. Earth and planets were created in 7 days. (Last day monitoring and evaluation) 3600×7 = 25200 years pass in the world. This is the movement period of the Zodiac in the Solar System. In other words, in order to bless the Lord Zodiac, the Solar System existed in a period of about the Zodiac cycle (25,920 years). The Earth returns to the Great Zodiac (12 Zodiacs) by 66 degrees long as it was created.
  22. The Lord divided the night and day into 12 parts in the world, and divided each part into 3600 parts (seconds). It is remembered that Allah, who is these 12 rulers and masters, wandered in 3600 years.
  23. The word s-sema, which means sky-sema, appears 120 times in the Qur’an. It is a reminder for 12 months and 12 horoscopes.
  24. The earth rotates to the orbital plane at an angle of 66 degrees 33 minutes. 66 is the Gematrical number of Allah. He returns with his head bowed to Mele-i Ala in the Great Zodiac.
  25. 1000/3600 = 0.2777 In other words, the ratio of one-day duration to the total motion on the planet of Arsh is 0.27. Regarding this, the Moon travels around the world in 27 days and 7 hours.
  26. In the Quran, the words “angel” and “devil” is repeat 88 times. You can examine the list and proof in detail in my anonymous miracles book. Today, there are 88 constellation clusters, large and small, that have been officially identified and named in the sky . The word Arsh is repeated 29 times in the Qur’an.
  27. Rahman contracted with Moses for 40 days and nights. This is known as the evolutionary time required for the servant to reach his Lord. 3600X40 (days) = 144,000 world years. He chose and blessed one person in the world for every year in this period when the Lord Rahman worshiped and chanted what was in his own person. For this reason, the number of holy persons and apostles that have been reported has been reported as 144,000. Bible Revelation 14: Then I saw the Lamb standing on Mount Zion. There were 144,000 people with him. The names of him and his heavenly Father were written on their foreheads.”
  28. For the sake of the coming of Rahman, who is on the 9th planet and his symbol is 10; The pilgrimage of the person who makes the Arafat Foundation between the noon on the 9th day of the month of Zilhicce (who has a Hajj meaning) and the fajr-i sadiq on the 10th day is valid. We said 2600 years night and 1000 years day (close to the sun) on the planet Arsh. The proportion of this to Earth year is; It is the declaration of darkness and emptiness for the remaining 8.66 months of 3 months and 10 days of day (3.33 months) (the gospel of the Lord coming and appearing ) within a year. Here Muslims enter the spirit of unity and holy months in 3 months and in the 4th month, in which there are increasing days. Haram months / pilgrimage months are 4 months according to the Qur’an. Because this means the interval of time that the Lord was in Erd (Earth) on the planet of 4 months.


The fact that religious institutions do not talk about the apparent manifestation of Allah, RAHMAN, that he constantly describes God as the eternal and invisible, a hidden asset is in fact the slander of “Mahdi will never say ‘I am Mahdi”. The Qu’ran says, “Allah is visible and invisible.” God appears to beings in the form of Rahman, which is infinite. Or he chooses another copy he wishes. It cannot be prevented, restrained from being able to take shape.

When Rahman came from heaven with his army, the devil and his supporters said, “Aliens are coming and will destroy us!” they will open war. They will say “Allah is invisible”. The whole world is given to the reign of the devil and those who depend on him. Thus, Rahman will know on his own side, who is on the side of the devil, by faith. He will confirm his prediction. If we understand the slanders on Mahdi to understand the games played by the political power, we will also understand the slander on Rahman.


With a statement that is not mentioned in any hadith or holy book, such a thing was made up and entered into the mind of society. People who are incapable of reading and researching for themselves also learn this stuffed information and think it is real. In this way, political powers and the devil aim to say: The True mehdi; When people say, “I am mehdi, here are my miracles and proofs”, people believe without looking at his evidence, “Mahdi does not say ‘I am a mehdi’, O liar, die!” they shout. If mehdi doesn’t say “I am mehdi”; Everybody will say, “If he denies this, or says” I am not “even though he is, he is a liar, if he does not claim it, I do not need to claim or support it.” So this is obviously the devil’s trick.


The film industry and the helpless demon kingdom played a game for the coming of the great Rahman, who dragged the stars from their places and played with their shapes; And he imposed the following thought with movies.

“Allah is only eternal, invisible. Know who says” I am God “, he is the Antichrist. There are aliens in the sky and they want nothing but to destroy humanity. Aliens are not peaceful.”

In this case, when Rahman divides the world with his army as described in the holy books, they will provoke humanity against him. Although Rahman can destroy them all, he will revive his prophets and his supporters, the devil’s parties will also be resurrected and gathered around the devil. “The good will be gathered and the war will begin around the messenger that the prophets of the book have given a heavy Testament to help with all their strengths. (We will inherit the earth to the righteous. Remember the verse of the Qur’an. Inheritance will be only by the death of the property owner. The owners of the world will die.)

Angels will try to strengthen the hand of the Chosen and increase their supporters with gold scales, strings and evidence, as in the book of the Enok prophet. He will have the proof that what comes from heaven is truly capable of creating everything. Rahman will test the people with scientific evidence, even if he can download the stars to the world. (God knows best)

Now, I am opening all of this in order to support it in more detail and with new information;


The Lord created all systems, from the smallest to the largest, in a structure of 7. You will see Allah even when you look at the atom’s 7 system. In the 7 system of the solar system and in the systems of the larger, Allah will be seen to be  surrounded by them. The system that we will examine with you today is the 7-way celestial system in the solar system. But first, let’s examine the smallest to largest divine system.

“Wherever you turn, the face of God is there” (Holy Qur’an)

I looked at the Atom, saw the planet Arsh and seven ways. I looked at myself, saw the planet Arsh and 7 ways. I looked up to the skies, saw the planet Arsh & 7 roads. In each of them, God was hidden.

Layer 1: Atom and the Organization of Electrons in 7 Orbits

No atom in nature can have more than 7 orbits. Atoms have 7 orbits with maximum lifting capacity, depending on their type. While the atom of some element has only one or more orbits, different elements are reached by adding electrons to 7 orbits with various methods. In other words, the atom’s behavior changes according to the electrons in the orbits of the atom. Water may be fire or fire may be water.  Scientists report that adding new orbits to the atom may be possible in the future, but only as short-term elements that can take place as virtual orbits and live a millionth of a second. If electrons are considered as fruits, it can be seen that they are invisible atomic bonds to the soil called protons and neutrons in the nucleus, that is, they are connected with branches, they are in communication and interaction. When the atom is viewed by visualizing every force and its elements, it will be seen that it is like a tree whose leaves are constantly trembling and its branches are turning. The “sacred tree of life” appears from micro to macro in the entire realm.

2nd Layer: 7 Types of Microorganisms Organization

A higher level of creation is microscopic creatures. There are 7 types of eukaryotes, Arkea, Protists,, Fungi, Bacteria and Mega Viruses. Inside these creatures is a tall tree, with its branches entangled, called “DNA” or “RNA”. This tree gives it life and determines its life.

Layer 3: 7-Way ARSH (Heart) Advanced Live Organization

We created seven ways above you (Believer, 23/17)

They are creatures with a head with advanced features such as seeing and hearing. Let’s give an example on the human head. There are 7 holes-paths on the human head. Each of these holes are “ways” that enable us to carry out the management work between the lower (spirit) and the upper world (matter). And we have a total of 7 roads, ie 7 data entry roads. 2 ear holes, 2 nostrils, 2 eye holes, 1 mouth hole. Hidden additional trajectories of man; It is the tactile feeling that it receives data without holes and taste are hidden on the tongue. These have been added to people secretly and their existence cannot be understood by looking from the outside. However, secretly, man knows and uses himself. For example, it is like human beings seeing 7 paths, orbits (7 moving celestial bodies and paths) and even 2 additional basic orbits they cannot see.

There is a brain in the center of human orbits. This brain is actually a tree that has its roots in 7 paths and other hidden paths. That tree, its roots spread towards the environment, but within its leaves and branches. When the brain and neuron branches and nerve structure are examined, a structure similar to the root of the tree is seen as if it is all around. This is the human tree of life. Its roots are in opposite branches.

Its divine system – like Sidret-ül Münteha – is the “tree of life” in the holy books or the tuba tree, whose roots are in heaven, with the roots above.

The Lord is here, as he surrounds everything. His throne, that is to say, is the heart. (Purpose from the heart is the brain and all of the thinking heart and intestinal neurons) The Qur’an says; “The heart is between two fingers of God”. In other words, he established a throne in the atom, both in the sky, in the heart, and beyond the skies, as well as surrounding everything)

Layer 4: Families-Relatives (7 close relatives) Organization:

Let’s examine the basic structure that creates, develops and manages the human.

These; (in the center) a person can be 7 different types of close relatives of himself, Mother, Father, Girl Child, Boy, Sister, Brother. As the sun is in the center, the central position changes in the family when the father ages. The ideal family structure should be so. When parents are old, there may be no one to care for them. The mother and the father take care of the child for 7 -14 years. The child also looks after the parents for an average of 7-14 years. What provides the tree of life is the pedigree. The tree appears in every structure with a different form and meaning. The fruits of the tree are children, and the roots are parents. His body is the man and his wife. The family is like a grafted sapling. The closer the species inoculated seedlings are, and the more compatible they are, the stronger they will bear much fruit.

Layer 5: World- Planet- Nations Organization (7 continents and 7 skies)

The Lord divided the earth into 7 continents and raised the tree of life with the families he placed in each of them. Of course, there is a sign for those who think that there are 7 continents in the world. In addition, the world atmosphere consists of 7 layers, each with a different task.

Layer 6: Sun-Star System (7 Visible ‘Apparent’ Orbits and 5 Hidden Orbits)

The Lord has created this system, in which accompanied creatures and divine manifestations take place, in 7 visible ways. He also hid the other 4 ways that are unseen from people for a while. Although the center of this system is apparently the sun, it is actually the 9th planet. While the management system in a bacterium is simpler, man is more complex and the world is more complicated than all of them. And man guides an invisible soul. In the celestial system, management is beyond the human mind. The manifestation of the Lord was at the center in the Sun first. Then he traveled in other layers for 6 heavenly days. And it continues to wander on this day. There are 5 planets, the Sun and the Moon on 7 paths visible with the naked eye. There are 4 more ways that are invisible to the naked eye. These are the representations of the 4 angels carrying the cross. The real curse and arch are hidden inside the human as well as in a state surrounding the universe. Arsh and Kursi were given to the solar system and formed the management of a large system through celestial movements.

Layer 7: The Visible Universe

Matter and the universe are built on 7 kinds of forces. Counted forces are actually data sources that govern the behavior of matter. A branch that extends to each molecule or substance reveals how it should treat it through one of the 7 forces.

Molecular Forces

1-Mass-gravitational force

2-Electromagnetic force

3-Weak nuclear force

4-Strong nuclear force

Submolecular Forces

5-Dipole – dipole forces

6-Ion-dipole forces

7-Van der Waals forces

Here we see a replay of the system in layer 3. Like brain neurons, they are invisible to each other, but are filled with billions of rounded celestial bodies, such as the roots and branches bound to be known for certain. The information that originates from the roots (nerve endings) of how the mind creates thought in the brain creates the thought in the central soul with requests from creatures. Therefore, in the Qur’an, Allah says, “What importance did you have without your wishes?” Just as the brain responds to wishes, the soul, the secret soul of the Universe, that covers everything; it also responds to all stars and planets. No eye can see the true state of God, which is infinite, and cannot bear it. However, the spirit and mind of man that has infinite power in itself can show itself in a group of neurons. For example, you create a kingdom for yourself in a corner of your brain and you can show yourself to your servants as a king. Here is how the king represents you and is your manifestation; The being on the 9th planet, possessing light and infinite powers is the reflection of the infinite God in the universal mind. It appears to be shaped on the 9th planet as the infinite Rahman.

I was asked to see Allah in many ways. I was awake at first and Allah manifested in my mind. With one scream, I collapsed like the collapse of the mountain. As if a knife helped my brain and withdrew. I saw only a trace of infinite power and knowledge.

In another dream, I saw it in my dream; his facial features were almost like a real person who wrote bismillah in letters. He introduced me to himself, then took the form of Prophet Muhammad and introduced himself as such. I was a child in front of him and the Quran was open in front of us. Then he took my soul and sighed and I saw myself through the eyes of the Prophet Muhammad, I was with him and became one.

In another dream I was in a dark place above the sky. “I wish I could close at your feet!” I was crying violently. I had an extraordinary feeling of fire and love in me. Then I saw the feet of the Lord, and I hugged and cried longingly. Then the Lord lifted me and all the universe stars fell under the feet of us. Our feet were in the universe that looked like a dot, but the Lord hugged me like a friend. His face was very serious. His body and face with lines of light … had a mature and wise expression. We hugged each other and particles flowed from his heart to my heart. I had seen this dream close to the morning of the day I would gather scientists to shoot the Sacred Mysteries documentary. Then I saw the Lord, with his face invisible, scraping his image in the mountains. You can see this shape now. He had 2 hands.

Extract, Allah can enter any form. It can look any way. The apostles and even angels of God are the forms manifested in the universe. When the divine soul is manifested in the apostle, and prostrate to him when he speaks of God’s mouth. But when he turns into a spiritual person, he becomes our friend or brother.

samanyolu_galaksi of-the-galaxy-galaxy-büyük_çekic Laniakea

Cosmic web: The universe has a large scale tree-like structure. Every little dot in the picture is a galaxy. Yellow spots dark matter concentrations (artificial coloring and computer simulation).

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The creation process works in the same way, from the smallest realm to the largest realms in nature. The reason for this is that the smallest and the largest are the same gods of the Creator. Take a small bush, for example, or a large tree. You will see that the branches grow in Y-shaped forks in similar ways. There is a similar creation process from human vessels to ice crystals. Look at the figures where the rivers meet the mountains; there you will find tree branch patterns again. Again, the entire universe is a tree connected by invisible branches, and the stars are like the fruits of the tree. Nerves and snaps in our brains look like a small copy of the universe. Nerve paths and snaps; It is reminiscent of a lightened tree that takes root from the spinal cord. Like the tree feeding from the soil, the brain feeds and develops from the body with flowing signals.

7 visible ways created by the Lord in heaven; It has similar features with the management system in the whole universe. Humans have seen 7 moving celestial bodies (5 planets, the Sun and the Moon) since the early ages. They thought that these celestial bodies follow their own paths, that is, they have orbits.

In this article, you will see the evidence of the Lord’s placement of the throne in the Sun system, consisting of 9 large planets, its 3600-year cycle and what is coming soon. Scriptures, historical data and astronomical data will be my source of evidence. You will find many questions with unknown answers in religion, the secrets of numbers and stars with this article, which is a small book. This is not a result of revelation, what I wrote is what scriptures and other sources make me think. Allah knows best.

9 is represented by the number of Lord (10) that settles on the Great Planet. Because he encompasses the path of 9 big ones with his soul and is the 10th.

Among the scholars, the idea of “God is eternal, beyond time and space, so we cannot see it” prevails. This is true. However, the Qur’an says: “He is both visible and hidden”. The infinite Lord manifested on the 9th planet, and his name is called “Rahman”. Allah and Rahman are the same being. Nur is. If he wishes, Rahman appears as a person of light that covers the eternity. If he wants, he appears as a king of fire and light sitting on the 9th planet. Or he gives an angel one of his spirits and appears in his body, appearing to people.

Since God is infinite, talking to people can only be done in three ways according to the Qur’an;

(1) Revelation (hearing sound or more implicit heart desire, 2) By sending an envoy, angel or prophet, 3) After the curtain (after the burning tree, mountain, sky, cloud, symbol or events))

God does not speak to a person, except through the revelation or behind the scenes or by sending an ambassador, except that he (the messenger) has revealed to him what he wishes. Surely He is great and wise. (Şûrâ / 51)

It is only through the scenes that one can speak to God, the Infinite. That curtain is Rahman and his apostles. Humanity will see it as a magnificent and radiant person. This will soon come true when they honor the earth with the 9th planet.


“Until Allah becomes a fajr by coming to the nearest sky to the world: ‘Is there anyone who forgives my forgiveness, I forgive him. There is no one who wants sustenance from me, I will surrender him, there is no ambassador, I will give him salvation. Is there no such thing? ? ‘ It is commanded. “

(Ibn Mâce, H. no: 1388)

This hadith was generally interpreted as “the spirit of the Lord descending to the earth sky before the sun comes up and listen to believers”. However, this point of view is ignorance. Because Fajr never ends in the world. Since there are prayers all over the world and the world is constantly rotating, there is a constant Fajr time somewhere in the world. Fajr in the world never ends as long as the world turns. In this case, he should not go up and down, he should stay up and stay there.

However, many concepts in the holy books are not understood by the inhabitants of the world since they are explained not to the world but to the planet Arsh. The Lord enters the sky (solar system) near the earth whenever the sun appears from the planet of the Fajr, that is 3600 years, and appears and speaks to the people they choose. This Fajr period takes 1000 years. For 1000 years, the Lord constantly appears in different forms and accepts the wishes by the prophets and his aides. Apart from this, it manifests to the world, not through itself, but through angels and regimes, and does not speak directly to those in the world.


The solar system contains of 9 large planets and 9 roads belonging to them. There are 3 meteor / huge rocks and a generation of planet candidates. These generations contain billions of rock fragments, even planetary structures, large and small. According to scientists, these generations are pre-planet formations, or they are formed by the fact that very large objects trying to be planets are dispersed as a result of collisions and are made so small. Many planetary fragments have been broken down in these generations over the past 100 million years.

According to the information given based from Nasa on Wikipedia, it can be said that the solar system consists of 9 planets and 3 planet cradles (generations). The names of these 3 planets or relics;

  1. Ceres Generation (Lord Ceres Baby Cub)
  2. Kuiper Belt (Lord Pluton Baby planet)
  3. Scattered Disc Belt (Lord Eris Yavru planet)

9 planets









-Planet X (Arsh The Divine Planet)

Adding the Sun and the Moon, 12 large and basic areas / floors / orbits appear.

When analyzed in terms of golden ratio, it is seen that the creators took these generations into account as if they were planets.

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Surah Yusuf, verse 4:

Hani Yusuf said to his father: “Daddy, I really saw eleven kefabs (planets), I saw the Sun and the Moon; I saw them prostrate to me”.

It means to be in verse 12: 100 (being 100 tastamas 10X10); it is seen in this verse that the dream of the prophet Yusuf came true . In this verse;

Yusuf took his parents to his throne. They all prostrated to him. * Yusuf: “O my father! This is the realization of my previous dream. * My Lord made him real. And he really bestowed on me.

The interpretation of this dream of the prophet Yusuf; it is the spiritual manifestation and the prophecy of the Lord at a young age. However, another interpretation is that 11 of the 12 planets in the sky prostrated and worshiped Allah, the Lord of All. As I will tell you soon, there are 12 planets in the sky, each of them a person. Science has discovered all 12 planets today. 9 of these planets have been declared as big planets and 3 as dwarf planets.

The occurrence of all the events in the world on these planets were thought to be the angels that control the name of the Creator. Astrology and mythology were born from here. In the Qur’an, it is stated that all people and angels on earth and in the sky cannot act without Allah’s permission, but it is explained that there are people in the sky.

Sun, Moon (The largest satellite in the system and almost a planet)

Similarly, there are 12 great blessings in the Torah and the Bible. I will be content with a few example verses, if not all.

If 12 Sun and Moon are added to the planet, 14, the number of all celestial beings in the solar system, will appear. For the sake of this, the Moon completes its phase in 14 days and becomes a Full Moon. There are 12 ways in the sky, 7 of which are apparent, which are equal to the number of Moon phases in a year. The moon changes phases 24 times a year, which is determined by the Lord himself as the number of hours per day.

Addressing Venus at 14:12 and the demon who used to be his owner, the prophet said:

Once you were on the 12th star (planet) and you were accepted into peace. You fell from 12. You would say, “I will put myself higher than the 12 stars (planet) of God.” On the 9th planet, you’d say I’ll be the 11 (Over 5 lords of Tasta) 11. (The secret origin of the 9.11 metaphor, see my 9.11 article for detailed information). You would sit at the summit of the heavenly mountain and city (will come to earth on the apocalypse), where the great angels (gods in the old language) gathered. But now you are thrown into the land of the dead.

The secrets of the heavens are given in the 12th verse in the chapter 14 of Isaiah.


12) O bright star, son of the city,
How did you fall from the heavens!
O crushing the nations,
How did you fall to the ground!
13 You said, “I will go to heaven,”
“I will put my throne higher than God’s stars;
On the mountain where the gods gather,
I will sit at the peak of Safon.
14 He will rise above the clouds,
I will make myself equal with the Supreme of the High. ”
15 But to the land of the dead,
To the bottom of the death pit
You have been downloaded.
Biblical Revelation 12 :
1 An extraordinary symptom in the sky, a woman wrapped in the sun appeared. The moon was under his feet, with a crown of twelve stars on his head.
78: 12 We have seven heavenly skies on you… We put a luminous oil lamp between them.
The Quran has placed the sky verse in verse 12. Because 7 heavens; It was built with a 12-planetary system.

Sky Floors in the Dogons

Although the Dogons are a primitive tribe, they base their knowledge of striking astronomy on beings from heaven. The concept of the Navel Belly is also present in the Dogons, a native of the Republic of Mali . According to the Dogons , who think of everything with their twins or double pairs, the number of heavens created by God Amma is 14 (7×2) and the number of ground floors is 14. According to Dogon and ancient Egyptian traditions, the highest floor of the heavens is the sacred source of influences of Sirius . According to the Dogon belief, in the highest Sky, the regent (representative, manifestation) of God Amma, the Great Nommo (the name of the god (Nammu), who is unique in Sumerian and creates all gods, is the watcher of the souls on Earth. It directs and manages.

Sky Floors in Mayans

The concepts of “Navel of the Sky” and “Navel of the Earth” are also found in Mayans. In Popol-Vuh, one of the holy books of the Mayans, the words “belly” and “heart” are used when expressing the deity in the Navel of the Earth. For example, in a legend, the hawk descends from the Belly of the Sky to the Belly of the Earth. 7 Ahpu, who are the fathers of heroes who brought civilization from the seventh floor of the sky in Popol-Vuh , enter the human form when they descend into the heart of the Earth. Some of the people who made the Mexican pyramids made the pyramids nine-fold as they counted the sky as nine-fold. But as with Asian shamanism, the number of celestial floors is not the same in Mayans, the Aztecs, and their descendants, the American Indians. (Algonkins have 12 skies.)


There is detailed information both in the Qur’an, the Torah and the hadith and Sumerian sources about the fact that God is sitting in a system called “arch / throne” located on the 7th floor of the heavens. This is one of the rare issues that all religions reach common judgment.

We have seven solid skies on you. We hung a lamp (sun) shining through them. ” (Nebe, 78 / 12-13)

It even writes in the Qur’an, where the Sun and the Moon are on different floors in this 7-fold sky.

“How did he make the Moon, a light and the Sun as an oil lamp in them?” Didn’t you see, how did Allah create seven layers of heavens? ” (Noah 15-16)

According to the religion of Islam, there are a number of different places such as a huge void, a spiritual sea, sidre, tribune, arch, where the 7 heaven layers created by the Lord, in which the Moon, the Sun and the kefabs (planets) end. All of these holy things all begin in the area right after Saturn.

«The truth is that the number of moons in the sight of Allah has been twelve in the book of Allah since the day he created the heavens and the earth. Four of them are forbidden months . This is the direct account (religion). So do not persecute yourself in these, and fight collectively with the polytheists as they fight collectively with you. And know that Allah is with His taqwa owners. ”(Surat Tawba, 36)

Surprisingly, all numerical concepts described in religions; and the world-specific basic creation numbers are equal to 12.

    1. 1 year was equal to 12 months. (In a solar year, the Moon goes through 12 phases and works like a calendar.)
    2. It is divided into 12 parts each day and night. And it is designed so that the sum of all digits from right to left on the watch face is 12. (12, 11 + 1, 10 + 2 ….)
    3. According to the Bible, Jerusalem has 12 gates.
    4. There are 12 signs in astrology.
    5. Jesus has 12 disciples.
    6. In Ancient Greece, 12 Olympian Gods of Gods rule the Earth.
    7. The Lord divided the Israelites into 12 tribes.
    8. There is a common acceptance in Sunni and Shia that Imams are 12 in Islam.
    9. There are 12 Fathers from Noah’s son Sham to Jacob.
    10. Jacob had 12 sons and the nation that the Lord declared the people came from these 12 sons.
    11. It is mentioned in the Bible that there is a 12-star crown at the head of the Virgin Mary.
    12. In Hinduism, Buddha is said to have 12 students.
    13. La ilaha illallah (the basic base and secret of Islam) is 12 letters. (The Lord of 12 (12 planets) signals my meaning)
    14. Talking about the existence of 12 planets in the Qur’an, Surah Yusuf is the 12th Sura of the Qur’an. The total number of verses is 111 with reference to the 11 planets prostrate.


Many thought that this divine system encompassed the entire universe. However, the throne of the Lord may be closer than we thought. Even just outside the solar system. It may have established its throne in a large planetary system just a bit beyond Pluto. I would like to present my theory to you by examining both scriptures and scientific data on this subject. More evidence is needed to say for sure, but for now the signs confirm this theory.

In short, my theory is as follows;

In sacred texts, the sky represents the planets and the orbital fields they travel. The Lord’s arch is surrounded by its orbit at the top of all. It is written on the top of the celestial floors, where a planet is located on each floor, that it has a throne to a planet or system surrounding the solar system. (Because the celestial floors refer to the orbits the planets roam).

When we examine some events and inscriptions of this planet in Sumerian and history, we see that its cycle is 3600 years. This cycle is called “Shar”. (We will see how divine events take place in cycles by examining the date)

It is written in the Qur’an that “a day is 1000 years on the floor of the Lord”. In other words, the system in which it operates must rotate around it in a thousand years, or even if the system is stable, it means that it is close to the star, which is the light source, and the day / day time is 1000 years. To say “the throne of the Lord is free from time and space” is against the Qur’an and the Torah. However, if God wishes, he changes this registration and rules time and place in any way he wishes.

It is everything and everywhere in its true nature. However, “Melik”, the manifestation of “Rahman”, which he manifests, sits on his throne in the sky. He is strong enough to play with stars and planets like a pebble. By proving this with thousands of scientific evidence, I would like to express my gratitude and service to our lord in heaven, one deity, Rahman. He will soon come down to the world with his angels, armies and throne, and will explain which of us is the most beautiful of the deeds. It will bring the reward to good, and it will inflame hell for the bad. How great is he?


  1. The planet (Planet X or any other structure) on which the Lord establishes his throne (arch) revolves around the solar system in 3600 years.
  2. 1000 years of this planet or advanced ship orbit passes closely to Earth and the Sun. In this case, it happens during the day on the planet. The day lasts 1000 years, and the night 2600 years. Because it is close to two thirds of its orbit away from Earth and Sun. For this reason, the Earth was created in 2 days, and planets in the other floors (7 times sky) were created in 4 days. In this creation, the numbers 109 and the golden ratio are used as a divine symbol, so that the Lord who is One is known to have created.
  3. When he is close to Earth, he presents to the Earth and talks personally with his apostles on earth and does great things. A day in the sight of Allah is 1000 years. At this time when it is close to the Sun, it has been on Earth for 1000 years.
  4. When he is away from Earth, that is night, he rules the angels on Earth through his holy spirit. Or he raises the people he wants to meet personally on his planet. For example (vacancy periods such as the last 1400 years without a messenger and the last 2600 years without an altar).
  5. The planet where the Lord is covered with water and ice, and the throne of the Lord is above the glaciers. It is certain that a planet so far away from the Sun and circulating in space is covered with ice, and Nasa’s estimates of the 9th largest planet are in this direction.
  6. It takes an average of 50,000 years for Angels to reach him from Earth.
  7. The throne of the Lord is like a circular dome.

Let’s compare the accuracy of these 7 items with both scriptures and scientific data. But first, what is the throne (Arsh) of the Lord? Let’s try to understand this well.


In Arabic, “Arsh” means “throne”. The throne of kings is also called “Arsh”. It has been a common acceptance of scholars that the arch is a real object, not a spiritual one. He writes that in both the Qur’an and the Torah, the Lord settles on the throne that surrounds them on the 7th day after creating the heavens and the earth.

Although the majority of Sunni theologians other than Abu Hanîfe, Eş’arî and Mâtürîdî, and some Shia scholars gave a “property” with the influence of Cehmiyye and Mu’tezile, they were surrounded by the Islamic philosophers’ thoughts from all directions ninth fate. ”(Râzî, XII, 147; Beyzâvî, II, 245; et-Taʿrîfât,“ ʿarş ”art .; Ubeydullah es-Semerkandî, vr. 2 a ). Thus, in order to get rid of the anthropomorphic difficulties brought by the issue of invasion into the mind, the theologians were obliged to accept that it was an object with an external presence, but at least they adopted the view that the concept of arch includes both meanings (İbn Fûrek, s 43; Nasafi, Tabirra, vr. 61 b ). In fact, it has been suggested that Muslims allied at the point that the shape and nature of the arch cannot be known, but that there is an object above the sky (Pezdevî, p. 223-224; İbnü’l-Arabî, p. 313-314; Râzî, XV, 238; XVII, 13, 187). (ISLAMIC ENCYCLOPEDIA)

According to the books of all religions and Sumerian texts, the sky is 7 times. On these floors, there is the rostrum, and on it is Arş (throne), and on him Arsin God. (Is God free from space? I answer questions such as what is its nature in my book “Secrets of Allah”, read it free of charge on my site.)

“Surely your Lord created the heavens and the earth in six days, then resigned to Arsh (sitting on the throne) (Araf 154)

“He created the heavens and the earth in six days, while his Throne was on the water, to test you of which of you would be better off.” (Hud 7)

“The angels are around her (heaven). On that day, eight (angels/planet) are burdened upon the Lord’s arch.” (Hakka 17)

“People will be in great fear and terror on the Day of Resurrection. I will be the one who will wake up first. What will I see? Moses, one of Arsh’s (the throne of God) has firmly held one of the feet! Or will it be from those whom Allah made exempted from the collision of Tur (Giant flying ship)? ” (Bukhari, hadith no: 3217)


السَّمَٓاءُ (alone without the “and / vow” tag) 109 The word “El-Sema” is mentioned. He points out that 109 is a seal struck by the heavens of the Earth. وَٱلسَّمَآءِ The number of “Sema” words with the suffix “vav (oath)” at the beginning is 9 (9 planets and orbits). 7 of them are conjunctions used to swear to the skies. 2 of them are conjunctions meaning “and”. So it represents the hidden 2. (Planet 8 and 9)

The lunar cycle lasts about 354 days a year, the solar cycle 365 days. These two different celestial bodies gave birth to two different calendars. The Moon and Sun calendar. Societies sometimes used both and in some periods only one. But all Hebrew societies always used the Lunar calendar. Between these two heavenly years, there are exactly 10.9 days. (The Lord has hit the seal here 109. The lunar year is about 10 days 21 hours (10,875 … (10.9) days shorter than the year of the Sun. )

The lunar year cannot begin, as the solar year begins. The lengths of the years are different. However, every 33 years, the sun and moon calendars are synchronized and they start counting from the same point with a difference of 1 year. In a way, we can say that their positions are equalized. For example, let’s have a birthday on August 5 of 1980 and 23 Ramadan days on this month calendar. In this case, when you are 33 years old in 2013, the two calendars will show the same day. You can only see the next cycle when you are 66 years old.

Because of the blessing of 33, the chants are drawn 33 times, resurrected in heaven at the age of 33, and Jesus is taken into the sky at the age of 33.

In a cycle of 3600 years of Arsh planet, the positions of the Sun and Moon are synchronized 109 times. 3600/33 = 109.09090909

This number 109 is very important on the planet Arsh. Because they use neither the full Sun calendar nor the full Moon calendar when controlling the order in the world. Instead, they are based on the conjunction of the Sun Moon calendars with a 33-year cycle. In this case, 109 Earth calendar cycles fit in 1 cycle on the planet Arsh.

Because of the concept of Yahweh 10 and the blessing of the 109 cycles; In many subtleties in the creation of the Sun, Earth and Moon, the LORD is glorified on the basis of this number.

The Moon was created with 109 volumes of the Earth and the Sun with their volumes and locations. Synchronous cycles, they marry and leave 109 times until the Arsh planet reaches the same position. (Moon feminine, Sun masculine energy)


HOLY 109

A maximum of 109 piles of earth fit side by side in the Sun.

Solar Equatorial Diameter: 1.391.000 km / Earth’s Equatorial Diameter 12756.2 km = 109.04 …

A maximum of 109 Suns fit side by side between the Sun and Earth.

Earth’s Max To The Sun. Distance: 152.098.232 km / Solar Equator Diameter: 1.391.000 km = 109.34 …

While the Moon orbit is at the golden ratio point of the tidal range, up to 109 Moons fit between the Moon and Earth.

Average Moon distance to Earth: 379.372,695 km / Equatorial Diameter of the Moon: 3.476.28 km = 109.1318

The circumference of the Moon is 10.9 thousand km.

According to Nasa, the circumference of the Moon is 10.917.0 km (109.1X100 km)

The circumference of the Earth is 365 times 365 times, the circumference of the Sun is 109 times 365 times 365.

According to Nasa, the equatorial environment of the Earth; 40,070.2 km. 40070,2 / 109,6 = 365,604. The environment of the Sun; 4,370,005.6km, 365,24X109,4X109,4 = 4,370,005 … (avg)

The livable volume of the Earth is 109 X 10¹⁰ km3.

According to Nasa, the volume of the Earth (7-thousandth atmospheric membrane and elevations are not calculated); 1,083,206,916,846 km 3

Earth’s max. Its speed is 109 thousand km per hour.

Earth travels around the Sun  Its speed is 30.29 km / h. 30.29×60 (s) X60 (min) = 109.044.0 km (Earth’s max speed per hour)

The volume of the Moon is 2 109 X 10⁸ km cubes.

According to Nasa; The volume of the Moon; 21,971,669,064 km 3

219,71 / 2 = 109,86 … (The moon was divided by God in the 7th century BC and this event is among the most known miracles of the Prophet Muhammad.)

Around the Sun = Around the Moon x Around the Earth / 100

4379000 km (Circumference of the Sun) = 10917 km (Circumference of the Moon) X 40070.2 (Circumference of the Earth) = 4.3745E8 (5 changes per ten thousand, full measurement with an atmospheric difference)

… The examples go on and on.

Sources used in measurements: to



I have long explained in my documentaries and articles that the Sun, Earth and Moon were created based on the number 109 and that this is a great miracle. This was such a number that it corresponded not only to the creation of the heavens but also to the angle of inclination on the map of the path of religions on Earth, the golden road line on which the prophets were sent. 109 is one of the greatest miraculous numbers I have discovered. So why not 103, 34 but 109?

Because one month, or 30 days, on the planet Arsh is equal to 109,000 years in the world order.

First, let’s look at how many days a month is in the 12-year World year. 365.24 / 12 = 30.4366 …

3600X30,4366 = 109.571 years. (Pay attention to 571 years. When 1 month passes on the planet, 109 thousand years pass on Earth and 571 years increase. 571 is the year of the birth of Muhammad. There is an important relationship between the Quran to the world sky and the birth of the Prophet Muhammad)

He says in the Qur’an: “That night is better than 1000 months.” This means; If we calculate according to the Arsh planet; He was superior to “109 million years” that night.

I thought that the 10th Sura in the Qur’an describes the heavenly order in the Qur’an because everything is related to the planet Arsh and the order of the Lord, that is, 10 (9) above. The 10th sura was the Sura of Yunus, and at the very beginning of the sura, he was talking about ARSH, the order of the Sun and the heavens. What was most striking was this; Sura 10 consisted of 109 verses . In other words, from the miraculous and magnificent number of the heavens.

Speaking of 109 verses and the sky, I saw the passage of my and my mother’s name in the Surah Yunus, and that the human beings that came out of the fish age will enter a new age that has evolved to believe. He was telling about the transition from fates. My Lord inspired my discovery of 109 miracles and made the spirit of Yunus reincarnate in my soul. (Detailed information; Return of the prophet Yunus article)


In the picture below, you see a line starting from the Kaaba, which the Lord calls “my home” and Mecca, the Golden Point of the Earth. This line rises to the north-west at an angle of 109 degrees to Ecuador. Envoys of all major religions were ordered to go to the regions on this line, or were born and died at the points on this line.

There is no difference between 109 degrees and 19 degrees on the angular platform. For example; this line is 19 degrees to the poles. (90 is a right angle, and when you add 19, it becomes 109). That is why the number of angels or the content of the miracles presented on the plates is related to 19, while the Qur’an says “there are 19 above” in the surah of Müddessir. It consists of a different view of 109 in angular planes 19.

This line is 19 latitudes high and its points are built according to the golden ratio.


In a hadith narrated by Sa’lebi, The Prophet  said:

“Hamele-i Arsh is now four, On the Day of Resurrection, Allah strengthens them with another four angels, so that it will be eight” (Kurtubî, al-Mosque, fî-Ahkâmi`l-Kur`ân, XII, 266).

The human eye can only see 7 moving celestial objects in the sky. These are the Sun, the Moon, and 5 nearby planets. The Magnificent Melik on the 9th Planet carries the angels of 4 invisible planets. (6,7,8,9. Angels of the planet). On the Day of Resurrection, the 9th planet will enter the Solar system. It will approach Earth. In this case, 8 planets and angels will approach him (except the world angel) and the angels of 8 planets will carry the throne of Rahman.


Do you know god His throne is on his heavens? ”(Our Lord ( made his palm and fingers in the shape of a dome and continued as follows) Arsh – The throne descends from his weight like the young camel moaned. (Hadith; transmitted from Eş-Şabi) (The sound of the dome of this dome maybe the sound of the jet under the throne, which is used to lift the load, emitted by the fire-spraying system; Allah knows best.)

Russia will produce flying saucers

His rostrum (the circulation space of the 9th planet) covered the heavens and the earth … (Baccarat 255)

“We really decorated  the nearest sky with trappings and stars (kefabs; planets)” (es-Saffat, 37/6)

This verse explains that the Lord surrounded the sky with planets. (Kevkeb means planet). Indeed, there is an extraordinarily large gap around the Solar system and the 9th planet, and there are not many stars close to us. We are in a safe place. The planets are near us.

“Then all these things rise to Him on a day that takes a thousand years with your account.” (Prostrate, 32/5)

“The Angels and the Spirit / Jibril rise in a day that amounted to His Arsh over fifty thousand years.” (Meâric, 70/4 )

The Glory of the LORD is Explained to Ezekiel (Torah)

1 In the thirtieth year [i], on the fifth day of the fourth month, when the exile was on the shores of the Kevar River, the skies opened, and I saw visions from God.

2 The fifth day of the month, the fifth year of the exile of King Yehoyakin,

In 3 Kildan countries, on the banks of the Kevar River, he addressed the son of the LORD Buzi, the Prophet Ezekiel. The LORD’s hand was there over him.

4 I saw that the hurricane blowing from the north came with a huge cloud of fire surrounded by glamorous light. The middle of the fire resembled a luminous mine.

5 At the very centre were four human-like creatures;

6 each had four faces and four wings.

7 His legs were straight, his feet resembling calf feet and shining like a polished bronze.

8 Four of them had human hands under the wings. All four had faces and wings.

9 Wings were touching directly to each other, not advancing left and right.

10 Each creature had four faces: four on the front, a human face, four on the right, a lion face, four on the left, an ox face, and four on the back had an eagle face.

11 Their faces were like that. His wings were opened upwards. The two wings of each creature touched the wing of other creatures on the side, covering their bodies with both wings.

12 Each one was moving straight ahead. Wherever their souls directed them, they would go there without turning left and right.

13 The living creatures looked like burning embers or torches. The fire was moving amidst the creatures; it radiated and lightning flashed through it.

14 The creatures were going back and forth like lightning flashes.

15 While looking at these four-faced creatures, I saw a wheel touching the ground next to each other.

16 The look and feel of the wheels were as follows: They were shining like yellow rubies, and all four were alike. Their appearance and construction was like a nested wheel.

17 When he moved, he was moving towards one of the four directions the creatures looked at, without turning left and right.

18 The edge of the wheels was high and terrible; they were all full of eyes.

19 When living creatures moved, the wheels next to them were moving; As the creatures rose from the ground, the wheels were rising with them.

20 Wherever their souls directed them, they were going there. Wheels were also rising with them. Because the creatures’ souls were on the wheels.

21 When the creatures moved, they moved, and when the creatures stopped, they stopped, and when the creatures rose from the ground, they also rose. Because the creatures’ souls were on the wheels.

22 Something like a dome, brilliant and horrible like a crystal spread over the heads of living creatures.

23 One of its wings was opened under the dome to the wings of the other. Each had two wings that covered their body.

24 When the creatures moved, I heard the sound of their wings. It blasted the reverberation of the flowing waters, the voice of the All-Power Yeten, the noise of an army. When they stopped, they were lowering their wings.

25 As their wings were lowered, a sound was heard from the dome above their heads.

26 There was a wooden-like object made of navy stone on the dome above their heads. A human-like person sat on the high, wooden-like object.

27 I saw that the upper part of the waist resembled a fire-filled mine, looked below the waist like a fire, and its surroundings were surrounded by glamorous light.

His appearance looked like a rainbow formed between clouds on a rainy day. It was the glow surrounding it. This was the appearance of the event, reminiscent of the glory of the LORD. When I saw it, I fell down, I heard somebody talking.


There are also 9 planets. They were created in pairs. The twins in the spiritual realm are the floors of heaven. so there are 18 planets. The term 18,000 realms come from here.

The expression “seven heavens” was repeated seven times in the Qur’an . (Baccarat, 2/29; Israel, 17/44; Muminûn, 23/86; Fussilet, 141/2; Talak, 65/12; Mülk, 67/3 ; Noah, 71/15).

We have seven solid skies on you. We hung a light oil lamp in them. ” (Nebe, 78 / 12-13) (See the 7 heaven phrase placed in verse 12. 7 heavens have a 12-planetary system.)

It even writes in the Qur’an, where the Sun and the Moon are on different floors in this 7-fold sky.

“How did he make the Moon, a light and the Sun as an oil lamp in them?” Didn’t you see, how did Allah create seven layers of heavens? ” (Noah 15-16)

According to the scholars in the middle ages; every planet has a celestial (felek). (Skylines were also called feleks). Each celestial floor has a mind and a soul. According to these, the layers of the heavens are: Felekül-Kamer (Moon Felex), Felekül-Utarid (Mercury Felex), Vener Felex, Shams Fele, Mirrih (Mars) Fele, Customer (Jupiter Fele), Zuhal (Saturn Fele), Felekü-Sevabit ( the angel of the stars) and Felekül-A’zâm (Felekül-elak or Semâ’us-Semâvât) which do not have any stars.

This order is lined up from a ground-centred perspective so that people in the world understand the orbits in the sky. Each celestial body dominates its own floor. It expands by swallowing all the meteorites and gases around it. At the same time, the world is protected against meteor dangers from space, as it is surrounded by all these heavens from all directions. Other planets serve the world by attracting billions of giant meteors in the Solar system.

Saturn is on the 7th floor. There are angels and leaders on each floor who are responsible for all celestial bodies and beings, and even rays. Planets and meteor belts farther than Saturn are the gap between the Tribune and the 7 heavens. This gap cannot be overcome unless any human and genie allow Allah.

While some commentators in the Islamic world interpreted the verses of the seven heavens, they followed the views of the scholars of the former delegation (astronomy). For example, it was said that the Sun was in the 4th scheme (Medârik, VI, 366; Beydavî, I, 96 in Mecmuatün Mine’t-Tefasir). (In no holy book does it say which planet or sun is on which floor. However, it is obvious that they swim in the layers of the sky. These floors have invisible dimensions and the planets have twins in different dimensions.)

“Allah is the Supreme Creator that created seven times the sky and the like from the earth. God’s command and judgment crawl between them so that you know that Allah is capable of everything and that Allah has commanded everything with his knowledge. ” (Talak, 65/12).

Note that in the verse above, the seven heavens were placed back into verse 12.


Planet.x-the-planet-güneş_siste my-9.gezeg dokuzuncu_gezeg the

“Then all these things rise to Him on a day that takes a thousand years with your account.” (Prostrate, 32/5)

“The Angels and the Spirit / Gabriel rise up to His Arsh (Throne) in a day of fifty thousand years.” (Meâric, 70/4 )

Don’t think I’m talking about Nibiru. Because the word “Nibiru”, which is not mentioned in Sumerian but is frequently mentioned in Assyrian tablets, was probably a word used for Jupiter. However, we are not talking about Jupiter. The Sumerian seals have a cylinder seal used by beings from the sky, which shows a star and 12 planets around it. Interestingly, one of the planets is located outside the system. In this seal, this special planet is drawn right next to the Annu leader. In the Sumerian tablets, the authors record the legends about those coming from the sky, saying that these celestial beings came from a planet in the sky and claim that each leader has a planet. According to them, Jupiter is the planet of the leader who rules the world. Since the Sumerians could not see beyond Saturn with their bare eyes, they did not say anything about them. But this cylinder of celestial beings seems to describe 12 planets around the sun.

With Nasa’s proclamation of “Planet X”, also known as “The 9th planet,” the number in the Scriptures was completed. According to the latest data, there are 9 major planets and 3 planetary generations. Nasa says that this planet is really far from the Sun. There is no detailed and precise information about the planet yet. Telescopes could not see but are seen in computer simulations because of the deflecting effect on the solar system. Its approximate weight should be 10 times the Earth. The cycle takes 5000 to 10000 years, but no clear information has been released on this subject.

If our “throne with infinite powers” that created the universe, that can shape and drag the stars, has throne on this planet, it is probably able to change the orbit of this planet as it wishes. However, the explanations in the scriptures indicate that a gigantic throne that the Lord has built on the planet will descend to the world. It’s coming soon! Those who are curious about the scientific findings related to Planet X can search on the internet. Let me share some representative drawings made below.

Planet.x-the-planet-güneş_siste my-9.gezeg dokuzuncu_gezeg the

dokuzuncu_gezeg of-the-planet-güneş_siste my 9_gezeg-Kuiper

The ninth planet, like Jupiter, does in the Asteroid Belt, puts the asteroids in the Kuiper Belt to certain points with strong gravity.

animated diagram zooms out from the orbits of the inner and outer planets to the greatly extended orbits of the outermost objects, which point towards the left of the screen. Planet Nine's hypothetical orbit appears as a broken line

Planet.x-the-planet-güneş_siste my-9.gezeg dokuzuncu_gezeg the


“They ask you to bring the punishment they are threatened to you by leaps and bounds. Don’t worry, God will never return from his promise. Know that one day is like a thousand years, according to your account, by the measure of your Lord.” (Hajj, 22/47)

It is extremely wise to talk about the cycle on the floor of the Lord within the time of Hajj. Because pilgrimage is a reminder and a blessing of the Lord, not to forget the coming and gathering before him. It is the reference to the heavenly system, which is set as 4 months pilgrimage time and the foundation that takes place in 9-10 days. The Lord has hidden this from you so that you do not worship the sky and sanctify the stars. Information about them was told through scientific discoveries. No longer have they been deified. So it is explained to you now.


According to legend, the first creature created by Allah  is “ore”. When Allah looked at the ore with majesty, the ore melted and shivered with the fear of Allah, and water became behind him. Then, when God saw the water with mercy, half of it froze. God created “Arsh” from this frozen water. Until the Day of Resurrection, God left the remaining water to shake and fuse. As a matter of fact, Allah says: “His Arch was on the water.” (Hud, 11/7).

Nasa said “They guessed that the 9th Planet is an ice giant because of its distance from the Sun”


Since we get some information from Sumerian origin tablets, you can think of everything written on those tablets or science fiction novel books like Sitchin’s, which are written by embedding them in the tablets. If you are researching Anunnaki, your mind may be filled with too many question marks. First of all, I would like to warn you about the mistakes that have become popular in the media.


This book circulating in the market and its writings are Zekeriya Sitchin based science fiction novel. Certainly, a book called “Enki’s Tablet” has not been found in world tablet databases. Almost nothing that writes and resembles a science fiction movie that reflects the truth. It has little to do with reality. Although the journalist named Zekeriya claims to be a Sumerian expert, he has no documents proving his expertise, and when his books are examined, it is seen that he is full of big lies.

It is written in these fictional novels that the Anunnaki needed the gold mine to repair the atmosphere of their planet and created it to run people in the mine. This is very wrong in every respect. First of all, it will be seen in the searches made in databases and in the examination of thousands of pages of text that the word “gold” is described in tablets as part of everyday life and never atmosphere repair, moving to another planet, etc. goals are not mentioned.

If we examine scientifically; It is not conceivable that beings who are shown to have extraordinary technologies capable of travelling between the stars and creating people are tired of working in the mine and creating people instead of robots. Because the production process, endurance and efficiency of man is extremely low compared to robots. Even today, developed countries have replaced people in mines.


There is a lot of evidence that tablets do not necessarily reflect the truth. For example, on Sumerian tablets, the name of God who created the people and the universe is “Enki”, while in the Assyrian tablets is “Marduk”. The reason for this is a clear result of the Assyrians who invaded the Sumerians to dictate their gods to the Sumerians. In order to glorify their so-called “jinn-Anunnaki” god, each society writes and spreads stories that make them seem victorious to other gods by giving them the qualities they never had. Creating fear that the god of that society would give them luck and prevail while attacking each other was part of the psychological war. Many stories and concepts learned from the Prophet Adam and the good and evil scout angels that descended to the earth had been carried by the oral tradition for a long time, were distorted and became completely different when the writing became widespread.


Not every historical event described in the Torah and the Qur’an is written on tablets. But some stories have similarities. One of the most remarkable of these similarities is Noah’s Flood. However, such similarities are expected. If major events involving human history have taken place, it is natural for them to change form overtime to reach Sumerians and the legends are transferred to the text with the discovery of new text. Later on, the scriptures revised the correct versions of the stories that changed shape due to verbal transfer over time, and retold people. If the Hebrew texts were fed from the Sumerians, we would accept them as they were and build a religion on the Anunnaki. Whereas, we see that both the deity in the Torah and the same deity in the Qur’an fought the Anunnaki and all kinds of madmen deities.


Anunnaki are jinn. The definition of “jinn” in the scriptures corresponds to the definition of “Anunnaki” in tablets. It is either their lies or the exaggeration of those who worship them. It is true that Anunnaki is capable of magic, manipulate people, they are very large, cunning and aggressive. On the tablets they are described as beings who kill people without pity, want to enslaves, constantly fight among themselves, kidnap and rape women. Since narratives about human creation cannot be based on the testimony of people, this is only their own fabrication or people’s suspicions.


Before the Lord appointed Adam to the earth as a caliph and leader, the domination of the world was in jinn. The demons had control and power over humans and animals. Humans were sacrificed to these jin kings, and all kinds of minerals and gold collected were allocated to them to protect their kingdom. With the creation of Adam, the Lord took this administration from the jinn and gave it to the people. Here were some kings that were chosen to control Eridu (Ard, Earth,) and the people around him during this period before Adam. These kings could live for many years because they were genie-derived.


The Anunnaki kings were chosen in cycles that they called a 3600-year-old “period.” Some kings made 2 kingdoms, some 10 kingdoms.

The most striking point about these times of reign were them being fantastically long and that they are always multiples of the number 3,600, without exception:

Alulim – 8 x 3,600 = 328,800

Alalgar – 10 x 3,600 = 36,000

Enmenluanna – 12 x 3,600 = 43,200

Enmengalanna – 8 x 3,600 = 28,800

Dimizi – 10 x 3.600 = 36.000

Ensipazianna – 8 x 3,600 = 28,800

Enmenduranna – 6 x 3,600 = 21,600

Ubartatu – 5 x 3,600 = 18,000

A total of 432 thousand years, 120 periods.

The number 3,600 is written as a large circle in Sumerian. “Shar” (“supreme ruler”), which is the adjective of the planet, also means “a perfect circle”, “completed era”. It also means “3,600”.

And the definition of these three terms, planet/orbit / 3,600, cannot be just a coincidence.

Babylonian priest-astronomer-scholar Berossus speaks of ten rulers who ruled the Earth before the Flood. Summarizing the writings of Berossus, Alexander Polyhistor writes: “The second book is the history of ten pedestals with pedestals, and their reign lasting a total of 120 times or with a total of 432.000 years, until the time of the Flood.”

Abidenus, a student of Aristotle, also quotes Berossus, who spoke of ten rulers before the Flood, with a total reign of 120. It explains that these rulers and their cities were in ancient Mesopotamia:

“The first king of the realm is said to be Alorus… Ten terms prevailed.

A condition is measured by saying three thousand six hundred years. ”

The Book of Genesis (Bab 6) describes the change of divine attitude towards human beings. “And the Lord regretted doing the Human on earth … And the Lord said: I will wipe the man I created from the face of the earth.” And the Lord said: My soul will not protect the man forever; He made a mistake because it is the body of flesh. And his days were a hundred and twenty years. “

It is seen in the Torah that the life span of man is determined as 120 years. However, we see that the lifetime of many elected people mentioned in the holy books is up to 1000 years.

Since man lives on average 50-70 years, this is not an average life either. Even if we say “E, long”, there are people who are close to 140 even today. So what is this 120?

The time between the first man (not Adam) and Noah was “120 periods”, that is, “120 Anunnaki years”. It was doing 432,000 years according to world time. The 120-year limit in the Torah was the limit of the life span of all humanity.

However, Allah hurt mankind because of Noah and made 120 periods (120 heavenly days) except Noah. After 120 periods, the life of humanity is over and a new humanity is born from the lineage of Noah with a superior creation. Humanity is now in the last city.


  1. In the next 50-100 years, the Lord will come back to earth with his angels and bring the apocalypse. (In my dream I was told that a ship would arrive in 3 days and the ship was shown. I was given a wand with white buttons on it. But I did not know if they had come yet. I do not know what some ships belonging to the armies of the Lord meant, or the planet orbiting another planet or the earth carrying the throne. It is a much bigger system than the whole world.

Let me try to explain how I came to this conclusion, based on historical evidence. First of all, there is a common discourse of Sumerian, Assyrian tablets and scriptures. No matter who creates the humans; There have been many times when God, divine beings, angels, jinn and humans lived together. It is narrated in the same common language, even on tablets that have appeared simultaneously on different continents of the world. Even though things change, the stories of being from heaven with supernatural powers has not changed. The most important parts of the Torah, in which Muslims and Christians have to believe in the righteousness, even if we do not respect tablets and legends to a great extent, describe the events in which God appears in a very detailed way. Interestingly, these views don’t happen all the time but only in some periods. Let’s go back to the past and analyze these periods from the scriptures;

Not pulling into the sky; Prophets who spoke directly by seeing God in the world and their time;

1st term; Adam and His Sons; Adam (spoke in a garden named Eden in Sumerian and in a region around Anatolia when it was first created) – 7000 years ago (it took 1000-1200 years between 5200-4000 BC)

As it is known, the Lord takes Adam to heaven to process the garden of Eden. There he speaks closely to the Lord. The Lord created it in the world and then took it to heaven. He is then born, but his children present to the Lord, and the presentation of Abel, who gives meat, is accepted. He takes fire from the sky and takes the presentation. They say, “The Lord took it.” The Lord is physically interacting. However, the rituals of taking the altars, temples, and victims of other children directly with fire are not found in the scriptures. The period of the prophet of Seth that came after Adam is dim and there is not much information about him. The Idris prophet was an extremely famous and wise prophet. But his conversations with the Lord have always been with a dream or into the sky. Finally, he was taken to heaven. There are no articles that  later prophets, including Noah, met with God while on earth.

Creation 3 (Bible)

8 Then they heard the voice of the LORD God walking in the garden in the coolness of the day. They ran away from him and hid among the trees.

9 The LORD God said to Adam, “Where are you?” she called out.

10 Adam said, “I was afraid when I heard your voice in the garden. Because I was naked, so I was hidden.”

Creation 4 (Bible)

4 Abel brought some of the first-born animals, especially their fat, in his herd. Yahweh accepted Abel and his presentation.

5 He refused Cain and his presentation. Cain was very angry, hung his face.

6 Yahweh asked Cain, “Why are you angry?” he asked, “Why did you make a face?

2nd  Term: İbrahim – Moses  Period (2000 – 600 BC)

(According to the narration in the Torah, Abraham saw and spoke with the angels who represented the Lord in Jerusalem, who went to Destroy the People of Lot). This event started at the first encounter 4000 Years Ago (2000 BC).

After Abraham, the prophet Jacob met God on earth and wrestled with hım. (1500 BC)

After that, Moses and his people saw God in the desert, where the Lord called through the fire and appeared to 70 people in the mountain, in 1300 BC. After 1000 BC, angels began to bring revelation, and the Lord did not appear on the altar. In 600 BC, the chest disappeared and the temple was destroyed.


(Allah;) However, I cannot let you see my face [17]. Because those who see my face [18] cannot survive. (Cannot remove the true image of the human eye and brain)


“You, Harun, Nadav, Avihu, and seventy people from the notables of Israel come to me,” said the LORD to Moses. 2 Only you will approach me. Others should not approach. The people should not go up the mountain with you. ” 3 Moses went and explained all the commandments and principles of the LORD to the public. Everyone responded unanimously, “We will do what the LORD says.” 4 Moses wrote all the commandments of the LORD. He got up early in the morning and built an altar at the foot of the mountain, erecting twelve stone pillars symbolizing the twelve carvings of Israel. 5 Then he sent the Israeli youth. They also offered burnt offerings to the LORD and cut bulls as an offering of well-being. 6 Moses filled half of the blood into the basin, pouring the other half onto the altar. 7 Then he took the covenant book and read it to the public. The people said, “We will do what the LORD says, and we will listen to him.” 8 Moses sprinkled the blood on the basin over the people and said, “In accordance with all these words, this is the blood of the agreement of the LORD with you.” 9 Then Moses, Harun, Nadav, Avihu, and seventy people from the notables of Israel came to the mountain and saw the  Gods of Israel. 10 Under the feet of God was a floor that resembled a navy blue stone. It was like a sky. 11 God did not harm Israeli nobility. They saw God, then they ate and drank. 12 The LORD said to Moses, “To the mountain, come to my side,” Wait here, I will give you the stone slabs on which I have written laws and commandments for the people to learn. ” 13 Moses and his deputy, Joshua, were prepared. As Moses climbed up the Mount of God, he said to 14 Israel leaders, “Wait for us here until we come back,” said, “Between Aaron and Hur; whoever has problems, you can refer to them. ” 15 When Moses climbed the mountain, the cloud covered the mountain. The glory of the 16 Yahweh descended on Mount Sinai. The cloud covered the mountain for six days. On the seventh day, the LORD called to Moses through the cloud. The glory of the LORD seemed to the Israelites as a burning fire at the peak of the mountain. 18 Moses went up the mountain through the cloud. He stayed in the mountain for forty days and forty nights.

3rd Term; Revelation period; (Jesus and Muhammad prophets)

After the demolition of the temple and Malawi, which was considered the last Jewish prophet, 600 years of envoys did not come; 600 years later Jesus came, but he was either coming to the angel or talking to him through the holy spirit. Prophet Muhammad came 600 years after him. However, he was able to meet with God only when he was taken into heaven like Jesus. During this time, according to the scriptures, God did not appear on earth. And almost 2600 years have passed until today.

Isaiah; 6:
1 The year when King Uzziya died, I saw the supreme and magnificent Lord; He was sitting on the throne, the skirts of his clothing filling the temple.

2 The greetings were on it; each had six wings; they covered their faces with two, their feet with two, and they flew with the other two.

3 They called each other like this:

“The LORD, All-Ruling

It is holy, holy, holy.

His greatness fills the whole world. “

4 Thresholds were shaken with door jambs from the voices of the greetings, the temple was filled with smoke.

5 I said, “Wow! I am devastated”, “Because I am a man with a impure lips, I live with a impure people. On the other hand, I have seen the King, the Lord of All-Seeing.”

6 One of the greetings flew towards me, he had an ember from the altar with a tong;

7 Touching my mouth with him, he said, “This is worth your lips, your crime is erased, your sin is forgiven.”

8 Then I heard the voice of the Lord: “Who shall I send? Who will go for us?” he said. I said, “Send me!”

The face of the Lord

Allah (GOD) The Magnificent appears in 3 different states.

  1. Endless and tremendous energy and light state: No creature can take care of it while in this state. In this state, if it manifests to the universe, the universe will dissolve and disappear. As he shows himself to his beings everywhere and everything, he gets into any shape . Even when Moses wanted to see the Lord, the manifestation took place behind a thousand scenes even in the incident of the mountain collapsing and Moses fainting. It shows a piece of this image of what is essential to those who are Mukarreb and ensures that they realize their glory.
  2. In the form of two hands, whose face is hidden by light and the veil of invisibility: In this state, beings can look at it. His body is covered with a halo of light whenever he wishes. While his feet are in this state, sometimes it is visible and sometimes it is not.
  3. In the form of a person: While in this state, he can appear as a person as he wishes, in the form of an elderly man or child. The Lord is energy-soul and light. Only himself knows his nature. Nothing is like it. uncreated. When the Lord appears in human form, he is called “Rahman”. It is also known by this name in the Qur’an. However, his names are endless. He called out to societies with different names in different books.


“Er-Rahmân resigned.” (20 / Task 5)

“Angels and Spirit rise / rise to a day (to Allah), which is fifty thousand years old.” (70 / Meeric 4)

“There is a distance of five hundred years, both between the sky and the earth and between all celestial floors. The height of each celestial level also retains five hundred years. ”

On that day, the supply will be communicated to another place, and the skies will be reported to other skies. “ (Ibrahim, 14/48). It is also stated in other verses of the Quran that the sun and stars will fade away: ” When the sky is split, when the stars are scattered … “ (al-Infar, 82 / 1-2); ” When the sun fell and when the stars go out … “ (et-Tekvir, 81 / 1-2);” When the light of the stars is removed, when the sky is split … “ (al-Mursalât, 77 / 8-9; see also al-Enbiyâ, 21/104; ez-Zümer, 39/67).

The most distant planet to the Sun is Neptune. Its distance to the sun is 4.5 billion km on average. Nibiru is estimated to be at a distance of 161.8 billion km (close to the Golden Ratio) at a distance of almost 40 times.

Mike Brown says scepticism on additional planets, but there is growing evidence for the 9th planet. Accordingly, a new celestial body named uo3L91 was discovered in the Outer Solar System Formation Screening (OSSOS) observations of the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope. 4

“This anonymous object, which has only the catalogue number, is located in the Kuiper Belt, 90 billion km from the Sun and rotates exactly where the 9th planet should be (Recent computer simulations made the average distance of the lost planet 90 billion km.”

The blue line in the picture shows the trajectory of the lost 9th planet, and you see how far this planet moves away from the Sun as it rotates in the elliptical orbit.

Therefore, it gives the average distance of 90 billion km of the planet to the Sun and is actually very misleading; because, unlike the Earth in a circular orbit, the distant end of the lost planet orbit is hundreds of billions of kilometres from the Sun.

His colleague, Mike Brown from Batygin and Caltech, had no intention of actually finding new planets. This was accidental. In 2014, another research team discovered a new dwarf planet called “Biden” (codename 2012VP113). This celestial body had an abnormal orbit like Sedna, discovered beyond Pluto.

Thus, scientists thought that a shepherd who had asteroids and dwarf planets from afar was like Earth. However, they could not examine the thousands of rock fragments known in the Kuiper Belt one by one with computer simulations. Instead they looked at 6 asteroids that were particularly clustered in orbit in space. Their chance to be grouped by chance was 7 per thousand.

However, the problem was solved when they added the 9th planet to the simulation. Moreover, the 9th planet began to explain the trajectories of the asteroids, which they did not take into account in the first simulation. Batygin says, “At that time, we gave up laughing with the calculations we made, and we really believed that we found the 9th planet.”

The 9th planet is thought to have an orbit of 60-120 billion km. Scientists have not yet been able to accurately calculate how many years they have rotated around the Sun. Among the figures mentioned, there are very different and estimated figures such as 3000,5000,10000 years. Another interesting point is that the 9th planet does not appear despite all the searches made by telescopes. A 9th planet or vehicle that is known but not yet observed.


The Lord created the earth and the heavens in 6 days and on the 7th day he sat on his throne and watched. Thus, the entire creation lasted 7 days and was announced 7 days a week. All the celestial movements and order in the world have been determined in such a way as to bless the celestial system and numbers on the 9th largest planet on the floor of the Lord.

A week in Arsh is the period of creation of the earth and the sky (the solar system). 3600×7 = 25200 years pass in 7 days in the world. This is the period of movement of the Zodiac in the Solar system. What is “Zodiac” for those who do not know? Let us explain.

The Earth rotates around the Sun with an average of 23 degrees (66.33) oblique to its rotational orbit. The world is bowed and we can say, “It is kind of turning around.”

The direction of this bow is facing a different star every 2160 years. Thus, it completes its cycle in the zodiac belt, that is, in the Zodiac, in 2160X12 = 25920 years. Recall that on the planet Arsh, the creation process of the heavens lasted 25200 years (7 cycles of arsh). This means a great deal of equality. So why does the Earth bend his head in a zodiacal belt for 7 days? The Lord created the world in 6 days and settled on the planet of the 7th day. As a thanks and worship to this creation period, the world returns to 12 ruling angels (12 fates and horoscope, constellation) in Mele-i Ala. They are the council of the notables that Allah exalted and who did not prostrate to man when he was created. They took an active role in the name of God during the creation process and played a role in the downloading and writing of the Qur’an.

In the Qur’an, Rahman says the following in the Surah of Fajr (Morning);

“To the time of fajr, and ten nights (to the 26000 years, the Zodiac cycle), the even and odd number of nights,Is there no solid proof of truth for the wiser?”

I have already said that a cycle of days on the planet of Arsh lasted 1000 years during the day, 2600 years at night, a total of 3600 years. The zodiac cycle is 10 nights in total, that is to say 26,000 years, is to glorify 10, the number of Allah. The Lord manifests the tribes and angels in the Zodiac when the night on the planet Arsh reveals to the Earth for 1000 years when it is the day, that is when the planet of the planet approaches the Earth. He appears and speaks to his creations.

Why did the Sumerians divide the circle to 360 degrees instead of 100?

Sumerians used the 60s number order. They took the sum of all the angles of the circle as 360. This is an unusual trend for a species that has 10 fingers and is expected to use the 10-point system naturally.

Societies did not need advanced mathematics during the trade. Modern geometry and math were developed to understand the movements of the stars and to create the calendar. So why didn’t the Sumerians divide the circle into 365? Because they knew that a year was 365 days.

This belonged to another community that had the greatest importance for them and the ruling angels came and kept their own calendar accounts. A tour around the sun would be taken in 3600 years on the planet of their own, the angels belonging to the Lord’s floor, and the best method to determine its orbit was to divide the circle by 3600.

However, people’s measuring tools were not precise enough and simply divided by 360. So everything was in order to count astronomical calculations and the heavenly order learned from angels (Allah and His apostles).


I will tell you where the 365 came from, but this is such a carefully chosen figure that the length of a year of 365.24 days is emphasized as a divine meaning; “I cut the year into 365 pieces and the day into 24 pieces”.


1000/3600 = 0.2777 In other words, the ratio of one-day duration to the total motion on the planet Arsh is 0.27.

The moon travels around the Earth in 27 days and 7 hours.

So the Lord seems to have said this; “Let the Moon revolve around Earth as much as the ratio of day to night on the planet. The moon revolves around the Earth with the rotation of the planet Earth.”

28 is blessed in religion because the number 27.7 has given us the number 28 rounded up.

The maximum orbital curvature is 28.58 ° of the month.

The sum of the numbers from 1 to 7 is 28.

There are 28 letters in the Holy Arabic Alphabet. (Its origin is the Hebrew alphabet)

The number of prophets mentioned in the Qur’an is 28.


We have mentioned that the Moon shows us 28 days like a calendar in the sky and a visual hourglass with phases ranging from full moon to crescent. Understanding a solar year was easier in the past. Because in a solar year there were 13 months, not 12.

Namely; 28X13 = 364 days.

The moon moves away from Earth about 4 cm every year. The Moon was closer to Earth in this ancient age, and it would circulate around the Earth in 28 days. Thus, there was exactly a 13-month order. However, the dismissal of Iblis from the sky changed the order of the moon in the sky. Moon and Earth are slowed. The number of months has been reduced to 12.

Moon and Sun calendar compatibility is better in a 13-month system. But Allah; He said, “In my floor, the months are 12”. What is the reason for this?

In fact, there is another star in the zodiac horoscope. So there are actually 13 horoscopes. The name of the “Drago-snake” constellation, which has been disabled today, is the constellation. According to the classification, constellations can be increased up to 18, but with the heavenly knowledge gained from the apostles and angels in Babylon, the acceptance of 12 constellations has taken the final form of the heavenly science.

Therefore, one year was reduced from 13 months to 12 months and the demon symbolized by the snake-dragon was expelled from the heavens and thrown to the earth. That’s why 13 is considered ominous. Jesus also betrayed the 13th apostle.

Bible; Revelation 11,

12/3 “Then another symptom appeared in the sky..  I looked and saw a huge dragon; colorful, seven-headed, ten horned. 4: His tail dragged a third of the stars in the sky after which he threw it to the earth. 7: Then there was war in the sky. Michael and his angels fought against the dragon. The dragon also fought with his angels 8:But they couldn’t prevail. There was no longer any place in the sky to shelter.  9:The great dragon is thrown down. The snake of ancient times, whose name is Iblis and Satan, deceiving the whole earth, was thrown to the earth.

Theogonia (holy book of The Ancient Greek religion)

“825: One hundred snake’s head rises from his shoulders. Take out their terrible black tongues. The eyes in this dragon head are also; fire burns under the eyebrows 836: But Zeus, the father of gods and people 855: caught the lightning, the thunderbolts planted on Olympos’ head and hit the terrible monster ”.

According to a story in the Scandinavian myths , the rogue god Loki went 13th to a feast attended by 12 other gods, disrupting the fun. This event led to a fight that resulted in the death of Balder , the favorite god of the Scandinavian peoples.

In Greek mythology , 12 gods live on Mount Olympus, the house of the gods. For the god Dionysus , who recently joined Greek mythology, the goddess Hestia left Olympos and started living among people. Thus, the number of gods in Olympos does not reach 13, which is considered bad.


In the Qur’an, the word “angel” and “devil” repeats 88 times. You can examine the list and proof in detail in my anonymous miracles book. Today, there are 88 constellation clusters, large and small, that have been officially identified and named in the sky. It is a knowledge given in the holy books that every star has an angel. Qur’an; “Angels” are the blessed servants. “The relationship between the word” angel “and” Melik “is that the great angels are also the rulers of their stars. The balance between goodness and evil and revealing and finalizing each other is a divine system. time is allowed, so that blessings and mercy are shared, the number 88 is also 2 symbols of infinity, symbolizing countless angels and demons, they are like two bodies standing side by side.


As you know, God met with Moses for a few days and then spoke to him for 40 days. It is written in the holy books that the number of days is connected to a period of time and is 40 days. The concept, sealed with the number 40, has become the numerical seal of exaltation, as it will be erupted in 40 days, matured at the age of 40.

Now let’s look at 40 days on the planet Arsh and how many years on Earth.

3600X40 (days) = 144,000 Earth years.

The Lord has set a 40-day blessing period on his own, and in turn has created a holy person for each year on Earth.

For this reason, the number of holy persons and apostles that have been reported has been  144,000.

Bible Revelation 14: Then I saw the Lamb standing on Mount Zion. There were 144,000 people with him. The names of him and his heavenly Father were written on their foreheads.”


For the sake of the coming of Rahman, who is on the 9th planet and his symbol is 10; The pilgrimage of the person who performs the Arafat Foundation between 9 noon on the 9th day of Zilhicce and the fajr-i Sadiq on the 10th day is valid. We said 2600 years night and 1000 years day (close to the Sun) on the planet Arsh. The proportion of this to Earth year is; It is the declaration of darkness and emptiness for the remaining 8.66 months of 3 months and 10 days (3.33 months) of the day (holy and the gospel of the Lord). Here, Muslims enter the spirit of unity and holy months in 3 months and in the 4th month, in which there are increasing days.

Repentance:  Wander over the earth for another four months and know that you cannot leave Allah  hurt. It is also a fact that Allah disgraces disbelievers ungratefully.

People were ordered to meet and stand in Arafat square in Mecca within these four months; In the heavenly order, the Lord puts a kind of pilgrimage to the Earth within this 4/12 period. In other words, Islam, the religion of the Lord; Adapted to Earth. There is also a religion on the floor of the Lord. The Lord visits part of his day (about 4 months a year) to the sanctuary on Earth.

Hajj has been ordered to keep this divine visit to the earth with certain cycles to make people forget the culture and to keep the religion alive. When the Lord comes to earth, he will gather mankind again like in HAJJ and execute on the Golden road Sirat. Since the duration of the Lord’s stay on earth is about the day time of the ARSH planet, that is 3.33 of the day, it was declared 4 months in the forbidden/holy months.

Months in the Hijri calendar respectively ‘ 1. Muharrem, Safer, Rebiul-evvel, Rebiülahir, Cemazilevvel, Cemazilahir, 7. Receb, Şaban, Ramazan, Şevval, 11. Zilkade, 12. Zilhicce‘. The 4 months in blue represent , Hajj and holy/forbidden months.

Allah has made 4 of the months of the world unlawful and declared some as “the months of God”. As we have calculated before, the ratio of day to whole cycle on the planet Arsh was 0.28. This rate is 3.36 months when applied to the world. In other words, there is a certain period of time that lasts for 3 full months and 4 months. In this case, the holy months’ span of 4 months. In the Islamic religion, 3 of the holy months are in succession. The 9th month is the Holy Month and the fasting month for the sake of the 9th planet.

9:36 as if pointing to the 9th Arsh planet with a 3600-year cycle. the verse says;

36: According to his writing on the day he created the heavens and the earth, the number of months is twelve in the sight of Allah. Four of them are forbidden months. This is the trustee (Kaya’s) religion … Do not be unfair to yourself in these months. As those who associate with God collectively fight against you, you also collectively fight against them and know that Allah is with those who have been avoided (“El-Metta-Kaya” and his supporters). *

The forbidden months is a time for Muslims and those who believe in the unity of religions to unite and to establish peace and to fight war against persecution. The forbidden moons are the true day of the Earth. Indeed, when the Lord came with the arch and the sekine (it means being calm), he sent the prophets and sons of Jacob to Egypt, and then he strengthened and enriched them, and he intended to conquer the world by their hands. But his prediction about them has come true and the Lord has moved a little further from the earth.

When the Lord returns to the earth again, all believers will fight the devil’s supporters, and this time the entire Earth will be conquered by the Lord’s help. What happened in the time of Moses will repeat in a more magnificent way in a different dimension. All the scriptures, including the Qur’an, are very clear . In the Qur’an, he says, “We will inherit our righteous servants to the earth.” Inheritance takes place only with the death of the former owners. Every bully on earth and every ungrateful person against God will be destroyed.

It lasts 2,600 years in ARSH, The Revelation is 26,000

Gabriel. He brought revelation to the Messenger of Allah 26,000 times during his prophethood. It is Gabriel who brings 10 revelations and enlightens the world for every day when Rahman’s throne (Arsh)  is far away from Earth. (Revelations are not only Quranic verses, but all kinds of information that guide the Prophet)

Mevlana, where many secrets were opened to him, wrote his famous Mesnevi to be composed of 26,000 couplets. When I visited him in Konya, his students respected him and he warmed my heart with his love. Hello, Mevlana.

The Effect of Stars and Souls on Creation

The Sun has a large and strong wind, and this wind reaches the Earth. Due to this wind, satellites from time to time and some electronic systems on earth are broken. Human beings, formed by small atoms forming DNA in the womb, are also affected by the winds coming from the Sun and the stars. In Arabic, the words “SPIRIT” and “WIND” have the same sound phonetically. In the Lord, he blew his nose from the wind/soul to give Adam from his soul. Thanks to this wind, a spirit of divine origin has been formed in Adam.

However, fragrances also have a soul. Angel-sized beings enjoy the smell. They are the soul, and with the wind of the fragrance, which is a soul, their spirits become stronger and become a state. The Nurani spirit, the representative of the Lord; enjoy the smell of victims blood or the smell that occurs when the victim is burned. Angels recognize people by their smell. Good thinking gives off a good smell. By changing the scents around a person, he can record different effects and moral changes in his soul.

Writings affecting fate can be accepted in the skies with fragrances and spirits such as musk, saffron, rose water with good scents.


There were more than 12 planets in the sky before, but they were either dwarf or torn and destroyed as punishment. When the spirit of some signs in the sky is thrown to the ground; the planet allocated to it is also destroyed or given to someone else. Satellites or asteroid belts appeared from their parts. For every horoscope and angel in the sky, a planet is allocated in the Solar system. Every star in the sky has an owner. And the king of all kings is only Allah, the Most Merciful.

According to the Bible; Venus will be gifted to the chosen humanity by Jesus.

Revelation 22:

I sent my angel so that Jesus would convey this statement about my communities to you. Like the exile from the tree stump, I am the descendant of David. I am the bright morning star (Venus). ”

Revelation 2

26 “I will dominate the nations, the winners, those who continue to do the deeds I want until the end. 27 They will lead the nations with iron rods, break and shatter like pottery. 28 I will give them the same authority I received from my Heavenly Father. I will also give them the morning star. 29 Hear what the Holy Spirit says to the believing communities.


In the first days, I prepared and published this article about the 9th planet, a message came via WhatsApp. This message, which was sealed at 6:18 am just after the morning prayer, was of great interest to me. I was receiving messages from many people who had seen me in their dreams, but that was very interesting. This honourable person was asking me “THE SECRET OF VAV”, And very special and holy persons, Prophet Muhammad As., Mevlana and Shams asked him to ask this.

At that moment, I told the people that I felt close to about Vav  privately. But Vav should have had a bigger secret. I prayed to God with these thoughts and today the following information has reached me.

As you can see in the pictures below, a heart-shaped symbol appeared in the middle of my forehead and near the top. I thought a lot about this symbol, which looks like a V. The heart symbol has been known as the symbol of Venus and love since ancient times. The heart is also associated with a genie or angel named Ishtar (now Star), which is the symbol of Venus. Since it is a symbol of love, the female body is designed with lines with a heart shape in many different aspects. Thus, it has become one of the most beautiful things in the universe.

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Ibn Arabi Holiness for Vav:

“Vav becomes evident in the elite of the elite. The end of the road belongs to him. ” He said.

VUDD (Vav Dal) means Love to Love in Arabic. VENUS is the symbol in the sky. The Heart sign, similar to V, is the symbol on the ground.


He said this in a different way to Jesus.

Since the 1200s, many saints have received revelations about the vision of the sacred heart. Among them were many well-known and respected names. St. Mary said in a vision that she saw the sacred heart and was shown to her by Jesus and that “holy heart monasteries” were built to glorify that symbol. When the Pope witnessed some miracles, he declared a feast called the Sacred Heart Day. Christians have been celebrating this holiday for hundreds of years.

Celebrating Jesus’ Sacred Heart from Earth

Pope Leo 13 accepted this vision of saints as a revelation, and it was decided that it would be a feast that is celebrated annually with the alliance of the later popes. Every Friday, 19 days after the Pentecost Market, all churches are the sacred heart and the Prophet. They try to realize the news about Jesus’ vision of the heart.

According to the church records, The Prophet. Jesus (PBUH) had made some promises to the holy heart-bound;

    1. I will bless places where the image of my Sacred Heart will be revealed and respected.
    2. The person who spreads this commitment will have the names whose names are written in my Heart forever.
    3. Under the mercy of my heart, I promise to tell you that all my strong love will give you the grace of the last repentance for nine consecutive months to everyone who will receive communion on the first Friday: they will not die in my dissatisfaction nor accept the holy ones; My heart will be their safe haven in that last hour.

According to the Bible; Venus will be gifted to the chosen humanity by Jesus.

Revelation 22:

I sent my angel so that Jesus would convey this statement about my communities to you. Like the exile from the tree stump, I am the descendant of David. I am the bright morning star (Venus). ”

Revelation 2

26 “I will dominate the nations, the winners, those who continue to do the deeds I want until the end. 27 They will lead the nations with iron rods, break and shatter like pottery. 28 I will give them the same authority I received from my Heavenly Father. I will also give them the morning star. 29 Hear what the Holy Spirit says to the believing communities.


Venus was created by the Lord as the brother of the world. In fact, the brother of the Earth can also be called because the intelligent life forms based on the jinn are older than the world. Earth and Venus, two brothers in the eyes of the Lord, have a golden ratio in terms of their distance and cycles to the sun. The world was created in harmony with 365.24 days / Venus 224.7 days = 1.623 (7 per thousand divine measure close to the Golden Ratio). (If it were 225.7 instead of 224.7, it would be exactly 1.618. A full 1-day acceleration was made. This means a new adjustment, a symbolic disruption of beauty and order, caused by the blow hit during the punishment of demons.)

Venus appears as a “morning star” for 9 months every 19 months. An evening star in about 9 months of 19 months does not appear for the other month. 9 mornings, 9 evenings , 1 invisible. The reason Venus always comes before or follows the sun in the sky is that when viewed from the earth, it is an inner (sometimes called down) planet, that is, it is closer to the sun than the earth.

However, with a measure that glorifies the Venus of the Lord 109 system max. He adjusted his distance and sealed it with 109 like the world.

Venus’ greatest distance from the Sun: 109 million km. is set to.

Venus, unlike other planets, is the only planet rotating clockwise. It can be called a kind of (reverse-opposite) planet. He returns as if he rebelled against all his brothers and order.

It is the star that looks brightest in the sky. I say star because in the old arabic language and today’s Turkish, all the glowing lights in the sky are generally called stars. It is named as necm / star on the shining planets. However, not every necm / star is a planet. In fact, no more than 5 planets can be seen in the sky by looking with the naked eye.

The Arabs gave this star various names such as TARIK star, Morning Star, Evening Star, Shepherd Star, Zühre Star. This interpretation is not correct, although today’s tafsir explanation for the star of Tarık is based on new discoveries and is based on the piercing of the star. In the time of the Prophet, he was given this name because the star of Tarık is the brightest star and the most magnificent that pierces the darkness of the sky, which expresses the Zühre star.

As Venus and the earth rotate 5 times in line with the sun, the earth makes 8 Venus 13 laps. In other words, 5 conjunctions occur in 13 years. In the last conjunction with 39-40 years apart, Venus aligns with the sun in a position very close to the earth. At the end of this 40-year cycle, Venus begins to appear much brighter in the sky. In some old books, it is written that every 40 years, some 40X90 = 3600 years, a child who falls into the womb of a mother in a special position where this planet is the brightest will be the king who dominates the world or her luck will be very clear.

When 5 junctions in 13 rounds are combined, a star symbol is reached.

There is a lot of information about Venus in Mythology, Torah, Qur’an and even the hadiths.

In the Qur’an, the letters of the word venus pass in one place, side by side. Surprisingly, he says in 25.49; (I write the words by translating them in the verse)

Furkan 49

“Let’s give life, with it, (with water) ” DEAD MUNICIPAL / COUNTRY “and water it with most of the animal and human (Venus) we have created.

In the verse, the word Venus is hidden in the word venasi (and people). Indeed, demons are hidden inside people. As the Lord speaks about watering people in the apparent sense, and talking about giving life, he speaks of the irrigation of venus and the jinn there.

Surah al-72.16 (Allah): And certainly, if they were on the right path (even their orbits were inverted), we would have watered them with plenty of water. “

This verse came down after the jinn gathered and listened to the prophet and is an address for the jinn. Demon, the ancestor of demons, was declared king of Venus in ancient times and lived there with extraordinary beauty and power. This was given to him because of his success in the war against God’s enemies. However, the wealth she has reached overtime and her desire to increase this through trade have darkened her eyes. With him, they were born in other jinns that went astray. Heavenly Venus became uninhabitable by the scorching winds of the sun and the blows that were hit. Now it is the hottest planet of the solar system and covered with acid. The demon came from infidels. He was hostile to the Lord’s planet and his reign, making plans to demolish him from inside. But he apparently concealed his thought and seemed to be subject to it.ıfvmsjnz3xm


O bright star (VENUS), son of the city,
How did you fall from the heavens!
O crushing the nations,
How did you fall to the ground!
13 You said, “I will go to heaven,”
“I will put my throne higher than God’s stars;
On the mountain where the gods gather,
I will sit at the peak of Safon.

However, many times, even ages after this event, Adam was created. When Adam was raised above the jinn and his angels, his arrogant self was crushed and his rebellion became clear. He said:

2.34 Then we said to the angels: “Prostrate before Adam”. All the angels prostrated except Iblis. He turned away and was arrogant. And he was (already) an unbeliever..

7:16 “(Satan also) said:“ I will sit against them in your righteous way, for you have made me angry..

15:39 “He said:“ My Lord! Since you have misled me, I will show them on the earth as decoration, and I will surely divert all of them. “

When Adam was created, Iblis was already a disbeliever for a very long time. But the Lord would not put anyone in hell until the apocalypse, and until then, he would punish them with temporary punishments, perhaps because they would get better. He is very great and forgiving.

Referring previously to my planet Earth; I have said that the first city created by the Lord and the holy book was created by the combination of ME. ERIDU-mime. I even reported that I was born and said, “The city, which is the end of the golden road, named Engura in the name of its temple,” and wrote the fate like this.

It just doesn’t end with that. The world (Eridu-ERD-Earth) and Venus (Tariq) star are as brothers; TARIK is the name of the person 9 years older than me, my only brother (my brother). The Lord has determined the name of everyone in my family and even my deputies and wrote all of them in the Qur’an with wisdom.

So we are two brothers. One of us is WORLD-M, and the other is VENUS. (ERDEMİR-TARIK). The situation and spirituality between us progress as described above. May Allah appreciate what is most beautiful and beneficial for all of us and keep it fixed in his guidance. Allah knows everything best. If there is an error, it is from us.


Just as the angels, the heavens on the floors of the sky and the mansions of the prophets on those floors are not visible to the human eye, it would not be right to wait for the spiritual and light beings on the Arsh planet to appear with a telescope. However, when Allah comes to the Day of Resurrection, he will remove the veil from the eyes and everything will appear. However, a number of visual recordings have been published for the 9th planet with the ability to direct itself. I will present to you some video footage recorded by government agencies. I believe in their correctness. Scientists say that they do not understand what this giant body appears next to the Sun, but there may be a solar phenomenon. So it is not rejected, but there is no definite idea of what it is. Although these are not the planet of arcs, they can be hidden images of huge systems belonging to its satellites or armies. Only Allah knows the truth. toıwg

The mysterious 9th Planet has appeared! NASA allegedly hiding facts

A giant planet observed for a while near the sun. However, it was visible with infrared sensors and is invisible.



  1. I am a Christian however, I love reading all information. I really enjoyed your writings.
    May Allah continue to Bless you. Please send info and finding, it would be greatly appreciated.


    Lynette M. Henry, D.Min

  2. I am a Christian however, I love reading all information. I really enjoyed your writings.
    May you continue to Bless you. Please send info and finding, it would be greatly appreciated.


    Lynette M. Henry, D.Min

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