Sahara; it is the hell of the world with its temperature reaching 80 degrees and the fire-scorching sands of a single drop of rain for years. Historically, armies and caravans have traveled long ways not to enter the Sahara hell and named the desert of death because of their terribly hot and firing land.

In many holy books, especially the scenes of hell are described in detail. The tormenting hell angels of hell will punish the people who are thrown into the pits with the torment of fire and eternal punishment. The scenes that you will see in a moment may scare you and you may not forget. Yes, you shouldn’t forget and it shouldn’t scare you as well. This fear can help us to be protected from this fire by leading a life that we are more careful and sensitive, better and right. So I try to keep these pictures where I can often see them to remind me of death and hell.

Let’s start the investigation from Africa. The first picture tells us the news of hell. Two different demons are roasting two people with the winds of fire. The image of hell would have been the biggest news that had been broadcast on TV with the faces of 4 different beings.

 102.7-  you will know in the future. If you had known with certainty, you will surely see that hell! Then you will see it with certainty. Swear again, you will clearly see it with your eyes!

There are no changes in the picture. It is a very large set of symbols covering the entire north of Africa, that is the entire Sahara. Like all images, the Earth rotates with a 23-degree tilt, and in space, it looks as if it has been viewed as a built-in view of the Earth’s axis. Surprisingly, all faces look in the same direction, the angle of the Earth is drawn in parallel with that line as if it had accepted a certain line. So I observed these symbols from the perspective we were accustomed to, not from the rotation of the map, but from an eye that was placed on the axis of the Earth. I didn’t even need to zoom in. I drew the pictures that came up in front of me when the world was turning.

The huge figure of 4 people, almost covering the north-eastern part of Africa, seems to be showing live news from hell…

The first burning head. Just like the scenes of hell depicted in the Qur’an, a burning head appears in a pit of fire. Again, as described in verses, his face is black. The strength of the fire from the back was so great that it melted and flattened half the head. Perhaps the hot plane on which he rested his head melted him like this and gave the shape of the floor.

The fact that the figures interact in a very meaningful way with each other eliminates the possibility of chance. It is flowing from the mouth of the big-winged demon like pale lava. There are waves. Just like in a real scene.

This man’s mouth had been stretched down and his face’s skeleton had been seen.

In the picture below, a person can be seen whose nose is black and the face is burnt. In the hadiths about Dabbe ( Dabbe means walking creature), you will see that the noses of the infidels will be sealed with a black seal. The faces will get dark.

The man’s face has collapsed in the wind of fire. How many of them have landed on his cheeks and look like the world’s most unhappy, exhausted and hopeless person?

It’s drawn so special that everything took the form of a soul screaming out of the smoke from the man’s head cooking. It was so special that it took the form of a soul to scream. So much so that the shape he looks at is the hellhound who sprayed fire on him. They have these heads on the targets of the currents and they are hitting their targets precisely.

I’m sorry to be presenting the world’s most terrible news. I wish the wrongdoers could understand the magnitude of the crime they committed and the harm they caused. The manner of the ones who are unaware looks like a chauffeur who doesn’t care about the warnings on his way to the cliff. God will protect all his servants who believe in the heart of his punishment.

Although these scenes scare me; I remember the day when I asked him to show miracles and give evidence to warn people. Hundreds of miracles such as these or different kinds of miracles were inspired. I present them to you in consultation with very valuable and knowledgeable people and their approval. I just don’t want to act with my own opinion and discovery. If I didn’t believe that these were real messages and I didn’t feel compelled to share, I wouldn’t show you these painful and horrific scenes. I hope that the example will be taken and those will be returned without experiencing.

A number of formations similar to the eye iris from the pits filled with salt and the eye spring near the eyes of the hellhound, which is laterally black-faced.

Neml Surat: 93 

“Praise is peculiar to Allah. He will show you his revelations, and you will recognize them. Your Lord is unaware of what you do. ”

Fussilet 53

We will show people Our revelations on the horizon and in their own souls so that it is clear to them that it is true. Is it not enough for your Lord to witness all things? 


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