When a man’s story was inspired, it is everyone’s story. And this story will never end!

The man was looking up into the sky to hear a voice from God. The angel looked at him and said, Isn’t that strange when I say I’m closer to the jugular vein? Sonra Then the man went up to the mountains to see God. The angel looked at him and said, Speaking of where my face is, isn’t that strange?

Angel took pity on the man and whispered in his ear. When you silence the great noise around you and your soul, you will see him calling out to you for a thousand years ”The man startled and began to beg. Teach me the secret, tell me more.

The Angel took pity on him and said, worship only your Lord, even though all that appears is His reflection; You don’t embrace the sun. ”And he continued, seeing the man’s tears and his ordeal of 40 years. “You’ve been looking for him for 40 years, he’s looking for you for 40 years, why are you running from him?” “I don’t realize I’m running away” Angel; Seek is to escape ”, Try to find”, talk to him by listening to the sound inside him as if you found him, and listen to him, try to silence yourself in the dark. Because he never interrupts a person. ”

The man found a dark place, it was so quiet. He looked at himself, his brain, the depths of his soul. “Memories, sorrows, thrills and hopes, accounts… It was almost a dump” to destroy the past and even to forget its own existence, and only to allow the God who created himself and hid in it and was everywhere to speak.

He was quiet..! His dreams, his voice, his thoughts were completely silent…! His brain and idea began to falter, but he still kept quiet, even ignoring them, forgetting them! At that moment a sea of enthusiasm and emotion scattered through his entire self. At that moment when he destroyed himself, he saw that “he was already …”

He couldn’t throw mountains away with his hand, yes, or he couldn’t steer the wind. But what was the need for these games? There was already an excellent manager who kept them in order. He made that man similar to himself as a spirit friendly to his soul.

And man finally began to listen to him and taste his divine exuberance. He was bright in the dark, constantly covered with endless happiness and peace. ( Erdem Ç. Meta)


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