My name is Erdem Cetinkaya Meta. I want to talk to you about a new social project that will come to pass soon and that all mayors can easily implement. Intelligent Mini-Cities that are self-sufficient.

This project, which I have developed with the contribution of many experts and scientists, contains everything necessary to live a life in luxury and safety and to meet all your needs without working. You didn’t mishear me, you won’t have to go to work and work for a luxury life anymore. How? Let’s examine this together; let’s first look at our mini-city to be established by the municipalities with which we have reached an agreement and make some cost analysis.

Nobody likes to climb the stairs. Let’s start with one-storey and luxury villas with large windows so that you can see your magnificent garden. A total of 1000 square meters of residential and garden space per house. There is almost every fruit tree and vegetable corner in the garden. So much space again within social spaces and buildings. And more than 6000 square meters of space per house for livestock, agriculture and production facilities. The cost analysis was calculated by the joint work of 3 construction companies and the contribution of the municipality as follows;

Land: 10,000 TL (per person 1,000 square meters of land and 4,000 square meters for all social areas) (Collectively purchased barren lands are zoned for housing by the municipality)

A Single storey house 60 square metres(for two people): 15,000 Turkish liras (the cost per person when 25,000 units are produced)

Cost per person for social areas, services, infrastructure, management and production facilities; 10,000 Turkish Liras.

Solar power and water facilities; 3,000 Turkish liras per person (a giant facility for 100,000 people)

Electric Mini Vehicle: 4,000 Turkish liras (unit cost for 100,000 units of bulk manufacturing.)

Totally: 42.000 Turkish Lira

Anyone who pays the price will earn the right to live in this city. Or, for qualified people, they will be required to pay this price only by working for a while after settling in the city.

With only 5% of the population working, what are the opportunities to be offered in these cities of 100,000 people that will meet all their needs?

  • All products produced in agricultural fields are delivered to successful cooks in the central restaurant area, and you can order any of the hundreds of kinds of food for free. When your orders arrive at the door of your home in autonomous small vehicles, your phone receives a message. Surplus products will be sold out of the city to generate revenue and will be shared equally to the public.

  • All roads, homes and buildings will be designed in such a way that autonomous cleaning machines will be able to recognize, and almost no one will need to clean.
  • Just call the Washing Center vehicle for all the items that need to be washed in your home. It will be dried and delivered to you in a few hours.

  • Electric mini-vehicles for everyone to get around the city comfortably.
  • Your annual basic dress and similar needs will be produced for you from leather.
  • There will be free entertainment clubs, restaurants, entertainment centres, educational centres, art workshops and so on in the city centre.


  • Anyone who wants to work can choose a job and work as they wish; an artist, researcher, writer… You can be anything you want. According to your measure of success, you can get rewards and some additional motivating opportunities.
  • The number of men and women of equal age in the city will always be maintained and thus the system will be organized in such a way that no one will be left alone in the city.
  • The need for engineers, programmers, security workers, cooks, agricultural workers and all kinds of employees in the city will be welcomed by people who want to enter the city free of charge or by people who want to continue to produce on their own accord and thus live in more luxury.

  • You will be able to rent a lot of luxury items for free at the shopping centre in the city centre, for example, a toy that every child buys for the time they want to play instead of hundreds of toys, and instead of everyone buying hundreds of books, you’ll rent them from the library… It’s like renting a weekend camera for free instead of going and getting one when you need one… All kinds of consumer goods needed in sufficient quantity to the needs of the public will be kept at the mall.
  • It will not be possible to use money and acquire property in the city.
  • For minor offenses committed in the city, such as throwing rubbish, smoking, or arguing, you’ll become a temporary worker and training punishments will be given.

  • Managers who are found not fulfilling their responsibilities by the Audit Commission or by the public’s online evaluations that are conducted every 6 months will be replaced with the highest-rated ones.
  • With contributions from Holoturk, the world’s first hologram movie theatre, hologram Theater Centre, and interactive hologram assistant systems throughout the city and in homes.

We are contacting all mayors directly to participate in this project and we do not limit it to Turkey. We are already getting extremely positive returns. To get the right to participate in our project, you only need to share this video on your social media and quickly subscribe to our site with your email address. You can do this directly to the bank accounts of municipalities when you need to pay a fee. We certainly don’t charge a fee. But for this project to grow, mayoral candidates who say they will support this project need to be supported by the election. If you want to support them by making donations in the elections and prioritize the project, stay in touch and remember to become a member. We must give our full support to all the mayors or leaders of the state who will support this wonderful project to turn the world into heaven and save mankind from slavery. This is the salvation of humanity, a city project that resembles heaven where we can only thank God and serve instead of these people.

Everyone who supports the project and fills out the membership form will have the right to priority entry, no matter which city or country the city is founded in. Press the share button for the end of slavery! (Erdem Çetinkaya Meta)


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