I’m Erdem Çetinkaya Meta. I have come with the miracles of Allah, the only god of all being, to warn you about the harsh apocalypse . He was sent to Adam, Yunus bin Metta, to Muhammad, to Hz. Hail Moses and all the apostles. You did not see the miracles of the ancient times, the resurrection of the dead and the race of the seas. However, the miracles that I will present to you will be visible until the world apocalypse.

The miracles belong to the Lord of Muhammad, Jesus, and Moses, the messengers of Allah. Publish my words and this Book of Miracles for free. Tell and share everywhere, until everyone in the world hears. Sacrifice your property and time to spread it. So that there is solid evidence for your faithfulness to the Lord.

All the intellectuals in the world can see the miracles that I brought to you at the same time and analyze them in scientific ways. These miracles will stop forever and will not be erased.

These miracles are beginning to be described in all common world languages. Algorithms will primarily recommend this video to those who are most interested in these issues, seeking truth and reality about the Lord the most. So you are the people closest to accepting and spreading this message. If even you are deaf to this message and do not sacrifice to spread it, the whole world will be judged by you.

The knowledge that my Lord inspires in my heart and teaches with my mind is the Book of Miracles. The signs are only from Allah. I dream of describing his miracles to you as my own discovery. You must listen to these miracles from the point of view of the creator and from the scriptures. So that you may understand the Lord. The Book of Miracles is the compendium of all scriptures, divine inspiration and interpretation of reason.

We sent messengers before you; We conveyed and told you some of them and we did not tell them. It is not to bring any evidence to any messenger without Allah’s permission … (Quran 40:78).

So every evidence in this book is inspired only by Allah’s permission.



1. I am the voice that created.

He is the creator of the heavens and the earth. When he wants something to exist, he simply says “be” and that thing happens immediately. (Quran 2: 117).

In the beginning there was “s self” . Said, was God, and the Word was God. (John 1: 1)

The scientific article prepared by New Scientist magazine about this extraordinary sound wave called cosmic sound waves contained the following statements; The cosmic sound waves that appeared just after the Big Bang are also integrated into the universe map. The existence of these waves, thought to be absorbed by photons in the Early Universe, was discovered for the first time in 2005. Scientists think that the universe would never have formed without these cosmic sound waves. More

2. I’m hidden in the heart.

“The hearts are between two fingers of Rahman. He turns them as he wishes. “Hadith No: 3484-Bukhari

3. I have everything, I am everything.

East and West are also of Allah. Wherever you turn, God’s face is there. Allah (the power of) is broad and He is All-knowing. * (Quran 2: 115).

Whatever is in the heavens and the earth is all of Allah. Allah encompasses all things. (Quran 4: 126).

Scientific research has proven that it has the consciousness of the observer may be able to see all the photons that make up the universe and react to … Read More

4. Love is mine. So I created everything with its partner.

And of every thing We have created pairs: That ye may receive instruction.(Quran 51:49).

5. The woman with the man, the sky with the ground, the one who draws with it.

6. I call out to my heart’s envoys or come and talk to angels and all people with symbols …

7. I am Allah, Rahman and Rahim

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful (Quran 1: 1).

8. I am wise. I hooked everything up for a reason.

9. I created everything. Because my purpose is to give.

10. I take care of you in the greatness of your supply and effort; I will weigh you with your problem,

Say (O Muhammad, unto the disbelievers): My Lord would not concern himself with you but for your prayer.  … (Quran 25:77).

11. I am the unit, I am the only god.

12. Love is to worship me; Hearts were my temple.

13. I hid in the heart of the lover. I thought you were looking at God.

14. I looked at my face from each eye.

For, Believers are those who, when Allah is mentioned, feel a tremor in their hearts,.. (Qur’an 8: 2).

Those who come to Allah with a benevolent heart are exceptional. (Quran 26:89).

15. I devoted the best of the ministers to my own solution.

16. I dedicated my death and life to finding my lovers.

Allah chooses to Himself those whom He pleases, and guides to Himself those who turn (to Him).* (Quran 42:13).

Who hath created life and death that He may try you, which of you is best in conduct; and He is the Mighty, Forgiving, (Quran 67: 2).

17. I connected my temple and meeting place, Kaaba and Arafat, at the golden point of the world.

18. I walked on a flat road that I drew to the world,

19. I named it “I am an accuracy, righteousness, a way of virtue”. I got my servant Erdem to find it.

This is both a spiritual path and a real and concrete path that appears on the world map. It is a great miracle.

We see this path in both the Qur’an and the Hadith. We can see it in the description of the prophet of Allah.  Hz. The answer – radıyallâhu anh – tells:

While the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) was sitting next to him, he drew a line in front of him and said:

He said, “This is the straight path of Allah .

Then he drew two more lines to the left and right of the line in question, and:

“- These are the ways of Satan,” he said.

Then he put his blessed hands on the line in the middle and said the Qur’an:

Verily, this is My way, leading straight: follow it: follow not (other) paths: they will scatter you about from His (great) path: thus doth He command you. that ye may be righteous.(Quran En’âm 6/153). (İbn-i Hanbel, III, 397)

The word “Müstakiym” means “righteousness” and “virtue”. The fact that the golden ratio point of the world is Mecca and the Kaaba in it is a great miracle. The golden ratio miracles in the Qur’an and the miracles of the Path of Truth on earth are also great miracles, and they were all discovered by Erdem Çetinkaya Meta.

20. I called those who were looking for Me on that road.

21. I have listed Mohammed and Adam, Mecca, Jerusalem, Cybele, Barnabas, Jesus and Moses, Shuayb and Saleh, and many holy people and my chosen servant in my golden path.

22. I designed my way with the golden number of love and design 1.61803.

23. I divided the distances of my road into golden numbers. I have appointed ambassadors to call worship at each stop.

We also donated that Abraham and Isaac and Jacob and sent each of them to the path of truth (the Golden Path), as we have conveyed Noah before . We donated prophecy to His generation, David, Solomon, Eyyub, Yusuf, Moses and Harun . That’s how we reward those who do good. And to Zekeriyya, John, Jesus and Elijah ; they were all honest and virtuous people. We bestowed a gift on İsmâil, Elyesa, Yûnus, and Lot . We favored all of them in the realms and people. Some of their (prophets) fathers, children and siblings . We made them distinguished and conveyed them to the path of truth (to the Golden Path). (Quran 6: 83-87) (Indeed, even prophets who were not born on the path of truth, like Noah and Abraham, were transmitted on the path of truth and reached the path of religion and religion;

As for those who believe in Allah and embrace Him, Allah will immerse them in His mercy and grace and lead them to the path of righteousness . (Quran 4: 175)

Certainly, it is the first Beyt that was made in Bekke (Mecca) for the people, of course, to be blessed and guided by the realms (beyt). There is clear evidence (in Bethlehem), Hz. İbrâhîm has a maqam. And whoever goes there makes sure. For those who have the power to find a way to him (to go to Hajj), the pilgrimage of that Beyt for Allah is upon people (fard) … (Quran 3: 96-97)


  1. I brought my heavenly kingdom into the world, I said Eridu in her name. I placed my angels and Aden around Eridu . I designated it as the first city.
  2. Books with deity secrets written; I downloaded Me to this city.
  3. I ordered to build a 7-storey temple, a ziggurat. I said Engura in his name.
  4. I will give the secrets, I named Eruru -me the name of my chosen club and named the city Engura , Ankara .
  5. I made Ankara and its surroundings the center of gravity of the world continents. Call on 7 continents from the middle.
  6. Arabs called Eridu ERD, earth. Westerners said Earth. I placed Adam on Eridu and Aden.
  7. Then, when we left the world , I buried Eridu in the waters and identified Noah as the father of a new generation.
  8. I went through the exams to turn A-dem into Er-dem. I raised them personally for a great purpose.


  1. I created everything on a 7 system.
  2. I gave the atom 7 trajectories. I created 7 types of granules. I put my throne in the heart of man; I connected my management to myself in 7 ways.
  3. I gave people 7 close relatives with their own ego. I divided the world into 7 continents . I gave the sky 7 layers .
  4. I have 7 paths visible to your eyes in the solar system. I decorated it with the sun and the moon that I placed inside. I placed the door of the bench in 8 and my throne in 9.
  5. I’m 10 on the 9th planet . I set 10.9 as the symbol of my kingdom. I built the skies with the number 109 .
  6. I named the 9th planet the planet of ars. As it revolves around the sun in 3600 years; I said to Adam’s master, Adam, divide the circle by 360.
  7. 1000 years on the planet Arsh is close to the sun ; I called it “the day”. 2600 years away from the sun . I said this tonight. Every time I approached the sun, I was born and chose my representative among you.
  8. Because I will stay 1000 years in the world, I gave Adam 1000 years of life. I created and chose Adam for myself. I enslaved him in Aden from the human bloodshed and the primitives who worshiped the demons.
  9. I personally taught Adam to set up factories, water engineering, build brick-floor structures, weave clothes, write with a pencil, and stars and many others. I developed you.
  10. For 2600 years after Adam, I checked you with my messengers and my angels in the world, to whom I sent my holy spirit. I chose Abraham.
  11. I watched you when I returned, I wrestled with Jacob, I met Moses and 70 people on the mountain, hundreds of thousands of people called out from the cloud. I are infinite; I took the shape I wish and appeared to my servants.
  12. I liked the smell of the sacrifices, musk and camphor that the Israelites offered me in Jerusalem. I went down in a cloud and lived among you.
  13. I walked away from you a thousand years after Jacob and you turned to foreign gods. I demolished my temple and punished the people I chose.
  14. I scattered them to the world for 2600 years . Although they wanted to meet, I did not allow them, except for a short time.
  15. Now the transformation is close, all societies and world night will see me illuminated somehow day and night. And I gathered Israel 2500 years later. I am testing them.
  16. In order to know that I sealed my kingdom with 109; I designed the chest with 109. I made a 10.9-day difference between the lunar cycle and the solar cycle. Thus, I ensured that the lunar and solar calendars were synchronized every 33 years . I synchronized the moon and the sun 109,09 times in every 3600 year cycle. I have chanted my name 33 times so that my 33-year cycle should not be forgotten, I gave Jesus 33 years of life, I will revive humanity at the age of 33 with a superior creation. I am headed 66.33 degrees for transformation to the world.
  17. I allowed the devil to form his own religion. So I would see who would be ungrateful and cruel to the creator, who would make a bad decision. He lied, and said I’ll be 9 and become 11 . 911 chose himself a sacred number. He always performed his ugly work in 9.11. He has always made 11 phones, identities, and number of players in games in submissive societies.
  18. In the 30th day of the Arş planet, that is, in a month of a month, 109 thousand years pass in your world.
  19. I created the place and the chest in 6 days and on the 7th day I observed the creation on my throne. I have synchronized 7 times 7 times to the big ZODYAK cycle to bless 7 days.
  20. 1000 year day; The 3600-year cycle; It is one at 0.27.7. In order not to forget this, the Moon travels around the world in 27 days and 7 hours.
  21. I have 88 constellations in the sky and placed a dominant angel in each. I placed the word angel in the Qur’an 88 times and the word devil 88 times . I repeated the word sema 109 times in the Qur’an .
  22. I have set a 40-day period, as in the example of the command to Moses for evolution on the planet Arsh. 144,000 years pass in the world in the 40 days of Arş . And I have 144,000 people on earth every year for evolution .
  23. In order to bless 109, I determined the foundation, which was done between noon on the 9th day of the month of Zilhicce and the fajr-i sadd on the 10th day, as the obligatory of Hajj . I declared the holy 4 months for pilgrimage. I wanted the sacred knowledge on earth to be the time ratio of my day to the entire cycle.
  24. I ordered Hajj to remember my future earth again, so do not forget the day you will gather in my presence, and determined its rules according to the celestial cycles.


1. My presence in my darkness shone.

2. I was both light and dark.

3. I appeared in Nurumun;

4. I am Rahman and Rahim.

5. My face appeared, angels and my throne.

6. Numerous stars in the sky …

7. I have created countless nations in the stars.

And unto Allah maketh prostration whatsoever is in the heavens and whatsoever is in the earth of living creatures, and the angels (also), and they are not proud (Qur’an 16:49)

8. I have an eye of every trace and I looked at them

9. Minister, I took a shape for each eye.

Does the creator watch over us with the face he called “The Universe” and his hidden eyes on that face? How he sees the destiny of even a molecule. Is there any scientific proof for this? Yes, there is a lot of evidence. Let’s look briefly at the double-slit quantum experiment that shocked physicists. Double Slit Experiment Shake the Science World! The famous Danish physicist Niels Bohr used the following statement regarding quantum physics and the double-slit experiment:

If a person is not shocked by Quantum Physics, it does not understand him.

Physicists conducted a quantum experiment to understand how the electrons that make up the matter move. More

10. I made man superior to most beings.

11. I left the throne of my glory until I got out of it.

They blessed, glorified and honored the Chosen One with his words. They gave wisdom with words, breath of life. (61: 8) He placed the Chosen God, the God of Spirits, on his honorable throne. (Enok-İdris Prophet’s Book)

12. I created the human with 10 fingers.

13. So I assigned a 10-point numerical order.

14. I designed the digital system from 0 and 1 to 9.

15. So I blessed 19 and 109.

16. I was 9, I was 10.

17. I counted the Golden Ratio until 19: 1,6,1,8,0,3

18. I have 1. I created eighteen thousand realms in 3 stages in 6 periods.

19. I allocated 4 of the 6 days to create the heavens and destinies, and 2 days to the world.

God looked at his creations and saw that everything was very good. It was evening, it was morning, and the sixth day occurred. (Torah Creation 1:31)

And He it is Who created the heavens and the earth in six Days and His Throne was upon the water that He might try you, which of you is best in conduct. (Quran Hud: 7)

Say: Is it that ye deny Him Who created the earth in two Days? And do ye join equals with Him? He is the Lord of (all) the Worlds.* (Quran Fussilet: 9)

This information is a miracle. He writes only 6 days in the Torah. However, by giving further details in the Qur’an, he states that the heavens were created in 4 days and the earth in 2 days. According to scientific data, the lifetime of the universe (equivalent to 6 days) is the common acceptance, which is 13.8 billion years. The life of the Earth is 4.6 billion years. 13.8 / 4.6 = 3.00000. interest. In other words, two numbers are divided. It is extremely interesting that the age of the Earth corresponds to 1/3 of the age of the universe. However, if the Bible was made up, he could see the skies too large and say, “The sky was created in a thousand days and the World was created in a day.” Or vice versa, thinking that the Earth was great, the Moon and the Sun could be said to be small and simple in the sky, “The Earth was created in 1000 days, the skies in 1 day”. The holy books were really sent by Allah.

20. I am Rahman. I created the Sun, Earth and Moon.

21. All this to my holy numbers; I did it according to 10, 9 .

22. So you should know that I, who created everything equally; My God.

23. I took the Sun in my right hand. I have created enough width to fit 109 Earths .

24. When the Earth was the farthest from the Sun, I placed 109 Sun distances between them.

25. The moon breaks away from Earth. I left a distance of 109 months between the Earth and the Moon, while the Moon was in golden ratio.

26. I created the circumference of the Moon 10 times 10, 109 .

27. I have appointed 365 days of the world.

28. I have created the circumference of the Earth 365 times the surface of the Sun, and the circumference of the Sun 109 times the surface of the 109 .

29. I gave the world a speed of 109 thousand kilometers per hour.

I divided the 30th Moon into 2 pieces with 109 volumes for my envoy.

31. I did all this according to 109 ; I created the 109-degree Golden Road from the Kaaba , I lined my ambassadors to that road.

32. In the Eastern religions, I have 109 pieces of prayer beads with a separating stone .

33. My submissive to the stars and call out to you

34. I did nothing randomly and designed it according to a wisdom.

A maximum of 109 Earths fit side by side in the Sun.

Solar Equatorial Diameter: 1.391.000 km / Earth’s Equatorial Diameter 12756.2 km = 109.04 …

A maximum of 109 Suns fit side by side between the Sun and Earth.

Earth’s Max To The Sun. Distance: 152.098.232 km / Solar Equator Diameter: 1.391.000 km = 109.34 …

While the Moon orbit is at the golden ratio point of the tidal range, up to 109 Moon fit between the Moon and Earth.

Average Moon distance to Earth: 379.372,695 km / Equatorial Diameter of the Moon: 3.476.28 km = 109.1318

The circumference of the Moon is 10.9 thousand km.

According to Nasa, the circumference of the Moon is 10.917.0 km (109.1X100 km)

The circumference of the Earth is 365 times 365 times, the circumference of the Sun is 109 times 365 times 365.

According to Nasa, the equatorial environment of the Earth; 40,070.2 km. 40070,2 / 109,6 = 365,604. The environment of the Sun; 4,370,005.6km, 365,24X109,4X109,4 = 4,370,005 … (avg)

The livable volume of the Earth is 109 X 10¹⁰ km3.

According to Nasa, the volume of the Earth (7-thousandth atmospheric membrane and elevations are not calculated); 1,083,206,916,846 km 3

Earth’s max. Its speed is 109 thousand km per hour.

Earth’s Sun around (since day) max. Its speed is 30.29 km / h. 30.29×60 (s) X60 (min) = 109.044.0 km (Earth’s max speed per hour)

The volume of the Moon is 2 109 X 10⁸ km cubes.

According to Nasa; The volume of the Moon; 21,971,669,064 km 3

219,71 / 2 = 109,86 … (The moon was divided by God in the 7th century BC and this event is among the most known miracles of the Prophet Muhammad.)

Around the Sun = Around the Moon x Around the Earth / 100

4379000 km (Circumference of the Sun) = 10917 km (Circumference of the Moon) X 40070.2 (Circumference of the Earth) = 4.3745E8 (5 changes per ten thousand, full measurement with atmospheric difference)

… The examples go on and on.

Sources used in measurements: to


35. I aligned the Sun, Earth and Moon every 19 years and called it “the era of meta’on”.

In the celestial cycle called “Meton period”; the sun, the moon, and the earth line up.

36. One meter; Measure; I said that the distance from the poles to the equator is one in ten million.

37. As the Earth slowed down, I equalized the speed of light in the universe to 300 million Earth units.

As a result of the Earth’s slowdown, the seconds calculation will also change. The calculation of the speed of light is also being updated. In this case, a full speed of 300,000 km will occur, not 299,700. The universal measure will be synchronized with the world. More…

38. I explained to you that you did not know. Believe in my evidence. Now prostrate.

39. Your Deity capable of everything, Allah is mine. I will come with my gracious image.

See below to read how God will come in the form of Rahman and eyes will see him.

40. I will give the earth to my righteous servants. I will chain the oppressors.

“When they felt our tough punishment, they were moving away from there with great speed. “Do not go away, return to the prosperity you have been spoiled and your homeland; because you will be questioned. ” (Surat an-Enbiya, 12-13)

The great hadith scholar, Kuleyni, narrated in his work that I found “Kafi” that these events will take place during the exit of Kaiym Mehdi. People will gather in their homes and dormitories, scattered families will be brought together and interrogated. Does it remind you today?

And verity We have written in the Scripture, after the Reminder: My righteous slaves will inherit the earth.” (Quran Enbiya 105)


1. I; I am He.

2. It is infinity, circle symbol is my poem.

3. I created the stars and planets similar to my own sign.

4. I am O. This is my name; I hu’y. I am hidden in breath.

5. I created all beings with this sound sign.

6. While crying, laughing and breathing …

7. While enjoying or desiring the body …

8. Every entity that remembers my name, knowing or not.

9. When the wind touches every object and howls

10. Huu. Huu alone. Illa huu

Listen to yourself with a deep breath… This is His voice. Every being calls out to Him. Sobbing with all sincerity and laughing, as soon as he enjoys or cries … only his name is heard on all lips.

The Hhhhu. As the trees bow down with the wind blowing, he calls him “Huu”, who blows the divine breath that smells flowers on his leaves. The majestic mountains and everything breathing worships it with its howling sound.

The seven heavens and the earth and all that is therein praise Him (With His Name), and there is not a thing but hymneth his praise; but ye understand not their praise. Lo! He is ever Clement, Forgiving.

(al-Isra, 44)

11. And my sign of creation; 1. The golden measure inside the circle; I made the sign of the unity of the creator and the creature.

12. I made you choose it as a golden ratio symbol.

13. I designed your languages and measures and prepared you for my miracles to appear.

The combination of the circle and the number 1 is determined as the symbol of the Golden Ratio number. This symbol is actually a letter in the Greek Alphabet. Allah had them done what they did unknowingly.

14. I brought the world closer together like a small city.

15. I gathered you around the luminous signs to announce my miracles.

These miracles will be seen from luminous tablets and phones and will be glorified under the name of the LORD.

Allah is the Light of the heavens and the earth. The similitude of His light is as a niche wherein is a lamp. The lamp is in a glass. The glass is as it were a shining star. (This lamp is) kindled from a blessed tree, an olive neither of the East nor of the West, whose oil would almost glow forth (of itself) though no fire touched it. Light upon light, Allah guideth unto His light whom He will. And Allah speaketh to mankind in allegories, for Allah is knower of all things.*(Quran Nur 35)

16. I raised my ambassador in the center of continents and civilizations, in the paradise in the Torah.

Ankara, its surroundings and Anatolia being the center of the world; (Taken from Wikipedia)

In 1973, the physicist with Gulf Energy and Environmental Systems in San Diego Andrew J. Woods, who uses a digital global map and 39 ° 00’N 34 ° 00 calculates the coordinates of the center of the world in Turkey. This point was exactly 1000 km north of Giza.

A similar result was obtained by Holger Isenberg:

40 ° 52’0 “N, 34 ° 34’0” E. In 2016, Google Maps was marked as the geographical center of the world as 40 ° 52′N 34 ° 34′E. (It covers the largest historical borders of Ankara before the division.) [1]

17. I explained to him the greatness of my works and some of my secrets…

18. My presence encompasses everything like a circle. I hug myself.

19. Every bit of my hands and eyes. My mind is the eye that sees the eye.

It is one of the highlights of the quantum world, where every particle and photon can see the observer and develop a unique attitude to it, and even decide to appear. For detailed research, examine “Double Slit and Entanglement” experiments.

20. I included the gold count as a measure in all the geometric shapes.

21. I am the one who built with the same numbers from the most basic to the highest.

God created all geometry, that is, everything we see with our eyes according to the golden ratio. Their most exclusive and beautiful ratio of gold has made them close to the eye.


22. 1.618. Moon and Earth together… In their initial form, I designed the shapes with the golden ratio triangle.

For detailed information:

23. I told myself that “I am mine” to Moses in 3.14 with the secret of the circle of Moses.

God referred to the golden ratio in the Torah, the Bible, and in the design of many sacred objects. Information;

24. In the first sentence of every Sura in the Qur’an; I kept the golden rate for the basma, which was said at the beginning of each job.

25. I unit; My God. It is 618 Rahman and Rahim. I created the universe with 1,618; Rahman and Rahim.

The name is Allah (1) (Name of God – Allah is One), Errahman (329) + Errahim (289) = 1,618

In the numerical expression of the letters in the holy text, Ebced surprisingly gives Basmala Gold ratio numbers. More information:

26. I created the average of people’s faces and bodies according to the golden ratio.

God created human bodies and faces with a sacred ratio – number, which he called “golden ratio”. More information:

Visual result of golden ratio mask

27. I had the leaves of the plants opened with a golden measurement.

All plants open leaves according to the golden ratio with a leaf arrangement form called “phyllotaxy”. Detail:

28. I have 1. In 6 days, I created 18 thousand realms in 3 stages.

29. I assigned letters to the gold number in alphabet order. 16180339. Elif, vav elif ha hai cim T.

30. Eve Hacc. 1,61 Haccet. Cell, I gave the sound of evidence.

31. Eve, Eve. Eve mother, Rahim.

32. Home Kaaba, Home Qibla, Kibele.

33. When they worshiped my angels, distinguished servants and ambassadors, I broke their idols.

34. But I did not delete their names from the world.

35. For prostration to the angels to Adam; I called out to Adam and Rahman for prostration.

When the numbers of the golden ratio number are translated into letters according to the alphabetical system at the time of the last holy book, a magnificent message emerges. Detail:


1. I got up from my throne. I prepared the earth for development.

2. My world and El-Erda said, “Let me prostrate on your feet with love”

The word “El-Erd” means “Earth-Earth” in Arabic. Read Erde-m’s dream for this sentence .

3. I opened my foot to him when my world was tilted 66 degrees 33 minutes. Because the number of 66 is my name “Allah”. I rank in people for 33. My rosary is counted 99 times.

4. For the next century, I waited for my world to bend under my name.

Earth’s curvature ranges from 22.1 ° to 24.5 ° in a 41,000-year cycle. Now 23 ° 26 ′ 13.5 ′ ′ . Western scientists, perhaps because they want to hide a miracle, take the measurement with no reference point and reach the result of 23 ° 26 ′ 13.5 ′ ′. Actually, it is necessary to measure the curvature of the world according to the orbital plane. If we express the numbers 23 ° 26 ′ 13.5 ′ ′ according to the orbital plane, it corresponds to 66 ° 33 ′ 46.5 ′ ′ minutes. I have said that 66 is the eternal value of the word Allah . Our world has been in this angle for nearly 250 years and will not be in this angle for almost 10 thousand years by going out from this angle in 70 years. (If there is no divine intervention)

The age we are in is a special age. According to the Torah and Islamic sources, we are in an age of doom. 33 is a symbol of many holy things in Islamic sources. Firstly, after worshiping God, his adjectives are repeated 33 times and 66 + 33 = 99 times in total, using 33 knuckles in each hand (2 hands have 66 knuckles). While doing this, your fingers are counted. This is Hz. As of Muhammad. it is a sacred tradition. These numbers are also the total number of known names of Allah in the Islamic tradition. So 33 and 66 are directly related to the names of Allah.

5. I am the “Hand” in the Torah. Hand in Ellah, Hand in Al-ilah, God is mine.

6. I created the human and many things with both hands.

7. I gave him 2 hands that I sealed with 66 from 33 each.

8. I chose 66 for each joint and the sum of its ends.

According to the scriptures, the humanity that God took into consideration spoke a single language in the past. (The remaining primitive communities could not speak fully). Their language changed when wars broke out between humanity. This language is the language of the Anatolian people, the ancestors from the north and north east, which are mentioned in the inscriptions of the Sumerians. Because Adam and his community had established a civilization in Anatolia thousands of years ago. All languages in the world and most Old Turkish, Sanskrit and Amharic bear traces from this language. This is the origin of the solar language theory. The word “hand” is therefore important. In old and new Turkish, the word “EL” is used to mean “creative and human hand”. It also means “outsider, foreigner”. This expression is referred to in Aramaic and Hebrew as “the name of god”. One day I was under a dream in my dream. The layers of Arş were opened and the spiritual hand of God came down through the tunnel. It was invisible to the eye, but perceived and felt by the heart. So much so that almost my eyes clearly saw him. It was like a spiritual energy hand. So much so that this hand was able to take any shape and reach anything. He turned the arm of a wheel that said “Muhammad” on it, which turned the universe.

(Your Lord) said: “O Demon! What prevented you from prostracting my creation with both hands? Have you conquered greatness or have you been of greatness?” (Qur’an 38:71)

9. I dragged the continents for my purpose. I have collected them on one side of the Earth to make your paths easier. I had their faces turned towards Polaris to help you find your way at night. I have designed protective roofs on you.

The world was created wisely for humanity by our wonderful deity. One of the many proofs of this situation is the distribution of the continents. As you know, the continents are gathered on one side of the Earth and its upper half, which we call “North”. Almost all of the land in the world (except the southern lands of Africa and America and the island of Australia) was collected in this quarter.

If you look at the Earth from the opposite side, you will probably see a planet completely covered by the sea. On the other hand, if you look at it, all the lands stay together. Designing the world in this way has improved civilization by enabling people to trade and stay in touch easily. We easily reached the food and produce of different climates. Because the blacks are gathered together. By connecting the “Bering Strait” from the far north to the continent of America, which is separate, it connected all the continents.

Why, however, did we gather on the side facing the Polaris, the Polar star? Because it was vital to find our way through the journeys of science and trade, which are the backbone of civilization. The Lord designed the Earth’s orbit and the continents polar star to show the North precisely and precisely. In this way, we found the way at night, we hunted, we found our way with ships and caravans.

Maybe there would be no civilization if it were not for the polar star. In the southern hemisphere, where there is almost no land, the pole star is not visible. There are no fixed-looking stars in this hemisphere that can show the path of human beings. The atmosphere of the world is covered with a magnificent engineering with many different layers that make and protect human beings. If these layers were not properly designed and placed, there would be no life in the world.

10. I created the earth, the Sun and the Moon with wisdom and put it at your service. I created you for myself.

11. No one is calling me? Are my temples always empty? Hearts forgot me.

12. Then I came with my soul to the full golden ratio point between the Earth’s poles.

13. I would bless this place and make it the center of Hajj.

14. At the golden ratio point; I stood in the plain of Arafat and observed the future. I chose the rocky hillock. I designed a monument there.

15. Let the golden ratio point of the world be in this city. May this city be blessed with my seal.

16. Let people understand my divine work at the golden point of the poles.

17. May He see and be bound by the glory of his wise and scholar Lord.

Indeed, precise calculations show that; The Arafat tower, which is within walking distance of the Kaaba, and the middle of the foundation area is the “Golden Ratio” point between the two poles. Hajj’s greatest commandment, even from circumambulation of Kaaba; To gather in Arafat Square is to contemplate and make a foundation. Pilgrims wait for Allah’s works and greatness and walk to the Kaaba.

(Arafat Tower-North Pole Point) 7.639.605 meters

(Arafat Tower-South Pole Point) 12.364.312 meters

12,364,312 / 7,639,605 = 1.618 …

Arafat Plain, Hira Mountain, Kaaba, and Mecca, the center of hundreds of other divine events, were declared sacred and the Lord was forbidden to enter those who do not believe in the unity of God. This blessed city has the golden ratio point of the poles as well as the golden ratio point according to the distances to the turning lines. In this respect, it is the only and unique city in the world. Mecca is the golden ratio city of the Earth. Detail;

18. Because I created all the good blessings I presented to the 18,000 realms with close breast 109 and gold.

Read about designing the solar system with 109; More…

I advanced 18000 meters from the 19th Arafat monument at an angle of 114 degrees. I came to the place of Kaaba and said, “Let my house be here.”

20. Because I chose 114 to communicate the Koran in 114 surahs and 18000 worlds. I sent Adam, Abraham, Ismail, Hud, and others to this city where I blessed him.

Let’s move forward from the Arafat tower with an angle of 114 degrees, which is the number of suras in the Qur’an, about 18000 meters, the number of realms in which the Koran was sent in Islam. This is the other of the two main places, along with Arafat, of the golden ratio of the earth. The Kaaba is the prostration of billions of people. More:

21. I wished it to be a city of struggle and pilgrimage for many of my prophets and my holy.

22. Whoever thinks with my soul and grasps the wisdom in my creation is here; I will forgive him.

23. According to the size of the people, this city should have the golden ratio point of the world. “

According to the 24th anniversary lines, I have determined Mecca as the golden city.

The polar points come from the creation of the Earth and are revealed by its return. The golden ratio point of the polar points is a divine determination. However, according to the surprisingly human-made latitude and longitude lines and to the anniversary lines, the holy city of Mecca has the golden ratio point of the world. This shows that human dimensions, languages and history are guided by the Lord. Already the Qur’an says: “Allah creates everything you do with your hands”. (Quran 37:96) More:

25. I said that the width of the length of the Kaaba, like the city, has a golden ratio.

Does God leave the Kaaba, which he calls “my home” empty, as he hits the Golden ratio seal on everything from his people, his holy city to all his holy objects? Contrary to what is known, the Kaaba was not in the form of a cube in the time of the prophet. Later (unfortunately) it was demolished and built as a cube. According to the narration of Ezraki, the prophet is ace. states the true measure as follows; [one]

“The longest edge of the Kaaba was“ 32 zira, the shortest edge is 20 zira … ”

So it’s the magnificent expression of 1.618, which expresses the ratio of 32/20 = 1.6 gold.

26. I wanted the political borders to be drawn so that Kaaba would come to the golden point of the north and south of Mecca.

Allah wished Mecca to have a golden ratio point, and Kaaba wished Mecca to be at a golden ratio point.

23.47-18.10 = 5.37 (The distance between the northernmost and southernest point)

4.37 / 1.618 = 3.32 (Golden Ratio of Distance)

18,10 + 3,32 = 21,42 (Kabe’s Coordinate)

27. I created your languages, measures and jobs. I gave you time until the day of return with a wisdom and justice.

28. I determined the shape of Mecca, the Kaaba, the Quran, the temple of Solomon, the Noah’s ark, the ark of the Testament and everything sacred according to the golden measure. So you should know that in all religions, the Lord is mine, religion is mine …

Noah’s Ark: (Genesis 6:15 – 6:18) You will make the ship like this: “Three hundred in length, fifty in width and thirty in height.” 50 cubits / 30 cubits = 1.6…

Testament Chest: (Exit 25/10 from Egypt) “Let them make a chest made of acacia tree. Let it be two and a half in height, and one and a half in height. 11 Cover the inside and outside with pure gold. 2.5 (arc) / 1.5 (arc) = 1.6.

Golden Ratio in Süleyman Temple:

When we look at the boundaries of the large area, which is the combination of the old temple of Solomon and the new Masjid Al-Aqsa and Kubbetus Sahara masjids, we see the golden ratio again.

451,42 meters (east side), 279 meters (south side) 451,425 / 279 = 1,6180 ..

Bible Matthew 16:18

You are Peter and I will build my church (holy temple) on this rock . The gates of the land of the dead cannot defeat him.


29. With 109 , I continued on my way to create the heavens, make Hajj, Kaaba and Arafat sacred, who designed the being with a golden ratio, that I am known.

30. From the gate of the Kaaba, I drew a straight line at an elevation of 19 latitude, at an angle of 109.66 degrees to the equator and 19.66 degrees to the north pole. So in a circle, I developed a new relationship between 19 and 109 .

The golden road line; Its angle to the latitude line extending from the Kaaba to the north pole is 19.66 degrees. The angle to the equator naturally becomes 19.66 + 90 = 109.66. God united the two holy numbers 109 and 19 in one line. He continued his 109 statements in macro order with the number 19 in the world. When the golden road angle is analyzed; There is no difference between 19 and 109.

Quran 74.29 (He shows) Slabs to humanity  (Ayet Ebced, Golden Ratio 618 number) (74:29)

Quran 74.30 Above 19


They are angels of fire. For the infidels, their numbers are complicated . May the faith of the believer increase. Say you who has a sick heart. What does God mean? God suspects what he wishes. He adds whatever he desires. He knows his armies himself. This is just a reminder. Never! Swear to the moon and swear at night when he returns. And I swear by dawn

Quran 74:35 Surely one of those biggest (coded Innehâ le-i h da-lkuber (i)) (coded 74 + 35 = 109) is a warning to humanity ((nezira) – a biblical gospel means a warrant).

For those who want to stand out or stay behind. All the egos are hostage to what they have won. More

31. In 2019, I gave his discovery that I named the road, that I brought it from the top of the road.

This miraculous road, 19 latitude high and 19 degree angled, was inspired by Erdem Çetinkaya Meta in 2019.

32. This line is my ambassadors’ way. I wish that Sırat, who brought him to heaven or to hell, was the reflection of the world.

People do not fall into hell without seeing a warner and a messenger. While people are reborn again, they come upon the “Golden Path”, namely “Sirat”. They encounter one of the envoys and warners on the top. With their attitude towards them and the message they bring, their place in heaven or hell becomes clear.

That hell will almost crack out of his anger. As the disbelieving communities are always thrown there, the hell keepers will ask them: “ Did any stimulus come to you? ”(Quran 67: 8)

33. “Musta-Kaiym Road” – “Virtue-Truth Road”. Because I would place it at the top of this road and make all these secrets feel to it.

Erdem Çetinkaya Meta sits at a latitude of 40.00 and all of his close lineage is from Nallahan and Bağder. This is the top point and the end of the Golden Road.

34. Let Mustafa, Kayam, proclaim my path and glory to the world.

35. Head of the golden road to the north. The middle of Anatolia and the world continents.

36. Let the vineyards, rivers and streams of Heaven remind you. Let us say “Bağder-i Bala” because it is manifested there “Sireti-Müstakiym” secret.

Click to read the evidence in the holy books that heaven is on Anatolian soil.

37. On the longitude of 31.06.18 I thought of the Golden Road in Bağder. I created a sweet spring water there.

In the pictures below, we see that the longitude value of Bağder is encoded with a golden ratio.

38. “Kayam” said my soul, “Get out of this house. A tree with white flowers bloom in front of him. Let his mother grow up in this house and be in this place before Kayam is born.”

39. Let Nallahan be the name of this town in the folk language. My name should be remembered, say “Allah Khan”.

40. Get 40 latitude; Let it out in its 40s in 1440, the affirmative of my 7th. Let your ear say its name when you exceed 1000 by 400.

These miracles and this book reached its final form in 1440 hijri, that is, in 2019. Born in 1400 and reached the age of 40 in 1440, the “mime secret” in the name of E.meta is hidden. This secret is as follows. Allah has determined the most prominent (sharia and religious way owners) of the apostles he sent. He concealed the letter “mime”, that is, “Me”, before or after their names. Why this letter? In the ancient Sumerian texts, angels called “Anunnaki” descended from the sky had holy books and believed in a unique and uniquely God named “Nammu”. Nammu was the source that created all divine beings. People used to call angels “gods” in ancient times. Because they can control nature and they had superior powers. Angels did not reveal religious and divine secrets to ancient people until Adam came.

The word / letter “ME”, which expresses the sacred thoughts and secrets in Sumer, later influenced all languages and became the origin of all sacred things. In English, the word “mind” and “mental” (thought), the word “mantra” in the east and the letter “MİM” are hidden in all words such as “continent of Mu”. In the names of the apostles, either the first letter or the last letter is “ME”. It can be understood that “ME” was born as a prophet from birth, and “ME” was chosen as a prophet later because of his work during his life. However, the fate of everyone is already known by the creator and their names are designed accordingly.

Adam, İbrahim, Spitama (Zoroastrian), Gautama (Buda), Erdem Meta (road owners with the M letter at the end) (Signs of these names and their paths were found in the Qur’an as clear or explicit)

Muhammad, Mary bin Christ Jesus, Moses (the first road-letter owners M)

There may be those who claim that Adam is a prophet from creation. In the Qur’an, Allah said that he would appoint a caliph on earth. The humanity he created and developed from clay has reached the expected level. He chose Adam among them and blew it out from his soul. Adam was chosen not at birth, but in adulthood. You have read the envoys with 7 mim above. 8. is the messenger of the covenant who came to certify them. He is the “he apostle” whose name is mentioned in the verse of the Qur’an without mentioning it.

41. Again as a miracle; The total distance between Masjid-i Haram, Kabe and Bağder-i Bala border, the large golden ratio is 1618 km and the small golden ratio is 618…

42. In accordance with Mustakayim; Like the prophet’s name, Kayam’s father Musta-fa’s name is “Çetinkaya”. Let “Amine Meta” be the mother’s name like that of Muhammad.

43. Even the name of her own aunt, who took her when she was born, is the same as Mohammed’s milk mother.

44. Let the Arabs say “Huccetun Kaiym Munta-zar”, “Kayam”, the Bible and the Torah, and the Christians and Jews, say “to Metta” in the religion of the east.

In the hadith narrated by Hazrat Ali and his grandchildren, the name of the Mahdi is Cuccet Kaiym Muntazar. (Islamic Sources) The names of the Lord and the expected person in the Torah are one and Kaya. In Buddhism, its name is reported as Metta or Mettaya by region.


Nisa 4: 165

رُّسُلاً مُّبَشِّرِينَ وَمُنذِرِينَ لِئَلاَّ يَكُونَ لِلنَّاسِ عَلَى اللّهِ حُجَّةٌ بَعْدَ الرُّسُلِ وَكَانَ اللّهُاًُُُُُُُ

Rusulen muşşirîne and munzirîne li el yekûne lin nâsi alâllâhi huccetun Bağderi. And the kanalâhu azîzen hakîmâ (hakîmen).


the rusuli

: prophets, ambassadors


î What is mubeşş

: heralds


and what is munzir î

: and stimulants





ell â yek û ne

: absence


li en â si

: for people, people


al â all â hi

: On Allah


the hüccet

: cell, evidence, defense excuse


bağd to

: Then


er rusuli

: prophets


and â k what

: and it happened …


all â hu

: God


az î zen

: saint, supreme


î eligible men

: judge and wisdom

The heralding prophets and warriors (nezirs-junkies) are for people who do not have any evidence upon Allah after the apostles.

What the verse that tells about the stimuli that will come after the messengers

When we look at the Arabic of the verse, we see KEY WORDS that explain everything.

Rusulen muşşirîne and munzirîne li el yekûne lin nâsi al â ll â hi huccetun bagder rusuli . And kâ kall â hu azîzen hakîmâ.

The God of Allah, Bağder (After) From the Messenger; ka (soul) of -Nallah (tenvinl of)

The stimulus (by the mother) Nallahan, who was inspired by all these miracles and took over the task of reaching it to tens of millions in 18 languages worldwide, came out of Bağder Village. This stimulus, which brings the explanation of Allah’s peoples to life, has favored Allah by making him part of the evidence of the teammates. This is our hope. God knows best and every decision is perfect.

45. Unite Çetinkaya and Meta and come to the future for “Çetinkıyamet”.

46. May my secrets be revealed to the world.

47. Let Çetinkaya’s village be called “Black Fortress”. The Kibele temple and a mosque were built on the big rock adjacent to their houses. So let’s join me in the first and last.

48. Between Bağder and Kara villages was 161.80 degrees. Let two consecutive villages be known on the golden road. Between two houses in two villages; it will be 1618 + 1618 meters from mother to father; be announced.

49. Let the continents be shaped as 5555 km from the northern border of this village to the north pole point and 4444 km from the southern border to the equator.

50. Let 14444 km from the father’s house to the south pole. Be it at 40.07, the house will be 40 years old. With calendars showing 1440 and sitting at his home at 40.00 latitude.

51. I looked at the world from Bağder and designed everything. The center of gravity of the continents. The junction of civilizations and continents. I send my ambassadors to the center of the cities. When the world becomes a city, Kayameta’s cedar will stop here.

52. This is the beginning of my paradise. Adam’s creation place.

You will see how the Prophet Adam was created in Nallahan and how the scenes of creation and angelic opposition to the mountains of this town are processed.

53. I defended the angels and painted the mountains

54. I made this souvenir to all of the mountain of N-allah’an so that the eyes can see and see the eyes.

“I created Adam with my both hands,” Rahman said. (Quran)

We have seen the shapes of angels, zebras and people on earth. But we did not see the shape of Rahman, that of man. Here, the shape of the two hands and body of Rahman was engraved on the mountain where N-Allah-AN district is located, so that the name of Allah is remembered and it is known to be Khan. Click on the previous link for detailed information and to see.

(The pictures are only given a contrast / clarification effect, you can look at their original form from Google Earth. They just look pale. There is no play in the lines)


1. I returned to the place where the Sun started to rise in Bağder; exactly 90 degrees east, on an equal day of day and night. I said; “Zoroastrian Spitama and Gautama Buddha are born in this way. Let them explain morality and prepare them for religion.

Yeşeya 40 (consists of 31 parts) (Mahdi’s Place of Origin Ankara Bağder Coordinate)

3 The voice of him that crieth in the wilderness, Prepare ye the way of the LORD, make straight in the desert a highway for our God. 4 Every valley shall be exalted, and every mountain and hill shall be made low: and the crooked shall be made straight, and the rough places plain:

Can anyone give advice and teach him?

2. My eyes seeing the future, saw the religions worshiping the sun with the rise of the sun. I looked with disgust at the ground where the sun rose to the top.

3. I was enraged with the Giza pyramids and others just 90 degrees south. At the summit of the sun. Right in the south. I saw the so-called gods of the religion of the sun in the direction I was looking.

4. I dropped Yusuf from Kayam’s path, into a well to raise. I sent Jacob afterwards. I increased the lineage and made the name “Israelites”. I took Moses out of there. I took revenge from my enemy with his hand.

5. I called on the golden path from Egypt to Medyen to talk to him. Because I was disgusted, there was no step in Egypt. However, I created them all.

6. “O Moses, Come back immediately with my people on the path of Truthfulness, carry them to the land of Jerusalem”

7. I waited for them at the exit of Egypt in the clouds, with love and forgiveness.

8. To make it a lesson for humanity, I made a piece of Sahara from Hell and a painting that covered half the continent. I will punish the pagan religion and all the oppressors spread from Egypt before the eyes of Egypt. I will kill death and fuel the cruel to hell.

Below you can see the giant zebra covering the south of Australia. A sea turtle symbol stands in front of this zebra, which will punish aquatic animals.

9. Elçim Yusuf; He thought he could not return from Egypt to the golden road. But I took the bones and brought them to the ground on the holy line. I left no ambassadors behind, away from my path…

10. It is a constant word; my envoys will be drawn to the golden road. They will resurrect from there. I drew Sırat-ı Müstakim like the symbol ELİF in Arabic. The ways in which the Hebrew ambassadors walked to reach him, I gave the form of the letter Elif in the Hebrew alphabet. They walked on the symbol of my name, but they didn’t know it.

Indeed, the prophet Yusuf was taken out of his grave by Moses and his people hundreds of years later, and his bones were placed in a coffin and moved to Jerusalem with them. All the prophets gather on Sırat to be resurrected.

11. Then I looked 90 degrees west. The sun was disappearing on the horizon. 40.07 latitude and under it, angels and jinn were scared and lined up. Some of them were hidden in a mountain named Olimpos, just to my 90 degree milking. They called them gods. However, I am the only god. I saw the Vatican and Rome where the sun went down. Pope and priests; Let them look in the direction of the sun from the windows of the Vatican; Let them see the sun rise to 90.90 degrees, which will destroy the obnoxious obelisk with the divine light of obelisk. Because Jesus said they are the only sons of God. However, I did not have anyone as a child. I supported Jesus with my holy spirit. But all believers are spiritually like my children. In Bağder, I saw the centers of idols where the sun rises, rises and sets. I sent envoys. I will destroy all false gods.

12. I turned Anatolia into heaven. I gave the root of Fırat and Dicle, Seyhan and Ceyhan under my feet to the south east.

It is written in the Torah and hadith that Anatolia is one of the first heavens described in the holy books and where Adam settled down. Detail;

13. I spread the silhouette of Kayam from the summit of Anatolia to Istanbul. In the image of the king, I painted them while kissing the heart sign on my forehead and the female angel looking after her. Kayam feet are on the golden road, Kayam is on the edge. Kaiym’s body and eyes are in Kaaba.

The feet of Kaiym, who appear in Kıyam while performing prayers in Istanbul, are just above Nallahan. The first step shows the path and the direction it faces, the Golden Path. It is in the form of prayer and worship towards the Kaaba and Jerusalem.

14. I placed it in the brain of the kneeling silhouette representing humanity.

15. Europe; turned people into slaves. He exploited mercilessly. Both the Torah and Jesus; Although he said “Your God is one”, God became the home of those who said 3 species. Satan has come into existence with Europe.

16. I shaped the continents, the devil put his tail in the spinal cord of the human. With his stamped nose, the blood of the African man breathed.

17. Dabbe’s silhouette warned man by showing the devil. His wand was broken in Crimea.



1. Down from Bağder-i Bala; I proceeded along the golden path.

2. I wanted to have Yunus, Taptuk Emre and his daughter near me.

3. I called out to the hearts at every stop to collect my servants and lovers.

Important Allah people such as Yunus Emre, Taptuk Emre and his daughter, Bacım Sultan, lived around Nallahan and Bağder-i Bala.

4. I walked straight to 99000 meters and manifested; My name is 99 known. I built another place of worship there.

5. I gave grace to Cybele from my soul. I healed people and performed miracles with him.

6. As I spread my religion, I glorified it as I glorified it.

7. There were those who worshiped and worshiped them, just like their quantity. Those who break my rules and carve their idols.

8. Even though I did not delete all of them, the name of Kibele from the earth. I hid it among my holy.

There is the Cybele temple exactly 99.000 meters from Bağder, which is the junction point and center of all roads. This temple is also on the Golden Road. Kibele was sent here, and with the permission of God, he showed miracles and healed and described the world’s first religion. Cybele was later turned into a mythology character and a goddess. It is mentioned as the mother goddess who gave birth to all gods in mythology. It is unique and did not give birth.

When Attis, one of his priests, betrayed him, he is caught and regrets and castrated himself. This is the story in mythology, where circumcision worship first appeared. Later, circumcision became widespread in other Kibele temples in Anatolia and influenced world religious traditions. The spirit of the Lord was sometimes manifested in women and sometimes in male ambassadors and showed miracles to people. Kibele later originated the words “KIBLE” and “Kaaba”.

9. I walked 618 km from Bağder. I came to Salamis. I gave her name with Selam.

10. I gathered the disciples of Jesus here. I brought Barnabas and his offspring from here and blessed Salamis with him.

11. I spread the truth to the world with his hands. But some added to Jesus’ word. Jesus said your Lord is one. But they said it is 3. Jesus said that we are all sons of the Lord, believers. But they made an ugly analogy.

12. I put my word in the language of Jesus and my soul in the heart. I spread my word to the world with apostles. Therefore, I gave Cyprus the form of a sentence cloud that came out of the mouth of the silhouette representing humanity. I dragged Cyprus away and made a promise from the mouth of Anatolia and the mouth of man.

13. I have created the distance and shape between everything with a wisdom and measure that you are known to be the only god who shapes the Earth, organizes the works of the creature ever since.

14. I continued walking on the golden road. So that the evidence I will create for my envoys and my religion is completed.

I crossed the 15th Sea and reached Jerusalem. I looked at this city where I made him and his surroundings blessed through the northern gates. I prepared the grave of Moses, one of my most distinguished and loyal servants.

I appointed Solomon for a great temple to be built in Step 16.

17. I created 1000 km from Bağder to the wall of the Temple. I added 365 meters up to the door. So I am the owner of the day and the owner of the religion, you know.

18. The ratio of Süleyman temple to Salamis and from there to Bağder is the golden ratio; I wanted it to be 1000 and 618.

19. Then I headed to another house for Qibla Kaaba. I wanted 1618 km from Salamis, the city of the Apostle Barnabas, to Kaaba. I am the one who sent Jesus, his apostles, and Muhammad.

20. From the gate of the Temple of Solomon to the Kaaba’s door, I gave a special measure to make sure that I know everything I did with mathematics and the number system of 10. I said 1234567.89 meters.

21. My soul walked with my ambassadors in many places in Jerusalem. I knocked down immoral societies that sacrificed human beings to false gods and jinns.

22. I built a sacred underground city under the temple. I wish another temple and gathering place for those who were underground. I gave him a door from the north. I wanted 618 and 618 km more from this gate to the south gate of the Kaaba mosque.

The distance from the Kaaba gate to the Süleyman Shrine (Masjid al-Aqsa) gate is 1234,56789 km. (See above) 618 + 618 = 1236 km. The 1.54 km difference is the sum of the distance between the south gate of the Kaaba Masjid and the north underground entrance gate of the Süleyman Temple.

23. I chose the Israelites for Abraham and Jacob. I showed them great miracles and appeared to 70 of them. I saved them from Egypt and personally met Moses on the mountain of God. I manifest with the curtain of infinite Lord, Rahman and Rahim, which is everywhere and everything. The eyes, hands and jobs of the beings I have revealed to the heart… here it is me ..

24. But no matter how much I warned the Israelites, they worshiped other gods and tried to kill my apostles. I would divide them into a thousand pieces and send them to the world. As I remembered in their soul, I brought them back to earth and hit them for revenge. I left some toys among the animals and some in the hands of the oppressors. Forgiveness and my promise, I have now gathered them in Jerusalem.

Jews last tried to declare Jesus a false prophet and kill him. Subsequently, after 40 years, the Lord threw the Jews back to the world in order not to return, and persecutors like Hitler took revenge on them many times throughout history. However, he gathered them to Jerusalem, to keep his word, until the apocalypse was filled. It will bring security to the Israelites, provided that it pays the ransom when the elected is out, and it will declare Jerusalem a city of worship that is open to all communities. People of all religions will unite in his religion. This will happen after the world tastes the pains.

25. In Egypt, I took you out of Goşen and brought you to Jerusalem. I angle 19,168 degrees between Goşen and Jerusalem temple wall. For the distance between 7 mimes, I determined 7 times 7 and 7 times measurements.

7X7X7 km = 343 km. The distance from the village of Goşen to the Wailing Wall (Süleyman Temple wall) is 7 X7 X 7 km. The angle is 90-70.38 = 19.62 (19.618) degrees to the equator. This is the holy way that Allah offers to the Jews. The location of Goşen, the village where the Jews were settled, and the location of the Süleyman Temple, were determined by the Lord. That you know today. Come out.

26. Know that it is me who created the Earth and the Sky in 7 layers, in 7 days, who determined the week 7 days and who took you out of Egypt.

27. Harun became an ambassador with the prayer of Moses. I did not give him a place on the golden road, but I blessed him and his grave. I gave him a place in Petra. I gathered the Israelites in Petra and called Moses to myself. I baptized Jesus there. I gave 161.803 meters distance between Petra and the wailing wall. So understand that I am the Lord who regulates the universe, the sun and your works. I anticipate the future and make order.

28. 2 small gold ratios away from Bağder and 1000 km away from the Kaaba; Another stop depending on the golden ratio; I put Medyen. When I fled Elçim Şuayb and Moses, I gave Moses a home and a family here. It was the first time I called him this sacred earth from a tree burning.

29. I continued to walk straight on the golden road; I proceeded to the Kaaba.

30. To Al-Ula, the city where Elçim Salih will come out. I wish 618 km distance to Kaaba and 1618 km to Bağder.

Formerly known as “Madain Salih”; Al-Ula. It is an ancient city within the borders of Arabia, 618 km north of the Kaaba. The city is reminiscent of Petra in terms of splendor. As a result of the researches, it was taken under protection and it was certain that the Prophet Salih lived in Al-Ula.

31. And I devastated the tribes who rebelled against my envoys. Under the Dead Sea, the tribe of Lut, the tribe of Salih in Al-Ula, and the tribe of Shuayb in Median…

32. And the torment that descended on them changed the shape of the continents. I painted them in fire color by fire and by the angels who punished them.

33. So that the ministers should sign today. I created a hell for animals in the west of Africa and in Australia.

34. And with their copies, I painted some of the earth on fire color.

35. Thus, the golden ratio distances between the holy ones were completed.

36. The angle to the poles of 19.66 degrees, the angle of the equator of 109.66 degrees; My golden path has found 19 latitude altitudes.

37. At the 40th latitude, the explorer, when I was 40 years old, announced the explorer in 1440, found him in the cedar of his house at 40.00 latitude. I gave them to 40 of them on duty and maturity.

38. I blessed 40. I collected all the wealth in the 40th latitude of the world.

39. I designed all this without creating the world. I explained to Idris, one of the firsts of the apostles, that I would do these things.

40. I put out the book that I had revealed to him but disappeared among the Dead sea manuscripts.

41. Thus, shortly before Erdem was born, I prepared a ground for my miracles.

42. Readers should remember; İdris Enok wrote in his book until the number of verses that I sealed with 618;


  1. On those days, those angels were given long measuring strips (tape measure meters)The angels took wings and flew and went north (from Jerusalem to North, to Anatolia or to the poles) .

I asked the first Angel: “Why did they take measurement strips?” He said: They went to measure.”

2. And the angel who came with me said: “These will bring the measure of the righteous and bring the measure from the righteous to the other righteous, 4. And these measures will be convincing (see the books of the Golden Ratio and the Miracles of the Golden Road) and strengthen the“ righteousness.

5. Those measures will reveal all the secrets of the depths of the world.

6. So that those who have been destroyed by the desert, eaten by wild animals, eaten by fish in the sea, will return to the Day of the Chosen One to stop there. (See the Miracles in the Spiritual World book). Because in front of the God of the Souls, none will be destroyed and none can be destroyed.

7. And everyone who sat on the heavens was ordered; they were given a single power, a single voice, and a single light similar to fire.

61.8 And the Lord of the Spirit placed the chosen person on the throne of his glory. He will judge all the works of those who belong to Allah and weigh their works ( the golden measure number in the Golden Ratio 618 verse) on the scale.


1. We have made Alchim Muhammad a hatem that certifies all the previous envoys and books.

2. Under the fig tree, we delivered our revelation to Gautama Buddha, Jesus on the Mount of Olives, Moses to Moses in Sinai and Mohammed in Mecca. We wrote this in the Qur’an. Why did each of you humiliate each other, even though we have verified the religion and ambassador of each of you? Have you grown stubborn to my miracles? Or are you just in parental religion?

There is reference to all world religions in the Qur’an. All of these religions are essentially based on true religion, but have deteriorated over time. You know clearly that Judaism and Judaism exist in the Qur’an. There is strong evidence that the Zoroastrian Prophet and the Buddha are also prophets commissioned by God. For example, Zoroastrianism (Magusism in its corrupt form) is considered among the true religions in the Qur’an.

(Qur’an: Surat al-Hajj 17) Lo! those who believe (this Revelation), and those who are Jews, and the Sabaeans and the Christians and the Magians and the idolaters. Lo! Allah will decide between them on the Day of Resurrection. Lo! Allah is Witness over all things.

Hz. It is rumored that the Prophet said “Treat the Messengers to the People of the Book” ( , I, 278); Hz. Ali also states that it is forbidden to Muslims to lose what they cut because of their shirks and to marry their women (Ebû Yûsuf, p. 140-141). Imam Shafii Hz. Based on Ali’s word, the People of the Book counted them (al-Um, IV, 158).

In the Surah of Tin is sworn on all the major religions of the world in the time of the prophet. This is evidence of the unity and blessings that sent them. Because in the Qur’an, Allah swears only on respectable things and this is tradition in his oath.

1. Respect to fig and olives.

2. Respect the Sinâ Mountain,

3. To this safe city (Mecca),

4. Surely We created man of the best shape

5. Then we lowered him down.

In the 2nd and 3rd verses, the places where the revelation of Allah descended are sworn. This suggests that the names mentioned in verse 1 are symbols related to the descent of the revelation. Indeed, Sinai (Judaism) is the symbol of the revelation of Mecca (Islam), the Fig Tree is the place where the Buddha took the first revelation and awakened, Olive trees and the mountain are the symbol of the place where Jesus received the revelation. If the symbols of religions were historically trees, the symbol of these two religions would definitely be Fig and Olive trees. Therefore, we see that the Qur’an draws attention to the blessing of the essence of Buddhism. However, it has been subject to deterioration as it is a religion that has been carried by very old and oral traditions.

When Buddhism is examined, it is seen that it largely overlaps with Islamic bases (reaching Nirvana, the concepts of dhikr, heaven and goodness live). In addition, when the “Om Mani Padme Hum” which is the biggest dhikr of Buddha is read from right to left, it is seen that their letters give the phrase “Muhammed Api Nammu”. Which means “Muhammad is the messenger of God”, it means. You can read the secret about it in my article.

3. I have equipped my holy book, which verifies and unites all religions, with miracles so that the disagreements between you are over.

4. I placed a symmetry in the number and number of verses of his surahs. So much so far that human beings have not been able to produce such symmetry.

In the Qur’an, the number of suras and verses are lined up with a magnificent numerical symmetry that cannot be human. Check out my article about this topic. Indeed, it is one of the greatest divine miracles and a symbol of the protection of the Qur’an.


There are 114 suras in the Qur’an. The sum of the sequence numbers of these suras is 6555 . You can easily verify this information by calculating the sum of the numbers from 1 to 114 in order. ( 6555 )

The sum of the surahs in which the sum of the sequence number and the number of verses in the Qur’an is TEK is 6555 .

The total number of verses in 114 different suras, that is, the total number of verses in the Qur’an is 6236 .

In the Qur’an, the sum of the sura number and the number of verses with the total number of DOUBLE is 6236 .

In other words, if we evaluate the suras as odd and even in terms of sum of numerical values; We access the total number of verses and sum of sura sequence numbers.

Let’s examine the number of rows (s value) and number of verses (a value) of each sura. Let’s see if it’s odd or even. If both the sura sequence number and the verse number of the surah have odd-odd or even-even value, let’s write them in the homogeneous table. If they are not homogeneous to the opposite table. The extraordinary symmetrical table below will appear.

5. I combined the number of verses according to the golden ratio. 1618 + 1000 + 1000 + 1000 + 1618 . So I revealed it as 6236 verses.

Just as there is a golden ratio in the design of the universe, nature and geometry, there is a Golden Ratio even in the sequence of the verse numbers in the Qur’an.

6. In 16:18, I pointed out that the golden ratio number is uncountable and there is a seal hit blessings. I hid the name E.meta, which I gave my miracles of the golden ratio, in the verse.

وَاِنْ تَعُدُّوا نِ عْمَةَ اللّٰهِ لَا تُحْصُوهَاۜ اِنَّ اللّٰهَ لَغَفُورٌ رَح۪يمٌ

16:18 And if ye would count the favour (n-e.meta) of Allah ye cannot reckon it. Lo! Allah is indeed Forgiving, Merciful.

(It writes the word e-meta in the word nimetallahi in the red painted place. The name of the person whom Allah inspires this miracle is E.meta. In this respect, we see God’s description of the Golden ratio number to his servants.

7. I carefully determined the number of keywords in my book. I have repeated the word ambassador 513 times, the number of special names of my ambassadors 513 times, in equal numbers.




267 + 236 + 10 = 513

The word ambassador repeats a total of 513 times with all its variations (ambassador, embassy, ambassadors).




















Zulkiflذَا الْكِفْل2









4 + 25 + 5 + 7 + 3 + 2 + 1 + 4 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 17 + 16 + 20 + 11 + 4 + 27 + 16 + 17 + 12 + 27 + 69 + 7 + 7 + 43 + 2 + 25 + 136 = 513


8. The words “world” and “hereafter” match each other; I have repeated it 115 times.

الدُّنْيَ Hand-world

Search this word at the 3 different sites below and search for the result you fled. The number you will reach is 115 world words in 111 verses.

TP: // Search result Search result

The Hereafter Word آخرة

You can copy this word and search the sites below. You can see 115 times in 113 verses. Ara Ahiret Word

(If you search this word tarayıcı رة with ctrl + f from the browser module in the page, you can see it with your eyes.)

Tanzil Quran Search Site Ahiret word results This site gives the direct result.

9. I repeated the word “months” 12 times and the word “days” 30 times.

10. I repeated the words “angel” and “devil” 88 times. I preferred it to be similar to 88 couples.

11. And I determined a wisdom in the repeat number of many words. Thus, it is known that Muhammad, who hoped the Qur’an, whose life was filled with confusion and distress, did not write, and that the worlds came from the Lord.

Click on the link below to access detailed explanations and results of word repetitive miracles in the Qur’an.


1. We have even created the name of the chosen one as evidence.

2. In the Eastern religions, the surname was said to be “Metta”; Isn’t his last name “Meta”? Didn’t we voice your chant Om mani padme hum as Muhammad api Nammu from right to left? And didn’t we hide Eratemo in your chants?

a) METTA: When researched, it will be seen that; The surname of the savior expected in Eastern religions; It is known as “Metta” or “Mettaya”.

Wikipedia: Maitreya (Sanskrit: Maitreya, Pali: Metteyya,

According to the views of the end of the world and the other world (or Buddhist eschatologia) in Buddhism, this is the future “Buddha” of the world. It is sometimes called the “Buddha of the Future”.

“Maitreya” or “Metteyya” is derived from the Sanskrit word maitri (Pali: mettā). “Maitri” is of the same root as the word “mitra (Pāli: mitta)”, meaning friendship, and can be translated as “universal love, compassion”.

From Burma Resources:

“The Buddha said to Sariputta: Our revolution is a happy period. 3 leaders lived in our time. Kakusanda, Kanogama and Kasapa. I am the Great Buddha, but METTEYA comes after me . While this happy age continues, before this number of years run out, METTEYA, which is called “The Great” of this Buddha, will come the leader of all people. “

(Warren, Buddhism in translation, p.481-82)


b) “Om mani padme hum” is one of the biggest mantras of Buddhism and Hinduism. It can be found in Buddhist lands at the door of every house and temple. This is a password. If you read from right to left (Muhemd api Nammu), it means “Muhammad is the messenger of God” in Hindi. There is no closer word to explain Muhammad in Hindi, and the sounds of Arabic letters are used in the same order and in their entirety.

When OM TARE TUTTARE TURE SVAHA mantra which is one of the biggest mantras of Hinduism is read from right to left; It is read as ” Ahava Surettut Eratemo” . “ Sacrifice-Love Suret Eratemo ” gives its meaning and voices.

“Om Ah Hum” is also one of the biggest mantras of all eastern religions. It is read as “Muhhamo (d)” when it is read in Hebrew alphabet order from right to left. I will explain how the Lord showed them to the elected of the east.

c) ERATA in the holy book of Zoroastrian Prophet AVESTA

129. Which will be his victorious SAOSYANT and his name will be Astvat-Ereta. He will be SAOŞYANT (Benevolent) , because he will touch the whole bodily world, He will become ASTVAT-ERETA (which will raise his bodily creatures ), because he will resist the Druj of the two-legged progeny as a bodily creature and a living creature. to resist the destruction of bodily creatures to counteract evil by believers.

As the end of the world approaches, a boy named Astvat Erata (Ascending Right) will be born.


1- (Zoroastrian) – The best known ownership is that of Zoroastrian Spitama, which Mazda Ahura will give him the most glorious things of all time blessed through Right (virtue/erdem) ; likewise, it will give those who learn and practice the words and actions of their own Good Religion.

2- Let them delight Mazda with thoughts, words, actions, and praise him, even follow him to worship Kava Vystaspa and Spitamid, the son of Zoroastrian, with Fraşoshtra, Ahura. by laying straight paths to the Religion of the Savior of the future, commanded by.

14- If your visionary side comes to me through Right, like a savvy man with the power to give to his friends, then I will revive myself to confront those who are enemies of your Law , with all the others who take care of your words.

8. You are after us to win him with the hymns of worship (in his mind): “Now I really saw him with my own eyes, I learned to recognize Ahura Mazda through the right (virtue) of good spirit, (good) action and word .” Let’s present her allegiance to her in the House of Songs.

Yasna 49

8- Forgive the extremely joyous friendship of Truth (Erdem) to Fraşaştra. I ask you this, O Mazda Ahura- forgive me the good in your Kingdom. We will always be your messengers forever

5- The signs of the (divine) hand, which will bring us happiness with clear help, are provided by you, O O Mazda Ahura and Truth (Virtue) because you are loving towards your prophet.

Yasna 48:

8-… O you are RIGHT . Will the religious people (narrow-minded and arrogant) appreciate what you have explicitly revealed (evidence and miracles) or even actions performed by the good spirit?

9- When will I find out if you have power over anyone who has threatened me with destructions, O Mazda and TRUE (Virtue) . The future SAVOR must know how destiny will be.

3. In the Mirach, we notified our envoy to Mohammed and then to the imams. HE IS; We said it would be “hucceti-kaiym-muntazar”. O – huu; cetin kayameta-zar, right?

By narration from Abdullah bin Ömer bin Hattab;

(Allah said in Mirach;) “O Muhammad! Do you want to see them?” “I want ya Lord!” I said.

He said: “So get a little ahead.” As I proceeded a bit, I saw Ali bin Abi Talib. Then I saw Hasan, Hüseyn, Ali bin Hüseyn, Muhammed bin Ali, Cafer bin Muhammed, Musa bin Cafer, Ali bin Musa, Muhammed bin Ali, Ali bin Muhammed, Hasan bin Ali and Çuccet-i Kâyim. Kaiym was like a shining star in them.

I said: O my Lord! Who are they?

He said: They are imams. This is the Kâiym (thickener).

Prophet As. İmam Rıza, one of the grandchildren of the grandfather of the 12 imams, gave details and continued his name;

الحجة القائم المنتظر ( Kuccet is Kaiym and Muntazar. Please note that Zucchet is adjacent, he also said the name Metazar because Meta-dice is separate in the surname.)

4. In the Torah, we said the name would be “righteousness-Virtue”. With the name “Kaya”; We named it with the name of the Lord. Isn’t his name “Erdem” and his last name is “Çetin Kaya”?

Torah Jeremiah 33:

15: ” In those days, at that time,

I will grow a correct branch for David;

He will do the fair and right thing in the country.

16: Judas (Israel) will be saved in those days,

Jerusalem will live in safety.

He will be referred to as the Master of Truth .

17: The LORD says: ‘The line of David, who sits on the throne of Israel, will not be interrupted.

18: There will be no missing from the priests of the priests who will present a burnt offering in front of me, burn the cereal offering, and make sacrifices. ”

Biblical Isaiah 41

25 “ I mobilized one of the north, coming, (from Anatolia)

Someone who calls me with my name from sunrise. (performing the morning prayer)

As the potter chewed the slime,

With a foot that will chew the leaders like mud.

26 Which of you reported this from the beginning, let’s know,

Torah Yahya 42

The LORD, who gives souls to those who live there, says,

6 “I, the LORD, have called you with righteousness (by virtue),

Will hold it by hand,

I will protect you

Treaty you public,

I will make light to the nations.

Torah Isaiah 1

26 – In the old days, as in the beginning,

I will train you managers and consultants.

After that, ‘City of Truth (Virtue)’,

You will be called “Sadık Kent”. ”

27 – Thanks to Zion justice,

Those who repent will also be saved by virtue of virtue .

28- But they are sinful with those who rebel

They will be devastated together.

Those who leave the Lord will perish.

2. Samuel 23

3 The God of Israel spoke,

Israel’s rock said to me,

‘People with dignity

And the one who rules with fear of God,

Bible 1. Corinthians 10

4 all drank the same spiritual drink. They drank from the spiritual rock from their back; that rock was Christ. (YC2009)

According to legend, Prophet Daniel As. tired of a dream that the famous king Nebukeddazar had. In a nutshell, “the rest of the golden body of the head saw a sculpture made of different metals and saw that a rock had shattered that statue and the rock had grown to cover the whole world. Daniel as. He said as a comment;

“You are the golden head. Different kings will come after you, but they will not be as strong as you. Eventually, a rock will come out and break up all kingdoms and establish a dominant state over the world.

Enok Prophet’s Book

“5. There my eyes saw the Chosen One of justice, faith. I saw his space under the wings of the God of Spirits. In his days, righteousness (virtue) will prevail. ”

Dead Sea Manuscripts Rules

“And when God comes again, righteousness (virtue) will rule forever.

5. Didn’t Zoroaster say its name would be “Eratemo”? Isn’t his name “Erdem”?

It was stated above in the book of the Prophet Zoroastrian called “Avesta”.

6. Didn’t our apostle say “Virtue without children” in King Solomon’s book? Is he childless and his name is “Virtue”?

Süleyman As. The name “Erdem” is clearly given in the 4th chapter of his book. It is said to be childless.

Chapter 4

1: It is better to be virtuous without children, because immortality continues the memory of virtue, and whether God or people value virtue.

2: When we see virtue, we strive to look like him, and when we cannot find him, we miss him. Virtue is crowned, forever the lord is his, because virtue has been able to achieve strong and constant efforts and rewards for rewards without deficiencies.

7. Here I have gathered the Israelites from 72 countries in Palestine, so it should be understood that my day is close to Kayameta. I made them wait for 70 years and with my name I sent them what came to you from the north.

The people of Israel were exiled from Jerusalem 2,000 years ago. They scattered around the world as a scattered and weak community. Because of what they did, they suffered pain and torture in every cycle of their lives. Now they were allowed to enter Jerusalem and become a state so that the promise in the scriptures would be fulfilled. Miracles and evidence were shown to them in accordance with the scriptures.

So O Israel, open the way for the chosen, for the Lord. It unites east and west and all religions but embraces them all. Thus, there is no need for wars in which hundreds of millions of people will die. Even Israel gives ransom but does not hurt. The world union can be established at the same time by someone who is both Muslim and Jewish. The holy city, dedicated to the UNION OF RELIGIONS, can only be made with divine love. So watch and act now; not by war; for a new age that comes with peace and love.

8. Empower him to build my temple, unite nations and open up Jerusalem as a city of worship for all nations. If the Israelites believe in my evidence; the servant I chose to clean his sins in exchange for ransom. Otherwise I will demolish your cities when the time comes. My punishment will come with fire and smoke.

9. I chose Muslims to unite Christians and Jews in one religion, in Abraham’s religion. The essence of that religion is your Lord’s unity. I do not have a wife, a similar or a partner. There is no god but me. Everything is in need of me. My being is eternal and eternal. There is no deficiency in me. Everything will come to my presence as a servant.

10. Believe in the chosen one. We placed a visible and intertwined heart on his forehead. Jesus told you this, saying that the sacred heart symbol blessed where it would appear. To keep it alive, we notified the Pope in the west; We built sacred heart churches and organized holidays.

Sacred Heart Symbol

Since the 1200s, many saints have received revelations about the vision of the sacred heart. Among them were many well-known and respected names. St. Mary said in a vision that she saw the sacred heart and was shown to her by Jesus and that “holy heart monasteries” were built to glorify that symbol.

Celebrating Jesus’ Sacred Heart from Earth

Pope Leo 13 accepted this vision of saints as revelation, and it was decided that it would be a feast that is celebrated annually with the alliance of the later popes.

In his vision to St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, Jesus made some promises to the holy heart-bound;

    1. I will bless places where the image of my Sacred Heart will be revealed and respected.
    2. The person who spreads this commitment will have the names whose names are written in my Heart forever.
    3. Under the mercy of my heart, I promise to tell you that all my strong love will give you the grace of the last repentance for nine consecutive months to everyone who will receive communion on the first Friday: they will not die in my dissatisfaction nor accept the holy ones; My heart will be their safe haven in that last hour.

11. We told Muslims through Muhammad. He heralded, and you had read in this age. We said that; “Trace on his forehead, I am on his cheek, at the nose; pit under his forehead, his eyes are slanted and black is large, thighs are open, black mark on his leg, I am on his back, a leaf-shaped beneath the shoulder blade appears at the age of 40 and born in 1400 when the 7000-year life of the world expires. On the 23rd night of Ramadan, the name of a night of qadr is said. ” And wasn’t He born this night of qadir and was told to him?

Come on, do you have the same feature? We have reported everything for you to know him as if he knew your children. But you didn’t listen, and most of you did not believe by being arrogant. Many of you have already accepted the miracles we gave him. But when you were explained to you that we chose him, you turned with arrogance. Those who say “I believed” to Allah; They did not make sacrifices even for Allah. We saw that you would not make sacrifices for him and prepared you the punishment.

Some of you thought, “Let’s see if it gets stronger? Then, I will be next to the one who will get stronger and benefit the world.” Some of you said, “But he is so lonely, will the chosen one be alone?” We test you with obvious miracles and we observe, “Which of you sacrifice yourself to God. How hard your hearts are. We also do not listen and see you when the day of suffering comes to Çetinkıyamet. Those who fight with their goods and lives in the way of Allah are eternal and eternal.” they will be happy in a reign.

12. We reported his name and nature, relatives and hometown in Nur 35. You should know that the light of Allah will be born in him. May you bring you from darkness to light. If you know how to see it.


God is the light of heaven and earth. His light is like an oil lamp with a lamp in it. The lamp is in the glass. Glass is like a star like a pearl. It is burned from the oil of a blessed pedigree / tree not found in the east and west. Her oil gives light to herself even if it is not worth the fire. Light on light. Allah delivers what he wishes to his light. And Allah gives people examples. And Allah knows everything best. 36. (O Nur) It is inside the houses in which Allah allows the Name to be raised and mentioned. They glorify Him morning and evening. 37. Men who do not prevent trade and shopping from Allah’s remembrance, replacing prayer and giving zakat are afraid of the day when hearts and eyes will turn.

Imam Hz. Ali Nur had read 35 verses and declared that;

“Kandil is Muhammet … Allah brings light to what he wishes; Mahdi is perfect Allah gives people like!

It is written as قائ م (Kaiym KAYA-MİM).

It was conveyed from his fathers by the channel of Imam Riza (as) as follows; The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said:

“I and Ali were created from a light.”

Imam-i Ali er-Rida (m) الرضا said that:

“… Allah will benefit you with us in your life, in your graves, in your graves, in the bridge of the mirage, in the scale and in the entrance to heaven. Our example in the book of Allah; like oil lamps, apprentices and glass inside them! ”

Gabriel (pbuh) went down before the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) and said: “O Muhammad! Shall I herald something you can pass through with him ? The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said: “Yes, good news.” Gabriel said: “You will go through the line with the light of Allah. Ali will pass with your light, and your light is the light of Allah. Your nation will pass through the line with the light of Ali and the light of Ali is your light. If Allah does not give the light of Ali to whom, he will never be light! “

Nur Surah 35,36,37. The verse has been expressed as a verse for the person expected by countless scholars. [4] – Fer â t ü ‘lK û f î Tafsiri, p.104.


“Hi â tem ü ‘l- I ma ma” with Vela î and “N Run Takes ni r” s given him the evil i:

Muhyidd î n İ bn ü ‘ l-Ar â b î -kuddise s ı rruh- His Holiness Ank â -i Mu ğ rib f î Ma rifeti Hatm ü’ l- evliy â i i n that the book; Jul H u ‘l-married â’ â n s n contained a hidden directory and then sank party as an imam Muhammad î I emerge from the G r not occur in the koym of evil; apa three k ‘ilm a k â î as meth, “N û run al â N û r” and u h u r s r i n i ne se given by him in the declaration commanded the evil ğ tour:

“A hidden â sufficient guide the bat I side then from the door ğ mas i approx şi m pasting each. This, evil race of Zeva s find batmas i respects, his hunter i s i destroyed and eliminate salt ss stains I ran Ilara , s is one n n i l N Co Z with about race, O ‘is s; Y is O Nelmar of a gun nor s and O’ nu ‘H Tenzer a makamd each.

This set, both ‘same (arabic letter E shaped) stretched in two portions associated with three Dharr add a SIM i. His sting also occurs in his own heart. Â r â î he trades in the Z Unseen Lord ‘s been given is from the evil one R Zeri. In the remainder of evil ey On One ‘s topra fied n i n (Al-Erdene A) is run. ‘N R Order ni r “Y n” of r st nor n R’ (N R: 35) and S i r ü h nor from S i r on his.

Noting that the expected person spoke in the language of another nation, not Arabic, in the presence of the Messenger of Allah, “Hatm was kneeling before her (the Messenger of Allah) and informed him of the word of a woman, Ali-radiyallahu was translating the language that Hatm spoke.” He said. (“Fütûhâtü’l-Mekkiyye”, c. 1, p. 114. ed.: Beirut, 1994)

“He takes it from such a source that the angel who brought revelation to the Prophet took it from the same source. If you could understand the nucleus I pointed to, it was useful information for you. ” (Fusûs’ül-Hikem)

“He takes the judgment that he is subjected to in the city from Allah in his law.” (Fusûs’ül-Hikem)

M. Arabi Holiness; “I met with ‘Hatm-i evliyâullâh,’ and ‘Hatm of the guardians of Allah’, sitting in an immoral and steadfast imam, and his confined secret was removed from me. I was commanded to accept his hand. I was very humble to Sidiqk and to Fruk, which is lower than Sdikik and Sadiq, I stood at the level of his ear, I heard about what he had said to my ear and became a property.

His ‘Hâtem’;

It was’ n üstüner on Nûr. (No: 35)

Anyone who knew her and respected her was dressed in a dress similar to her. As a matter of fact, the sun of Beth accepted his hand in a similar way to mine to buy his share from him; Hatm, “This is my person!” said. Then he leaked me a word and benefited us with what he transmitted and said.

He continued to execute the bet towards the Imamate throne in order to continue. He was referring to me gleefully, above attribution. He fell upon me with extraordinary love, showed me great love and said:

‘I will come with a secret cover. No doubt Hatm is mine! There is no guardian after me, nor is there anyone who can bear my covenant. As I disappear, the ongoing time also disappears; the others and the ones get together! ‘”(” Ankâ-i Muğrib fî Ma’rifeti Hatmü’l-evliyâ “; p.16, Bas .: Egypt, 1954)

Hak î m et-Tirmiz î The Prophets say:

“D cold nd ugu n u Allah, the subject of evil t Gun with God, ie the God of evil pushed ğ ini, y n i and God spindle looked Allah u r u d UGI n u imagine did not even Network i have a servant d u r i n ma ny says â evil in guliyet, works and movements wonder how would i la!

Speaking to him, he said: How does this happen?

He said: This servant whom Allah hides in himself; He administers it, protect it, was zeta Network i g d i n ss and move his name is a good parent. That fact, in the three evil lust for her i r u p d u ld, it revealed itself retains its GI SA O-thirds of the i. Nur three of her own with a pin, then challenges him to facilitate r i s t o r s. On the uli ‘l-b Elba then, forming; reasons, Ile h, emergency call to itself indan himmet and cognitive aspects. It’s also wise to subject the subject of evil evil urk up, contemplation RL a three k’s. While looking, he looks at him with lesson. Y r u u u r u r y while monumentally. While holding it strongly holds. O, her heart with cold forbids the previous zumsuz d, Ile h s evil of the measures related to the de selbed it. Business te them I n all, is present in truth I yl Book and news. “(” Kit â it-a ringing Z and literary ‘n soul “, Esad Efendi, No. 1312, 10b-11 the sheets ss)

Greetings to these great people mentioned above and interpreting the verse 35 in various ways. I was honored to kiss your skirts. I filled them with love because of their knowledge and divine affinity. I was delighted to remember their beautiful names and their holy blessings. As I tell you about the blessing of Allah, I told you these things in accordance with the verse and I gave my endless thanks to my Lord for their blessings. It was worth thousands of times to be born and die, even for a small possibility. Even for a hope, many ages were used for life for ages. I hope it was granted. We have faith in the evidence. Because we always said to believe in miracles and evidence in books. Now we have been tested with this, but we have been supported by revelation. Thank God for the supreme Deity of the Realms. Hail the blessed messengers and their honorable angels.

We have believed in the words of those holy people. So we looked at the verse of Nur 35 to describe the chosen one, and we saw and certify the signs they reported. I accepted it as a witness, my Lord.

13. And with a secret we said in the Qur’an, In the period of Beyyine (Evidence); “A warning from Nallahan Bağder… He will read clean pages from the books, he will be rocked on those pages; those who read the book will fall apart. He will tell Abraham’s religion.”

The Surah of the Qur’an: (1-7)

Those who are unbelievers from the people of the book and the polytheists are not going to leave until they reach them. (Religious Religion)

A messenger from Nallahan reads immaculate pages. (Prophet of the (messengers) minallâh (n) (or the Nallahan to God) yetlû (reading) of water h NFs (suhuf on) mutahher to (drawing-clean))

There are rock commodities in those books. (Fîhâ ( in ) the pole ( those books ) kayameta (the meaning assigned to ErdemÇetin Kayameta atuf or kayyumeh – instead )

The person of the book did not fall into the serialization, except for (Nallahan) coming from Bagde (r) to the al-bahay. (Vemâ teferraka-lleżîne (they did not fall apart ) ûtû-lkitâbe ( readers of books) illâ min in vineyard ( only from vineyard (r) ) mâ câet-humu-lbeyyine ( tu (except for evidentiary evidence ))

They were ordered as hanifs, with ihlas, prayer and zakat… And this rock is the religion of Meta. (O) (and yukîmû-ssalâte (substitute salat) and yu / tû-zzekâ (te) (c) ( zakat of give ) and żâlik dînu-lkayyimeta ( That is the religion of Kayameta ) … If those who believe and do good deeds: They are in doubt there are no best creatures.

However, our envoy Muhammed did not read you from many books with pages. He was Ummi; we explained to you. Hz. The Prophet (saas) said, “We are a community of unlettered, we do not write and do not take account” command. (Bukhari, Savm, 13; Müsned, II, 43,56,122) Encyclopedia of Islam, 42/309. “Ummi” ; in the dictionary ” emm ” meaning “to mean” or ” umm” meaning mother, or ummi “ which is obtained in comparison with the word ummi , meaning the community, nation, is illiterate; a person who speaks little, makes mistakes while talking ”. In the case of the hope of hope, it means a person who stays as he was born from his mother, whose nature has not deteriorated, who has not been educated and illiterate. Islam Ansk. 42/309.

Hz. There is no disagreement among the commentators about the suitability of the hope of the Prophet (saas) to the meaning of the word as “illiterate, uneducated”. It is a miracle that he brought a book like the Koran while he was an uncollected hope. (Fahrettin er-Razi, XV, 20, Bursevi, III, 25) Islamic Encyclopedia, 42/309.

We all know that when Melek (Gabriel), who brought him the first revelation in Hira cave, said to him ” read” , “I do not know how to read” . So believe in Allah and His Messenger, who believes in His words, and the Prophet, who is his hope, and follow him so that he can find the right way. ” A’158.

14. If you listen to him, believe and follow his orders in the way of Allah, we will give you a good life both in the world and in the hereafter. The fact that there are many leaders leads to disaster because they fall into each other and compete. It is better for you to designate my chosen club as a leader. My promise will not change and will come true. It will dominate the chosen world with my permission and name. Whether you want it or not, it will be heard that I called by its name soon or on the day of the resurrection.

15. We reward those who do good and righteous. I have created death and life to see which of you will do the best work. The best job of the creature is to seek, understand and love with all its heart. He is chosen for his Lord, who sacrificed himself throughout his lifetimes and who is loyal to him in all their homes.

16. We have revealed him aloud the blessing of your Lord. We have clearly declared that it has been chosen.

17. We taught him in his dreams, in reality and when he contemplated.

My writing about the miracles I experienced and the sounds I heard.

18. The name of the holy books in Sumer was “me, mim”. Because the secret of the elected and holiness was in mim. We have hidden mim in the name of all the pioneers of our religion. At the end of the names Adam, Abraham, Buddha Gautama and Zoroastrian Spitama and Erdem Meta… We have added mime and me to the names of Mohammed, the Virgin Mary, Jesus, and the names of Moses. Those who were “mime” at the beginning were chosen in their life before they were born, and others were chosen in that life for what they did after they were born. Mehdi Maitreya Christ was born from Mim, all of which was a single “IM”.

19. Whoever ties his heart to his Lord fully becomes his friend and loves him even more strongly. I am a blessing and a lot of forgiveness. I am Rahman and Rahim; My God.

FATE (11)

1. You will be given at least 3 lives.

First life: Kalu Bela, Second life: World Life, Third Life: Life of the Hereafter. We do not remember the first and previous lives, but Allah reminds us.

(Qur’an 7: 172) He took the liberties of the Lord’s sons, behind each other, and witnessed them: “Am I not your Lord?” he said. They said, “Yes, we are witnesses to this.” This is how we remind you that on the Day of Resurrection, you should not say, “Well, we didn’t know about it.”

2. All your lives will eventually be united in one nafist.

81: 7 When the egos are matched / merged (Ve-iżâ-nnufûsu zuvvicet)

3. In the first one, we gave you everything you wanted. You were seeing and talking to your Lord. You have been unable to see him because of your sins.

Quran 14-34 He gave you all of the things you wanted. If you try to count the blessings of Allah, you cannot count. Surely man is very cruel, very ungrateful.

4. No man who has sinned is not born from his mother. Birth and infancy are both tortures.

In the Torah, sinful nativity is registered with striking expressions, especially in the holy text of the Prophet Ezra;

21. The first man, Adam, was sinned and defeated because his sinful heart was loaded. Not just himself, but all the lineage …

Ezra 3. part

26, just like Adam and his offspring, they went astray.


21 God gave clear information to all people about how they would get to life and get rid of punishment when they came into this world.

Ezra 7

The truth is that a person who has never sinned is not born, and there are no people living without sin.

In the Bible he wrote:

Rom.3: 23 For everybody sinned and lacked the glory of God.

In the hadith of the Prophet Muhammad, he stated the sinfulness of human beings.

“All the sons of Adam are sinners, and the best of sinners are those who repent” (Ibn Mâce, Zühd, 30)

19.71 – (O people!) There is no one who will not go to hell from you. For your Lord, this is a precise work.

5. Who will be pleased with his Lord and receive divine consent; He never returns until the day he enters heaven.

(Fajr-27-30) O mutmain (satisfied), exquisite, Return to the Lord, enter amongst my servants, enter heaven, with his consent and having gained his consent.

6. If his cruelty and profanity becomes definite, he is not given another right to return to him after his death.

99–100: When death finally comes to one of them (polytheists): “LORD! DER, SEND ME BACK; ” “Well, let me do a good job in the world I wasted.” NO! THIS WORD WHAT IT SAYS SAY ALSO. IF THERE IS BACK THEM, THERE IS A DISABILITY TO THE DAY.

If its duration is really short; or the door of returning will be opened if he has not met the ambassadors.

Fatir 37:

They cry out there: “O our Lord! Take us out, let us do a righteous deed other than what we have done. ” (To them): “Have we not given you a lifetime as much as the one to think about? It was also a warning to you. Then taste the torment. Because there is no way to save the oppressors. ”

7. Being beautiful and rich; it is not a reward or punishment. You will be tested in different ways and eventually you will return to God.

Repentance / 16

God; Do you think that you will be left unless you determine those who are jihad within you, those who do not acquire confidant from Allah, His Messenger, and believers? God is aware of what you are doing.

8. Some of you in the east, some of you in the west. Some of you are long and some of you are short. Some of you die when you are a child, and when you cross your face.

-L-i İmrân / 142

Or did you think that you would enter heaven without choosing the ones who were struggling with you and choosing those who were patient?

9. You have been in sin since the first creation. So all of you will go to hell. I asked angrily at Kalu Bela; You said, “Aren’t I your Lord?” I said, “We didn’t know on the Day of Resurrection, do not say, because I will account for it. You have continued persecution and swearing. So I have a certain word from me,” I will put you all in hell “and I will throw you in the most infamous state of your life.

Meryem 71 – And one of you (all but not all of you) will still enter him (hell). (This) is a final judgment over your Lord.

Araf Surah, 7/179: “We have created many of the jinn and people for hell.

32.13 – If we wish, we would of course guide everyone. But I am sure that I will fill Hell with both jinn and people.

Who can say on these verses that people are born clean? They would not be told to an audience without a crime. Unfortunately, people did not know his destiny in the age they lived with their Lord, and they lost the beautiful life they lived in. Please continue reading. To the extent allowed, I will tell you everything with evidence.

10. Whoever is subject to my apostles, I will forgive them and take them back to my paradise.

11. There was a population of ten, seven. 7.777.777.777 people. Then, I will gather and bring people from the animal and animals from the human and even lower ones. And at the end of the doomsday. I will hit the head of the oppressors that I have kept. Closer, closer to hiding.

12. What happened to you is because of what you do with your own hands. Sins, wishes, and saying “if I were” and the taunts you made … There is a connection between you and your suffering.

ŞÛRA 42:30

Any misfortune that has happened to you is only because of what you do with your hands. He still forgives most.

In this article, I talked about the rebirth that will last until the apocalypse and the reasons for the suffering.

13. First of all we had given you and we were generous.


For those who believe and have good deeds, herald the following: For them, there will be heaven flowing beneath them. Whenever they are recruited as a rizq from any fruit in them, they will say: “This is what we have been razed before!” This rizq was given to them in a similar way. For them, there are also immaculate wives. And they will always stay there.

14. We prostrated the angels to you and made you helpers.

15. If you had not sinned, we would have taken you from the world immediately. We would bring a people who sinned for you.

“I swear to Zat, who is in power of his ego, that if you do not sin, Allah will destroy you altogether; He would create a people who sinned and reclaim from behind and forgive them. ” [Muslim, Repentance 9, (2748).)

16. Most of the good ones were irreversible Some of the bad and healed are left. The world is swearing. Their religion is not a wise understanding. The parents became religious.

Vâkı’a / 11 Here they are brought closer. They are in gardens full of blessings. Most of them are from the previous ones, a few of them are from the next ones.

2.170 But when they say, “Follow what Allah has sent down,” they answer, “No, we only follow the beliefs and actions we see from our ancestors.” What if they were people whose ancestors never used their minds and couldn’t find the right path, will they follow the path of their ancestors?

The person is a Muslim or a Buddhist. If he is in religion without knowing, comparing and correcting his chosen religion, his religion is called “father’s religion.” In other words, that person became a Muslim because he was born in Arabia or became a Christian because he was born in Canada. His is not a choice made by knowing Allah and his religion, but to protect the traditions. Instead of researching and reading and comparing, he chose to be easy and safe; it has easily adopted the religion praised by society.

Even if the clergyman was asked, “Why did you choose this religion but you didn’t choose religion?” unless he gives a logical answer to his question, he is not considered to have chosen that religion consciously. People who already choose religion because of traditions do not know their religion well and are not devoted to their religion. They read hundreds of books to pass the exams or have fun, but they don’t read the books of God. For vocational education, they ask for knowledge from hundreds of teachers in schools. However, they do not travel and make sacrifices for the knowledge of Allah. Most people are ungrateful and liars. They eat the blessings of God and live in pleasure in healthy bodies, but they do not read the letters sent by Allah and do not live for the rules in them.

17. We will surely give all of you a life long enough to think for a long time.


37: They cry out there: “O our Lord! Take us out, let us do a righteous deed other than what we have done. ” (To them): “Have we not given you a lifetime as much as the one to think about? It was also a warning to you. Then taste the torment. Because there is no way to save the oppressors. ”

18. Then we will ask you what you have done. The good and those who turn to their Lord are in heaven, the bad are in hell. We will judge those who do not give their Lord more than they need with the sin of selfishness.

2: 219 … And they ask you what to believe (sacrifice in the way of Allah). Say: ‘The rest from need.’ Thus, Allah reveals to you his verses; hopefully you think;

Buddha’s Wealth makes every human beings of misery and mercy, the trade caravan that leads to fortune drags the soul, increases the sin of selfishness with every property possessed, or, it is necessary to give up all that is not all but a deceptive appearance. breaks your consciousness’

Jesus said, ‘How difficult is it to enter the Kingdom of God; it is easier for the camel to go through the pinhole than the rich go under the Kingdom of God ‘(Mark 10: 23)

The Infinite, the Infinite; What could be more reasonable than giving back half of what you have gifted to him? Every person who cannot do this is marked “selfishness and ungratefulness towards the Lord”. Their solid evidence to prove their faith is scanned; but most of them have no evidence other than curiosity.

19. Give more time, more wealth, more body, more than everything, so that you can be purified. Not because you are smart and distinguished. Since your destiny is determined like this, you have what you have. This is a powerful trap for the oppressors and the selfish.

Neither anywhere nor in your lives will there be any disaster (disaster, illness) so that before we create it, it should not be written in a book. Because it is very easy for Allah to write and determine this. So much so that you will not feel sorry for what you have received, and you will not be delighted and spoiled for what Allah has given you. (57: 22-23)

20. If you kill yourself while fighting in the way of your Lord or if you leave your homeland, you will be born on the Golden Way and your faith will be stronger. We make friends with the sacred people born on that path. This authority is a great blessing.

4: 66-68 If we had ordered them to kill yourself or get out of your country, if we had assumed it, few of them would have done it. However, if they kept the counsel given to them, if they did the experiment, it would be better for them and it would root their beliefs. In this case, we would have given them a great reward from our mercy, and we would have sent them to the straight path (Sırat-ı Müsta-kaiym- Golden road- Kaiym’un Yolu).

21. If you do not want to suffer; do not sin. Do not co-exist and be friends with a sinful community. Follow the orders to be cleared and spend more than you need to God. When you want something, be sure to wish the best about you. Because you don’t know, but your Lord knows.

22. You are a species that has passed through the ages by pouring blood and extorting.

23. So you are one of the most suffering.

2:30 The Lord said to the Angels: “Surely I will create a caliph on earth.” And they said: ‘As we glorify you and (constantly) conspire, will you have someone there who will bring about corruption and shed blood?’ they said. (Allah 🙂 ‘I doubt that I know you do not know,’ he said.

24. You will be asked to the murdered girl, “Which sin killed you?” a similar punishment will be made that kills him.

Repression 7 8 9 – And when the egos are paired, and when asked about the girl buried alive in the ground. For what sin was he killed?

An example of someone who died as a girl in the past is given. Asking that girl when she woke up mature; “Which sin caused you, and were you killed?” So what caused her to be killed is a sin. If the girl had no sin from life, she would not be asked. Asked to the killer? It was said, “Because of what sin you killed the girl, O cruel.” The girl will be asked to the girl even though she appears to know nothing. Because the answer is in the girl. Not a killer. The killer is just a voluntary tyrant who has been invited to fulfil the judgment of fate. He also prepares his own future destiny and punishment.

25. There was a belief in rebirth in the Eastern religions, but they broke it and used it to humiliate each other.

26. We also covered it. Because innocent people have not been born. Do not take care of healthy, beautiful and rich people. Who knows, maybe the lowest of people. So much so that he was given opportunities to increase his crimes. He can only survive if he sacrifices himself.

27. We are in trouble. Because you forget why you were created and worship false gods. You keep silent against evil and oppressors because they don’t touch you.

28. Some also ask; “If he knows, who is heaven and who is hell, why does it keep us alive?

29. Your Lord knows, but you do not. And as he threw the hell into the hell, that bad person would rebel, he would say, “I would be fine if I lived.” And if I put what would be good in heaven; many would rebel; they would say, “but he didn’t do anything to deserve it.”

30. All my business is with wisdom. I knew the future, and I predicted and wrote What was going to happen. Even though I knew it, I made you see what you deserved. And I wanted to create and see what I predicted would happen.

31. They said, ” if only he who is most merciful and kind had created and placed everyone in Paradise, and did not test us.”

32. When I first created you all, I put you in a paradise and gave everything you wanted. But I couldn’t test you. But I warned you not to use your own mind and blessings to your own evil and do not persecute yourself. But you didn’t listen.

33. You were not evil because I created evil. I have created beings who can choose and say what they want, and I have endowed them with blessings. But some chose evil. And I did not destroy them immediately, for the sake of the glory of the righteous, and that they may be warned. I gave them time.

34. They said; “If he destroyed it before he created it, no one and the bad guys went to hell.”

35. I saw that; When he destroyed evil and the free will that caused him, goodness also disappeared. And because of the disgusting of the wicked, I did not destroy goodness and heaven either. And me; Even though they are few in number, I was patient with the bad words of the bad guys. And me; I did not harm anyone who did not deserve it. And even forgive and hide most of your evil.

36. They asked; we lived less, our life was limited, but our punishment was endless? Is that fair?

37. I created forgetting as a mercy to you. But I did not forget. Every insult to my name and every evil to my servants are alive forever in my soul.

38. That is why he pleased me; It remains in my memory forever. The evil also has an impact on me forever.

39. And your Lord is the light of the universe. He opened his heart to you. If you say nice, it creates paradise for you. With his happiness, the universe takes a colorful shape. So your word is huge. And if he gets angry, your Lord; it tears the stars out and sinks the cities where evil was born.

40. It should know that the punishment or reward that affects infinity will also be infinite.

41. We warned the bad guys. We did not punish anyone we did not warn. So there is no pity for them.

42. Some also say; “Our brains are scarce, it is God who created it. If we do not understand and have chosen the wrong way, it must be God’s fault.”

43. Your Lord does not harm anyone and turn into an idiot. However, as you flow from life to life, you gain or lose your mind and abilities with what you do. So those who are born idiots should not blame the Lord. May he cry for the bad deeds of his own hands. Maybe your Lord will show him a way and give understanding by pity.

44. They ask what the right attitude should be.

45. I am the one who created the stars and the much larger ones that you do not know, the countless and invisible ones. You also witness this situation. So glorify your Lord.

46. If you encounter a question that you do not mind and fall into helplessness, say: “We are witnesses; he is the one who creates everything in the most beautiful way, his scientific mind and power is very great. If we do not understand it, this is not because he is flawed, but because we are flawed and that we cannot reach enough information and reason to understand it.”

47. I will not blame anyone for being ignorant. Because compared to his Lord, everyone is somewhat lacking. But I will judge those who judge the Lord badly, with a scarce mind and a little knowledge, regardless of what he is missing. Did he not see his helplessness? He could neither solve his own creation nor how the Lord created everything without being created. Mountains, the Sun and the Moon. So he must trust and surrender!

48. Ask questions, look for answers, but be patient until you find them. Because your Lord is not flawed because you cannot find the answer or you think sui. He is very great and very merciful. His knowledge and power are unlimited. He is capable of everything. So prostrate.


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