I’m Erdem CetinkayaMeta. I appeal to you with unprecedentedly great divine miracles and proofs. These miracles, unlike those in history, will be visible to the whole world and will last until the apocalypse.

Ra’d 38

… It is not possible for any messenger to send evidence-miracle without the permission of Allah…


The Lord sent down countless miracles so that they would follow His messengers and divine laws.

He put Mecca, Kaaba and Arafat at the golden ratio point of the World.
He created the Sun, Earth and Moon with a ratio of 109.
He drew a “sacred line” rising from the Kaaba to the equator at an angle of 109 degrees (19 relative to the Pole). That line; that is, he descended to special points on the road with his holy spirit. He addressed humanity with messengers.
He connected the centers on this road to each other with golden ratio distances.
From the starting point of this holy path he brought into the world the person whose discovery these miracles inspired and allowed to announce to the world.
He conceived that point in opposition to all corrupted oppositional religious centers outside the holy path of righteousness.
And he explained very clearly and in detail in his previous scriptures that the measurement miracles between the sacred centers would come true at the time of Judgment.
He created the belt of Orion, the most striking symbol of the sky, according to the angles of the sacred centers.
So who can deny His infinite power? How great is Allah, the god of Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and the prophets of Muhammad. There is no god but Him.
Then he dragged and shaped the giant continents to create yet another miracle. He painted dozens of paintings to reflect important events in the scriptures and serve as a warning.
Despite all these miracles, a bitter end is coming for those who turn their backs on their messengers, ignore divine laws, or deny clear evidence.
An endless reward is approaching for those who struggle in the way of Allah with their lives and property.

I have explained some of the miracles in many languages. But I was stunned and devastated by the insensitivity of humanity. Not because I felt sorry for people, but because our Lord did not deserve this treatment. Since the glory of God was not cared for, I cried out of my heart. I cried, trembling as if dying, as if caught in the palace. What was the significance of this little world, that miracles rained down upon so many miracles. But he did not look back. The minister then forgot. He did not spread it and glorify it. He didn’t follow behind. He did not try to unite.

I cried out to the Lord before the Lord angrily destroyed the world and nearly all of its inhabitants.

Let me show it to enough people all over the world. Then again, if you want, rightfully destroy the earth and the sky. But give them one last chance. Let them know how wonderful you are, that you sent them religion, that the whole universe stands by you like a speck. Give me a great opportunity to announce your miracles.

So that they can admire you like me or more and be filled with your divine spirit. Give us the wonderful gift of knowing and understanding you.


Orion is the reflection of the miracles on the ground in the stars. Look with me at the Sumerian name Ur-u-An.

Both the word “angel” and the word “devil” are repeated 88 times in the Qur’an. As a result of their studies, scientists accepted that there are 88 different constellations in the sky and named them all. If there is a lord of these constellations, it is definitely Orion. For a seeing eye, it is impossible not to marvel at the different and astonishing arrangement in Orion.

The constellation of Orion, the witness of Allah, the eternal power that amazes all societies, creates and carries the stars to their places! Special angled lines in it; It shows the responses to the centers of revelation on earth.



What a wise reflection that the celestial map, drawn with stars shining in the sky, shows the divine sources of light on earth. The angles and positions of this group of stars are designed with symmetry, the golden ratio, and the sacred 19 aspects. You will see that these angles show the divine centers such as Kaaba, Mount Sinai, Goshen, Mount Olympus, Vatican and Nallahan, which are the greatest religious centers of all human history, where the glory and voice of the Lord is heard. Whatever is in the sky is He who is on the earth. Divine order and rules in the heavens; manifests itself on earth. That is religion.

A headless body hidden among the Orion stars.

Even as a child, Orion is the most striking when we look at the sky. He says “I am here” with the stars lined up side by side like pearls. It resembles a square and has a straight line of stars rising to it at a golden ratio angle.

When I first saw this star in the sky at the age of 5, “who drew this?” I asked. All the stars seemed to be randomly scattered across the sky. But Orion had 4 different straight and wonderful lines drawn by human hands, as if with a ruler.

This thought was not just mine. Since ancient times, people thought that Ur-u-An was the kingdom of the Lord. Thinking that he had created heaven there by aligning the stars, they excitedly wrote poems in praise of the Lord and built gigantic structures.

Here are the largest pyramids in the whole world. It seems to be entirely dedicated to the sequence in the Ur-u-An belt. They made the places of the pyramids in accordance with this shape all over the world.

In many ancient civilizations such as ancient Egypt and Sumer, Orion was the celestial kingdom believed to have been founded on heaven.

These societies, which built the first great cities, wanted to send a message with huge temples to that supreme deity who could drag the stars across the sky and align them; “Your law is our law. We see and follow your path.”

Maybe it was the stars of Orion, the first prophet who called out to the world from the sky, said that there is an infinitely powerful God who rules the stars, and breathed great spirits to build giant temples in the shape of Orion.

In the holy books, this secret order in the positions of Orion and the stars is expressed as follows;

Quran 96:75-76 ;

“Let my cup be to the positions of the stars. If you know; it is very big this Kasem/Kasim.”

Job 38;

31 “Can you tie the country stars? Can you untie Orion?

32 Can you make out the constellations in their seasons?

Can you guide Big and Little Bear?

33 Do you know the laws of the heavens?

Can you establish God’s rule on earth?

Together, with the Lord’s help, let’s unravel the mystery of Orion’s vineyards, the laws of the stars. Let’s take action to establish the Lord’s rule on earth that will bring peace and wealth to all humanity.

I made my angular measurements on this image taken by astronomers with a telescope and shared on Wikipedia in 2016. I used Google Sky Tools to verify. I did not use a picture that I took myself so that it is certain that the photo was not manipulated.

Let’s start with Orion first. This 3 star rising with the golden ratio angle is actually a shape formed by the merging of many stars and nebulae. Surprisingly, they seem to lie in a straight line. This 3 star image shows another linear star array with the golden ratio angle and the star standing in the middle of them. The angles and places of these stars show the places on earth where the divine spirit descended.

However, one thing should be noted. Where did the Lord make this design?

Quran 4:126

“Whatever is in the heavens and the earth belongs to Allah. God has encompassed everything.”

If the kingdom and power of the Lord encompassed the entire universe, and He was looking at the universe as if he were looking at a small marble that he had wrapped around it, how would he design? Yes, as he looked at the world behind Orion, he would see Orion’s symmetry of what we see. That’s why we need to understand the divine point of view and analyze the miracle in this way. It is the reflection of the sky on earth. In other words, the word “symmetry” confirms itself geometrically.


Now let’s look at the most remarkable of the numerous miracles associated with Orion.

The creation of nature and beauty was built on two basic techniques. Golden ratio and symmetry. The golden ratio is used on the YS line, and the symmetrical 45 degree angle is used on the YV line.

Thus, the symmetry, the golden ratio and the divine number of creations 19-109 in the solar system are expressed in a single shape.

Miracle: Orion Has A Hidden Rectangle Inside

The YA-YV angle is 90 degrees.

The VZ-YV angle is 90 degrees.

These dots, which look almost like a rectangle drawn in the sky, are the first lines that remind the existence of a geometric design, not randomness.

Miracle 2: Orion’s Starting Point Points to the Kaaba and the 19 Degrees Sacred Path Rising From It

This magnificent shape taken by the stars only looks like this when viewed from the point where the earth stands. Because these stars are actually stars scattered in space at very different distances from each other. So this message is to the world. This divine symbol must have a counterpart on earth.

The Lord; In his last holy book, the Qur’an, for the Kaaba, “the first house built for people on earth is the Kaaba in Beka.” says. Along with the lineage of Isaac, the Lord sent the lineage of Ishmael to the valley of Beka, whom he also said, “I will make a great nation.” He gave them both the Kaaba, the first house of God on earth, and the Temple of Jerusalem, his next house. There they glorified the Torah, Moses and his Lord. He weakened and destroyed Eastern Rome, which had always been hostile to the Lord, with the lineage of Ishmael. It has made the Kaaba and Arafat next to it a point of prostration for billions and the largest pilgrimage center in the world. You can find the signs of the Kaaba in the Torah and why its exact location is hidden in the Torah in my free Book of Miracles.

Angle KY = 19 degrees

It is extremely wise that the angle from the starting point K to the Y star has the sacred 19 degree angle associated with the presentation of the tablets in the Qur’an. This number also corresponds to the sacred number used in the creation of the solar system. You can see how this happened in my previous documentaries.

I found it appropriate to start the starting point of the line with a 19 degree angle from the Kaaba, which is the beginning of the age of belief and the golden ratio point of the poles. He is in the holy Mecca, the golden midpoint of the longitudes. And the Lord told me with the Orion stars that the positions of the stars correspond to the holy places on earth. Wherever there was a road in Orion, the light and word of the Lord had descended on that road.

Here are the centers that are above 19 degrees; each of them has been the center of the world’s greatest religions and divine revelation throughout the human age. Some were so old that they became legends over time, mingling with man-made stories and fables.

You see the holy places on the line 19 and the messengers where the spirit of the Lord descended. Between the largest of these, distances divided according to the golden ratio are designed.

1.Kaaba (Muhammad, Ismail, Adam)
2.Al-Ula (the righteous prophet
3.Midian (Prophet Shuayb)
4.Dead lake (Lut prophet)
5.Jerusalem (Moses, Jesus, Abrahamic prophets and others)
6.Salamis (Apostle prophets)
7.Çatalhöyük (World’s First City)
8.Pessinus – (Kibele-Karataş)
9.N-Allah-An-(Explorer of Miracles E. Kaya Meta and Right Angle Region)

I have given detailed information about why these regions are sacred in my book. However, I will tell you more with new documentaries.

So what sacred centers are on the line with the golden median angle of 34.4 degrees to the middle star?

Miracle 3: The 34.4-degree Golden Ratio Angle Rising from the Kaaba Points to the summit of Mount Sinai, where the greatest events in the history of religions took place, and then to the Pharaoh’s Palace and Olympus Region, where Moses came.

Angle KS = 34.4 (Golden Ratio Angle)

Having 3 stars lined up side by side on a straight line, and another 3 star lines with a golden ratio angle right next to them. As you will soon see, when we place its beginning in the Kaaba, this is the place where many events took place, such as the golden ratio line descending on Mount Sinai, the greatest event in the history of religions, with the glory of the Lord in the clouds, calling all the Israelites and calling Moses to the mountain. This line, which emerges from the Kaaba with the angle of the golden ratio, passes exactly over the summit of Mount Sinai.

2.Peak of Mount Sinai (the place where the glory and voice of God descended)
3.Tanis (Jewish and Pharaonic city where God performed miracles in his glory)
4.Olympos (The mountain where the angels who rule nature live)

4. Miracle; The Orion belt is located between the Celestial equator and 06.18 golden ratio latitudes. It is located equidistant from both baselines.

In this picture, the latitude of 06.18, the latitude of the golden ratio, and the equator of the sky almost define the frame of the Orion belt. The reflection of this comprehensive relationship of Orion, the lord of the constellations, with the golden ratio in the Qur’an is hidden in the following verses of the golden ratio.

Quran 16:16-18

signs in the stars; It is instructive and instructive. Is the creator like the one who does not create? Don’t you think? If you try to count, you cannot count the blessings of Allah.

It is extremely wise to mention the golden ratio after the stars in this group of verses, and that the part after the comma with reference to the golden ratio is too long to be counted, and to refer to numbers. The planets of the Solar system, which look like the brightest stars when we look at the sky, were also created with a system of orbits connected to the golden ratio.


On 5 main planets out of 8 known planets in the system; that is, the days of rotation of all the inner planets and the largest of the outer planets around the sun were also designed by the creator according to the golden ratio. These 5 planets were chosen because they have unique life cycles, which I will explain later.

When 1 year of the Earth is taken as the basic measure, Venus has a year value as the square root of the golden ratio and Mercury has a year value as the cube root. Jupiter has the 5th exponent of the golden ratio and Saturn has the year values ​​as the 7th exponent. The golden ratio engraved in the solar system does not end there.

When the distances of Ceres, located in the asteroid belt formed by the 9 dominant planets in the solar system and the fragmented planets, are analyzed, they reveal an extraordinarily precise golden ratio design.

The distance of Mercury from the sun is taken as 1 unit and proportional to the distance of the next planet from the sun. When this process is done by proportioning all the planets in succession, it is seen that the average increase value of the increasing distance between the planets perfectly matches the golden ratio number. When Ceres or Pluto is removed from the ranking, the golden ratio correlation will continue to be preserved. When the planets were first created, their orbits were more stable, but our middle-aged solar system is about to break the golden ratio design due to time contraction and external influences.

The miracles of the Golden Ratio are inexhaustible. Now let’s go back to the sacred aspects that Orion showed, to our main topic.

Miracle 6: 45 Degree Symmetry Angle Points to the Pyramids of Giza and the Vatican

KV Angle: 45 degrees (Symmetry)

If it is on the last line of symmetry, that is, the 45 degree angled line.

2.Pyramids of Giza


You can see all the angles by placing a perfect protractor on the space picture in Google Sky Tools below. Although star clusters and gas clouds take up a lot of space when viewed closely, we can clearly see that the lines we put in the centers of the stars indicate the sacred areas of the world.

However, there is something remarkable here. While the sacred centers on the other lines were just above the divine lines or at a point of contact far beyond coincidence, especially the Vatican remained outside the line. Yes, the line points to the Vatican. But it is as if he is reluctant and ostracized. Why is the Vatican in this situation? Even if the Vatican has good intentions, it has deviated from the divine line founded on the unity of the Lord.

All Hebrew religions, and even older ones, have traces of a single sovereign god, all-powerful, incomparable, from whom all things come into being. As reported in the Gospels, the Prophet Jesus never once said, “I am your god, I came to you in human form, worship me and call out to me and ask me, leave aside the other old God.” On the contrary, “he said that he was an ambassador, that he needed Allah, and he prayed to Allah all the time”. But the Roman majority clergy enforced their interpretations by killing or expelling dissenters. So they hurt Jesus and his creator. A prophet can draw strength from the spirit and strength of the Lord’s spirit. But that doesn’t make him God. He is a creature and the true god can destroy him if he wills. So, with the news of this miracle, I call all the clergy and the Christian world to this truthful word.


Surah Maryam:

And they said: The Most Gracious begotten a son. I swear you said something very bad.

Almost because of this, the heavens would shatter, the earth would crack, and the mountains would collapse.

Because they say that the Most Gracious Allah has a son.

It is not befitting for Rahman to have a son.

All that is in the heavens and the earth, with the exception of none, comes to the Most Gracious as servants.

He certainly encompassed them all and counted them in number.

O people of the book (Christians). Do not exceed the limits set in religion. Do not say anything untrue about God. Undoubtedly, Jesus, son of Mary, is the word of God and a spirit that comes in Him. Believe in the messengers of Allah. And don’t say it’s 3. Stop this for your own benefit. Because He is the only God. It is higher than having a child. His is what is in the heavens and on earth. Allah is sufficient as a protector.

These are the divine words of the last scripture. Expressions such as the son of the Lord, sons of the previous books, were a parable used in ancient languages ​​for the Lord’s close servants, meaning spiritual closeness. But Jesus was expressed as the only son and as the physical or spiritual division of the Lord. It began to be expressed in distorted expressions, as if it were a subordinate deity. Our Lord was angry because of this new meaning of the word. So get rid of this error and call it like this. God is one. There is no god but Him. It is higher than human physical conditions such as having children and spouses.

As you can see, although all religions have been filled with misinterpretations over time, they all came from the same one God. We are not saying that we should unite religions. Because religions are already one in the sight of Allah. It is our families or clergy who make them seem different. My call and effort is to correct misinterpretations, to unite the good-spirited people of the world by showing that there really is no difference between religions, that they all tell the same truths in different ways.

So whatever religion you are, let’s unite. Ask me anything that comes to mind, including what seems to be the difference between religions. By Allah’s leave, you will receive an answer that is logical and has evidence in the holy books. Because Allah did not leave anything necessary in them. If a new spirit comes, which both Muslims, Jews and Christians can embrace, Jerusalem can be a city of peace open to all nations of the world, as promised in the Torah. The world’s largest and most magnificent temple dedicated to Allah and all of his prophets can be built there. A new home where people of all religions can show their love and enthusiasm for the same one god, the god of Abraham.

Torah Isaiah 56

6 “To serve the LORD,

to love his name,

foreigners who cling to Him to be His servants,

Keeping the Sabbath, not vulgarizing,

All who hold fast to my covenant,

7 Bring it to my holy mountain

I will delight in my house of prayer.

Sacrifices with burnt offerings

It will be accepted at my altar,

For my house will be called ‘the house of prayer of all nations’.”

8 Thus says the Sovereign LORD, who gathered the exiles of Israel,

“To add to those gathered

I will gather more others.”

My brethren, the exiled people have recently gathered because of the promise of the Lord, the glory of the Lord is now near! Do not worry, those who do evil will not go unpunished. Whether Jewish or Muslim, the good will be rewarded and the bad will be punished. Jerusalem will be a city of peace and tranquility open to all communities, and those who come will see miracles and rejoice. This is God’s promise, not mine.

O my brothers; I know that the world is full of pain and that you find it difficult to turn to the Lord because of your concerns about the world. I also experience the same pain from time to time. But we suffer so much because we have not established an order in accordance with the laws of the Lord. This will continue if we don’t make an effort and change it.

These magnificent houses you see, peaceful and beautiful gardens, unlimited meals of unique taste, beautiful friendships and love… How much do they cost? All are free things collected from nature created by the Lord and processed by human labor. They are divine gifts. But due to a corrupt evil system, even getting them by working seems impossible. Even the wealthy can only partially reach them with difficulty. I want to establish a self-sustaining and uniquely designed small settlement with the income I earn from my work. I will invite almost everyone who supports me on social media to live here and work in fun jobs. If we succeed, this place will be an exemplary model for the whole world. And when the first one is successful, tens of thousands of them will be developed and put into practice. If you would like to contribute to the promotion of the miracles of the Lord and our projects that can bring peace and happiness to humanity with your shares and to be one of the pioneers to be selected, please write your e-mail address and social media addresses in the form on the link in the explanation section. No one from us will ever ask you for money or anything like that. Please be wary of scammers in this regard. On the contrary, I want to share a beautiful life with my good-hearted and faithful brothers and sisters who strive to bring peace and tranquility to the world.

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