Some say, ” if there was a situation in Islam where a part of a person’s consciousness, spirit or light had previously taken place in other people, the Prophet would certainly have said it, and this would have turned into a very important concept .”

This is how it is described in the following Hadith. The Prophet sheds light on this flow through himself. However, both in the Qur’an and in the hadiths, this topic is explained in a veiled manner. It allows only deep thinkers to understand. This is extremely understandable. Because people would despise a person by saying, “Who knows what sins you have committed” when Allah created a cripple for him to protect himself from sin and to raise his rank, and he would go into great sins without looking at himself, and all kinds of perverted ideas would emerge from here.” Now I am telling you this, but since my word is not a revelation like the Qur’an, those who hear it will continue to look with suspicion, and those who want to believe it like a syrup reaching those who need medicine will believe in my interpretation.

İbn Abbas (ra) explains: “‘O Messenger Of Allah! Where were you when Adam was in heaven?’ I said, ‘he said: ‘I was in his posterity. He was sent down to earth, even though I was in his posterity. I boarded my father Noah’s posterity. I was thrown into the fire in the posterity of My Father Abraham.  None of my ancestors ever met by fornication. I went constantly from clean posterities to clean wombs.  Of the two arms separated from each other, I have always been the best in it. Finally, Allah took from me the agreement of Prophethood, gave me good news in the Torah, and made my name famous in the Bible. He lit up the earth with my face, and the sky with my appearance, and raised me up to the sky. He derived a name from their name: Mahmud, the Lord of the throne, and I became Muhammad.’”[15]

If you read it carefully, you will see that the messenger of Allah remembers and recounts everything as if it had happened. But in a very interesting way, they describe their place in posterity, which is referring to the code inside a cell on their backs. So the set of potentials that make up the consciousness of our entire lineage is within us. Each code will take from this knowledge and experience to the extent of its own temperament character, taking each in a different human character and continuing to branch out and live within us. When they are finally born they are actually born with a stack of experience and knowledge and a distinctive character in their hidden memory.

For this reason, our children are not the same as every daisy. Their appearance and personalities are even different with their depth, as is the difference between heaven and earth, sometimes self-brethren.

Our current manner did not live in a mother or father. No. We were in it, we fed on them, but we weren’t them. Each of us, if necessary, occurs (for maturation, mission or purification) in cycles of approximately 500-1000 years, called 1 day. You will even see the verses of the Qur’an about cycle times. Allah knows best.


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