I need to give you information about the circle shape and Hu sound before I give you information about the golden ratio number and its miracles.

Because we will see that the Golden Ratio is hidden directly within the geometry. The circle encircles everything and forms the Golden Ratio relations within all the basic geometric shapes it encloses.

The symbol of the Lord’s name is the circle, because of its encompassing aspect and the circumference of everything he creates.

The creation, acting with the shape of its name, puts the golden ratio as a direct rule.

We cannot understand the work of the Creator without understanding the secret of a universal set of symbols and sounds. He exists with promise, and everything begins with promise. Everything that is created is a voice, a divine word.

He hides a picture of his name in the shape and movement of everything he creates, a signature secret, and makes every entity he creates say his name constantly. This is universal knowledge and can be obtained by reading The Book of the universe.


The question “What is the Golden Ratio “ can be answered in many different ways. The perfect ratio is the formula for beauty.

The ratio of TVs, credit cards, many logos and countless designs such as aspect ratios to each other is designed to give as much as possible the Golden Ratio (1,618 of them).

The photographer’s attempt to match the focal object in the scene to the photo’s Golden Ratio line is also the result of the same theory.

The golden ratio has many unique names and countless surprising features. The unique point on the right. The ratio between each element in a sequence of consecutive and aggregate numbers (Fibonacci sequence). The hidden treasure of geometry and much more.

In simple terms, divide a part of a line at such a point that the ratio of two new lines to each other and the ratio of the long part of the line to the undivided line can be the same. This is the Golden Ratio.

It is defined by 1,6180339… which is a constant number in mathematics. The measure that occurs when values close to 1.6 or 1,618 are proportional to each other as a result of the basic measures that define an object is called the Golden Ratio. This sign, defined as Phi, ” Φ ” refers to the Golden Ratio. 1,6180339 … is a sequence of numbers that cannot count all of them, starting with numbers that extend forever.

It is famous in scientific circles as 1,618. As roughly 1.6 in graphic drawings (Rule 1 in 3 in pictures), the use of 1.61 in architectural designs appears common.

Interestingly, let’s take two parts where the ratio of long to short is 1,618. This time the number of short to long ratio is interestingly 0.618. The rate after 1, is maintained continuously. This is not the case for other rates and numbers.

This number plays a major role in the design of plants and people, in Physics, at the heart of Mathematics and numbers, at the heart of geometry. The world’s most famous scientists and geniuses have a great admiration for this number. Who knew that this number was intertwined with Mecca, the Kaaba and the Qur’an, dating back thousands of years? This is the age of miracles!


Listen!! HHHH (voice of breath) This is the name of his self.

Listen to yourself with a deep breath… That’s his voice. Every being calls out to him. She sobs when she’s happy and laughing, when she’s enjoying it most, or when she’s crying… only his name is heard on all lips.

Hhhhuu. As the trees bow down with the wind, he calls Huu to the one who breathes Divine Breath that smells of flowers on his leaves. Majestic mountains and all that breathes adore him with his howling voice.

The seven heavens and the earth and all that is therein praise Him, and there is not a thing but hymneth his praise; but ye understand not their praise. Lo! He is ever Clement, Forgiving.

(el-İsrâ, 44)

The Arabic of this verse begins as follows. Tusebbi huuu le huuu…

They repeat the name many times.. Him… huu…

And he hid his name in the breath of those he created. As he hides his divine soul in their souls.

When you listen carefully while that biological machine that a robot designer has built is working, you hear the name of the designer… this is a fascinating technology … or as amazing as when you lift it up and it roars with the name of its owner with all its might. The highest level of technology is so artistic and perfectly placed. It never disrupts the nature of the creature. We sing that divine brand, the Hu voice, with a different song in every emotion.

Our breath laments him with melodies full of meaning, or conceals poems full of praise, in Hu voices that Ripple and speak on different notes.

The symbol of Hu is circled in Arabic, the language of the last divine book. In Turkish, which has been the language of the religion of uniqueness for 5000 years, it is drawn again with a circle. Arabic – Hebrew is the word that has been passed to English from Semitic languages such as Arabic-Hebrew. And again it is read as hu-hi in Arabic. In Hebrew, the language of the Torah, it is also read huu. Yahoo or Jehovah means “ya huu”. The letter Vav is actually an extension here. O means God. Hebrew and nearly 40 languages are widely used around the world. the singular person is expressed with the” H “sound or the written” O ” symbol.

In Arabic, the word Allah is formed by the combination of the words” the only one ” by The Creator himself. It means only one in Arabic. In other words, Allah, necessarily Hu; can only be translated as he. This is how the word God was born. His name as voice is Hu, his appearance as symbol is circle; that is, he is.

The most sacred chanting of the Buddha’s disciples is om mani padme Huum. (It is read backwards as Muhammad api Nammu. Nammu is the name of the first and absolute God in Sumer.) [1]

In Zoroastrianism, the name of God is A-HUU-Ra Mazda.

The most common name after Allah-hu in Islam is Ra-HU-Man and RaHIm

In Hindus, the name of the absolute and unique Creator is B-RaHHma.

And the whole world greets each other by his name. Hayy..Haloo.. Helloo

And we laugh happily in the universal language; HAHA, sometimes we cry U-hühü then in pleasure Hihh, when we are tired our body wants power from the dying “Huhh”. We sincerely approve of each other. We stand up from our place with a great inspiration coming to our mind; AHA.

Even though the Ego in some of them, unknowingly, sometimes wants to ignore Huu, his whole being cries out for him with his breath, even though he listens like a deaf person. He prays to Huuu with the sound of his breath, in hu language. He’d give his entire fortune if he had to to say huuu of our lungs.



So what is the secret of this overarching shape chosen symbol in the divine languages to the name Hu? Beyond the sign of Eternity. Why did the creator choose the circle in the first languages he taught modern man as a symbol of the name Hu?


Just as the voice of Hu became the chant of all living and living beings, it became a chant in the symbol that expresses it, revealed by the visual ceremony of all beings.

All atoms draw circled orbits, and all the stars that glow at night, even all the worlds like ours… They only walk on the trajectory trail that looks like his circle. They paint his name.


Unto Allah belong the East and the West, and whither- soever ye turn, there is Allah’s countenance. Lo! Allah is All Embracing, All Knowing.” Kuran 2.115

As in this previous example, when we look at a product, the small moving parts that make up it have the same skill and fascination as drawing the name of the owner of the shape they draw as they move. All atoms, or all galaxies and star systems draw the name of the creator into the heavens with its logo.

Just as every living thing cannot remain alive without calling out his name, no object can exist unless he draws his name into the universe.

Like all emotions, the universe is born of love. The butterfly falls in love and begins to spin around the fire, where it risks death.  Anything that falls in love turns. Water flows in circles through a flat hole when caught in the gravity of the Earth. The air swirls through obstacles. And the planets cling to their orbit as they fall in love with the great stars.

And love whispered a number into the soul of human DNA. The Golden Ratio number. 1,618, born from the interaction of infinite circles and geometric shapes. The code placed inside us allowed us to hear a violent attraction to anything that looked like him. The average of all faces of gold. On the most beautiful faces and bodies, this divine proportion is measured as the signature of the Lord. All plants in accordance with The Shape of a leaf formation called phylotaxy lead sheets. Let’s slowly begin to explore the treasures of the deeper depths. Because we’re just getting started. You are about to see more than 100 golden ratio miracles in the Golden Ratio book.

When we look at the shapes below, we see that each mathematical geometric shape contains the Golden Ratio relation and that the divine signature surrounds them with a circle.

AB/BG = ALTIN ORAN = 1,618…

A different perspective on the Golden Ratio relation in the isosceles pentagon.

The sign Φ refers to the golden ratio.

b / a = 1,618 ( Golden Ratio )

The code placed inside us allowed us to hear a violent attraction to anything that looked like him. The average of all faces of gold. On the most beautiful faces and bodies, this divine proportion is measured as the signature of the Lord. All plants in accordance with The Shape of a leaf formation called filotaksi lead sheets. Let’s slowly begin to explore the treasures of the deeper depths. Because we’re just getting started. You are about to see more than 100 golden ratio miracles.


This and similar harmonic appearance, and the reflections created by the number 1 by replicating itself with different processes, give the result of the Golden Ratio as if describing creation.

So what was the relationship of this divine proportional symbol to the name hu and The Shape of the circle?

Hz Musa’ya  Tevrat “Exit* 3:14″ ehyeh aşer ehyeh the creator who says “I am me” He described himself as “he” without giving a specific name for Moses and humanity. When describing himself, he referred to the infinity of his person and the divine symbol with the circle Formula 3:14. To Hu name with Yahu.

Have you noticed what sign the name HU is hidden in Hebrew? With the symbol that represents the number of Pi, i.e. the circle formula. See the second letter in the above article. You’ll see the symbol Pi.

The symbol Pi is also the sixteenth letter of the Greek alphabet, as if it marks the golden ratio 1,618 hidden in it. All the languages on Earth have been taught to man by the Lord. It is he who guides all history and discoveries.

The secret name of the God of the universe is H and its secret symbol is Circle. The Golden Ratio is the Golden Ratio. PHI is also expressed by adding HU to the number of PI. In his last Scripture, God says,” God does what you do with your hands. ” that is, he is the only one who actually does all of our work, languages, science and all of its existence. You can draw a shape on the computer screen. But that figure will be drawn by the operating system and with its permission.

In the Qur’an, the creator mentions himself almost everywhere. There is hardly any place I said. There is only one shape that is never found in nature. It is a special and unique shape”circle”. The circle is an impossible shape to exist in nature, formed by an infinite number of points coming together. Because nothing in nature can have an infinite number of points. But the Creator has the power to create infinitely. His symbol can only be the circle-circle shape that is the symbol of eternity.

The creator says;

“Allah ever surroundeth all things.”(Nisâ 126)

” We have created everything by measure.”(Kamer 49)


The Golden Ratio is another of the most famous 2 fixed numbers, such as the number of pi (3,14…) in mathematics. When two basic measures of an object are simply proportioned to each other and reach values such as 1.6 or 1.618, it is said that the Golden Ratio is suitable for the design of that object.For example, in our age, all television sets have started to be produced at 16 to 9 percent in order to match the Golden Ratio. When 16 is rated at 9, we reach a number close to 1,618. In the same way credit cards and many architectural works, the logo is designed based on this ratio to benefit from the aesthetic power of this ratio. The Golden Ratio is the constant ratio of each number to each other in the Fibonacci sequence, in which successive numbers are combined.Let’s just say you have two identical rods. If you break one from the Golden Ratio point, the ratio of the two short bars to each other will be the same as the ratio of the long bar to the unbroken bar. The Golden Ratio is full of unique marvellous surprises.

For example;
Among the two lengths which has the Golden Ratio formula, the ratio of long to short is 1,618, while the ratio of short to long is 0,618. Part 618 is unchanged at all. It is also the inverse of itself, i.e. the odd number whose division with 1 gives itself again. 1/1,618=0.618.

The square of the Golden Ratio ;

1,618 X 1,618 = 2,618

Part 618 is unchanged again.

The fact that Egyptian pyramids and even many famous paintings are featured in the design of this ratio arouses the idea that there is a genetic tendency or familiarity to use this ratio in human nature. In Nature, Plants in the structure of the human face in even the scientists that there is an average of their bodies in gold it is clear to realize that. But what I will describe to you as a new miracle will be the relation of the golden ratio with religious, divine symbols and books. These miracles, which my Lord has suddenly bestowed upon you, will cause you as much excitement as I do.

This fascinating ratio, expressed in numbers that go on forever as 1,6180339…, provided that many scientists, such as Kepler, DaVinci, Fibonacci, were obsessively interested in this figure and wrote books about it. But its true secret was that it contained deep and extraordinary mysteries, based on human history and mysticism. Soon, you will first understand how the golden ratio in nature, the design of the moon and the world, on the faces of plants and humans is a seal of nature, and then seeing how the holy books, Kaaba, Mecca, Jerusalem and the birthplace of the prophets are in perfect harmony, you will witness that sending the religions and scriptures is the same power that created the universe.

[1] One great discovery that Allah has bestowed upon the disciples of the Buddha and Eastern religions is that he bequeathed the Midra with “Om Mani Padme hum” backwards “Muhammad api Nammu”. Api, on the other hand, refers to ” the expression that reaches to the nearness of annexation, unification, etc., by placing near or above it”.”



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