Information about the Golden Ratio and the circle shape and not necessarily the number before the miracles I need to give you information about the sound Hu.

Because we will see that the golden ratio is hidden directly within the geometry. The circle surrounds everything and forms the golden ratio relations in all the basic geometric shapes.

The symbol of the name of the Lord is the circle because it surrounds it and its surrounding that he created.

Creation, acting in the form of his name, sets the golden ratio as a direct rule.

We cannot understand the Creator’s work until we understand the secret of a number of universal symbols and sounds. He exists with words and everything starts with words. Everything created is a voice, a divine word.

He hides the picture and the signature of his name in the form and movement of everything he created and constantly calls his name to every being he creates. This is universal knowledge and can be obtained by reading the universe book.


There are many different answers to the question? “What is the golden ratio?”… Excellent ratio, the formula of beauty.

The ratio of basic dimensions of TVs, credit cards, many logos and numerous designs such as width and length ratios is designed to give the golden ratio (1,618) as much as possible.

The effort of the photographers to bring the focus object on the stage to the golden ratio line of the photograph is also the result of the same theory.

The golden ratio has many unique names and numerous surprising features. The unique point on the right. The ratio between each element in the sequence of sequential and incremental numbers (in the Fibonacci sequence). The hidden treasure of geometry and much more.

Simply put; divide a line at a point such that; so that the ratio of the two new lines to each other and the proportion of the long line to the undivided line can be the same. This ratio is the golden ratio.

It is defined by a constant number of 1,6180339 in mathematics. As a result of the proportioning of the basic measurements defining an object, when the values ​​close to 1.6 or 1.618 are generated; called the golden ratio. This sign ”Φ”, defined as Phi, means Gold Ratio. Starting with 1,6180339…, it is a series of numbers that cannot be counted forever.

It was renowned as 1,618 in science environments. The use of 1.61 in architectural designs appears to be common, with roughly 1.6 (in illustrations 1 in 3 rule) in graphic drawings.

Interestingly, let us consider two parts with a ratio of length to short. Interestingly, if we rate the short to long this time, the number 0.618 is subtracted. After 1, the rate is maintained continuously. This is not the case for other rates and numbers.

On the basis of mathematics and numbers, at the centre of geometry, physics, this number is the leading role in the design of plants and humans. The world’s most famous scientists and geniuses are fascinated by this number. Who would have known that this number was intertwined with Mecca, Kaaba and the Qur’an, dating back thousands of years? We are in the age of miracles!


LISTEN!! HHHH (breath sound) This is his real name.

Listen to yourself with a deep breath… This is his voice. Every being calls out to Him. While sobbing being happy, laughing, at the moment which is the most enjoying or crying and only his name is heard on all lips.

Hhhhuu. As the trees bow to the wind blowing, they call him Huu, who blows the divine breath that smells flowers on his leaves. The majestic mountains and everything that breathes worships him with his howling voice.

The seven heavens and the earth and whatever is in them exalt Him. And there is not a thing except that it exalts [ Allah ] by His praise, but you do not understand their [way of] exalting. Indeed, He is ever Forbearing and Forgiving.

(Al-Isrâ, 44)

The Arabic language of this verse begins as follows. Tusebbi huuu le huuu…

They chant his name in the voice of huu.

And he hid his name in the breaths of his creations. As he hides his divine soul in his soul.

When you listen carefully to the biological machine produced by a robot designer, it is amazing to hear the name of the designer… this is a fascinating technology… or when you lift it to the ground it is amazing to roar with the name of its owner. The highest level of technology is so artistic and perfectly placed. It never spoils the naturalness of a living thing. We sing that divine brand hu voice with a different song in every feeling.

Our breath makes a lament directed to him with meaningful melodies or hides poems full of praise, in hu voices fluctuating and speaking on different notes.

His symbol, Hu, is circled in Arabic, the last hymn book Language. In Turkish, which has been the language of the religion of uniqueness for 5000 years, it is drawn with a circle again. In English, the word O is used in Semitic languages such as Arabic and Hebrew. And again it is read as Hu-hi in Arabic. In Hebrew, the language of the Torah, it is also read as huu. Yahoo or Jehovah means” ya huu”. The Vav letter here is actually an extension letter. It means “O God”. In nearly 40 languages commonly used in Hebrew and the world, it is expressed in the third singular person, the “H” sound or the written “O” symbol.

In Arabic, the word Allah “was created by the combination of the words“ necessarily Hu (O) by the Creator himself. In Arabic, illa means only one. So Allah; illa Hu; can only be translated as O. This is how the word of God was born. His name is Hu as the voice, its look is the circle of appearance as the symbol; that is O.

The most sacred remembrance of Buddha disciples is om mani padme Huum. (In reverse it is called Muhammad api Nammu. Nammu is the first and absolute name of God in Sumer.) [1]

In Zoroastrianism, the god name is A-HUU-Ra Mazda.

The most common name in Islam after Allah-hu is Ra-HU-Man and RaHim

In Hinduism the name of the Absolute and Unique Creator is again B-RaHHma

And the whole world greets each other with his name. Hayy..Haloo .. Helloo

And we laugh happily in the universal language; HAHA, sometimes we cry Ü-hühü then in pleasure Hıhh, when we get tired, our body wants power from the creator “Huhh”. We approve each other sincerely, Hıhı. We stand up with a great inspiration that comes to mind; AHA.

The Ego in some of them is uninformed, although sometimes they want to ignore Huu; their entire existence cries out for him with his breath, even though he listens as if he is deaf. He sings prayers to Huuu in the voice of breath, in the Hu language. He’ll give us all his fortune to call our liver huu.



So what is the secret of the inclusive form in which symbols are chosen in divine languages to this Hu name? It is beyond the mark of Eternity. Why did the creator choose the circle in the first languages he taught modern man as a symbol of the name Hu?


As the voice of Hu has been the remembrance of all living and inanimate sounds, it has become a remembrance in the symbol that expresses it with the visual ceremonies of all beings.

All atoms draw circular orbits, and all the stars that glow at night, even all worlds like ours… They only walk on the trajectory trail, which resembles his circle. They paint a picture of his name.


And to Allah belongs the east and the west. So wherever you [might] turn, there is the Face of Allah. Indeed, Allah is all-Encompassing and Knowing. Qur’an 2.115

As in the previous example, when we look at a product, it has the same skill and fascination as the small moving parts that make up it draw the name of the owner as it draws while moving. All atoms, or all galaxy and star systems, draw the name of the creator to the skies with its logo.

Just as every living thing cannot survive without calling His name, no object can exist unless it draws His name in the universe.

Like all emotions, the universe was born from love. The butterfly falls in love and begins to revolve around the fire that he is willing to die for. Everything that falls in love turns. When water gravitates to the earth, it flows in a flat hole, circling. The air is blown away from obstacles. And the planets that turn to orbit; In love with the magnificent stars.

And LOVE whispered a number into the soul of human DNA. The number of Golden Ratio. Infinite Circle and geometric shapes arising from the interaction of 1,618. The code that was placed inside us allowed us to hear a violent attraction to anything that resembles him. There is a golden ratio on the average of all human faces. In the most beautiful faces and bodies, this divine ratio is measured as the signature of the Lord. All plants open leaves in accordance with the golden ratio with a leaf arrangement called phyllotaxy. Let’s slowly explore the deeper treasures. Because we’re just getting started. You are about to see more than 100 miracles in the golden ratio book.

When we look at the figures below, we see that every mathematical geometric shape has a golden ratio relation and the divine signature surrounds them with a circle.

AB/BG = the GOLDEN RATIO = 1,618…

A different perspective on the golden ratio relation in the equilateral pentagon.

Φ sign refers to the Golden Ratio.

b / a = 1,618 ( Golden Ratio )

The code that was placed inside us allowed us to hear a violent attraction to anything that resembles Him. There is a golden ratio on the average of all human faces. In the most beautiful faces and bodies, this divine ratio is measured as the signature of the Lord. All plants open leaves in accordance with the golden ratio with a leaf arrangement called phyllotaxy. Let’s slowly explore the deeper treasures. Because we’re just getting started. You are about to see the miracle of more than 100 golden ratios.


This and similar harmonic reflections created by the number 1 by replicating itself with different operations give the golden ratio as if to describe the creation.

So what was the relationship of this divine proportional symbol with its name and circle shape?

 Torah”Exodus* 3:14″ ehyeh aşer ehyeh, “God said to Moses, “I Am Who I Am… He described himself as “O without giving a special name to Prophet Moses and humanity. In describing himself, the circle formula 3:14 refers to the eternity and divine symbol of the person. Yahu and Hu.

Have you noticed which mark HU is hidden in Hebrew? With the symbol representing the formula of the number pi circle. See letter 2 above. You will see the Pi symbol.

The symbol of Pi is the 16th letter of the Greek alphabet, indicating the golden ratio 1,618 which it conceals. All languages ​​on earth have been taught by the Lord. It is He who guides all history and discoveries.

The secret name of the god of the universe is H and the secret symbol is the Circle. The divine signature in creation is the Golden Ratio; PHI (fi) with its name in mathematics. PHI is also expressed by adding HU to the PI number. In his last holy book, Allah says: Allah does the things you do with your hands ”In other words, He is the only one who actually makes every job, language, science and the whole being. You can draw a shape on the computer screen. But that figure will be drawn by the operating system and with its permission.

In the Qur’an, the Creator refers to Himself almost everywhere. The place that he says I, is almost non-existent. There is only one figure that is never found in nature. That special and unique shape is “apartment”. A circle is an impossible form in nature created by an infinite number of points coming together. Because nothing in nature can have an infinite number of points. But the Creator has infinite creation power. His symbol can only be the circle-circle shape, the symbol of infinity.

The creator says;

And to Allah belongs whatever is in the heavens and whatever is on the earth. And ever is Allah, of all things, encompassing. (An-Nisa 126)

Indeed, all things We created with predestination. (Al-Qamar 49)


The golden ratio is another of the two most famous fixed numbers, such as the number pi in mathematics (3.14…). It is said that when the two basic dimensions of an object are simply proportional to each other, such as 1.6 or 1.618, the golden ratio is appropriate for the design of that object. For example, in our age, all the TVs are manufactured in 16 or 9 ratios in order to get the golden ratio. 16, 9, we reach a number close to 1,618. Likewise, credit cards and a lot of architectural works, the logo is designed to benefit from the aesthetic power of this ratio based on this ratio. The golden ratio is the invariable ratio of each number to each other in the series of Fibonacci, where successive numbers are collected and progressed. Let’s say you have two equal length bars. If you break one from the golden ratio point, the ratio of the two short bars formed to each other will be the same as the ratio of the long bar broken and the unbroken bar.

For example;
While from the ratio of two lengths, the long one’s ratio to the short one is 1.618, the ratio of short to long is 0.618. 618 does not change at all. In addition, the division of 1, which is the only number that gives itself again. 1 / 1.618 = 0.618.

Same way;
Square of the golden ratio is;

1,618 X 1,618=2,618 

618 does not change again.

The fact that Egyptian pyramids and even many famous paintings are included in the design evokes the idea that there is a genetic tendency or familiarity in human nature to use this ratio. Because in nature, the structure of plants, the average of human faces, even in the bodies of gold ratio was clearly demonstrated by scientists. But what I will tell you as a brand new miracle will be the relationship of religion, divine symbols and books to the golden ratio. These miracles, which my Lord has graciously graced, will awaken you as much as I do.

This fascinating ratio, expressed in infinite numbers as 1,6180339, enabled many scientists, such as Kepler, DaVinci, Fibonacci, to become obsessively interested in this number and write books about it. It contained extraordinary mysteries. You will soon understand how the golden ratio is a seal of nature on the faces of plants and human beings in nature, the design of the moon and the world, and then, seeing how the golden ratio is in harmony with the birthplace of holy books, Kaaba, Mecca, Jerusalem and the prophets, then you will witness that the sender of religions and holy books is the same force as the one who created the universe.

[1] A great discovery by Allah is that the Buddha and the disciples of the eastern religions inherited Midra with “Muhammad api Nammu sten in reverse order“ Om Mani Padme Hum ”. Api means ifade close or close to the annexation, convergence, etc.

Allah’ın lütfettiği büyük bir keşif de Buda’nın ve doğu dinlerinin öğrencilerine “Om Mani Padme Hum” tersten “Muhammed api Nammu” ile Midra’yı miras bırakmasıdır. Api ise “Yakın veya üzerinde yerleştirerek ilhak, birleşen vb yakınlığı, e ulaşan ifade” gibi anlamlara gelmektedir.” https://www.sanskritdictionary.com/?iencoding=iast&q=api&lang=sans&action=Search



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Hz İsa;
– Zengin birinin cennete girmesi devenin iğne değilinden girmesinden daha zordur. (imkansızdır)


      • Malı sayıp biriktirenin vay haline. Altını gümüşü sayıp yığar.
      • Sana mallarından ne kadarını Allah yolunda vereceklerini soruyorlar. Onlara de ki; “ihtiyaçlarından fazlasını”.


“…sahip olunan her mal ve mülk bencillik günahını arttırır”

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