The whole place is full of prayer shares. Read it forty times, you will be rich, if you read it, you will get out of trouble. There is no place of them in the Quran. It used to be a money-trap for the book sale, and now it’s a hit for the tracker…

It’s like a mirror showing the ugliness of people interested in this. We think that when we repeat a name or a prayer 1000 times, God will begin to do what we wish, such as our lamp gin.

It looks like this situation. There was a beautiful and good-hearted princess. A young man approached the palace and started shouting the Princess’s name again and praising her. The Princess smiled out behind the curtain. Why do you keep shouting my name? Do you love me too much or did you fall in love?” she said.  The man replied the reason I did this is that it’s a cart parked in your yard. I’m doing this for you to give me this cart. Princess thinks. And he says, ” you’re right, you didn’t come to me before you wanted anything, or before you had a problem, and you didn’t compliment me like that. Your problem is a hand cart. Finally, she says;

Take it and go… I thought of you in my palace, but you wanted a cart to the animal shelter.

He gets happy when he takes it, and he thinks he had done something good. Or when he can’t get it, he says it is not good. He thinks he is in a good mood with patience. He cannot comprehend that it is forbidden to ask for anything other than his love from God in the truth. He just needs to be willing to stay up and execute the rest. He wouldn’t know that.

There is another guy. He just keeps mentioning his name with his love and tells everyone how great and good the princess is. On the day she calls out to him;

Why do you keep saying my name? What do you want? Grab and go!

He says that I am only the one who desires your love, my Princess. My saturation and the roof over me is enough so that I can serve you. That’s my happiness. I wish nothing but your closeness.

The princess would be surprised. She wants to try him. She also takes what he has and does not give it, and she looks at if he continues to worship, to glorify it…


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