New Justice System Project That Will Change The World; “In Accordance With The Scriptures”

In the “Magnificent World” project with laws from the scriptures, we will examine the present justice and prison system.

As of 2020, according to reports provided by the Turkish justice ministry, about 250 thousand people are in prison in Turkey and serves about 100 thousand prison staff. In America, nearly 3 million people are in prison or imprisoned.

Because of the very top with full capacity and are under the humanitarian conditions of these prisons annual financial burden even for a country like Turkey, which is in a difficult situation in the economy is more than the annual 10 billion Turkish Liras. The loss of labour and production is much higher than this. In other words, per average Turkish family; an annual amount of more than 5000 TL is paid to feed people who are criminals, rapists or murderers who commit crimes. But are prisons effective in preventing crime despite all the money paid and our great sacrifice?

Unfortunately, prisons work as a home for organizing with talented new crime partners, rather than being a breeding and training place for many offenders. The fact that the prisoners who are released from prison are largely re-committed proves that prisons cannot prevent crime. It is unrealistic to think that the criminals who are brought together and trained in prison will be organized by becoming friends of the spontaneous school or mosque when they get out of prison and organized to become the people of Allah. These people find new teammates there and develop themselves by meeting with their colleagues on the intricacies of the crime. Of course, we exclude those who regret and start a new life or go to jail by mistake.

Another different aspect of the work is that there are a considerable number of people who are in prison for an accidental incident or a mild crime or thought crime, but who are subjected to heavy torture by other convicts during their stay, some to be sexually raped and some to severe trauma. In this case, prisons become the face of humanity as the centre of an unbalanced punishment all over the world. We should not forget that one day we can all face prison life, right or wrong.

So what is the most effective and reasonable at the same time humanitarian method for the establishment of justice? Briefly;

Those who have committed a crime must work for the state and the people in hard times and hard work, which vary according to the size of the crime. Depending on the severity of the crime, prisoners can be employed in prisons or closed mines and factories with special clamps. Those who have committed a minor crime should contribute to production with solutions such as compensation and work in the production areas outside the prison in the evenings and weekends. Inmates who took a life, who were healthy and did not want to work; for example, people who have killed people; According to the crime, it can be used as a subject in medical experiments beneficial to humanity. So they can give life to other people in exchange for the life they have received from humanity. Imprisoning or executing them is the worst thing we can do. We have to make them useful and educated people for society.

The state must pay the income generated by prisoners to the victims of crime. Because if someone comes and gives you physical damage and you don’t have any assets, you won’t be able to get compensation. Even if he goes to jail, it won’t do you any good.

If the prisoner also has an inoperable family in need of care, he must meet his family’s minimum level of living and food supplies in exchange for the criminal’s imprisonment and employment. Because the slow functioning of the justice mechanism and the punishment system has adversely affected other innocent people who have not committed a crime.

A solution like feeding the Qur’an to people in prison for crimes has never been proposed in Kerim. Instead, a speedy penalty or compensation equivalent to the size of the crime is recommended. This punishment is asked to be a wise punishment to repair the destruction that took place. This punishment cannot be imprisoned. Because there is no more ridiculous method of punishment than feeding criminals in prison.

Another issue is the fact that the prison sentence should be sent alone and subject to personal training and moral development training throughout the period. For this, they need to undergo a new education process with spiritual support and awareness. Experts should determine why they committed the crime and the reasons that push it should be eliminated. Let’s not forget that; it is the conditions and environmental trends that push people to crime. We cannot leave them to their fate after isolating them from society. We must educate and regain society, and in this process, we must ensure that they are beneficial to the public. Producing and educating with sacred laws will purify them at the same time.

We must support and encourage government officials for innovative and modern projects that require radical change. For this, this project should spread to the public and make a sound. For this, I try to advertise millions of people with paid advertising to this video. I hope you at least share it. Stay with Love for a beautiful world without prisons and crime.


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