Divine Messages in Continental ShapesGod did not create a fly wing haphazardly. He also created shapes of the continents of the world, which he prepared as a homeland for millions of species of living beings and people he attached special importance to, and which he hid admirable symbols that contain magnificent meanings.

The Qur’an and the Holy Books express that God will manifest in the world as the Compassionate, that people will gather on Earth, and all things in the heavens will come to the Earth in order to obey the Compassionate. While the world is such an important place, every detail of it will have meaning like a palace and profound the deep unknowable intentions of God. Even it must!

Whoever says, “God made it haphazardly, the patterns in the continents do not contain any sense of colors or shapes, but are desultory”… That person would charge God with doing something that is not wise in terms of design, he can remove those who say this word from religion. He can say, “I didn’t see it,” but he can’t say, “there is no.”

The extraordinary symbols I see are the enormous shapes that cover the entire of America, Africa, Europe, and Asia, each of which is the largest country. Without exception, all shapes were noticed by looking straight at the Earth’s axis, without turning the angle of the map.



You’ve heard those who likened the clouds, some rocks to different shapes. Of course, some of them look like certain shapes from an infinite number of rocks and clouds. They have meaning and wisdom that has not yet been occurred. But what we look at is the shapes of the continents on the surface of the Earth, not the haphazardly chosen rocks and clouds.

However, in order for the symbols and interpretations, we see in the forms to become even more robust and valid, the relationship between the shape’s story and the other shapes around it must point to a very important issue described in the scriptures.

For example, imagine a canvas painted in the colors of hell and fire. In order to reinforce this view and comment, someone who clearly sees the angel’s face and a winged hell angel who breathes fire from his mouth on this canvas can find a face that is suffering and screaming opposite to that face, and that shape becomes a miracle even more than it appears haphazardly.

When I looked at the landforms, I could see a car, a plane or a cat drinking milk. But I didn’t see these things but saw directly what the scriptures told me. What could the Lord who painted the earth describe with this painting? It would be a very wise approach to show the greatness and glory of all beings when the time comes by drawing a picture of many important things that have happened and will happen.

All the shapes I will show are in the areas that are framed in the picture below. Without a necessity to change the angle of the map or zoom, each element is close to each other and parallel to the equator plane at a 23-degree angle. So when we look at the Earth from space, we realize that it’s 23 degrees inclined. While the divine painter was drawing, he made his drawings suitable for this inclination as if he knew that the world turns in an inclined way. And the signs stand at a close bigness to each other and they stand at the same angle.

You may have seen the classic NASA photos that show the appearance of the world from space and show Europe and America above. We will see everything from the same usual point of view.


In the Qur’an, more than one verse states that in the near term of the Apocalypse, many secrets will appear and great pieces of evidence will appear.

Zilzal Sura

﴾1-3﴿ As long as the earth trembles, it trembles more, pulls out the things in it, and the man says, “what is happening?”
﴾5﴿ Because your Lord revealed to him.
﴾6﴿ On the expected day, people come in groups so that the things they have done can be shown to them. ﴾7﴿ Now whoever does good work in the slightest degree, he or she will see it.
﴾8﴿ And whosoever do evil in the slightest degree, he or she shall see it.

In the verse, the word “esgaleha” is used to extract the contents of the Earth. The similarity between the words of Eşgal (In Arabic, Eşgal also means a semblance), that is, shapes, is remarkable.

Earthquakes have increased since the 1900s as seen in the charts.

Of course, he will tell the news of the Earth. The expected day is a different day when the secrets will be revealed before the day of apocalypse and the people will be informed of what they did.

If the time has come and the Earth is going to tell humanity its news, it must be in a universal language. Shapes are the perfect way to describe a complex issue in a universal language.

Indeed, the Earth has painted itself in such magnificent shapes and colors as the Lord has revealed and appreciated that every country’s degree of faith, the past and future news can be read through the world. I will explain this secret to you, and we will read it as if we were reading it from a newspaper together, but with the pictures and colors of the Earth’s living things on divine commandments. Everything was drawn in great accuracy and magnificence. Even so, God is the one who knows best.

Now, analyze the news, which is the only one on the world’s surface that has to be read these days (1440 Hijri), like a very long newspaper with me.

I hope you will believe that the more you see each shape and the detailed news he has told you, the more deeply he has spoken with pictures of the Earth. Read all figures with news stories until the end. You’ll gradually be surprised. Because the shapes interact with each other, and they all have a story.

When contrast is given, you will see the details clearly.

Let’s take a closer look at each one.

I found all the details in the pictures by looking at Google Earth. However, to see more clearly, you can apply contrast to images with any filtering program, which exaggerates colors and which can make you see clearer. I tried to show it either way. It’s easy to test the accuracy of images and the fact that no changes have been made by downloading Google Earth for free to your computer or mobile phones.


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