The word corona (virus) in the Qur’an and amazing information

At around 7.40 am this morning we were watching the news that the corona virus engulfing China was spreading rapidly. It was brought to my mind that Allah explained everything in the Qur’an, and I wanted to search for this word in the Qur’an. In the face of the wise messages of the verses I have seen, I have repeatedly struck my hands on my knees in amazement and glorified Allah. That is the future and who knows everything very fair and wise.

There are reports that China has killed more than 60 million Turks and Muslims in the past 100 years. Today, it is known that Uyghur Turks are held in captivity in concentration camps for men, women and children, taking into account the possibility of committing crimes.

However, almost all nations in the world have faith in the creator, even if it is good or bad, sinful or wrong, and respect and praise him. But the Chinese people and state, which occupies an important place in the world with a population of 1.4 billion, reject, ignore the Lord and the creator of the realms and fight against all who spread religion through religious belief.

If the leaders of a country are oppressors, if the power gathered in the country serves the persecution, it is to blame on everyone who helps it, who does not resist the persecution or who does not leave the country.

In Arabic, KORONA is written with kaf, ra and nun.


When we search for this word in the Qur’an, we reach the following 15 verses.



En’âm  6/6

الم يروا كم اهلكنا من قبلهم من قرن مكناهم في…

Elem yerav kem ehleknâ min kablihim min korana…

See they not how many a generation We destroyed before them from corona… 

The Quran is written with a system of letters that appeals to all nations and all languages of the world. There are no vowels in it so that one verse can be interpreted in different meanings.

En’âm  6/6 See they not how many a generation We destroyed before them, whom We had established in the earth more firmly than We have established you, and We shed on them abundant showers from the sky, and made the rivers flow beneath them. Yet We destroyed them for their sins, and created after them another generation

In the first sentence of this verse, the word “karn“, which means generation, is mentioned in it. The first sentence describes the people who were destroyed, and it is explained that this was done because of their crimes.



İbrahim  14/49

وترى المجرمين يومئذ مقرنين في الاصفاد

Veterâ-lmucrimîne yevme-iżin mu-korana -ne fî-l-asfâd(i)

Thou wilt see the guilty on that day linked together in chains with corona. 

Here, the word corona is hidden inside the word zoomed in. When we examine the word Al asfad, that means “cloths”, from dictionaries, we reach the words “ligature”, “cloths”, “handcuffs”. There are also the meaning of captivity, binding. Google Translate suggests the nearest word “cloths.” It has an excellent meaning if it is translated as a prisoner or as a cloth. They are held captive in all Chinese houses and have cloths tied to their mouths trying to prevent the virus.  They are in prison in fear of their end.


The number of the verse gives the year 1449. According to the Islamic calendar, we are in 1441. Are we in a period of turmoil and destruction that extends from this year to 7-8 years later? Your comment.




Kehf  18/83

ويسٔلونك عن ذي القرنين قل ساتلوا عليكم منه ذكرا

Veyes-elûneke ‘an żî-lkarneyn(i)(s) kul seetlû ‘aleykum minhu żikrâ(n)

In this verse, the word corona is mentioned in Dhul-Qarneyn. Let’s see what God calls it.

Kehf  18/86

لقرنين اما ان تعذب واما ان تتخذ فيهم حسنا

Hattâ iżâ beleġa maġribe-şşemsi vecedehâ taġrubu fî ‘aynin hami-etin vevecede ‘indehâ kavmâ(en)(k) kulnâ yâżâ-lkarneyni immâ en tu’ażżibe ve-immâ en tetteḣiże fîhim husnâ(n)

Till, when he reached the setting place of the sun, he found it setting in a muddy spring, and found a people thereabout: We said: O Dhul-Qarneyn! Either punish or show them kindness.

Kehf  18/94 They said: O Dhul-Qarneyn! Lo! Gog and Magog are spoiling the land. So may we pay thee tribute on condition that thou set a barrier between us and them?

It is surprising that in this verse, which is also mentioned in the corona, a barrier should be made to keep the Chinese behind the wall and prevent them from going out.


Meryem  19/74

وكم اهلكنا قبلهم من قرن هم احسن اثاثا ورءيا

How many a generation have We destroyed before them, who were more imposing in respect of gear and outward seeming!

Mü’minûn  23/31

Then, after them, We brought forth another generation;

ثم انشأنا من بعدهم قرنا اخرين



Furkân  25/13

واذا القوا منها مكانا ضيقا مقرنين دعوا هنالك ثبورا

And when they are Sung into a narrow (with corona) place thereof, chained together, they pray for destruction there.

Ve-iżâ ulkû minhâ mekânen dayyikan mu-korona-ne de’av hunâlike śubûrâ(n)



Ahzâb  33/33

وقرن في بيوتكن ولا تبرجن تبرج الجاهلية الاولى…

Ve KORANA fî buyûtikunne velâ teberracne teberruce-lcâhiliyyeti-l-ûlâ

And stay in your houses within corona. Bedizen not yourselves with the bedizenment of the Time of ignorance.


Sâd  38/3

كم اهلكنا من قبلهم من قرن فنادوا ولات حين مناص

How many a generation We destroyed before them, and they cried out when it was no longer the time for escape!



Sâd  38/38

واخرين مقرنين في الاصفاد

Ve âḣarîne mu-korana-ne fî-l-asfâd(i)

And others linked together in chains,


Fussilet  41/25

وقيضنا لهم قرناء فزينوا لهم ما بين ايديهم وما خلفهم و

Ve kayyadnâ lehum KORONA-E fezeyyenû lehum mâ beyne eydîhim vemâ

And We assigned them comrades (CORONA) (in the world), who made their present and their past fair seeming unto them. And the Word concerning nations of the jinn and humankind who passed away before them hath effect for them. Verily they are the losers.


Zuhruf  43/13

لتستوا على ظهوره ثم تذكروا نعمة ربكم اذا استويتم عليه وتقولوا سبحان الذي سخر لنا هذا وما كنا له مقرنين

That ye may mount upon their backs, and may remember your Lord’s favour when ye mount thereon, and may say: Glorified be He Who hath subdued these unto us, and we were not capable (of subduing them);



Kâf  50/36

And how many a generation We destroyed before them, who were mightier than these in prowess so that they overran the lands! Had they any place of refuge (when the judgment came)?

وكم اهلكنا قبلهم من قرن هم اشد منهم بطشا فنقبوا في البلاد هل من محيص

Dear friends, it is imperative that you share these miracles with everyone. Because you heard and you saw. If you don’t share it and don’t spread it, you’re responsible. Help the religion of Allah so that you may not be afflicted with calamity.




Aids, or HIV, has caused a disease with a history of about 180 years and has killed nearly 35 million people. When we search for these two words in the Qur’an, it is interesting that the destroyed societies appear.

عاد وثمود 

The whole of the word Aids is in this form, and it appears as a combination of the word ‘ Ad and Thamud, who have been cursed and punished. In the Qur’an, these letters have always been included in the Ad and Thamud word group.

The word HIV is mentioned in a single verse.

Kâri’a  101/9

فَاُمُّهُ هَاوِيَةٌۜ

Fe-ummuhu hâviye(tun)

The Bereft and Hungry One will be his mother. / Their mother is HIV / fire. 

Yes, in the Qur’an, the only letters of HIV are in the word Haviye, namely Fire, in sequence and side by side. And then it says, ” What do you know about it? It is a blazing fire.”




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