The words “World and the Hereafter” repeat 115 times in the Qur’an! (9th Book 4th Section)

The hereafter is the mirror of the world. They have equal value. This world is a building place where the picture of the hereafter is drawn, every moment has infinite importance. From the moment we reach the strength to stand, we must spend all our strength to beautify our hereafter. This is the only way for a man who believes.

The number of words in the Qur’an is adjusted magnificently to describe the situation, which is a mirror, of the world and the hereafter, which are equal to each other (115). In the Qur’an, both the word of the world and the word of the hereafter repeat 115 times. It was a miracle that was claimed so many times, but I couldn’t get to their evidence. It took only a few minutes, thanks to technology, to come up with this amazing miracle with its documentation. Test it at home and strengthen your faith. Feel free to try.

الدُّنْيَ (El-duniah) (The world)

Search for this word in the following 3 different sites at once and search for how many results you have reached. The number you will reach is 115′ World words in 111 verses.

tp:// Arama sonucu Arama sonucu


The Word Hereafter آخرة

You can copy this word and search on the following sites. You can see it appears 115 times in 113 verses. Ara Ahiret Kelimesi

(if you search the word آخرة with ctrl+f from the browser module in the page, you can see it.)

Tanzil Quran Search Site the results of the word hereafter.   This website provides a direct result.

If you find a single word of the world or the hereafter out of this list in the Qur’an, this miracle will be void. However; you won’t find. I challenge the unbelievers. How can it be possible in a one-hundred-thousand-word book that the most basic opposing concepts of religion, such as the Angel and the Devil (88 times each), the World and the Hereafter (115 times each), take place in equal numbers? I witness that Allah has revealed the Qur’an to his messenger with infinite knowledge and miracles and proofs.

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